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popularity while potentially to turn a them without

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1 popularity while potentially to turn a them without
It’s easy to take your hearing for granted until it’s too late. With the wide ___________ (popular) of digital entertainment products, it is not uncommon to see people wearing headphones and listening to music ______ running in the park or using public transport. And the volume is often so loud that people around ____ can hear the music as well. However, doctors warn that such behavior can ___________ (potential) damage their hearing. “In noisy places, people tend _______ (turn) the volume up to get the same clarity of sound. Unfortunately, that can damage the hearing _______ being aware of it,” said Feng Yongfeng, chief ENT physician at Beijing Tian’an Hospital. After Spring Festival, the hospital witnessed ___ slight popularity while them potentially to turn without a

2 increase in the number of teenagers ____ came in with hearing problems, which Feng attributed to them wearing headphones at home for long periods during the holiday. Feng said both in-ear and overhead headphones can harm the ears and _______(advise) people not to use them for long periods. He said if you do use headphones it is worth ________(invest投资) in the highest quality you can afford. 高三统练10 who advised investing

3 come short that/which before unnecessary while what an
Even if you have a good salary, you may still feel _____ of money. To help you better manage your salary, here ____ (come) some money saving tips. First, you need to set goals to encourage yourself to save money. Second, form money saving habits ______ staying away from those __________ waste money. Think twice ________ using money on expensive skin care products. Third, cut down your daily expenses. When going to a supermarket, write down _____ you want to buy to avoid buying ________________ (necessary) stuffs. Girls, who always spend money on clothes, should keep ___ eye open for discounts—you are likely to buy good summer dress in winter at a reasonable price. Fourth, economize our social life. When it’s your turn to buy a meal, invite your friends to your home and cook the dinner yourself. If you separate from your friend, while that/which before what unnecessary an

4 you _______________ (suppose) to donate the gifts he sent to you to some charities instead of throwing _____ away. Finally, you need find other ways to earn extra money. 高三统练9 stuff 东西 discount 打折 donate 捐赠 charity 慈善 economize 节约,节省 reasonable 合理的 are supposed them

5 had promised the against comfortable to cover sitting which
I have a good friend who is a very famous actor in the UK. The other day my wife Julie and I went to Glasgow as we _______________ (promise) to support him in a show that he was putting on there. After getting to ___ city centre we had to travel a few stops on the city’s underground rail line to reach our destination. I couldn’t help but notice a young couple ______ (sit) along from us. They turned a little bit sideways in their seat so she was leaning back ________ his chest. The couple were in love with each other, looking _____________ (comfort) in their seat. The tube train took a corner and, somewhere, metal rubbed against metal, making a loud noise, ______ was really painful. Well, the young man felt frightened and immediately raised his hands ________ (cover) his ears. But his hands stopped halfway there. Then they changed direction and he covered his wife’s ears instead. had promised the sitting against comfortable which to cover

6 The scene reminded me of ____ Willa Catcher, a novelist once said, “______ there is love, there is always a miracle.” Instinct makes us want to take care of __________ , but then love makes us better than that! 高三双语报第9期 Where what ourselves

7 development of poisonous but (also) against reasons Besides the
With the ______________ (develop) of industry, air pollution is getting more and more serious. In Beijing, many people suffer different kinds of illnesses because ___ air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the following _______: about half of the problem is caused by vehicles. There are more and more cars, buses on the roads, and they give off __________ (poison) gases. 25% of air pollution is caused by factories. Another factor is the smokers. Smoking not only does harm to their health __________ to others. _______ these, about 10% of air pollution is caused by other reasons. We should take some measures to fight _______ pollution. New fuel can be used to take ____ place of gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realizes the __________ (important) of environment and does something to stop pollution, the problem will ____________(solve). 高三统练8 of reasons poisonous but (also) Besides against the importance be solved

8 than that delivered their for of homeless as
American love pets. In America, there are more families with pets ____ those with children. It is common _____ U.S. homes have some sort of pets, such as monkeys, snakes and even wolves. But Americans’ all-time favorites are cats and dogs, because dogs can offer protection from thieves and unwelcome visitors and cats can help get rid ___ the home unwanted pests. Beneath keeping pets, there lies a basic American belief: Pets have a right to be treated well. In Houson, Texas, dogs can have their dinner _________ (deliver) to their homes, just like pizza. Pets can even go with ____ owners on vacation. Besides, at least 75 animal welfare organizations exist in America which provide care and adoption services for _________(home) and ill-treated animals. To pay for the high-tech health care, people can buy health insurance ____ their pets. Pets are ___ basic to than that of delivered their homeless for as

9 American culture as hot dogs or apple pie
American culture as hot dogs or apple pie. By now researchers ________________ (discover) that interacting with animals lowers a person’s blood pressure. Pets even encourage social relationships: They give their owners an appearance of friendliness, and they provide ___ good topic of conversation. 高三统练7 have discovered a

10 had seen older why known to discovery them
A scientist has found a 100 million-year-old bee trapped in amber, making it possibly the oldest been over found. “I knew right away what it was, because I __________(see) bees in younger amber before,” said George Poinar, a zoology professor at Oregon State University. The bee is about 40 million years _____ (old) than previously found bees. The _________ (discover) of the ancient bee may help explain ____ diverse flowering plants expanded so rapidly during that time. Poinar found the bee in amber from a mine in the Hukawng Valley of northern Myanmar, formerly ______ (know) as Burma. Also embedded in the amber are four kinds of flowers. “So we can imagine this little bee flitting around ____ millions of years ago,” Poinar said. Poinar’s ancient male bee is not a honeybee and not related ___ any modern bee family. The bee-- had seen older discovery why known them to

11 about one-fifth ___ size of today’s worker honeybee-has a heart-shaped head. “It’s exciting to see something that seems so different from _____ we think of as modern bees,” bee researcher of Cornell University Danforth said. “It’s not an ancestor of honeybee, ___ it probably was an early species in the evolution of bees that died out.” 高三第8期报纸 zoology 动物学 embed 使嵌入 flit 轻快地飞过 22. be related to 与……相关联的 23. 根据倍数表达法:倍数+the size +of… the what but

12 which a to go spent in death hiding widely her months
Born in 1929, Anne Frank was __ German-Jewish teenager who was forced ______(go) into hiding to avoid being arrested by the Nazis. She and ___ family, along with four others, ______ (spend) 25 months in a few small rooms above her father’s office ___ Amsterdam. The family was finally found by the Nazis, and forced to go to the concentration camps. In March 1945, nine _______ (month) after she was arrested and shortly before the camp was liberated, Anne died, at the age of 15. Her ____ (die) is one of history’s greatest tragedies. But her sprite lives on to this day through the diary, later published as “The Diary of Anne Frank” in _______ she recorded her experiences of a young Jewish girl’s _____ (hide) in Nazi-controlled Amsterdam. Her diary, first published in 1947, has become one of the world’s most _______(wide) read books. It has been translated into 67 languages and has moved millions of people. 高三统练5 to go her spent in months death which hiding widely

13 but argument for was spent which waiting as
The summer vacation ended yesterday. Kevin had gone nowhere during his vacation. He had the money, ____ he hated to travel alone. He used to take vacations with Gary, his youngest brother. However, they had a big __________ (argue) at the end of their last vacation. Each of them had spent the last three years _______ (wait) for the other to apologize. Kevin did not feel good about being on non-speaking terms with his favorite brother. But he was not going to ask ____ forgiveness when, in his mind, this whole misunderstanding was his brother’s fault. So Kevin’s summer vacation __________ (spend) in his house. As usual, he had planned to clean up his apartment. As usual, two weeks later his apartment looked just ___ it had two weeks before. He didn’t do it at all. He did, however, do one new and different thing during his vacation. He went to a new coffee shop, ______ was next to a huge but argument waiting for was spent as which

14 parking lot(停车场). It served twenty varieties of delicious coffee at reasonable prices, and the waiters were really ________ (friend). The coffee shop, with its excellent location and coffee, had helped him make ___ pleasant vacation. But he knew in his heart, ___ his brother had been there to join him just one day, his vacation would have been a perfect one. 高三第7期报纸 friendly a if

15 understanding is believed making him in what others a will/shall kill
Zengzi( BC), a Chinese philosopher and student of Confucius, __________ (believe) to be the author of the Daxue (Great Learning). One day, as Zengzi’s wife set off for the market, her little son insisted on going with her, ________ (make) a tearful scene. “Stay at home,” she said to the boy, “when I come back, I ______________ (kill) the pig for you to eat.” When she got back from the market Zengzi was prepared to catch the pig and kill it. His wife stopped him, saying. “I was only kidding to ____ when I said that.” “Children cannot be humored ___ this way,” he replied. “They have little ________________ (understand). They learn from their parents and listen to _____ they say. To lie to him is to teach him to lie to _______. Her son will not trust her any more ___ a mother lies to him. This is not the way to teach ___ child.” With that Zengzi went to kill the pig and then cooked it for his son.高三统练6 is believed making will/shall kill him in understanding what others if a

16 曾子杀彘  曾子的夫人到集市上去赶集,他的儿子哭着闹着也要跟着去。他的母亲对他说:“你先回家呆着,待会儿我回来杀猪给你吃。”她刚从集市上回来,就看见曾子要捉小猪去杀。她就劝止说:“我只不过是跟孩子开玩笑罢了。”曾子说:“妻子,这可不能开玩笑啊!小孩子没有思考和判断能力,要向父母亲学习,听从父母亲给予的正确的教导。现在你欺骗他,这就是教孩子骗人啊!母亲欺骗儿子,儿子就不再相信自己的母亲了,这不是正确教育孩子的方法啊。”于是把猪杀了,煮后吃了。

17 am convinced after/when it across Worrying laughter the frustrated to
Recently I failed an exam. However, ____________ I came out of my teacher’s office, I told myself: “Smile! It’s not so serious.” I smiled a big smile and ___ worked a little, really. Everyone gets _________(frustrate) sometimes. I used to be always influenced by pressure and I was often in low spirits. But one day I came ______ a sentence in the Bible: “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.” It suddenly struck me: “__________ (worry) about a problem doesn’t help. Why not just give a big smile and face up ___ the trouble?” Now every time I want to cry, I remind myself that _________ (laugh) is better than tears and anger. I ________________ (convince) that there’s something magical about a smile. A smile helps me recover confidence and gives me ___ courage to move on. it frustrated across Worrying to laughter am convinced the

18 Remember, whenever you’re faced with a setback(挫折), whenever you’ve been treated unfairly, all it takes is determination and you can feel happy again. Smile at life, ____ it will shine on you. 2011年高三上学期惠州二模 and

19 until to which however doing myself solved to complete was changed
I was always told that three Ps, patience, positive thinking and perseverance, were a sure path ___ success. But this advice does not always work as planned. My high school maths exam is one example. The exam, _______ was originally to be held in our classroom, ______________ (change) to the library at the last minute. This, _________ , didn’t bother me because maths had always been my strongest subject. I patiently walked to the library, taking my seat and _____ (do) some deep breathing to help relax _______. But my mood changed quickly when I saw the first question. I had no idea how to do it. I tried to stay positive and persevered ____ I finally found the solution. With the problem_______ (solve), I felt proud of my achievement. ______________ (fortunate), I noticed that I had just 10 minutes left ___________ (complete) the rest. 高三统练4 to which was changed however doing myself until solved Unfortunately to complete

20 Both wealthiest reported when by younger acting the by However
In the United States, there were 222 people _________ (report) to be billionaires in The ___________(wealth) of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $41 billion, who made his money ___ starting the company Microsoft. Mr. Gates was only 21 years old ______ he first helped to set up the company in He was a billionaire ___ the time he was 31. ________ , there are still some other people who have made lots of money at even _________ (young) ages. Other young people who have struck it rich include Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple. ______ of these child actors made over a million dollars _______ (act) in movies before they were 14. But ____ youngest billionaire is Albert von Thurn and Taxis of Germany, who, in 2001, inherited a billion dollars when he turned 18! 高三统练3 by when by However younger Both acting the

21 where a like greatest providing have changed
If you have decided to study abroad, you might be looking for effective ways to prepare your language skills before you depart. Some students attend ESL classes at local schools while others practice with ___ conversational partner. However, for those in situations ______ these two options are not available, studying ESL online might be the next alternative. During the past decade, many websites have sprung up on the Internet, _________ (provide) ESL activities to help people practice the major language skills ____ grammar, reading, and vocabulary. Perhaps the ________ (great) interests for students are websites that focus on listening and speaking skills. In the past, listening to audio online was a very slow process, but since high-speed connections appeared, things _____________ (change) greatly. A simple Internet search where a providing like greatest have changed

