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PERCEPTION. Cutting through the Clutter How many pages of the 750 are devoted to Editorial? Answer: Less than 100.

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2 Cutting through the Clutter How many pages of the 750 are devoted to Editorial? Answer: Less than 100

3 What is Perception?  The process by which we select, organize, interpret and give meaning to sensations. What is Sensation?  The immediate response to sensory receptors (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers) to such basic stimuli as light colour and sound

4 An Overview of the Perceptual Process

5 Exposure

6 Gestalt  Closure Principle  Figure-Ground Principle  Principle of Similarity Stimulus Organization



9 Escher Figure Ground

10 Once You’ve figured out what this picture is you cannot go back to the way you saw it initially.



13 the two filled lines gives our eyes the impression of two horizontal lines, even though all the circles are equidistant from each other Principle of Similarity

14 the larger circles appear to belong together because of the similarity in size

15 Things which are closer together will be seen as belonging together or related.



18 This Finnish Ad Emphasizes Sensual Reasons to Visit Helsinki

19 This Caress Ad Uses Tactile Stimulation as a Selling Point

20 This Ad Uses Taste to Motivate People to Buy Their Product

21 Sensory Thresholds Absolute Threshold

22 Differential Threshold

23 Do they taste the same?

24 Many ads use hidden messages, most of them harmless. Can you find the hidden message in this company logo?

25 How do Consumers Choose What to Pay Attention To? Stimulus Selection Factors Size Position Novelty Color Contrast Create Contrast so That Stimuli is More Likely to Be Noticed.

26 Lexus Conveys the Sensation of Speed in a Novel Way to Position Its Vehicles


28 This Ad Relies on Color Contrast to Get Noticed

29 What colours will compel customers to spend more money? What colours will make people come into my business? What are the best colours to use to make more sales? What are the best colours to use in print advertising? What are the best colours to use for stationery; packaging, products, uniforms A well known hamburger chain discovered that red and yellow had a major psychological effect on its customers. It found that the correct colour combination can... 1. Attract extra customers 2. Compel them to enter the store 3. Spend more money and feel better about it.  Empirical research indicates colour selection alone may impact sales by a margin of 5 to 40 percent

30 Colour and Demographic Variables Age Gender Culture

31 RED Impulse Desire Passion Urge to succeed Increases blood pressure GRAY Neutrality Un-committed and un-involved Escape from anxiety BLUE traditional complete calm reduces blood pressure GREEN Stimulus for interaction Analytical Precise Accurate Resistance to change VIOLET Magical Enchanting Unimportant Unrealistic Irresponsible Immature YELLOW Bright Cheerful Restless Seeking change Creates anxiety BROWN Reduced sense of vitality Passive Solid roots BLACK Negation of emotion Powerful Strong Uncontrollable Extinction Nothingness

32 Personal Selection Factors Experience Environment Culture

33 Interpretation The meanings that people assign to sensory stimuli What things might influence Interpretation?


35 Schema,  Consumers assign meaning to stimuli based on Schema, or set of beliefs, to which the stimuli is assigned.  The schema will determine what criteria will be used to evaluate the:  product,  package,  message. Interpretation

36 This Singaporean Ad for Toyota Evokes a Car Schema Even Though Using Household Furniture

37  Semiotics: The Symbols Around Us  The study of how consumers interpret the meanings of symbols  Object  Sign  Interpretant

38 Team One Carrie D Chris M Andrew S Nga Wai Y Team Six Rochelle M Jaron K Chad R Steve C Team Two Cora K Colin B Matthew W Shelina N Team Seven N oelle H Stephen R Tony H Kelsey G Team Three Mindy M Kristyn B Paul Z Erin F Team Eight James S Denise A Lajvir G Annie H Team Four Didem E Andrew M Greg H Duncan L Team Nine Lesley-Anne P Lisa K Lance W Loc N Team Five Angela L Adrian J Martin R Lisa L Team Ten Debbie D Derek K Jamie K Leo H

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