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1 Successful Invention & Production of the World’s First Safest Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator November 2005 Warderly International Holdings Limited.

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1 1 Successful Invention & Production of the World’s First Safest Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator November 2005 Warderly International Holdings Limited

2 2 Contents 1. Project Background 2. R&D of Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator 3. AVO Ventilator’s Distinctive Features 4. Future Uses & Applications

3 3 1. Project Background

4 4 Established in 1989 by Mr. K. W. Yeung, Chairman Listed in the Main Board of HKSE in December 2002 A fully integrated ODM/OEM manufacturer engaging in the design and manufacturing of air-ventilation related products, such as Dedicated to R&D and product development About Warderly Electric fansConvector heaters Oil-filled Radiators Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Ventilator Air Purifiers

5 5 Warderly’s Commitment Warderly has a strong commitment to improve indoor air quality Invented the Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Ventilator in 2001/2002 and obtained patent in the PRC(2002), Hong Kong(2003) and the U.S.(2004) During the SARS period in 2003, Warderly considered the possibilities of effective sterilization of bacteria and viruses Warderly partnered with City University of Hong Kong to develop an Ozone-based apparatus for improving indoor air quality Over 2 years of R&D, the first prototype of Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator was developed in April 2005 The Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator obtained international safety standards: GS, EMC and CE in 2005 and passed preliminary examination for invention patent in PRC The Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator will be globally launched in December 2005

6 6 Partnership with CityU-Newstart Partnership Model: Warderly responsible for manufacturing, sales and distribution Newstart responsible for product enhancement & development Ozone Project Financial & Technical Support Technology R&D Warderly Newstart Patent (Intellectual Property Rights) Product Type (AVO)

7 7 2. R&D of Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator

8 8 AVO Design Philosophy To bring forest into indoor environment Effective within the ENTIRE specific area, not locally System harmless to human, animals & plants Use most reliable and safe technology Avoid use of any potential hazard material Self-checking, build in intelligence Multiple function User friendly Globally affordable price Globally acceptable technology Patent protection

9 9 Health Concern Rising health concerns trigger Warderly / Newstart to look for the best solutions to improve indoor air quality Human infection with bird flu viruses occurred since 1997  More than 130 confirmed human cases has recorded in South East Asia which caused a number of 67 deaths 1 The SARS outbreak during 2003  Recorded 774 deaths out of 8,096 cases 2 1: (World Health Organization, 17 November 2005) 2: (World Health Organization, 17 November 2005) Sources:

10 10 Why use Ozone Exist in nature, in forest and good for health if concentration is low Even excessive, no record has shown that people died of ozone Unlike other chemical, it has no long term effect Most basic oxidizing agent, even better than bleach or chlorine Change back to oxygen less than 30 minutes, will not accumulate if use correctly Almost zero maintenance Can react with a lot of hazard chemical and the reaction and by product is totally harmless Cheap, basic and use widely in Japan

11 11 Ozone Level International Standards According to various studies conducted by different developed countries, the recommended ozone level in an indoor environment ranging from 0.05 ppm to 0.10 ppm CountriesAuthoritiesRecommendations USFood and Drug AdministrationOzone output of indoor medical devices to be no more than 0.05 ppm 3 Occupational Safety and Health Administration Not be exposed to an average concentration of more than 0.10 ppm for 8 hours 4 Environmental Protection Agencymaximum 8 hour average outdoor concentration of 0.08 ppm 5 UKDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Ozone level of 50 ppb as a running 8-hour average 6 JapanA maximum of 0.10 ppm at any time 3-5: "Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners: An Assessment of Effectiveness and Health Consequences“ (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) 6: (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Sources:

12 12 Common design fault with O 3 Problem –Can’t control ozone level –Release NO 2 –Emission of O + ion –Lack of O 3 sensor –Poor coverage –Lack of knowledge –Incorrect concept –Incorrect interpret as pollutant

13 13 AVO Ventilator Technology Build in high precision ozone sensor Build in CPU for intelligent control Build in humidity sensing for best performance Build in temperature sensor for best PCT temperature control Build in feedback control algorithm for entire system design Build in –ve ion emitter Innovative ozone plate design with extremely low NO 2 emission Spiral wind flow design for best ozone distribution Simultaneous –ve ion & ozone emission to reduce O + ion Simultaneous O - ion emission for better healthy consideration

14 14 3. AVO Ventilator’s Distinctive Features

15 15 AVO Ventilator’s Distinctive Features The World’s First Anti-Virus Machine that can effectively regulate the ozone at a level of 0.05 ppm such that ozone can attack virus and bacteria shell, by mean of oxidation, to reduce its infection capability Spiral Wind direction at different angles to allow clean and fresh air reach every corner, to ensure even distribution of ozone at an enclosed environment O - ion good for human health

16 16 Advantages of AVO Ozone is 100% harmless to human when used within safety limit, e.g. 0.08ppm suggested by EPA of USA or 0.05ppm for Europe & British standard Neutralize indoor hazard substance or gas with ozone e.g. Formaldehyde, ammonia, etc Neutralize substance is totally harmless Ozone attack, by means of oxidation, virus or bacteria shell to reduce its infection capability Ozone in spiral air flow is similar like using 1:99 bleach water with cloth O-ion can improve the health of living organism Resolve the problem of being locally effective Build in alarm for fault detection Multiple function: fan, -ve ion machine, ozone generator, etc

17 17 Comparison with Existing IAQ Improvement Devices MethodsFunctionsWeaknesses FilterHEPA Filter out 99.97% of poisonous gas and odor Cannot reduce bacteria growth Poor air flow UV LightTerminate mold, pollen, some bacteria Cause serious skin diseases May convert to harmful state Titanium OxideReduce concentrations of airborne pollutants For sterilizing, deodorizing and anti-fouling properties Risk of unstable UV level Lack of long term testing ThermalHigh temperature to boil up all kinds of bacteria Very poor effect

18 18 MethodsFunctionsWeaknesses ElectricityKill up to 99.9% of bacteriaKill good bacteria as well IonizerForce particulates to land Purify air “Re-suspenable Effect” Exceeding number of ions can cause soar throat and headache OzoneReduce bacteria and virus infection capabilities Inactivate allergens Difficult to control Require good circulation High level of ozone cause respiratory problems Comparison with Existing IAQ Improvement Devices

19 19 4. Future Uses & Applications

20 20 Future Uses & Applications Aviaries Public Markets Commercial Centres Residential Buildings Shopping Arcades Schools Offices Hospitals

21 21 Conclusion Advanced Technology Bringing Best Quality to Health ***** Anti-Virus Ozone Ventilator ***** Provide Solutions to attack Virus or Bacteria and Reduce its Infection Capability in an Indoor Environment

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