22 using the term “ESL” will bring up thousands of relevant websites out there, but not all the sites are the same. ___ you want to find a site that is suitable for you, you should look among those that combine good contents with a user-friendly interface and style. Finally, no matter which site you end up visiting, you should set some goals ____ your study. ____ might include the number of vocabulary you want to learn, specific grammar structures you want to review, ____ even how many minutes you want to read aloud from a newspaper in English. 高三统练3 If for They and

23 death does to wearing how most frightening will rise
Extremely hot weather is common in many parts of the world. Although hot weather just makes most people feel hot, it can cause serious medical problems---even _____ (dead). Floods, storms and other natural events kill thousands of people every year. So ____ extreme heat. Experts say heat may be the __________________ (frightening) killer in nature. A common health problem linked ___ hot weather is heat stress. The causes of heat stress include _________(wear) heavy clothing, physical work or exercise, or hot weather. If several of these conditions are present at the same time, a person’s body temperature ________(rise) above safe limits. Then the body will release water to cool the skin through perspiration. And this is ____ the body defenses against heat. However, too much perspiration can lead to too much loss of body death does most frightening to wearing will rise how

24 water and salt. Most people suffer only muscle pain as a result of heat stress. The pain is a warning ____ the body is becoming too hot. Doctors say those suffering muscle pain should stop all activities and rest in a cool place. ____ should also drink cool liquids. Do not return ______ (do) physical activities for a few hours because more serious conditions could develop. 高三第6期报纸 that They to do

25 a traditional means but whom flowered in
There are some special traditions in Hawaii. People are very friendly and always welcome visitor. They give visitors ___ lei(脖子上戴的花环) along necklace of beautiful fresh flowers. Men wear bright _________ (flower) shirts, and women often wear long flowered dresses. There are ____________ (tradition) Chinese, Japanese and Filipino holidays from the United States. They call Hawaii the Aloha State. Aloha _______ (mean) both hello and goodbye. It also means “I love you”. Usually when people from different countries, races, and traditions live together, there are serious problems. There are a few problems in Hawaii, ____ in general, people have learned to live together ___ peace. Hawaiians earn most of their money from travelers, most of _______ come from the mainland and from Japan. There are many people a flowered traditional means but in whom

26 ______(live) in Hawaii now so there are residential areas ______ there used to be farms. Some of the big sugar and pineapple companies have moved to the Philippines, where they do not have to pay workers ___ much money. The families of the first people who came from the U.S. mainland own the important banks and companies. Japanese are also buying or starting businesses here. 年级第二次统练 living where as

27 rich Similarly by who/that irrigation third suffered
In most cities, ____ or poor, it is the less well off that are most at risk from floods and natural disasters. It was the poor of New Orleans, nearly a ____ (three) of the population, who lived in the lowest-lying parts of the city and _______ (suffer) most from Katrina’s wrath. ________ (similar), it was the urban poor of Honduras and its neighbors who were struck hardest ___ Hurricane Mitch in And it is the people of the slums more widely in Latin America _________ are most capable of being attacked. In some places, too little water, not too much, is the problem. China’s thirst for industry and __________ (irrigate) has combined with climate change to drain the aquifers. Droughts seem to be ever more frequent in northern China, and southern cities such as Guangzhou are also affected. Rivers are drying up: the Yellow River third suffered Similarly by who/that irrigation

28 now flows to the sea for only ___ few weeks a year
now flows to the sea for only ___ few weeks a year. And the rain, when it comes, is intensely acid(强烈地酸). To make matters _____ (bad), the glaciers on which both China ____ India partly depend are melting. Any benefits from extra water supplies will be short-term, and damaged by floods. 揭阳一中2011高三上学期摸底考试 well off 富裕的 a worse and

29 to help his this that higher results Grammar completion 语法填空(2008年高考题)
Chinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people’s daily life. ______ these proverbs there are often interesting stories. For example, the proverb, “plucking up a crop _______ (help) it grow” is based on the following story. It is said that a short-tempered man in the Song Dynasty ( ) was very anxious to help _____ rice crop grow up quickly. He was thinking about _____ day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected. One day, he came up with an idea _____ he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day. He was very tired _____ doing this for a whole day,____ he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” _______(high). His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately the leaves of the crop began to wither. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their _______(nature) course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often _______ (result) in the contrary to our intention. Behind to help his this that higher but after natural results

30 a it pushed where choice on/for to please
Jane was walking round the department store. She remembered how difficult ___ was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father. She wished that he was as easy __________ (please) as her mother, who was always delighted with perfume. Besides, shopping at this time of the year was not ___ pleasant experience: people stepped on your feet or ________ (push) you with their elbow, hurrying ahead to get to a bargain. Jane paused in front of a counter ______ some attractive ties were on display. “They are real silk,” the assistant tried to attract her. “worth double the price.” But Jane knew from past experience that her _______ (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father. Jane stopped where a small crowd of men had gathered. She found some good quality pipes ______ sale. She did not hesitate for long: although her it to please a pushed where choice on/for

31 father smoked a pipe only once in a while, she knew that this was a present which was bound to please ____. When Jane got home, with her small but well-chosen present in her bag, her parents were already ___ table having supper. Her mother was excited. “Your father has at last decided to stop smoking,” Jane ______________ (inform). (2009高考题) him at was informed

32 presented who it that The warmly with saying another sweeter
A young man while travelling a desert, came across a spring of clear water. ___ water was sweet. He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder ____ had been his teacher. After a four-day journey, the young man ___________ (present) the water to the old man. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled _______ (warm) , and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. The young man went home ____ a happy heart. After the man left, the teacher let ________ student taste the water. He spit it out, _____ (say) it was awful. Apparently, it was no longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher, “Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like ___?” The teacher replied, “You tasted the water, I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be ________ (sweet).” We understand this lesson best ____ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe on a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing. (2010高考) The presented who warmly with saying another it sweeter that

33 till/until sit/sitting an
One Sunday morning in August I went to local music festival. I felt it early because I had an appointment ____ (late) that day. My friends walked me to the bus stop and waited with me ________ the bus arrived. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man _________ (sit) at the front. He _____________ (pretend) that a tiger toy was real and giving it a voice. He must be ________ (mental) disabled. Behind him were other people to _____ he was trying to talk, but after some minutes ____ walked away and sat near me, looking annoyed. I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn’t like leaving him ___ his own either. After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself. We had ___ amazing conversation. He got off the bus before me and I felt very happy the rest of the way home. I’m glad I made a choice. later till/until sit/sitting was pretending mentally whom they on an

34 leave sb. alone = leave sb. by oneself = leave sb. on one’s own
It made ______ of us feel good. (2011高考题) leave sb. alone = leave sb. by oneself = leave sb. on one’s own 让某人单独呆着,把某人独自留下 both

35 down had gathered as who settled a merrily where Cursing
I was on my way to the Taiyetos Mountains. The sun was setting when my car broke ______ near a remote village. ________(curse) my misfortune, I was wondering ______ I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villagers who _______________ (gather) around me were arguing as to who should have the honor of receiving me ___ a guest in their house. Finally, I accepted the offer of an old woman_____ lived alone in a little house. While she was getting me _______ (settle) into a tiny but clean room, the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to ___ small town some 20 kilometres away where there was a garage. I had noticed three hens running free in my hostess’s courtyard and that night one of them ended up in a dish on my table. Some villagers brought me goat’s cheese and honey. We drank together and talked ________ (merry) till far into the night. down where Cursing had gathered as who settled a merrily

36 Taiyetos Mountains 塔伊耶托斯山脉 remote 遥远的 curse 咒骂
When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in the village, I wanted to reward the old woman with the trouble I had caused _____ Taiyetos Mountains 塔伊耶托斯山脉 remote 遥远的 curse 咒骂 as to 关于 misfortune 不幸运,倒霉 her

37 where works and/or this/it/that that/which to blame from/to
Hic! You’ve just hiccupped for the tenth time since you finished dinner. Wonder ______ these funny noises are coming from? The part _________ (blame) is your diaphragm(横膈膜), the muscle at the bottom of your chest. All hiccups start here. The diaphragm almost always ______ (work) perfectly---it pulls down when you breathe in to help pull air into the lungs _________ it moves up when you breathe out to help push air out of the lungs. But sometimes the diaphragm becomes upset, and when ____________ happens, it pushes up in an irregular way, making your breath come out differently _______ how it normally does. When this irregular breath hits your voice box, you’re left with a big hiccup. Things ____________ bother the diaphragm include eating too quickly or too much, stomachaches or feeling nervous. If you want to know where to blame works and/or this/it/that from/to that/which

38 how Breathing/To breathe treatment
____ to get rid of hiccups, here are some “cures”. _____________________(breathe) into a paper bag is one method some people use. Others think taking a mouthful of water is the way to become hiccup-free. Sugar under your tongue might also drive away the hiccups. And maybe the most famous __________ (treat), having someone scare you, also helps beat the hiccups. how Breathing/To breathe treatment

39 when probably dating But a why since
The Black Country is about 10 miles from Birmingham. It’ is made up of four districts: Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell, and Wolvehampton. Historically, it was famous for industry, which explains ___ the area is called the Black Country. It got its name during the industrial revolution, _____ factory pollution turned the local skies black and coal dust from the mines made the soil the same color. Dudley, which is ________ (probable) the heart of the Black Country, has a history _______ (date) back over 1,000 years, and its famous castle has been there _____ about the 8th century. People from Black Country are very friendly. ___ their local dialect, which comes from the old “Middle English”, can be very difficult to understand. I still remember taking ___ visiting friend from Canada to a local Black Country pub for lunch. why when probably dating since But a

40 ______ the waitress could even finish describing the menu, my friend looked at me with his eyebrows _______(raise). When I asked what he wanted to order, he just shook his head in disbelief and asked if the waitress whom I ___________________________________________ (speak) to just now was naturally speaking English. Black Country 黑区(英格兰中部的工业区,曾有严重工业污染) in disbelief 难以置信地;疑惑地 Before raised spoke/was speaking/had spoken/had been speaking

41 Finishing their shopping at the mall, a couple discovered that their new car _____________(steal). They filed a report ___ the police station and a detective drove them ____ to the parking lot to look for evidence. To their __________(amaze), the car had been returned ____ there was a note in it that said: “I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having a baby and I had to rush her to the ________. Please forget the inconvenience. There are two tickets ___ tonight’s Mania Twain concert.” Their faith in humanity restored. The couple attended ___ concert. But when they returned home, they immediately found ____ their house had been ransacked. On the bathroom mirror was ______ note: “I have to put my kid through college somehow, don’t I?” had been stolen at back amazement and hospital for the that another

42 doing which/that from it hung would enter whenever
Maria had to buy food for herself and her son. Divorced for ten years, she was used to _____ (do) everything by herself for her son. He was a junior in high school, which meant that he ____________(enter) college in two years. Then she would be shopping only for herself. She felt sad _________ she thought of this. She loved him, and feared that he would no longer be her daily company. Maria drove to Costco, a chain store ____________ sold food in bulk packages. By selling in bulk only, the store helps its customers save money. She parked far _____ the entrance. That meant a longer walk, but also a faster exit from the parking lot. She grabbed one of the big shopping carts outside and pushed __ into the store. Her purse stayed tightly _____ (hang) over her shoulder. doing would enter whenever which/that from it hung

43 divorce 离婚 bulk 大量的,大批的 cart 手推车 grab 抓取 crowded but another
Surprisingly, the store wasn’t too _______ (crowd). She carefully selected some bananas, apples, and other fruit, ___ she couldn’t find her son’s favorite brand of oranges. On the way home, she planned to stop at _______ chain store or two until she found them. divorce 离婚 bulk 大量的,大批的 cart 手推车 grab 抓取 crowded but another

44 In 1914, Thomas Edison, at the age of 67, lost his factory, _____ was worth a few million dollars, to fire. It had very little insurance. No longer a young man, Edison watched his lifetime effort ___ (go) up in smoke and said, “There is great value in disasters. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we can start a new.” In spite of disasters, three weeks later, ___ invented the phonograph. What __ attitude! Below are more examples of the ______ (fail) of successful people: Thomas Edison failed ____________ (approximate) 10,000 times while he ___________ (work) on the light bulb. Henry Ford fired Lee Iacocca at the age of 54. Young Beethoven ________(tell) that he had no talent for music, ___ he gave some of the best music to the world. Setbacks are inevitable in life. A setback can act as a driving force and also teach us humility. In grief you will find courage and faith__________ (overcome) the setback. which go he an failures approximately was working was told but to overcome

45 Language points insurance 保险 in spite of 尽管 phonograph 留声机
approximate 大约 light bulb 灯泡 have no talent/gift for…对…没有天赋 setback 挫折 inevitable 不可避免的 humility 谦卑 grief 悲惨

