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Guidelines for Administration How to Manage and Administer the Online Assessment Process.

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1 Guidelines for Administration How to Manage and Administer the Online Assessment Process

2 Welcome! Welcome to the Administrator’s rollout process for the Republic Sales Personnel Report. Our purpose today is to explain the infrastructure that supports the Sales Personnel Report and the 16PF assessment behind it. This overview is intended to give you a process to administer and distribute the access codes needed to conduct the16PF Online Assessment efficiently within legal guidelines and get the most accurate results.

3 The PROCESS 16PF results automatically forwarded to TEG TEG generates a Republic Sales Personnel Report RSPR emailed to your Hiring Manger within 24 hours

4 Steps in the Process 1. Prepare the candidate 2. Request for Assessment 3. Assign Access Codes 4. Access the assessment site 5. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement 6. Complete the 16PF Questionnaire 7. Receive RSPR via email within 24 hours

5 What Do You Tell Them? You will be moving ahead to the next step in our evaluation process. The next step is for you to complete a brief behavior inventory. This is NOT pass fail and by No means is the sole determinant to hire or not hire. The assessment results are only one criteria used to make selection decisions at our Company. You will be considered based on the extent to which your entire set of qualifications and experience match the position’s requirements.

6 How do you request it? Hiring Manager fills out the new RFA Checks the box for RSPR Customer Service, Inside Rep, Outside Rep, Account Rep or Territory Rep Emails to the Area Contact Person for access codes Area Contact Person assigns codes and sends back to Hiring Manager and copies

7 Remote Administration Candidates need to conduct the assessment on-site. Protects integrity of the process Creates a more accurate self portrayal of true behaviors If you are unable to conduct the assessment onsite request a Remote Testing Memo to email codes and directions to the candidate.

8 New Request for Assessment Hiring Manage Fills out this section 1.Hiring Manager(s) is the individual(s) who gets RSPR 2.List all email addresses for those who want a copy 3.We organize by Area President let us know who yours is 4.Use Lawson Code or BU code 5.Check appropriate box for the Sales position you are testing. 6.Email to your Area Contact Person Contact Person Assigns codes

9 Access Code Log Each area administers and distributes their own access codes Access codes are purchased in blocks of 10 ID Number = Lawson Code/BU + Position Code Record activity on your code log as you assign codes. Issued by TEGAssigned by Republic ID#Name of candidate User NamePassword Lawson Code Position Code Hiring Mgr L Name F Name Date 9f407cd00gigagira 3176RSPR OSR Bruce James SmithRon8/15/04 All lower case (Letters L and O not used) Entered exactly as they appear Able Outside Sales Rep

10 Accessing the 16PF Assessment TEG Website BEGIN ONINE Assessment √ Release and Hold Harmless Agreement 1 2 3 Uses Authorized User Name and Password to Access Questionnaire Accepts terms and forwards copy to TEG

11 Why a Release Form? Releases related parties from legal liability Collects research data for our database Ensures there is no disproportionate impact Authorizes candidate’s consent Informs candidate this is NOT the sole criterion Informs candidate he/she will NOT receive the results. Authorizes The Executive Group to provide the results to Republic Services, Inc.

12 The release form is automatically forwarded to The Executive Group when candidate authorizes consent and clicks “forward” Candidates who refuse to comply with the terms and conditions of the Release and Hold Harmless form will not be allowed to take the assessment We will refer them back to the Area HR office if they have quesitons Release and Hold Harmless

13 16PF - User Friendly l Easy to administer online l 185-multiple choice response items l Requires a 5th grade reading level l Average time to complete 30-45 minutes l May resume if disconnected l Results are automatically forwarded to The Executive Group when candidates exit the questionnaire

14 Customer Support New Training Center access User’s Manual and PPT for Republic RSPR Interpretation Administrator’s Manual and PPT for 16PF Online Administration Chalk Talk (Quarterly Publication) Sales Excellence (Quarterly Publication) Rick’s Tips (Quarterly Publication) Executive Excellence Quarterly Newsletter Scheduled Consultation for Readback $150/HR. Contact and email candidate’s

15 Your Start Up Kit Access Code Log RFA - Request for Assessment Tips for Proctors Remote Testing Memo Email Introduction for the Candidate Administrator’s Manual for 16PF Online Assessment User’s Manual for Interpretation RSPR

16 Contact Information The Executive GroupRick Tiemann 80 E US Hwy 6 President Valparaiso, IN 46383 Sue Russell Jodie Wexelberg General Manager Marketing Manager Hours 8am - 5pm CST M-F Phone 219-477-6378 Fax219-477-6379 Email

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