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Preventing HPV-Related Cancers

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1 Preventing HPV-Related Cancers

2 Today’s Agenda What are HPV-related cancers?
What is HPV? What are HPV-related cancers? How can they be prevented?

3 What is HPV? The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus transmitted by human, skin-to-skin contact HPV is usually harmless, but certain types of high-risk HPVs can increase the risk of cancer Most people who have HPV will NOT develop cancer Still, taking steps to prevent the possibility of HPV-related cancer makes sense

4 HPV-Related Cancers Cervical cancer Head & neck cancer Skin cancer
Several other kinds of cancer HPV is associated with about 5 percent of all cancers worldwide, according to the National Cancer Institute.

5 Both Males and Females Are At Risk
Cervical cancer is the most common HPV-related cancer and afflicts only females However, males can be afflicted by other types of HPV-related cancer

6 The Good News! HPV-related cancers can be prevented!
HPV vaccine for children 9 and older, teens, and young adults up to age 26 For adult women, a Pap test to detect cervical cancer at an early stage

7 HPV Vaccine A series of three injections over six months
Prevents HPV-related cancers from occurring by halting the infection Not recommended for pregnant women

8 HPV Vaccine The vaccine is safe
The vaccine was tested on thousands of patients before receiving FDA approval. Millions of Americans have received the vaccine, and it has been approved in more than 70 countries worldwide. In some cases, minor side effects Vaccine is not a live virus

9 Pap Tests Pap tests have saved countless lives since introduction in 1950s Detects cell changes at early, treatable stage when patient survival rate is very high – more than 90 percent Not the same as a pelvic exam! All women should receive regular Pap tests, even if they receive HPV vaccine

10 Where to Go and How to Pay
Doctors office or public health clinic, including family planning clinics and federally qualified health centers How to pay Private insurance plans May have co-pay or deductible Medicaid

11 Most Important Messages SUMMARY
HPV-related cancer can cause death and disability The HPV vaccine can prevent HPV-related cancer. Males and females should get it as soon as possible after they turn age 9 -- the vaccine works best this way. The Pap test can detect precancerous cells or cancer at an early, treatable stage. Women should receive regular Pap test throughout life, even if they get the vaccine Make an appointment today; insurance or Medicaid often covers the costs

12 Q & A

13 Thank You!

14 Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer
Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer is a group of concerned individuals and organizations including the Illinois Department of Public Health Center for Minority Health Services, the Illinois Public Health Association, ACCESS Community Health Network and the Springfield Urban League. Our goal is to eliminate cervical cancer by educating women about the prevention and detection of cervical cancer and HPV.


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