46 with that had won a crashing safely but
Jay was born to ride. Just after learning to walk, he got his first tricycle(三轮脚踏车). A year later, he was on a bicycle _____ training wheels. At the age of 5, he was a skilled bicyclist. His father made sure he did everything ______(safe). Jay wore a helmet(头盔), a chest pad(衬垫), elbow(肘) pads, and knee pads. He fell a lot, ___ he was never hurt badly. It was when he was 7 years ____ he got his first motorcycle. He entered motocross races, all over the country. By the time he was 15, he _________ (win) thirty races. His future looked bright. when he was 17, Jay took his girlfriend out for ___ ride on his motorcycle. A truck ran a red light, and Jay and his girlfriend fell off the motorcycle, ________ (crash) into the side of the truck. Jay went into the hospital for three with safely but that had won a crashing

47 which it to ride Months. His girlfriend died immediately, for
______ Jay felt guilty all the time. Jay didn’t ride a motorcycle again for 10 years. Then one weekend he bought a used motorcycle. He took ___ out for a test run at dusk. It was a great feeling _______ (ride) again. He got it up to 110 miles an hour on the local freeways. That was fun, he thought. it came from that man. which it to ride

48 making when closer wouldn’t take quietly but an
It was Thanksgiving Day, and I was volunteering with my parents at a shelter for the needy. We stood behind the counter ________ (make) hot food for whoever came in. Most of our diners(用餐的人) looked poor and needy. Then, a man came in, who looked anything ___ needy. He seems to be very rich and wore ___ expensive suit(西装). I wondered what he was doing there, and my jaw(下巴) dropped in amazement _____ he joined the line for food. The ______ (close) he came to my service station, the more I muttered. What was this man doing? Surely he ________________ (take) food meant for those who were really in need! Then my mother ________ (quiet) took me to one side and said, “Don’t assume(假定;设想) that the needs of the people who come here are purely physical. Maybe making but an when closer wouldn’t take quietly

49 someone’s needs are emotional
someone’s needs are emotional. Maybe what this gentleman needs is comfort, friends, ___ just to be amongst(在…之间) other human beings.” My mother’s words hit ___ like a ton of bricks! I felt like I should apologize to the man---but I didn’t. About a week later the shelter received a large donation(捐赠) from an anonymous source. I can’t help but wonder ___ it came from that man. hit like a ton of bricks 极打动人 or me if

50 Therefore an if/whether am working before quickly
A little girl loved to play all day. Her mother thought she would grow to be lazy if she continued to play like this. __________, she asked her to do some work. But the little girl asked to play a little while ______ working. Her mother agreed. The child ran ________ (quick) towards the woods. On her way, the girl met a squirrel(松鼠) and said to him, “Squirrel, you don’t have to work, do you?” “Absolutely not. I have a family living in ___ old tree, and I must store away nuts for the winter. I have no time to play,” chattered(吱吱叫) the squirrel. Just then a bee came by and the little girl asked him _____________ he has any work to do.” “Of course. See! I _____________ (work) now. I have to gather sweets and make the honeycomb(蜂巢) all the day long,” said the bee. Therefore before quickly an if/whether am working

51 After that, the little girl asked a flower the same question
After that, the little girl asked a flower the same question. And the flower told ____ that all the flowers have to work all day long ________ (get) ready for the seed time. ______________ (hear) all these answers, the little girl went home and said to her mother, “Mother, the squirrels, the bees and the flowers all work. I am the only one ____ is idle(空闲的;无所事事的). I want some work to do now.” her to get Having heard who

52 because nothing while suddenly whom to pour
After we sat down at the table on a party, my little sister asked me to pass her the soda bottle. I poured for her _________ she is little and the bottle is heavy. As soon as I started pouring, the woman next to me, _______ I had never seen before, put her cup in front of me, obviously wanting me ________ (pour) for her as well. She didn’t even say “Hello” or “Please” ! But I poured for her. Later, the same thing happened again. “What’s this?” I thought to myself, but said _________. Towards the end of the meal, ______ someone across the table was pouring a drink, she, too, held out her cup. Then, I noticed that one of her hands had an irregular curl at the wrist. It __________ (sudden) occurred to me that she had not once used that arm to pick up her fork or cup, but left it because whom to pour nothing while suddenly

53 _______ (rest v. ) on her lap during the entire meal
_______ (rest v.) on her lap during the entire meal. It was now obvious that she could not lift the bottle _____ one hand and pour for herself. This was probably how she __________ (grow) up, relying on other people to do it for her. I blamed myself for being so foolish ____ I didn’t try to see “the other side of the story”. resting with had grown that

54 delivered without and success to build developing
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II _________ (deliver) her Christmas message before Christmas in Here is part of the Queen’s Christmas message. It is as important as ever ________ (build) communities and create harmony, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is through sport and games. During this past year, I have seen how important sport is in bringing people together from all backgrounds. Apart from __________ (develop) physical fitness, sport and games can also teach social skills. No team can hope to succeed _________ cooperation between the players. The positive team spirit can benefit communities companies ____ groups of all kinds. The ________ (succeed) of the recent Paralympics shows that a love of sport also has the power to help recover. All around the world, people gather to compete under standard rules. to build developing without and success

55 Competitors know that, to succeed, they must respect ____ opponents
Competitors know that, to succeed, they must respect ____ opponents. Sportsmen and sportswomen often speak of the pride they have in representing their country, a sense ___ belonging to a wider family. We know that nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of belonging to a group ____ are dedicated(致力于) to helping each other. I wish you, and all those whom you love and care for, __ very happy Christmas. their of who a

56 of defeating success which/that were represented and
Henry VII was the first Tudor King. He became king after _________ (defeat) Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in Henry’s ________ (succeed) on the battlefield ended the Wars of the Roses that began in 1455. The Wars of the Roses were battles _________ were fought between the supporters of the House of Lancaster (Lancastrians) and the supporters of the House of York (Yorkists). The wars were called the Wars of the Roses because the Yorkists ___________________ (represent) by a white rose and the Lancastrians by a red rose. Although there were no battles fought until 1455, the cause ___ the wars dates back to the reign of Edward III ____ the power struggle between his sons after his death. defeating success which/that were represented of and

57 The first battle of the Wars of the Roses took place at St Albans on May 22, The Yorkists ____ (lead) by Richard Duke of York easily defeated the king’s army. Henry VII raised a Lancastrian army ______ Richard III and at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, Richard was killed and the Yorkists were defeated. It is said that Henry found Richard’s crown on the battlefield and placed ___ on his head. Henry VII then strengthened ___ position by marrying Edward IV’s daughter, Elizabeth of York, which was a move to end the Wars of the Roses. led against it his

58 in a which/that mainly they were divided and of higher Smoking
Older people who follow healthy diets may live longer, ___ study suggests. Research in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found those who ate a low-fat diet ___________ contained lots of fruit and vegetables lowered their risk of dying over 10 years. The study ________ (main) focused on the diets of 2, 5000 US adults aged 70 to 79. Those who ate a high-fat diet rich ___ ice cream, cheese, and whole milk, had the highest risk of death. The study showed that 12 extra people in every hundred survived over the ten years, if _____ ate healthily. Participants ______________ (divide) into six different groups, according to how often they ate certain foods. The groups were: healthy foods; high-fat dairy products; meat, fried foods and alcohol; breakfast cereal; refined grains; sweets and desserts. Those who had a “healthy foods” diet ate more low-fat dairy products, fruits, whole grains, poultry, fish, _____ vegetables. They also ate lower amounts ____ meat, fried foods, sweets, high-calorie drinks, and added fat. _______ (smoke) less and being more active than other participants, people in this group had healthier lifestyles, too. Researchers found that those who followed a “high-fat dairy products” diet had a _________ (high) death risk than those in the “healthy foods” group. which/that mainly in they were divided and of Smoking higher

59 a what located searching to to get it and further which
Typing the word “pizza” into your favorite search engine may seem harmless enough. But _______ you may not know is that with this simple act you’re sending information to possibly hundreds of machines _________ (locate) possibly thousands of miles of from where you sit. Each machine that search meets on its journey uses energy. Because there are many people ____________ (search) at the same time all over the world that energy can really add up. Few people have ___ day without computers. Most of the computers that people use are connected ___ the Internet. And it’s easy to type, click and search ________ (get) answers to even the silliest question. We enjoy this luxury so much that we can forget each search does in fact use energy. And that energy gives out the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. “Every time you type something into Google, ___ uses several machines to find those answers for you _____ display them on your page. All of that requires power,” says Sudhanva Gurumurthi, a computer science professor. Computers and electronics account for about 9 percent of home electricity use, _______ is a lot of less than what the big users, especially heat and air conditioning, take up. But using your computer to search the Web has effects that reach _________ (far) than your own home. what located searching a to to get it and which further

60 died the his thankful or by who for to solve hiring
Eight-year-old Boku knows there is a good way to move a goat from the market to the slaughterhouse. He knows you must grab behind both ears and pull. After two years on the job he has learned ____ hard way. Mohammed Hassan, ____ five-year-old brother, hasn’t quite got the skill of it yet. Still, they are __________ (thank) they have a job. Boku and Mohammed’s father ______ (die) five years ago, and after their mother’s shop burnt down, she became ill. So Boku had to support the family at six, and soon Mohammed followed. “Every day I wake up and go to the market to do my work,” says Boku. “When I am finished I just come back home. I have to work, ___ we don’t get food.” Boku and Mohammed will earn less than one US cent for each goat that they deliver up the hill to the Kiamaiko slaughterhouses. As they pick their way through the slum between the market and the slaugherhouses, Boku and Mohammed are recently robbed ____ older boys. The slaughterhouse owners, ____ wouldn’t give their names ____ fear of being arrested, told us that hundreds of children work inside their buildings. Child labor is illeagal in Kenya, but police rarely target business owners for _______ (hire) children in the slums. The police say they are doing their best ___________ (solve) the problem. the his thankful died or by who for hiring to solve

61 is regarded probably and where his of the to express to shown
If you have been a student of public speaking for any length of time, you _________ (probable) have heard of the rule called 55%, 38%, 7% Rule. This rule states that 55% of the meaning of communication is in body language, 38% is in tonality, ____ 7% is in the words. Have you ever wondered ______ these percentages came from? Professor Albert Mehrabian _______________ (regard) as the creator of the 55%, 38%, 7% Rule. Mehrabian and ____ colleagues conducted the research on communication patterns. Mehrabian later discussed the results ___ the research in two books in ____ early 1970s. The subjects were asked to listen to a recording of a female saying the single word “maybe” in three tonalities, ___________ (express) liking, neutrality and disliking. Next, the subjects were shown photos of female faces expressing the same three emotions. Then they were asked to guess the emotions ______ (show) by the recorded voice and the photos. The photos drew more accurate answers than the voice. Mehrabian published the results of his work in two books, but he stated that he never intended his results to be applied ____ normal conversation. probably and where is regarded his of the to express shown to

62 helpful It after accompanied be spent to playing them with the
Sports are a basic part of education systems all over the world at each level of studies. Whereas education kindles the light of knowledge in the mind, sports help keep the body in good condition. ___ is true that a healthy body helps a student do well in study. At the same time, sports are also an important means of entertainment _____ long hours of studies and a source of renewed energy. Some games also require players’ full attention and concentration _______________ (accompany) by specific skills and techniques. These games are ________ (help) from the point of view of health of students. Students are always full of energy, which cannot all __________ (spend) on studies only. Sports help consume that extra energy. Otherwise, it could lead students to do wrong or unwanted activities which are harmful ___ both the health and studies of students. Students enjoy their leisure time more while _______ (play) sports. They run and jump a lot, which improves their digestive system. Their lung breathe fresh air which makes _____ more active and healthier. Sports relax ____ body of students so that they are again well-prepared to study ____ more concentration. Sports provide food for mind in the same way as learning provides knowledge. It after accompanied helpful be spent to playing them the with

