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Clubs & Organizations Advisor Orientation. Resources.

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1 Clubs & Organizations Advisor Orientation

2 Resources

3 Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers Areas under the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers: African American Student Center Asian & Pacific Islander Student Center Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education Clubs and Organizations Greek Life Leadership Development myBAR Native American Student Center Pride Center Scheduling Violence Prevention & Women’s Resource Center These areas are a great resource for your club & members!

4 Resources & Services Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers (26-124 Main Office) Mailboxes & Packages – check it frequently Your Club Name c/o Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers 3801 W. Temple Ave, Pomona, CA 91768 Flyer Approval Archives – club bylaws & officer history Universal Signers – La’Keisha Beard, Jami Grosser, Byron Howlett & Sharon Rocacorba – Make the effort to seek out your advisor(s) – Allow 72 hours turn-around time – Universal signer will contact the advisor directly to let them know that a universal signer has been requested and to seek the advisor’s approval. – There will be no automatic universal signing without the waiting period of 72 hours. Please send a designee to pick up the document after 72 hours at OSLCC Main Office.

5 Resources & Services Cont. Club/Vendor Program see Anita Roberts Leadership Library Non-Profit Status Confirmation & Tax ID number. We will fax the number directly to the requestor. Print the form and submit it to the OSLCC main office: Club Resources Websites: Club ResourcesClub Resources

6 When you receive a donation (cash or in-kind) contact Carol Lee in the VP for Student Affairs Office (98T-6-19) if you want your donor to receive an official acknowledgment letter from the campus. Call: (909) 869-2922 or – You will need to provide your ASI account number and club name – Checks should be written out to the club. – VPSA will process the Acceptance of Gift form and submit the check with the form to Gift Processing. – Gift Processing then generates a tax receipt and deposits the check into the student club’s ASI account. Administrative Fund: VP for Student Affairs Office For Outreach Programs & Student Development Activities Monetary Resources

7 Registration Process

8 Club/Organization Structure The Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers (OSLCC)- registers clubs/organizations and manages compliance Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI)- handles the finances Council Affiliation- every club/organization MUST belong to a council and abide by council requirements

9 Registration Process All presidents, treasurers and schedulers must register and attend the Bronco Clubs and Organization Registration Conference All registration material are uploaded into myBAR (we do not collect any forms) We are registering new clubs this year All people that want to start a new club will need to attend a New Club Workshop and the Bronco Club and Organization Registration Conference

10 What is My Bronco Activity Record (myBAR) is a program designed to keep track of your club membership(s), leadership role(s), awards earned, employment and involvement on & off campus. Use your myBAR Summary Report to prepare your resume, apply for internship opportunities, graduate school, awards and scholarships. It is an essential part of the club registration process, myBAR can also help clubs/orgs keep track of their members, communicate with members and advertise events, programs and meetings.

11 Accessing myBAR

12 Log into myBAR using your Bronco Direct Information

13 Select Organizations; look for organization by clicking on the first letter of the organization name or typing the name in the search box

14 Make sure groups click register this organization button

15 Registration Deadlines Fall Deadline: September 2, 2014 Winter Deadline: December 5, 2014 Annual Registration Process

16 All clubs/organizations MUST have their membership in myBAR by January 23, 2015. Failure to do this will result in the clubs/organizations having its registration revoked for the remainder of the academic year. Membership

17 Campus Policies & Executive Order

18 Executive Order 1068 Minimum Requirements for Club Recognition: Minimum of 5 CSU students, enrolled in at least 1 class Maximum of 20% of members can be non-CSU students, and only CPP students may have voting privileges (fraternities/sororities may have provision waived) Read it here:

19 Executive Order 1068 Student organizations shall not have any rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. All must be open to all currently enrolled students, except social fraternities/sororities and living groups may impose gender limitations. Honor societies with national GPA requirements are not considered a discrimination. Read it here:

20 Executive Order 1068 Advisor Eligibility One university advisor is required: – Full or part-time faculty or professional staff – (The individual may not be an auxiliary employee: i.e. Foundation and/or ASI) – Recommended to have two advisors The Primary Advisor may not be on leave during any part of the year (i.e. sabbatical) Must be at least 21 years old Must be approved by the supervisor / Dept. Chair Read more here: Read it here:

21 In summary, the EO1041 requires that: 1) Students participating in CSU-sponsored air travel that is not regulated by the US department of transportation must purchase life and personal injury insurance [see attachment A, Student Safety, 3]. 2) If your organization charters a bus, the company must include indemnity and co-insurance provisions [outlined in Attachment G of the executive order] in the contract. 3) All students participating in air or bus travel with your organization must sign an Activity Release Form Students participating in CSU-affiliated programs which require travel do so on a voluntary basis and participate at their own risk. Travel involves risks to personal safety which could result in damage to property, injury or death. Students participating in such travel are required to read the "Notice to Students: Release, Hold harmless and Informed Consent Provisions for Student Travel " and to sign a "Release, Hold-Harmless and Informed Consent" statement. Read it here: Executive Order 1041 Student Travel – CSU Sponsored

22 ASI Sponsored Travel Authorization to Travel for each traveler Release of Liability for each traveler Forms must be turned in to Business Services no later than 3 weeks prior to departure Advisor signature required (a Universal Signature will not be accepted) so plan ahead Agenda or a flyer for the conference

23 I International Travel Going Abroad?

24 International Travel Must Haves! * Prepare a Package including:  Authorization to Travel  Release of Liability  Authorization for International Travel  Emergency Contact List  Flight & Hotel Information  Risk Management Insurance  Document Confirming Purpose of Your Trip  List of Attendees  Copy of Advisor’s Authorization to Travel if the Advisor is traveling with you *Package must be turned in to Business Services 2 months prior to departure! Advisor signature required (a Universal Signature will not be accepted) so plan ahead!

