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TechDesign Silver Knight sheet flooring with photocatalytic disinfecting surface.

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1 TechDesign Silver Knight sheet flooring with photocatalytic disinfecting surface

2 The nosocomial (hospital-origin) infections are caused by viral, bacterial and funghal pathogens. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) cause extreme extra costs to healthcare facilities –About 3 times longer hospital stay –Three times the cost –Five times higher risk of in-hospital death In the US alone, HAIs cause about 1.7 million cases per year (cc. 5%) The results are approximately 99 000 deaths and an added expenditure in excess of $17 billion a year. (acc. to The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) Defined problems in healthcare

3 Most dangerous bacteria in hospital environment are: MRSA (methillicin-resistant staphilococcus aureus) Enterococcus species (like VRE (Vancomicin Resistant Enterococcus) C-difficile E-coli Klebsiella species Acinetobacter baumanii Pseudomonas aeruginosa Enterobacter species (like ESBL) Different dangerous bacteria cause nosocomial infections Gram positive bacteria Forming spores to survive on surfaces even under extreme circumstances They are resistant to a large group of antibiotics Superbugs

4 Nanotechnology 80 000th of diameter of a hairNanoparticles in an atom Nanoparticles have a vast surface area compared to their volume - at this size, a relatively inert material can become highly reactive - and less material is needed for same effect High efficiency, less toxicity, less weight, and/or less cost! Nanotechnology is used in e.g. cosmetic industry, textile industry, cars, construction industry, medicine, life sciences and pharmaceutics, …

5 TechDesign Silver Knight Vinyl sheet flooring with active disinfecting surface Dedicated for HealthCare applications Due to the double defense line build up from nanosilver and nanoTiO 2 particles Technical parameters StandardResult ThicknessEN 4282.0 mm Wear layerEN 4290.7 mm Chemical resistance EN 423Excellent Slip resistanceDIN 51130R9 ClassificationEN 68534/43 Elimination of bacteriaStandardResult MRSAISO 27447:2009>99% VREISO 27447:2009>99% ESBLISO 27447:2009>99% E-coliISO 846:1997>99%

6 1st line of defense: NanoSilver Antibacterial properties of silver have been known for more than 3000 years The antibacterial effect results from the ongoing slow diffusion of silver ions The silver ions hinder the process of cell division, secondly destabilize the cell membrane, walls or plasma and thirdly interrupt the enzyme’s transport of nutrients Bacteria can be lastingly eradicated without the use of chemicals.

7 2nd line of defense: nano Titanium-dioxide Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst It helps to transform harmful organic and inorganic substances into harmless compounds through a chemical oxidation process For the function to work, only UV light, oxygen and air humidity are required The level of UV light present in normal day-light is enough Speeding up the decomposition process of harmful bacteria and organic dirt rapidly

8 Independent laboratory tests of Silver Knight Changes in quantity of viable bacteria compared to Staphylococcus aureus bacteria counts after 8 hours on alternate surfaces

9 Nanoscale TiO 2 gives hydrophillic properties When washing the floor, water runs off in a film rather than droplets, taking with it any dirt Through the photocatalytic reaction any organic dirt will be oxidized Additional benefits: Self-cleaning Fewer detergents are required, resulting in less environmental pollution

10 Additional benefits: Air-purifying function for well-being The use of nanomaterials makes it possible to improve the quality of air Through photocatalysis smells can be decomposed into their harmless constituent parts The purifying function does not wear off, either It works in the same way with case of pollutants such as nicotine and formaldehyde TechDesign Silver Knight helps to improve indoor air quality.

11 Silver Knight – effective asset in infection-control and protection of environment Most effective infection-control Lower risk of a hospital-acquired infection Lower risk of longer hospital stay Less cost per patients Significantly extended cleaning cycles Thus reduced personnel and detergents costs Significantly reduced life cycle cost Air purifying attribute for well-being TechDesign Silver Knight floorings help to create a safer healthcare environment.

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