63 a fully of from its where to become surrounding and was abandoned
not to mention 更不必说 Guatemala is a beautiful country rich in history and cultural diversity. There is no lack ____ sights to see, things to experience and ways to study the culture. The native population speaks over 23 different languages, not to mention the Spanish language. The landscape ranges _______ the Caribbean to volcanoes to urban areas to jungles. Up until recently the country had been undiscovered by North American and European tourists because of ____ long-time civil war and general instability. In the past, Guatemala was ___ dangerous place for tourists and foreign students. It was also a place ________ the US issued a travel warning. In an effort ______________ (become) more tourist-friendly, Guatemala has increased security and hired security guards at popular tourist and study-abroad sites. Recently, the US has removed the long-standing travel warning. Here are some popular Guatemala destinations. Visiting the villages __________________ (surround) Lake Atitlan is a perfect opportunity to see present-day Mayan culture. Lake Atitlan is one of Guatemala’s top tourist destinations _____ most visitors agree that it is the most beautiful lake in the world. Tikal is Guatemala’s most impressive Mayan historical site. Continuously settled for more than 1,500 years, Tikal ____________________ (abandon) around the year 900 AD for reasons not yet ________ (full) understood. range from…to … 范围从…到… in an effort to do sth. 努力做某事 Guatemala 危地马拉,台湾称瓜地马拉 Caribbean 加勒比海 Tikal 蒂卡尔 ,是危地马拉玛雅文明中最大的遗弃城市 Lake Atitlan 阿提特兰湖 of from its a where to become surrounding and was abandoned fully

64 He trying what to back the it by with that difference
What could be more attractive, in terms of self-help, than to turn your thoughts towards someone else’s troubles? Instead of ________ (try) to help yourself, you try to help others. And in doing so---when you stop continually thinking of yourself and all your troubles—you not only help others, but also help yourself, too. That’s ____ I believe, anyway. The following encouraging sayings seem _________ (back) me up. Dr Benjamin Spock said, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” ___ was speaking to new parents at the time. His message is not simply aimed at that group of people. It has truth for all of us. We all know more than we think we know. That means we all have ____ ability to help, no matter who we are and what few skills we think we have. Leo F. Buscaglia said, “Don’t spend your precious time asking ‘Why isn’t the world a better place?’ It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is ‘How can I make ____ better?’” Yes, you can make the world a better place ____ sharing your knowledge and skills _____ someone else. Or you can simply wonder how else you can make a _________ (different). And you really can do something –all that’s required is the belief _____ you can. trying what to back He the it by with difference that

65 be driven organized how a who to measure they with thought and
Some of Britain’s brightest young students have been busy showing a series of futuristic visions of what coach travel might be like. In a competition ___________ (organize) by travel company Leger Holidays and coach manufacturer Setra, UK design students were asked to come up with ideas for ____ a coach might look and work in Adrian Devonald, ___ student at Swansea University, came up with the idea of a coach that could ____________ (drive) at both ends. Adam Brown from Northumbria, University would probably win the support of anyone ____ has ever traveled on a long distance bus journey with his idea for fully flat reclining seats. Research carried out by Leger Holidays and Setra ____________ (measure) public opinions of coach holiday showed a variety of opinions. In the industry’s favor, passengers said _____ felt safe and liked the idea of travel _____ the fear of losing luggage. But travel sickness, uncomfortable seats and bad driving were raised. Mike Beagrie, General Manager for Coach Sales at Setra said, “All of the designs that we received were extremely excellent ____ we have been very impressed with the _________ (think) that has been put in.” organized how a be driven who to measure they with and thought

66 is contained the covering or depth from because which However
The oceans act as the earth’s climate control. They house ____ greatest number of living things. They are the earth’s most important feature ___________ (cover) 362 million square kilometers, ___ nearly 71 percent of the earth’s surface. This is more than twice the area of Mars and nine times that of the moon. More than 97 percent of all our planet’s water _______________ (contain) in the ocean. The average ocean ______ (deep) is 3, 720 meters. The deepest point of the ocean is 11, 033 meters in Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. Nearly one third of the world’s oil comes ______ offshore fields in our oceans. Atlantic sea water is heavier than Pacific sea water __________ its salt content is higher. Each year, illegal long-time fishing, _______ involves lines up to 100 kilometers long, kills more than 300, 000 sea birds. The total length of the world’s coastlines is enough _____________ (surround) the equator 12 times. The sea provides the biggest source of wild or domestic protein in the world. __________ , in one year, the rubbish dumped into the world’s oceans is three times the weight of the fish caught. covering or is contained depth from because which to surround However

67 had tested its to and to report for stealing a what actually
She watched the man walking along the sidewalk. She had seen this man several times before. He looked like a thief. She knew not to judge a book by ____ cover, but this man was no good. She drove by him. He looked at her car as he drove by. Suddenly, he turned left up a driverway. A red SUV was parked in the driverway right next ___ the sidewalk. He walked up to the driver’s door ____ put his hand on the handle. Then he returned to the sidewalk and continued walking. She realized that he _____________ (test) the door to see if it was locked. “He is a thief ,” she thought. “That’s _____ he does. He just walks through our neighborhoods looking for cars to break into. ” She called the police. She described the man. The officer said he knew who the man was. People called two or three times a week ___________ (report) him walking by. But the police couldn’t arrest him ____ walking around. They had to catch him __________ (steal) goods. “But he was testing that SUV door to see if it was unlocked,” she said. “I’m sorry,” said the officer. “That’s not against the law. If he ________ (actual) steals something, give us ___ call.” its to and had tested what to report for stealing a actually

68 where and taught at To answer is believed the completely their from
English is more popular among language learners than any other language in the world. English has become the international language of science _____ medicine. English is the major foreign language _________(teach) in most schools in South America and Europe. School children in the Philippines and Japan begin learning English ___ an early age. English is the official language of more than seventy-five countries. In countries where many ____________ (complete) different languages are spoken, English is often used as an official language to help people communicate. India is a good example. English is the common language in this country _________ at least twenty-four languages are spoken by more than one million people. Where did the English language come from? Why has it become so popular? ________________ (answer) these questions we must travel back in time about five thousand years to an area north of the Black Sea. Experts say the people in that area spoke a language called Proto Indo-European. Proto Indo-European ______________ (believe) to be the ancestor of most European languages. The English language is a result of the invasions of ____ island of Britain over many hundreds of years. Through the years of the Saxons, Angles and Jutes mixed ______ different languages. The result is what is called Anglo-Saxon of Old English. Several written works have survived______ the Old English period. and taught at completely where To answer is believed the their from

69 the was known his at had received that beautifully and to treat who
Many diplomatic buildings in the capital of the US once were the houses of wealthy Americans. A building that houses the Embassy of Indonesia, for example, ____________ (know) for many years as the Walsh’s house. Thomas Walsh had it built more than one hundred years ago as a home for ____ family. Thomas Walsh was born in Ireland. He came to the US ___ the age of nineteen. He made a lot of money in ____ state of Colorado. There, he developed ____ owned one of the richest gold mines in the world. Walsh’s daughter, Evalyn Walsh McLean, owned the Hope Diamond. She wore the huge jewel even though she ______________ (receive) warnings that it would cause terrible things to happen. Some people saw the fact _____ two of her children and her husband died before her. Many big parties took place among the costly furnings of the building. Wealthy and famous people visited the _____________ (beautiful) lighted house. It was a center of Washington society until the 1930s. During WWⅡ , the Read Cross used the space ________ (treat) soldiers wounded overseas. In the 1950s, Ali Sastroamidiojo, ____ served as Indonesia’s first ambassador to the US, bought the building for his country. was known his at the and had received that beautifully to treat who

70 fell the which/that British it was made carried broken how scientific
Man has always wants to fly. Some of the greatest men in history have thought about the problem. One of these was the great Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci. In ____ sixteenth century he made designs for machines _____________ could fly. But they were never built. A _______ (Britain) man 800 years ago made a pair of wings from chicken feathers and jumped into the air from a tall building. He did not fly very far, but _____ (fall) to the ground. His _______(break) bones frightened people. The first real steps took place in France in Two brothers, the Montgolfiers, made a large hot air balloon. The knew that hot air rises. Why not fill a balloon with ___? The balloon ___________ (make) of cloth and paper. The first air passenger _________ (carry) by the balloon flew up in the sky. We don’t know ____ he felt about his trip in the air, which lasted eight minutes. After all, he landed safe. Some ________ (science) inventions require people to take risks. the which/that British fell broken it was made carried how scientific

71 as with had seen a when himself at talking what happily
A few days ago, I noticed a boy standing alone in the cafeteria before school. The cafeteria was filled _____ girls and boys laughing and talking to each other. I didn’t think I ___________ (see) this boy before. As I looked closer at him, I noticed that he seemed to be very sad. I then walked over to him and started up a conversation. I found that he was ___ very kind boy, just a little shy. After the bell rang, I had to go to class but I told him that I would see him the next day. Just ___ I said, I did see him the next day. But to my surprise, many kids were standing there, ________ (talk) to him warmly. I felt warmth in my heart ______ I saw that. By talking to him yesterday, I obviously made him gain confidence in ________. The kids sat with him ___ lunchtime and seemed to really like him. And _____ he gave me was a heart-warming smile at the end of that day when he walked out _________ (happy). I now realize what can happen if you start a chain reaction. (连锁反应) with had seen a as talking when himself at what happily

72 difference who and thrown picking an have done with they in
I’m Pat Smith. I have two sons _____ are 5 and 3 years old. They love to take walks outside ____ one of the walks we often do is along a a cycle path through some fields. This path eventually leads to the local high school, so there is always some litter ________ (throw) on the sides, even though the city’s cleaning workers sometimes clean it up. One day, an idea occurred to me and I decided to show my children that we could do something to make a ____________ (different). The next day, we took a plastic bag and some rubber gloves ____ us and the children and I collected whatever litter we found on our way. My sons had so much fun, because at that age they are interested in ________(pick) up things from the ground (and with the rubber gloves I did not need to be afraid that they would catch something) and it was a creative way to teach them ____ important lesson. Since then, we ___________ (do) this a few times, and I hope we will keep it up, so the kids will grow up to know _____ can always make the world a better place to live ___ if they are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. and thrown difference with picking an have done they in

73 is called on that collecting than that/who forms the which titled
When the baby Charles Darwin arrived in the world, ___ February 12, 1809, modern science was also an infant. Later biologists know how life on Earth had developed into its many different _____ (form) ---thanks to Darwin. Some thinkers before Darwin believed ______ species of animals or plants could change over time and become new species. That process now __________ (call) evolution. But no one had clearly shown much evidence for evolution in nature. And no one had figured out how it happened. Darwin was the man who did all that. He was ____ best biologist ever—one of the world’s top experts on plants and animals. He was a careful observer, a sharp thinker and a clear writer. In his youth, Darwin was an average student. But he was a big reader. He also was an eager collector. He spent his time at Cambridge _________ (collect) bugs and talking about science with people. During a five-year voyage around the world, Darwin observed many forms of life. By the time the voyage ended, Darwin had known more about life ____ anybody else. It was Darwin _________ explained the method of evolution of species, ______ he called “natural selection” . In 1859, he spelled out the details in a book ______ (title) On the Origin of Species. forms that is called the collecting than that/who which titled

74 with received them asked as who to get patience but which
Last week, my assistant gave notice that he was quitting in two weeks. It was a very busy time of the year, but there was nothing I could do. So we put a want ad in the newspaper and ___________ (receive) several applications for the job. I called in four of ______ for interview and I had narrowed down the list to two candidates. The first was Rose. She had four years of experience at a telecommunications company. She looked promising and when she arrived for the interview, she was dressed professionally and seemed personable. When _______ (ask) about her experience, she answered my questions _____ confidence. She sounded like a hard worker and showed a lot of ________ (patient). The only shortcomings were that she was a little chatty and that she also seemed a little disorganized. The second Alex. He only had one year of experience ___ an assistant. He was sincere and eager, but didn’t have the air of someone _____had worked in a corporate environment. Still, he seemed bright and easy _______ (get) along with. He seemed a little shy, ____ I think that was because he was nervous. So, those are my two options. Now, _______ one should I hire? I need to give it some more thought. received them asked with patience as who to get but which

75 whose But of responsibility to find It a taught as working
The name Eleanor Creesy is almost unknown today. ____ in the middle 1800s she was a famous woman. Those were the days ____ wooden sailing ships. Cloth sails were used to catch the wind to move a ship through the water. 150 years ago, women did not get much information, and they almost never held positions of great _______________ (responsible) .Eleanor Creesy was different. She became a navigator, _______ duty was to guide a ship safely from one port to another. Her father _______ (teach) her to navigate. A navigator also had to know how to use an instrument called a sextant(六分仪).It was used to gather information about the sun, moon, and some stars _________ (find) a ship’s position at sea. Eleanor married a captain of a ship, Josiah Perkins Creesy in ___ was not unusual for a ship captain to take his wife with him on long trips. A captain’s wife often acted ____ a nurse, which Eleanor did. But she did a lot more. Josiah Creesy quickly learned that his wife was ___ good navigator. Eleanor was the navigator on each ship that Josiah commanded during all their years at sea. They were husband and wife, but they also enjoyed _________ (work) together. of responsibility whose taught to find It as a working

