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THIS IS With Host... Your Mrs. Carpenter, Rene O’Dell, And Charlene Din.

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4 With Host... Your Mrs. Carpenter, Rene O’Dell, And Charlene Din

5 100 200 300 400 500 Random 1Random 2 Random 3 Random 4Random 5 Pot luck

6 In order to survive all enzymes must carry out A 100

7 What is enzyme-controlled reactions? A 100

8 Protein catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions during cell respiration A 200

9 What is an enzyme? A 200

10 A 300 These effect the rate at which reactions occur and influence chemical reactions in living systems

11 What are enzymes? A 300

12 This enzyme is chemically specific because it will act on starch but not a protein A 400

13 What is Salivary Amylase? A 400

14 The enlargement of a plants leaf pores enables the increase of its intake of this A 500

15 What is carbon dioxide? A 500

16 An increase in the bloods level of a thyroid gland hormone decreases the release of thyroid- stimulating hormone illustrates this type of feedback B 100

17 What is negative feedback? B 100

18 This is the maintenance of the pH of human blood within a certain range B 200

19 What is dynamic equilibrium? B 200

20 The amount of this effected by insulin illustrates homeostasis within the human body B 300

21 What is glucose in the blood? B 300

22 An increase of this usually occurs when a person is suffering from an infection such as strep throat or chicken pox B 400

23 What are antibodies? B 400

24 B 500 This stimulates your immune system against a pathogen

25 What is a vaccine? B 500

26 These protect the body against harmful flu viruses C 100

27 What are white blood cells and antibodies? C 100

28 The resistance of the body to a pathogen C 200

29 What is immunity? C 200

30 Uncontrolled cell division is a characteristic of this C 300

31 What is cancer? C 300


33 These poisonous chemicals attack living tissue and cause disease within humans C 400

34 What are toxins? C 400

35 Two systems that work together to cause hormones to be released into the blood due to a person being frightened C 500

36 What are the nervous system and endocrine system? C 500

37 These are particles composed of nucleic acids and proteins D 100

38 What are viruses? D 100

39 Bacteria is classified as this D 200

40 What are one celled organisms? D 200

41 These are organisms that survive by living and feeding on other organisms D 300

42 What are parasites? D 300

43 These organisms are made of either one or many cells and include yeasts and molds D 400

44 What are fungi? D 400

45 This is any condition that prevents the body from working as it should D 500

46 What is disease? D 500

47 These are abnormal cells in the body that lead to cancer E 100

48 What are pathogens? E 100

49 This is a mass of abnormal cells E 200

50 What is a tumor? E 200

51 These are rapid immune system reactions to environmental substances and are normally harmless E 300

52 What are allergies? E 300

53 These a weakened, killed, or parts of pathogens E 400

54 What are vaccines? E 400

55 Processes by these produce most the oxygen within our atmosphere E 500

56 What are plants? E 500

57 This organism release oxygen into the atmosphere F 100

58 What is a tree? F 100

59 Plants provide food for animals through this process F 200

60 What is photosynthesis? F 200

61 This is the word equation that represents the process of photosynthesis F 300

62 What is carbon dioxide + water -> glucose + oxygen? F 300

63 Plant cells that lack chloroplast won’t give off this F 400

64 What is oxygen? F 400

65 This process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere F 500

66 What is photosynthesis? F 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 This is eaten by Charlene and Rene everyday during 9 th period before Bridget comes Click on screen to continue

69 What is popcorn? Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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