25 International Travel Package Process Approval Process:  Review by ASI Executive Director, Cora Culla  Review by Risk Management, Valerie Eberle  Approval by Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. Rebecca Gutierrez-Keeton  Approval by Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Marten denBoer


27 Campus Posting & Chalking Policy: – er_Posting%20and%20Chalking%20Policy%20Updated%202007%20Final.pdf er_Posting%20and%20Chalking%20Policy%20Updated%202007%20Final.pdf Approval stamps: Come to OSLCC & Bring 2 copies! – Every flier must have the following minimum information: Name of club/organization Contact information Housing has their own posting policy. – Facilities may take down expired posters and you can too Your club and organization is responsible for knowing the posting and chalking policies Posting & Chalking Policy

28 All on-campus student club’s and organization’s events must be alcohol free. Being under the influence in a public place is a misdemeanor in California According to Cal Poly Pomona’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy: – The unlawful possession, use, production, distribution, or sale of illicit drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, tobacco and/or alcohol, by any faculty, staff, student, or visitor is strictly prohibited in the workplace, on University premises, at University activities, or on University business, on campus or off. Click on this link for more details: Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy

29 Hazing: any behavior or activity that causes physical harm, personal degradation, or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm. Consent of a victim of hazing is not a defense. Being a bystander of hazing is a violation of this code. All officers, members, advisors, and alumnae can be affected by allegations of hazing. Standards for Student Conduct Hazing

30 Risk Management Off-Campus Events: The University assumes no responsibility or liability for off-campus events sponsored by student clubs/organizations. Off-Campus events may NOT use “Cal Poly Pomona” in its publicity of the event. ASI Business Services reserves the right not to reimburse costs for risky events Travel: Release of Liability Form & Driving- CA Laws Student Travel Forms : Student Travel Release Notice - Part 1 (Please review) Release, Hold Harmless and Informed Consent - Part 2 *Complete, print and submit completed forms to Club Advisor, Club President or Trip Coordinator

31 Risk Management Cont. Note: As with academic fieldtrips, students driving their own vehicles to and from a club-related activity or event do so at their own expense and their own liability. – As required by law… Drivers must have a valid driver's license and proof of liability insurance in their possession for the minimum amount prescribed by State Law; all persons in the vehicle must wear safety belts and the vehicle must be in safe mechanical condition. CPP Risk Management: Valerie Eberle ( Risk Management FAQ’s:

32 Risk Management Cont. Risk Management has confirmed the campus can NOT purchase insurance for the following activities: Dodge ball (Exception- if foam ball is used)Martial Arts Demo (Exception- if no contact) Flag Football Ice Skating (Teflon Surface) Ultimate Frisbee Rock Climbing Wall (not inflatable) Rodeo Skateboarding Trampoline Tug-of-war Inflatable games and activities: – Dunk Tank – Foam Pit – Mechanical bull – Obstacle course – Slide – Velcro jump wall – Water slide

33 Blood Drives The University has a relationship with the Red Cross for blood drives. If groups want to schedule a blood drive they should work with Debbie Jackley ( at the Wellness Center. Do not use Life Stream.

34 Advisors

35 Attend meetings and functions Assist with interpreting campus policies & procedures Communicate with student leaders Serve as authorized signer on budget related documents, travel documents, reservations, environmental health and safety forms, etc… Ensure that student leaders meet all officer eligibility requirements (GPA & unit load per quarter) Provide advice and guidance with Calendar planning Leadership style feedback Time management Interpersonal conflict mediation Using campus resources Assist with the annual club/org registration process Advise and refer students to appropriate campus support services and resources when appropriate Assist students with leadership transitions Your Role as Advisor

36 Know the by-laws Report any policy violations to La’Keisha Ensure that club is meeting council requirements Be sure the check officer eligibility EVERY quarter

37 Event Planning & Scheduling Policies

38  Indoor & Outdoor Event Forms Online  Outdoor request ONLY no longer requires officer and advisor signatures  Classrooms for club meetings  Outdoor space for events (know your location)  CLA Paseo  Rose Garden  Painting the CPP  University Plaza  Bronco Commons  Univeristy Park  University Quad  Engineering Meadow  Minimum of 10 business days for processing Scheduling Facilities Through OSLCC

39 Facilities not reserved through OSLCC: Bronco Student Center Athletics (gyms and fields) Kellogg West The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch The Historic Kellogg House Pomona University Recital Hall University Theater Parking Lots Labs To reserve these spaces, use the Event Planning Contact ListEvent Planning Contact List on OSLCC Web Site Scheduling Facilities

40 Environmental Health & Safety approval is required for all food on campus, unless it handled by an on-campus caterer. Procedures for Food Events Form: Environmental Health & Safety – x4697 – Located in the CLA Building 98 in Room B1-102 Certified Food Handler must be present if food is being served at official student organization events – Exceptions: Being catered OR Pre-packaged food EH&S will recognize a Food Handlers License from : – Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino County; Also online at: – – Food Fundraisers : – Certified food handler must be present – Cleaning your grill in public bathrooms is not allowed by Facilities – Use gloves and hairnets when serving Food at Events

41 Questions? La’Keisha Beard Senior Coordinator, Student Life (909) 869-5007 Building 26-124 (OSLCC Main Office) GO BRONCOS!

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