76 If/Even if telling to (should) write useless the herself/up waiting
Mr Smith telephoned Miss Alice one day , ________(tell) her that he would like to date with her in a coffee shop near Beihai Park at seven o’ clock on the evening of April 5th. That was one of course the very thing that Miss Alice had been looking forward ___ because she had been too willing to make friends with Mr Smith. Her parents suggested that she _________________ (write) him a letter to express her feeling about him, and so she did. To her disappointment, he didn’t give her any reply. ____________ you have already had your girlfriend; you should be a gentleman and write back to me.” Miss Alice complained. However, it was ________ (use). She never received any letter from him. On the afternoon of April 5th, one of Alice’s Huanghua, went to clean his grandfather’s grave. Curiousity of how Chinese being in memory of ___ dead drove her following him. When she returned home, she only have ten minutes to dress ____________. Then she rushed to the coffee shop and arrived there without delay. She entered the coffee shop and looked around, but didn’t find Mr Smith. She kept _______ (wait) for half an hour, but Mr Smith didn’t turn up. She was very disappointed and didn’t to (should) write If/Even if useless the herself/up waiting

77 know what to do. She only drowned her sadness in coffee
know what to do. She only drowned her sadness in coffee. “It’s clear _____ he fools me!” She was so angry that she wanted to have a quarrel with him at once. Just then, her mobile rang. That’s Mr Smith’s voice, “Sorry, Alice, I had a traffic accident ___ the way to the coffee shop and I am in hospital now.” on hearing this, Alice set off to the hospital at once. that on

78 in a led its understanding for ability or that However
If you ask most people what water tastes like, they’ll probably tell you that water has no taste. But if you were a fruit fly, that question might have ___ different answer. A team of researchers ____ (lead) by Peter Cameron at the University of California, Berkeley recently figured out how a fruit fly tastes water and how ____ brain knows that water is near. Scientists want to know how the fruit fly knows where water is because the information may help them learn how other animals manage to use water ___ the right way. Water is important to life, but too much ___ too little can be deadly for a living creature. So by ________________ (understand) how the fruit fly tastes water, researchers may learn more about other living things. A protein called PPK 28 makes it possible ___ a fly to taste water. It’s not surprising _____ a protein is responsible for the fruit fly’s _______ (able) to taste water, but Cameron and his team were the first ones to find it. The PPK28 protein is part of a large family of similar proteins. One of these related proteins is used by animals to taste salt. _________ , none had ever been shown to help an animal taste or find water. a led its in or understanding for that ability However

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Mary Chapin Carpenter has been writing and recording country-influenced music for over twenty years. Her songs tell simple but poetic stories. Her latest album, The Age of Miracles, is a personal collection, of _______ (sad), love and many other experiences. Three years ago, she ________ (suffer) from a serious disease. Afterwards, she spent the years wondering _____ to do with her extra time. She turned to writing music. She says like many of her albums, The Age of Miracles gives a brief look ____ where she is in her life. But not all songs on the record are about ____ own experiences. One song _______ (call) Mrs Hemingway is about the American writer Ernest Hemingway’s first life. In the album’s title song The Age of Miracles, Mary describes real events such as Hurricane Katrina, landing on the moon, _____ protests by religious workers in Burma. She says the song expresses a sense of wonder about the times we live ____. In April, Carpenter received a “Spirit of American” award for free speech in music. ____ award is from the Americana Music Association and Newseum in Washington, DC. It honors artists ____ support freedom of speech in their work. sadness suffered what at her called and in The who

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Cave or rock art consists of carved or painted works on open air rocks or on the floors, and walls or caves. They were created during the Upper Palaeolithic period and the best ____________ (do) by what we call the Magdalenians, people ____ developed quickly in Europe from 18, 000 to 10, 000 BC. Such works can be described ___ the Magdalenian art system, the first in human history. It was also the longest art system, ________ (last) for more than two thirds of the total time when humans have produced art. In any history of art, the Magdalenian system stands in a place of importance. _________, of all the forms of art practiced on the planet, it is the one about which we know the least. Scholars find it difficult ________ (keep) the works of cave art from being damaged. When ___ cave is “opened”, and the conditions which enable the works to survive are changed, there is a __________ (possible) that damage will be done. Some of these works are photographed but the camera gives a poor idea of _____ nature and quality. Except in places where expensive air conditioning has been placed, caves are no longer open ____ the public. were done who as lasting However to keep a possibility their to

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“Forget the moon. We’re headed for Mars.” That’s one message President Obama ____________ (announce) on April 15, during a speech about the future ___ the US space program. The president’s plan does not involve a return trip to the moon. But ___ includes a trip to an asteroid and eventually, to Mars. Obama spoke at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, ________ is where space shuttles(航天飞机) will no longer be used after this year. Obama’s speech was of great ___________ (important) because in it he talked about _____ will happen after the shuttles are retired. ____ new plan made by Obama for space research includes many changes. It decides to stop a program called Constellation, which was introduced by President George W. Bush. Under the Constellation program, scientists would have built powerful new rockets _______(take) humans to the moon. Under the new plan, the next generation of rockets will be launched(发射) to carry humans far beyond the moon. Obama spoke of _______ (get) human beings to an asteroid in the year 2025, and to Mars about 10 years away _____ that. head for 朝…行进 announced of it which importance what The to take getting after

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I previously signed up(登记) with my local mall(商场) to fill out surveys. Recently, the mall sent me an saying it would give me a free gift card ____ I picked out the and brought it to the mall at a certain date and time. When I arrived at the mall with the printed , a young girl ahead of me ____________ (try) to get her gift card, but she didn’t succeed at last. She was told that only those people _____ were older than 18 could get a gift card, but she wasn’t . She was rather ________________ (disappoint). I took note of the direction she headed off, and ______ receiving my card, I headed that way. I saw her entering ___ store, so I walked up to her and handed her my card. At first, she turned down my gift, but I just smiled, said “Happy Holidays” _____ walked off. It was so nice _______(see) the surprise and pleasure on her face. I didn’t have the $ 10 gift card before entering the mall so it wouldn’t hurt to give ____ away. In fact, rather _____ “not hurting”, it brought me much joy! if was trying who disappointed after a and to see it than

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Harvard is one of the most famous educational institutions in the world and many people want to study there. The problem is that most applicants(申请者) don’t follow the advice that will most likely get them _________ (pick). One of the most important things you should remember when ___________ (apply) to Harvard is that THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE A LIFE. This is probably the main requirement after your grades. The best situation is that you are a natural leader with lots of activities and active social life. Another important thing to remember is that you have to promote ___________ but in a reasonable manner. You should be aware of your strengths and ________________ (weak). Grades are very important ____ they are not everything. Try to gain a great school record from your high school years, take extra courses that are interesting, and enjoy life. _____ rest will come naturally. Last but not least, let’s pay attention ____the interview. You should be respectful and most importantly, show real interest in the school. ___ is a matter of luck to get an interviewer who shares common interests with you. The thing with the interview is that Harvard _________ (receive) applicants from hundreds if not thousands of students with the same grades. This means the interview is your chance to show _____ you are unique. picked applying yourself weaknesses but The to It receives why

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Each year in the United States, there’re about 4,000 people drowning . These ______ (die) can happen in public pools, home pools, and lakes. So we should know _____ to stay safe around water. It’s easy to judge if somebody is ___ danger in the water. You recognize a victim because he is not moving forward in the water, or the person may just quietly sink below the surface, or be floating on the surface face down ____ not moving. One of those three things is a sign ____ the person may be in trouble. Your first response may be to jump in after him . But it’s better _________ (reach) something out to him. For example, hand him ___ pole, and pull him to the side. You may have ring buoy at a home pool. This is going to help you reach the victim beyond the length ____ the pole. This is the thing that he can hang on to and float with until you can pull him back to safety. Finally jump in, if you have to. That’s your last choice. Lifeguards ___________ (train) to go in the water, but you may not be. Take something with you and reach ____ out to the victim, bring that and the victim back to the side. deaths how in and that to reach a of are trained it

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I’ve finally got the chance of my first interview. Actually, that’s not _______ (real) true. I have been to many interviews for part-time jobs. This is my first interview for ___ full-time job. In less than two months, I _______________ (graduate) from Arizona University. I still remember before I entered the university, I spend a lot of time deciding on a major. I finally decided on a double major. I would study both political science and marketing. I could imagine how difficult ___ would be to study the two majors at the same time. In fact, most people thought I was crazy. ____ I thought that if I got degrees in these two fields, I would be able to turn to more fields when ______ (go) job hunting. And, that’s _____ I’m trying to do now. Since I don’t know whether I want to work in the public or private sector, I’ve applied ___ jobs in both. In the public sector, I can work for the government. In the private sector, I can work for private organizations such as museums or schools, or I can work for a company. Everybody tells me that’s the very place ______ I can make much money. I haven’t decided which _________ (choose) yet. What I want now is just to get more chances for an interview. really a will graduate it But going what for where to choose

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I picked up a book at the airport recently by Daniel Goleman , Working with Emotional Intelligence and just couldn’t put ___down. According to Goleman, our emotional intelligence determines our potential for learning practical skills. In business, for example, it is the ability _______ (stay) away from your emotional reaction in an upsetting situation and to logically look at ____ actually happened that matters Business leaders are not defined by their IQ or even their job skills, ___ by their emotional intelligence. Think back to the top ____________ (perform) at your high school or university. What are they doing today? I know ___ number of people who are good examples of outstanding IQ but low EQ. A person once ____ (get) the highest marks in his final year exam in the State. Forty years later he lives alone and works ___ a postman. Another top performing person twenty years ago is a clerk in the taxation department now. And yet I know others ____ didn’t perform well at school and yet have been outstanding achievers in the business world. A study of Harvard graduates in the fields of law, medicine, teaching, and business found that scores on entrance exams had zero or little connection _____ their eventual career success. it to stay what but performers a got as who with

87 Do you have a dog? If so, you may know how difficult it can be to get on ____ him at times. However, with proper training and enough ________ (patient), your dog can start acting in the way you want him your ___. There are several common mistakes that many people make while _______ (train) their dogs. In this article ________(go) over the top two. Don’t make it ___ habit to always “punish” your dog when you call him. Make sure that you occasionally call your dog just _______ (talk) to him in a cheerful voice, and tell him ____ a good dog he is. Don’t let him always link bad things with your call, ___ he won’t want to come to you. Don’t ever hit your dog or cause him physical pain. ___ is always more effective to reward your dog for good behavior. with patience to training will go a to talk what or It

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Anyone can try to play the guitar. But ___ takes a special talent to play an invisible guitar. To play “air guitar” you move to the music as if you are playing an imaginary guitar, maybe like a famous rock ___________ (music). Believe it or not, air guitar has become ___ competitive sport. Last week, twenty-five of the top winners from cities across the country gathered ____ this year’s United States Air Guitar Championships. Each performer had sixty seconds ____________ (perform) his or her song. Many of the performers ______(wear) funny clothing and their air was very unusual. They made up names to go with ______ air guitar characters. Three judges rated each performance based ___ technical skill, stage presence, and “airness”. The whole event was very loud and very funny. Everyone pretended to take the event very seriously, which made it even ________ (funny). The United States Air Guitar Association organizes the event. It says the aim is to bring air guitarists out of the house ________ they secretly perform and onto the world’s stage. musician a for to perform wore their on funnier where

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Many people have been thinking about the floods that happened in New Orleans, Louisiana. California officials are thinking about floods too. In spring, heavy rains and _______ (melt) snow add a lot of water to the lake behind Folsom Dam. People believe that ___ much water could breach the dam. Then the dam might break and flood the towns below the lake. A flood would be very _________ (danger) for the people who live near the dam. They need to find a solution and a way to keep the nearby towns safe. Senator Deborah Ortiz has ___ idea that might help. She wants to ask the State of California for funds to make the Folsom Dam seven feet taller. Then the dam would be able to hold back more water. This would help keep the towns safe ____ floods. Senator Ortiz is also asking the state to build a new bridge across the water below the dam. Folsom Dam Road once _____ (use) by a lot of traffic is above the dam. Right now, the road is closed. Most of the people ___ used the road every day are angry. They demand that the road ___________ (open) again. A bridge would make___ easier to people to get to the other side of the dam. Senator Ortiz hopes that the state will pay___ these projects. She thinks they will protect Sacramento and make the drivers happier. way of life. melting too dangerous an from used who was opened it for

