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2 2 What is Disc Checker DK-5000S? DVD/CD media have superior error correction feature embedded so that players/readers can restore the original data from wrong data which corrupted due to scratches on the disc. The DK-5000S quickly scans discs for scratches without PC and determines whether the scratches are small enough for players to play the contents correctly. Also it tells the operator Pass/Fail based on the inspection results.

3 3 - Automatically checks DVD/CD media for scratches. Threshold : - Easy operation & No PC required - Indicates PASS / FAIL with Green / Red LED. - Scan stops as soon as scratches detected to save time. -Hi/Low dual speed scan assures of detection of all harmful scratches. Check time (typical) : -- Works as an external USB 2.0 DVD burner * ReadCD-ROM/-R/-RW, DVD-ROM,+/-R,+/-RW * WriteCD-R, DVD+/-R,+/-RW DK-5000S Features CD mediaDVD media Threshold by Error countC2 Double CorrectionPO 8 byte Threshold by scratch size0.5mm1.4mm CD mediaDVD media STANDARD MODE 210 秒 100 秒 QUICK MODE 70 秒 45 秒

4 4 Disc Checker DK-5000S Case Study 1 At on-line rental stores/kiosks ! Scratches found on the discs that a customer returned. Polish it with disc polisher. - Takes a long time. - Polisher is costly (initial & running). - Can not polish hard-coated disc. Inspect it with DK-5000S. - Easy to use. - Inspection completes quickly. - Return pass discs to the shelf. - Polish fail discs only. - A huge saving on polishing. You can minimize the risk of customer complaints as most of DVD/CD players are expected to play back all Pass discs without glitches.

5 5 Disc Checker DK-5000S Case Study 2 At disc trade-in stores/kiosks ! A customer is trading in scratched discs. Visual inspection by shop clerks Refused rare games due to small scratches. Thought that scratches were very small, but game machines actually failed to play. DK-5000S inspection - Helps get more good discs with small scratches that do not affect playability. - Minimize risk of paying for bad discs.

6 6 Disc Checker DK-5000S Case Study 3 For verification after polishing ! Scratches found remaining on discs after polish. Want to make sure the disc is readable. Polish it again. - Sure re-polish will remove scratches? - Can not polish it again & again. - Extra cost required. - How do you verify re-polish worked? DK-5000S inspection - Assure of readable discs. - Surface scan on user data area similar to actual playback gives you more accurate results than visual inspection does. - A huge saving with less re-polishes.

7 7 Correlation between DK-5000S & Players Scratches on DVD/CD media often affect on playability. And DVD/CD players are designed to be tolerant of scratches to a certain extent. The ability of correctly playing scratched discs is called ERROR CORRECTION. ERROR CORRECTION capability varies on each single player. Especially, old players and ones with stained laser pickup tend to be less tolerant of scratches.

8 8 Below chart shows how Pass/Fail discs determined by DK-5000S work with 4 players with various level of error correction capability. Correlation between DK-5000S & Players

9 9 Audio CD has error interpolation technology to keep play audio even un- correctable error occurs. DK-5000S is set the tight threshold than DVD because the interpolated section data may have sound skip.

10 10 Scratches on the media: Harmful or Harmless ? A series of data recorded on DVD/CD media forms a spiral track. If a scratch is made along the data track, it can be harmful and players may fail to read, however, depending on the angle against the data track, even larger scratches can be harmless.

11 11 Track Data surface Scratch 1: Crosses the data track at right angle and only damages limited area. Scratch 2: Partially runs along the data track and causes more damages than Scratch 1 does. Scratch 1 looks more harmful as it is larger, but it actually hurts less part of data track, therefore, there are higher risks of read errors with Scratch 2. Scratches on the media: Harmful or Harmless ? Scratch 1 Scratch 2 Scratch 1: OK Scratch 2: NG

12 12 Problems with visual check: - Requires elaborate inspection by experienced inspectors. - Criteria slightly differ among inspectors. With the DK-5000S, ANYONE can perform the inspection at the SAME CRITERIA with SIMPLE OPERATION. Scratches on the media: Harmful or Harmless ?

13 13 Q&A 1 Q1: What applications for DK-5000S? A1: DK-5000S checks DVD Video, Audio CD and Game discs (PS/PS2/Wii). And all players with moderate playability are expected to play back all PASS discs without glitches. Therefore, DK-5000S can be used to determine whether or not: 1. Re-polish is necessary, 2. Scratched hard-coated discs are readable, and 3. Pre-owned discs are good enough for trade-in. Also it can help you handle customer complaints about playback failures.

14 14 Q&A 2 Q2: I see many scratches on my discs, but some of them do not fail DK-5000S’s inspection. Why? A2: Depending on how those scratches are running on the disc, some of them are readable (correctable), and some are not (uncorrectable). Since DK-5000S’s criteria is not the number of scratch but whether or not moderate players can play the disc, all scratched discs do not always fail.

15 15 Q&A 3 Q3: I saw some discs that had passed DK-5000S’s inspection did not play on my player and some Fail discs played without a problem. Why? A3: DK-5000S is designed to reject marginal discs as not all players have good playability. Therefore, it is true there are some players that can play those rejected discs without a problem. And it is also possible that players with below- average playability fail to play Pass discs.

16 16 Automated Disc Checker Holds 200 discs. Disc auto-loader with 3 DK-5000S (bulk) inside. The same auto-loader as reliable WP-55T. Sort the discs into two different disc holders. Sort the failed discs out by cause. Weight (kg): 56.6 Power (W): 600 Dimensions (mm): 540 (H) x 450 (W) x 650 (D)

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