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Never give advice when it isn’t asked for. Why? To offer a man unsolicited advice is to think that he doesn’t know what to do, or that he can’t do it on his own. So, when we give advice _______ wasn’t asked for, we are meaning that our friends are too stupid to know what to do, or that we are better and know more than _____ do. If that’s the way someone treated you, wouldn’t you get angry? Since we should treat others as we would like them ___________ (treat) us, it makes sense to never give advice that isn’t asked for. Here are some reasons. First, each of us is different _______ others. What works for me may not work for my friend. We can’t know others as well as they know ____________. So, the ideal way to help others is to help them help themselves. Second, more often the _____(good) way to learn is by making mistakes. Our advice may prevent a friend from gaining ___ valuable and unforgettable lesson. Besides, wise men and women don’t need advice ______ foolish people won’t follow it. And if we can’t master ourselves, what makes us think we can help others master themselves? Last, when we tell others what to do, we ____________ (say) that they are not good enough as they are. That is, they are unacceptable and must change. This is a form of rejection and is very _________ (pain). which they to treat from ourselves best a while are saying painful

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For people who are crazy about __________ (travel) to foreign countries or continents, one interesting place they should visit is New Zealand, ___ country that many people know very little about. Only thirty percent of New Zealand is flat. It ___________ (divide) into two islands, which are both mountainous. South Island had got twenty mountain peaks which are ______ (high) than 3,000 meters. The highest peak is called Mount Cook, ______ is part of the Southern Alps. A very interesting thing we should point out about New Zealand refers to the Maoris. _____ the Maoris first arrived in New Zealand, they lived ___ villages and were excellent fishermen, hunters, and _______ (farm). About fifty years ago many Maoris started to live and work in the large cities and took jobs in government, industries, medicine and education. They are proud ___ their culture and want to keep many of the traditions which are part of _____ way of life. a is divided higher which When in farmers of their

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TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication. It measures the ________ (able) of people to communicate in the workplace using everyday English. The Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, develops and masters the TOEIC. It says more than 9,000 organizations use the test ___ more than 90 countries. Each year the TOEIC _______ (take) in the United States about 2,000 times. The test is very popular ___ it is given more than five million times worldwide every year. Non-native English speakers take the test to show their English skills when looking ____ a new job. Some organizations use the TOEIC to measure progress in English _______ (train) programs. The TOEIC is really two tests. People can take one or both of ____ . One is a paper-and-pencil test. It measures listening and reading skills. The _____ test is given on a computer. It measures speaking and writing skills. Eleven questions on the computer test require speaking. For example, the test taker is asked to read out loud or describe ___ picture. Eight other questions require written answers _____ include an opinion essay. ability in is taken and for training them other a which

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I moved into the new apartment last month and decided to invite a few friends over for a house-warming party. I didn’t want to spend the day ________ (cook), so I decided to have a barbeque(烧烤). The food would be easy to prepare and I could cook ____ when my friends got here. I had no food in my fridge, ___ I had to get a few things at the supermarket first. I got to the store and started out in the meat department. It wouldn’t be a barbeque without hamburgers so I got some ground beef. I also picked ___ some chicken breasts and hot dogs. Then, I got some corn and a lot of vegetables for some friends ____ are vegetarians. And I also _______ (buy) some cookies for dessert. And, just before wrapping things up, I went to the liquor department and got some beer, wine, and soda. Nearly everyone I invited asked ___ they could bring something for the party but I told them no. I would have plenty of food and drink. That was it. I stood in line at the check-out stand, staring ___ the magazine near me, until the cashier rang me up. Now, all I have to do is clean my _______ (mess) apartment. That’s ____ hardest part. cooking it so up who bought if at messy the

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In the past, a majority of American college students were men. As ___ result, men held higher paying jobs than women. For most families, the husband was the top earner. ____ this is changing. Women now represent a majority of American college students. And _____ are earning more money than ever. A recent study looks at the new economics _________ (marry). _________ (report) in January by the Pew Research Center, the study found changes in the way that American wives and husbands share economic responsibility for their families. The study found a big increase in the percentage of married women _____ earn more money than their husbands. The researchers ________ (study) information about married couples from 1970 through The study focused ___ couples between the ages of thirty and forty-four who were born in the United States. In that group, twenty-two percent of the wives earned more than their husbands _______ the most recent year of the study. Thirty-seven years ago, just four percent of wives were top earners. Now money ______________ (consider) the number one reason for arguments between married couples. For the lower earning partner, job satisfaction is also important. a But they marriage Reported who studied on during is considered

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My niece is turning eight next week and I have decided to buy her ____ new pet. I walked into a big pet store. A sales clerk came to help, I told him that I was looking for a pet __________ was easy to take care of it. He suggested a puppy. I walked over to the rows of dog kennels and asked the clerk how _____ they needed to be walked. He said usually, they needed to be taken out three to five times a day. That was too much work. Finally, he ____ (take) me to the back of the store . “I have the perfect pet for you,” he said. I looked around and saw a big glass box ______ (fill) with 20 different kinds of fish. The clerk said that they were very easy to take care of . _____ the right equipment, you don’t have to clean the tank regularly and all you have to do is feed the fish. That was a perfect ____________ (solve) . The next time I visited my niece, she told me she loved her fish. She had named _____ all. She even named one _____ me. It was called “Jeffish”. Just before I left, my niece asked one: ____ can we go to Disneyland? Ah, the work of an uncle is never done. a which/that often took filled With solution them after When

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One day a boy went fishing with his dog. He sat by the side of a pond and _________ (patient) waited for a fish to bite. All of __ sudden he felt a bite! It bent the pole and started to pull the boy into the water. The fish was ___ strong that it pulled the boy and his pole right into the pond. The dog jumped in after the boy. Well, it turned ____ was a turtle! The turtle swam across the pond with the boy’s fishing pole and began to walk away with ___ . When the boy saw _____ was happening, he yelled at the turtle: “You come back here with my fishing pole!” The dog swam over to the turtle and started to bark and paw at him. The boy took back his fishing pole. The turtle didn’t like the dog barking at him, so he ____ (bite) the dog’s paw. The boy tried _______ (help) his dog by pulling him away from the turtle, ___ the turtle wouldn’t let go. The boy put the dog over his shoulder and started to walk back across the pond. Finally, when they were in the middle of the pond, the turtle couldn’t hold on any _______ (long) and he fell into the water. a patiently so out it what bit to help but longer

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Among the English learning skills, reading can be considered to be the easiest one. Many people ___ want to learn English usually start with reading something. ____ listening, you can stop whenever and as often as you want. You can go back to ___ top of the article and you can choose to read only the area that you still don’t understand. ____ can you improve reading skills effectively? Reading with no direction only __________ (discourage) you in the long run. You need to have a guide and the right approach. Below are some tips and tricks that you can use. Start with choosing a topic that you are interested in. If you start with a topic that you are interested, you will not get too _____ (bore) when you face many difficult words. Start with an easy topic. Other than _______ (choose) the topic that you are interested, you should start with an easy topic that you are interested. For example, ___ you like history, you can start with a children’s book or the autobiography or famous persons ___ history. Use and English-English dictionary. __ is better to use an English-English dictionary. Even though it will take more time in the beginning, it will help you a lot in the long run. You will get used to it after a while. who Unlike the How discourages bored choosing if in It

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, you need to find ___ present for your dad. Finding the right present isn’t difficult, no matter what your budget. The trick is to keep ___ mind your dad’s personality and ____ likes and hobbies. Is your dad the outdoorsman? Perhaps he never ______ (miss) a hiking, biking, or white water rafting trip. If so, then get him a multi-tool. A multi-tool is the perfect helper to any outdoorsman, as it includes things ____ knives, bottle openers, and even more complicated equipment. Are you one of those people ____ don’t need an alarm clock because your dad will start humming his favorite tune __________ (regular) at 6 am? Then get him a shower radio! This waterproof system will allow him ________ (start) his day right, without disturbing the rest of the family. He also gets a chance to listen to the morning’s news and weather without wasting any time. Sometimes ___ is difficult for those hard workers to slow down. ___ your dad is one of those who’re in the office 80 hours a week, then a massage chair would be the perfect present to get him to relax a little. in his misses like who regularly to start it If

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I admit that I’m not very good at small talk. When I talk to ___ stranger or someone I don’t know very well. I’m always embarrassed. ________ (search) for something to talk about. Politics and religion are definitely not good subjects. ____ you have to chat about something. Otherwise, there is uncomfortable _______ (silent) .So we end up talking about the weather. This usually begins with something like, “So, nice weather we’ve been having!” or “Sure it’s a warm one out there today.” Of course, we have to comment , ___ the temperature. My favorite is, “It’s not the heat that’s so bad. It’s the humidity!” Actually, I think that’s true. I hate it most when it’s muggy outside. Back in my home state of Minnesota, everyone is watching the weather report! Every TV station _____ (give) you a 5-day forecast. They tell you when the temperature is rising ___falling, what kind of clouds are moving in, and ___ cold the wind is. My favorite quote about the weather comes from Mark Twain, ?” ____ once said, that everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about ____. searching But silence on gives or how who it

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Did you know that the intelligence of dogs can ______________ (compare) to a two-year-old child? It has been found that they can understand about 165 words and gestures. Super intelligence one, _______ (call) “super dogs” , can understand about 250 – the same level of intelligence ___ a three-year-old child. ______________ (research) have found , surprisingly, that the canine(犬) can even understand simple math. They seem to have a sense of fairness. According to experts in the field, ___ smartest canines are border collies(柯利牧羊犬) and poodles(鬈毛小狗). Though all dogs vary in intelligence, experts believe that _____ social consciousness, however, is as high as a teenager. As for(至于) training, whether or not the dog cooperates well with humans depends ___ the demands and tasks. Dogs with the will to please are easier to train ________ they are very easily motivated(诱导的). ________, Even afghans(阿富汗猎狗) that were bred to hunt, and may not be motivated with toys or treats can learn basic commands with the help of a dog trainer ____ knows this breed. (饲养) Researchers called as the their on because However who

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Have you ever felt totally blank after ___________ (complete 完成) a language class? You feel like you have learned nothing, lost money and ________ (waste) time? Well, then, you are normal. Many people go to English school, pay so much money and hope they will be an expert _____ they finish the course. Unfortunately, most of them do not get ______ they want. It is not all that the school is not good but the students do not understand that their teachers are not a magician. No matter ____ good your school is, you have to work hard to be __________ (success) in learning English. Taking an English class is ___ excellent opportunity to put yourself ___ an English environment. Before you decide to pay money ___ an English class, ensure you fully understand that you teacher is not a magician. You still need to work hard. Open _____ mouth, make friends with everyone, do anything you can to ensure that your learning time will be valuable. wasted when what how successful in an for your

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Cold weather has a great effort on how our minds and our bodies work. Maybe that is ____ there are so many expressions that use the word “cold”. For centuries, blood has been linked closely with the emotions. People who show no human emotions or feelings, for example, ________ (say) to be cold-blooded. Cold can affect other parts of the body such as feet. If your feet are ______ (real) cold, heavy socks can warm your feet. But there is ___ expression—to get cold feet---that has nothing to do ____ cold or your feet. The expression means being afraid to do something you had decided to do. For example, you agree to be president of an organization. ____ then you learn that all the work of the organization will be your responsibility. You are likely _____ (get) cold feet about being president when you understand the situation. Cold can also affect your shoulder. You give someone a cold shoulder when you refuse to speak to him/her. You treat him/her___ a cold way. The expression probably comes from the physical act of turning ____ back toward someone, instead of speaking to him/her face to face. You may give a cold shoulder to someone _____ has lied about you to others. why are said really an with But to get in your who

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Friends are people you care about ____ you think about when they are not there. They are the people you think of when you see something they might like, ________ you know them so well. They are the people whose pictures you have and whose faces are in your head. Friends are the people who won’t laugh ___ you or hurt you. If they do hurt you, they try hard to make it up to you. They are the people you love, regardless(不顾后果地) of ________ you realize it. Friends are the people you feel safe around because you know they care about you. They call just to see how you are doing, because a friend doesn’t need ___ excuse. They tell you the ______ (true), the first time, and you do the same. You know that if you have a problem, they are there to listen. Friends stand by you. They watch you live and you watch _____ live and you learn from each other. Your life is not the same__________ them. Friends are the people who stop you from ________ (make) mistakes. If you do something wrong, they _________(hold) your hands or hug you, because they understand the things you do. because at whether truth an them without making will hold

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My 9-year-old daughter told me yesterday morning that one of her younger friends, Kayla, ____ is in the third grade, wanted to interview me for a school assignment. Wow! A third-grader wants to interview me! It was very excited. Later, while shopping, I imagined how I could use fruit to express humor. ___ she asked “How do you think people see you?” I could answer “I’m a watermelon—hard to the outside, ___ soft at the center.” All day long, the excitement built. When I went to pick them ___ at the bus stop, I even changed my clothes. Upon _________ (return) home, I offered the girls drinks. Anxious to begin, I ______ (ask) Kayla where she would like to hold the interview. She said, “oh, it’s okay. I don’t need to interview ___. I found somebody else.” “oh, really? Who did you get to interview?” I asked. “Oh, just my mother’s boss’ mother,” she said. “_____ did you happen to choose her?” “Because I had to interview somebody ______ (real) old, around 50, who could tell me about life in ___ 1960’s . She looks a lot older than you do!” she casually said. And that was the best interview I never had. who If but up returning asked you Why the really

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Leaders of the European Union say they will help Greece as it struggles under a mountain of debt. They promise to take action, __________ needed, “to maintain financial stability in the euro(欧元) area as a whole.” But he leaders did not announce any _________ (detail) plan for Greece after meeting Thursday in Brussels. They said that was _________ Greece has not requested any financial support. European Commission President said this means the government believes ___ does not need the support. Businessmen had a mixed reaction ___ the statements from Brussels. Worries over Greek debt have pushed the euro to its _______ (low) value in months against the dollar. European Union finance ministers are expected to talk about Greece when they meet in the Belgian capital next week. Sixteen of ____ twenty-seven nations in the European Union use the euro as their currency. Now, the stronger members _________ (seek) ways to help the weaker ones. European Union rules limit the choices for a rescue. The European Central Bank and national central banks are not permitted to aid members by purchasing their debt. European officials hope to avoid the economic disasters _____________ could become even worse if Greece fails ________(pay) its debt. This year Greece’s debt could reach 120% of its G. D. F detailed because it to lowest the sought which/that to pay

106 As a slowly that in but running oldest managed where
People raise cattle for meat or for money, ____ sometimes animals mean more than that to their owner. Six days of nonstop spring rain had created a raging river ________ (run) by Nancy Brown’s farm. ___ she tried to take her cows to higher ground in the morning, she slipped and hit her head on __ fallen tree. The fall knocked her our for a moment or two. When she came to life, Lizzie, one of her _______ (old) and favorite cows, was kissing her face. The water was rising. Nancy got up and began walking ________ (slow) with Lizzie. The water was now waist high. Nancy’s pace got slower and slower. Finally, all she could do was to throw her arms around Lizzie’s neck and try to hang on. About 20 minutes later, Lizzie __________ (manage) to successfully pull herself and Nancy onto a small island. Even though it was just about noon, the sky was so dark and the rain and lightning so bad ______ it took people two hours to discover Nancy . They took her to the school gym, ______ the Red Cross had set up shelter. When the flood subsided two days later, Nancy immediately went back to the “island”, but Lizzie was gone already. “I own my life to her ,” said Nancy, with tears ___ her eyes. but running As a oldest slowly managed that where in

107 Though/Although punished useless out What as but the it which
Mr Smith used to be in prison for three years, which you may think he is not a good man. But ___ a matter of fact, he is kind-hearted as well as honest. The reason why he was put into prison was not that he himself broke the law, ____ that his six-year-old son blew up the bridge near his home, imitating what he had seen on TV. __________________ this little boy did break the law, he was too young to be put in prison. According to the local law, his parents had to be ________ (punish). As a result, Mr. Smith was arrested and taken to ___ police station finally. Most of the people in the town showed pity on him, but it was ________ (use). After all, law is law. Everybody is to obey ___. Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith was ____ of work before long. She had to move to a southern state, in ______ she was born. _____ the Smiths have experienced teaches us a good lesson. as but Though/Although punished the useless it out which What

108 death of much it a across that Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第1期) when
I went to the seaside to spend my holiday last summer with my family. One day, I was swimming in the river______ someone shouted, “Look out. There is a shark not far away!” On hearing the shout, I was scared to ______ because I was well aware __ its dangerous characteristic. “Just don’t worry, Tom!” my father said to me.” But in order to avoid being harmed, let’s go back to our hotel.” We stayed in the seaside for about two weeks. Though the weather was ______ hotter that that in my hometown, I got used to ___ and____ at home. Every morning, I got up earlier than my parents and went for breakfast ahead of time. Then I went to have ___ chat with my new friend, John, who I happened to come _______ during my holiday. John was a native and he was familiar with the seaside. Soon we became very good friends. After we parted, we have kept_______ (write) to each other. Now, I still often hear from him. We talk in our letters about things and persons ____ we remembered in the seaside. when death of much it felt a across writing that

109 a for there to them that truly saw Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第1期)
leaving The other day, after________(leave) a cafe, I had to cross the park to get back to my car. This particular park is in the centre of the town and is often __ gathering place for homeless people. On most days you might see some of these people begging ___ change. On this day though, ____ were nuns(修女) in their habits passing out hot lunches ___ every single homeless person in the park. The homeless people would walk to them, ___ their eyes looked other ways, like they were ashamed but the sisters met ____ all with love and some warm food. I found out later _____ these sisters were from Mother Teresa’s order, and they were carrying on her work. I was ______(true) inspired by these women and what I ______ (see) that day showed me with love. Little by little, we can all make a difference in this world. a for there to but them that truly saw

110 more can avoids which or a There helpful
Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第2期) becoming With the global community___________(become) very small and businesses doing business all over the world, it is becoming ____ important than ever to learn to speak English. The Internet offers opportunities to take an English course online so that you ___ study at home at your own pace. Taking an online course________(avoid) the need of traveling to Canada or the United States to attend a school, ______ costs money in travel along with the tuition costs. ______ you are interested in one of these free courses, you can arrange your own schedule for learning the language. This could be an hour or two in the evenings every weekday ___ you might want to spend your weekends on this task. If you have difficulty with __ particular lesson, you can pay for the services of a personal tutor to help you. ______ is an online dictionary that will translate English words into your own language and most ESL students find this resource very _________(help) to them. more can avoids which When or a There helpful

111 opened where one nothing Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第3期) a
A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room of an airport. As she would need to wait many hours, she decided to buy ___ book to spend her time. She also bought a packet of cookies. She sat down in an armchair to rest and read in peace. Beside the armchair ______ the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, _______(open) his magazine and started reading. When she took out the first cookie, the man took ___ also. She felt angry but said _______. For each cookie she took, the man took one too. _____ only one cookie remained, the man, taking the last cookie, divided it into half, _______(give) her one half. a opened where one nothing when giving

112 also more a easily who and it Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第4期) driving
Talking on the cellphone while______ (drive) isn’t just a safety risk. It_____ slows down traffic. Drivers talking on the phone drive about two miles per hour ____ slowly than people who aren’t on the phone, according to ___ new study by researchers at the University of Utah. And hands-free equipment often is ______(easy) used in the car, which suggests that it is the talking, not the cellphone, ______ distracts(转移) the brain. While a few miles per hour may not sound like much, as many as one in 10 drivers on the road ________(talk) on the phone, says University of Utah psychology professor David Strayer, _____ directed the research. “The distracted driver tends to drive slower ____ have slow reactions,” Dr Strayer said. “People get stuck behind that person, and ___ makes everyone pay the price of that distracted driver.” When she took out the first cookie, the man took ___ also. She felt angry but said _______. For each cookie she took, the man took one too. _____ only one cookie remained, the man, taking the last cookie, divided it into half, _______(give) her one half. also more a easily that is talking who and it

113 from harder a that increasing learn perfectly
Grammar completion 语法填空(双语报第6期) You’ve just finished with middle school and you start wondering, “______ is high school really like?” Is high school a lot different _____ middle school? How about the workload(工作量) in high school--is it a lot ________(hard)? Will there be more homework than there was in middle school? The work in high school gives you ___ more advanced knowledge of many academic subjects(学术科目) So you may find that you have more work to do or_____ it’s a bit more challenging(有挑战性的). Aside from(除外) the things you learn in class, high school is also a time ______ people start to learn important lessons from _____ friends and classmates. High school is a time of ____________(increase) independence and responsibility. High school gives you the chance to take off those training wheels and _______(learn) how to be more independent. It’s ___________(perfect完美的)OK if you’re nervous at first. Just be patient and keep trying. Once you’ve adjusted to your new independence, you may find you can go farther than you ever imagined. What from harder a that when their increasing learn perfectly

114 was doing take a until on Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第五期) because
An elderly woman yesterday made a legal claim(起诉)against a department store __________ it had wrongly accused her of stealing a Christmas card. Ms. Doss White, 72 years old, _________ claiming $3000 damages from the store for wrongful arrest(逮捕) and false imprisonment. Ms. White visited the store while ________ Christmas shopping, but did not buy anything. She was followed through the town by a store manager. She had been told that a customer saw her ______ (take) a card and put it in her shopping bag. He stopped her at a bookstore as she was reading a book. Ms. White said, “This man, ____ total stranger, suddenly grasped my bag and asked __________ he could look in it.” ____ was taken back to the store and shut in a small room in full view of shoppers for 20 minutes _______ the police arrived. At the police station she was body-searched and nothing was found. Her _______ (law) said the department store sent an insincere(不真诚的)apology and they insisted that she may have been stealing. The hearing continues today and we will closely focus ______ the case. because was doing take a if/whether She until lawyer on

115 any best thinking that found does Grammar completion 语法填空 (彩色报纸第六期)
If you are like most people, your intelligence varies from season to season. You are probably a lot __________(sharp) in spring than you are at _____ other time of the year. Spring appears to be the ______ period of the year for ___________(think) . One reason may be _______ in spring man’s mental powers are affected by the same factories that bring about great changes in all nature. Autumn is the _______ best season, then winter. _____ for summer, it seems to be a good time to take a long vacation for thinking! It has been _______ (find) that cool weather is much more favorable for creative thinking than in summer heat. This does not mean that all people are ______ intelligent in summer than they are during the rest of the year. It _____ mean, however, that the mental powers of large numbers of people tend to be lowest in summer. sharper any best thinking that second As found less does

116 myself to have done when checking refused selfless/unselfish how
Grammar completion 语法填空 (黑白报纸第17期) One day I went shopping at a gift shop in Shanghai. There are full ____ lovely goods in my eyes. I was greatly interested and I lost _______ in the beautiful goods. After I paid for what I had bought, I left my handbag on the counter(柜台). There was about two thousand yuan in it. I deeply regretted(后悔) what I did. If I hadn’t paid much attention _____ goods, I wouldn’t ____________ (do) such a stupid thing. I had already come back to the shop ________ a young shop assistant walked up to me with my handbag. He insisted on my __________(check) it. Then I opened the handbag and found nothing lost.I thanked him and offered him a reward of 100 yuan, but he ________ to take anything. I was deeply moved by his ____________________(self) act that day. Without his help, I could not find my bag ____________(success). I didn’t know _______ to convey my gratitude(感激). of myself to have done when checking refused selfless/unselfish successfully how

117 which it in if but Grammar completion 语法填空 (彩色报纸第7期) to personality
Everyone needs friends. If you fail ____ make friends, please look at yourself and see if something in your ___________(person) is to blame.Maybe you have such social faults, _______ drive away new acquaintances. Whatever your social fault may be, look at it honestly, and really try to correct ____. To be _________(friend) friends, you must first be cheerful. Cheerfulness is the basis of friendship. A cheerful person always similes. Smile at someone and you are also sure to get a smile ___ return. Think of others. Do your best to make__________(strange) feel at home wherever you happen t be. Put yourself in the others’ shoes and make them feel welcome. Try to remember the names. It makes your new acquaintance feel happy ____ you call him by his name. It gives the feeling that he has made ____ impression on you, which must mean a lot to him. Finally, if we don’t agree with people in certain points, don’t argue _______ discuss . You will always lose friends if you argue too much. Real frinedship respects everyone at any time. personality which it friendly in stangers if an but

118 up If/ When be built working the it Grammar completion 语法填空 (黑白报纸第19期)
①The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people’s life. But is _______ anyone who knows the history of the Internet? Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was set _____ in At that time, computer networks didn’t work well. _________ one computer in the network broke down, then the whole network stopped. So a new network system had to _________(build) . It should be good enough to be used by many different computers. If part of the network was not working, information could be sent through another part. In this way computer network system would keep on __________(work) all the time. ② At first the Internet was only used by the government, but in the early 1970s, universities, hospitals and banks were allowed _______(use) it, too. However, computers were still very expensive _____ the Internet was also difficult to use. At the beginning of _______ 1990s, computers became _________ (cheap) and easier to use. Scientists had also developed software that made “surfing” the Internet more convenient. ③Today it is easy to get online and ____ is said that millions of people use the Internet every day. there up If/ When be built working to use and the cheaper it

119 how to traditional itself after am bound
Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第12期) over has become popular all _____ the world. It spreads so quickly because it has several advantages, for example, the mail can go to the address in a short time no matter _____ far the distance is !Besides, we don’t need to go to the post office ____ buy any stamps. It’s more convenient than ___________ (tradition) mail. is short for electric mail. The name ______ (itself) suggests that this kind of mail is sent through electric wires. I like better _____ traditional mail. It makes our world ______ (small) . Usually I can receive an answer the day ______ I send my . In this case, I can save plenty of time to do other things. Maybe I can get help quickly when I am in trouble. _________ , everything has two sides. It doesn’t mean that it is perfect. To receive the has become a burden to me. I am afraid that with them I have less time for other activities. Actually, I ____________(bound) by . how to traditional itself than smaller after However am bound

120 others from that/who to be explored than but themselves reasonable
①From Monday until Friday, most people are busy working or studying, but in the evening or on weekends they are free to relax and enjoy themselves. During this period, they needn’t adapt_____________ to the working environment. Some watch TV or go to the cinema; _______ take part in sports. It depends on individual interests. There are many different ways to spend our spare time. ②Almost everyone has some kind of hobby. It may be anything ______ collecting stamps to making model airplanes. Our experience lets us realize that much of our ability remains ________________(explore) . ③I know a man _________ has a coin collection worth several thousand dollars. A short time ago, he bought a rare fifty-cent piece worth $250! He was very happy about his purchase and thought the price was _________(reason). On the other hand, my youngest brother collects match boxes. He has almost 600 of them but I doubt __________ they are worth any money. However, to my brother they are extremely valuable. Nothing makes him happier ______ to find a new match box for his collection. ④That’s what a hobby means, I guess. It is something we like to do in our spare time simply for the fun of it. _____ other words, the value in dollars is not important _______ the pleasure it gives us is. others themselves from that/who to be explored reasonable if/whether than In but

121 that who others use function Grammar completion 语法填空 (彩色报纸第13期)
In recent years, great changes have taken place in countryside. For example, telephone ____________ (enter) every family. Technological development has made ___ have a lot of wonderful functions, one of which is _____ it can display the caller’s phone number. Some people think caller ID is very useful. It helps them know ____ is calling and then decide whether to answer the phone ___ not. Whenever you come back home, the display will show you who has called while you are out. But ________ think that telephone number is one’s privacy. Whoever you phone, you will let him know your phone number_______________ (conscious). If it is clearly shown to others, someone may make_____ of it and bring you trouble. Though it has some shortcomings, caller ID will continue ____ ____________________ (exist). We should take advantage of its _________ and make it benefit us more . has entered it that who or others unconsciously use existing/to exist function

122 be blamed Through has taught themselves more
Grammar completion 语法填空 (彩色报纸第14期) What do you think of examinations? Do you like it or not? ______ are lots of different opinions. Generally speaking, few students like examinations, because they think examinations may bring something bad to them. For example, They may feel nervous after examinations because they are _______ of bad results, they may ___________(blame) for failure in examinations. But I think examinations are necessary to our senior students. _______ examinations, teachers can find out students’ problems and clearly know ____ has mastered what he/she _____________ (teach) and who hasn’t. In this way they can improve their teaching methods and prepare their lessons _______ (well) next term. Through examinations, students know about ___________(them). After the examinations, they will find out their own weak points and work harder to make progress. The college _________ (entry) examinations are important and necessary. They help select the excellent students for universities. What’s ____, They are also essential for students to go into the society. In a word, appropriate examinations are welcome and useful. There afraid be blamed Through has taught who better themselves entrance more

123 candies sitting like which My it Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第15期)
houseful I was in my 20’s and living in the Bay Area. That Christmas , I had a ________( house) of toys from a gift exchange party and more individually wrapped cookies and ________( candy) than I planned to eat. On Christmas morning, I got up to go running . Outside my apartment, I noticed a man ______(sit) on the sidewalk. He wasn’t dressed ____ a homeless person. But an hour later when I returned, he was still there, holding a sign that asked for toys for his kids, _______ he couldn’t afford. We talked. He worked nearby, while his family lived in Northern California– and he was too ashamed ___ go home empty-handed My mind raced to my holiday party—all those toys and treats! I ran into room and ________(bring) an armful out. His face lit up. “ ___ daughter will love this doll,” he said. I ran back to see _____ else I could find, but when I returned, he had gone. I hope he was on his way home. I’m a parent now. I can imagine how stressful ___ would be not to be able to give children toys on Christmas. candies sitting like which to brought My what it

124 Being as both increasingly Grammar completion 语法填空(黑白报纸第32期) laid an
One day while walking along the bank of a lake, the daughter of a mechanic happened to see 20 eggs ____( lay) by a wild goose. Realizing the mother would not return to her eggs, she decided to take them home. There she carefully placed the eggs in the heat of a lamp. ______ well taken care of, the eggs broke and hatched out the baby geese into the world. Geese are known to take the first living thing they see ___ their mother. Thus, to these young geese, the girl was their mother. As they grew, the girl was able to lead her birds to run across the grass, but she could not teach them to fly. The girl became ______________ (increase) worried about this, _____ when awake and in her dreams. Later, she had ___ idea: she would pilot a plane to guide them in flight. She asked her father for a plane and he assemble a small aircraft for her. laid Being as both increasingly an

125 which of himself Seeing
Caring about her safety, the father decided to pilot the plane ________ . However, the birds did not recognize or follow him, and slept in the grass instead. One day, the girl climbed into the plane, ______ her father made for her, started it and soon left the ground. _______ their mother take to the air, the birds eagerly flapped their wings and set out. The girl flew the plane freely in the sky ahead ____ her young birds. he couldn’t afford. himself which Seeing of

126 which/that Being held a why of looking
Grammar completion 语法填空(黑白报纸第33期) During World War Ⅱ I had been in prison for five years in Spain. I was sure that I was _____________ (kill). I became terribly nervous. I fumbled(笨手笨脚)in my pockets to see if there are any cigarettes ______________had escaped their search. Fortunately, I found one. However, ____________(hold) by my shaking hands, it could barely touch my lips. But I had no matches, they had taken those. I called out to my jailer “Have you got ___ light?” He looked at me and came over. As he came close and lit the match, his eyes locked with mine by accident. At that moment, I smiled. I don’t know ____ I did that. Perhaps it was nervousness, perhaps it was because, when you get very close ___ somebody, it is very hard not to smile to avoid ________________ (embarrass). I smiled at him and became aware ___ him as a person and not just a jailer. In that instant, it was as though a spark jumped across the gap _______ our two hearts, our two human souls. He lit my cigarette but stayed near, ______ (look) at me directly in the eyes and continuing to smile. to be killed which/that Being held a why to embarrassment of between looking

127 was happening horribly later what of dirt
Grammar completion 语法填空 (彩色报纸第21期) One day, a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The farmer thought that it wasn’t worth _______ (save) the donkey because he was too old, so he decided to bury him. He invited all his neighbors to help him. They began to shovel (铲)dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what ________________(happen) and cried __________ (horrible). Then, to everyone’s surprise, he calmed down. A few shovel loads _____, the farmer finally looked down the well and was astonished at _____ he saw. With every shovel of dirt ____________ hit his back, the donkey would shake ___off and take a step up. As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top ___ the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the _____ and happily trotted(快跑)off! Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of ____. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. saving was happening horribly later that/which what it of well dirt

128 which hung After hurriedly them with Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第23期)
It was late in the night and everybody was asleep except for my brother and me. We decided to play a trick ___ our parents. We crept into our parents’ bedroom. I took a large sheet of constuction paper on ______ drew a morning scene and_______(hang) it on the window. Meanwhile, my brother advanced the time on the alarm clock to just ten minutes before seven. _____ doing these, we went back to our bedroom and waited. Soon the alarm clock rang and my parents jumped out of bed ___________(hurry). My father went ot the bathroom to brush his teeth while my mother came over to our room to wake us. ___ was surprised when she found us awake and __________(laugh). My parents were angry and scolded us for playing a trick on _____ at such a late hour and for walking them up. ___ a result, we had to clean the dishes for a week. Nowadays they lock their bedroom door when they go to bed. We can no longer play such tricks again, but we will come up ______ other ideas soon. on which hung After hurriedly She laughing them As with

129 mixed second it as slipped Grammar completion 语法填空 (黑白报纸第41期) to to do
An old man who lived in a small street in the city of Mumbai had to put up with the nuisance(烦心事) of boys’ playing cricket outside his house at night. One evening when the boys were particularly noisy, an idea occurred ____ him. He went out and said he would give them 25 rupees(卢比) each week to play in the street at night. The boys were paid ______ something they enjoyed! At the end of the first week they asked him to pay them with some _____ (mix) feelings, and so he did. The _______ week when they asked for payment, he said he had run out of money and sent them away with only 15 rupees. The third week the man said he had not ____ received his pension and gave them only 10 rupees. The boys were very disappointed but _______ was not much they could do about __. The fourth week the man said he could not afford to pay them 25 rupees ___ he had promised, but would give them 5 rupees each week without fail. ____ the boys heard sent them into the depths of despair. Then they ______ (slip) out of the street and never played there again. to to do mixed second yet there it as What slipped

130 however It to give more willingly were written unwise
Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第24期) A beautiful and successful actress was the star of a new musical show. Her home, _______, she lived with her parents, was in the country , __________, she did not want to go back there after her show every night, so she rented an expensive flat in the center of the city, bought some beautiful furniture and hired a man to paint the room in new colors. ___ was very difficult to get tickets for her show, because everybody in the city wanted to see it. So she decided _________(give) the painter two of the best seats. She hoped that this would make him work better and _______________(willing) for her. He took the tickets ________ saying anything, and she heard no more about them ________ the end of the month, when she got the painter’s bill. At the bottom of it _______________ the words: “Four hours watching Miss Hall sing and dance $2”, with this note: “After 5:00 p.m. I get fifty cents an hour ________ of forty cents.” Sometimes what’s thought wise proves to be _________ . where however It to give more willingly without until/till were written instead unwise

131 merely to spread But off polluting who/that that an responsible by
Scientists say more than one hundred species of amphibians (两栖动物) aroud the world have disappeared since nineteen eighty. Ecologist Karen Master _________ undertook the study says many ecological systems are at risk from global warming. The fact _____ eighteen to thirty-five percent of botanical populations could be extinct in the next forty-five years bothers us. Global warming does not _______ (mere) make a great impact on the animals, but threaten humans.Experts of the World Health Organization say that higher temperatures are bound _________(spread) diseases. As a result, they estimate that ___additional one hundred fifty thousand people will die this year and five million others will get sick. It is normal that climates change from time to time. _____ scientists widely believe that carbon dioxide and other gases from factories and vehicles are _____________ for most of the recent warming. It has been rather costly to reduce air pollution, but it should pay____ in the long run. The Earth’s average temperature rose ___ about six-tenths of one degree Celsius in the twentieth century. A United Nations group calls for the severest punishment to forbid factories ______(pollute) air. who/that that merely to spread an But responsible off by polluting

132 They Having through a as closer Grammar completion 语法填空(彩色报纸第25期)
People seem to have a _______ (nature) need for friends and with good reason. Friends increase your enjoyment of life and relieve(减轻) feelings of loneliness. ____ even can help reduce stress and improve your health. ________(have) good friends is especially helpful when you are going _________ any kind of hard time:experiencing anxiety(焦虑) or panic(恐慌) attacks(伤害;攻击), or depression (抑郁); living with __ serious illness or disability; having major surgery; having a loss in your life; or just being _____ a lot of stress. At times like these, good friends and supporters can make all the difference. When you are with good friends you feel good about _______, and you are glad to be with them. A good friend or supporter may or may not be your age or the same sex ___ you; come from the same educational, cultural, or religious background; or share interests __________ are similar to yours. Friendships also have different depths; some are ______ (close) to the heart, some more superficial(停留在表面的)—but they’re all useful and good. natural They Having through a under yourself as which/that closer

133 on after judged to expectation that where less themselves also
In only two decades Asian Americans have become the fastest-growing U.S. minority. As their children began moving up through the nation’s schools, it became clear _____ a new class of academic achievers was emerging. Their achievements are reflected in the nation’s best universities, _______mathematics science and engineering departments have taken ___ a decidedly Asian character. This special liking for mathematics and science is partly explained by the fact that Asian-American students who began their education abroad arrived in the U.S. with a solid grounding in mathematics. They are also influenced by the promise of a good job_____ college. Asians feel there will be ____ unfair treatment in areas like mathematics and science because they will have their achievements ________(judge) more objectively. And the return on the investment in education is more immediate in something like engineeing than with an arts degree.Most Asian-American students who distinguish ___________ in the examination owe their success ____ the influence of parents. Many researchers _____ believe there is something in Asian culture that breeds success, such as ideals that stress family values and parents’ __________ (expect) . that where on after less judged to themselves also expectation

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