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Clubs & Organizations Policy Workshop. Introductions & Housekeeping Each club and organizations President and Scheduler MUST attend this workshop Don’t.

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1 Clubs & Organizations Policy Workshop

2 Introductions & Housekeeping Each club and organizations President and Scheduler MUST attend this workshop Don’t forget to sign-in and out of this workshop Your organization will not get credit if you leave early This presentation will be available online on the OSLCC webpage under club resources

3 Executive Order 1068 Student organizations shall not have any rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. All must be open to all currently enrolled students, except social fraternities/sororities and living groups may impose gender limitations. Honor societies with national GPA requirements are not considered a discrimination. Read it here:

4 Executive Order 1068- By-laws This statement MUST appear in your by-laws: The (add name of YOUR organization) shall not be discrimina­ tory in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, gender, physical or mental ability, marital status, financial or social status. (Organizations classi­fied as social fraternities or sororities need not include the word “sex”.)

5 Executive Order 1068- By-laws Your organizations by-laws must be public. Upload them on the document tab on your club/organizations page in myBAR

6 Executive Order 1068- By-laws Go to your organizations page Click on Documents

7 Executive Order 1068- By-laws Click on upload

8 Executive Order 1068- By-laws Upload a pdf or word document Name the document Choose document type Hit Submit

9 Executive Order 1068 Minimum Requirements for Club Recognition: Minimum of 5 CSU students, enrolled in at least 1 class- (President, Treasurer, Scheduler and 2 (3) other members Maximum of 20% of members can be non-CSU students, and only CPP students may have voting privileges (fraternities/sororities may have provision waived) Read it here: 1068.html 1068.html

10 Executive Order 1068 Advisor Eligibility One university advisor is required: – Full or part-time faculty or professional staff (non-auxiliary i.e. Foundation and/or ASI) – Recommended to have two advisors The Primary Advisor may not be on leave during any part of the year (i.e. sabbatical) Must be at least 21 years old Must be approved by the supervisor / Dept. Chair Read more here:

11 Advisor Application

12 In summary, the EO1041 requires that: 1) Students participating in CSU-sponsored air travel that is not regulated by the US department of transportation must purchase life and personal injury insurance [see attachment A, Student Safety, 3]. 2) If your organization charters a bus, the company must include indemnity and co-insurance provisions [outlined in Attachment G of the executive order] in the contract. 3) All students participating in air or bus travel with your organization must sign an Activity Release Form Students participating in CSU-affiliated programs which require travel do so on a voluntary basis and participate at their own risk. Travel involves risks to personal safety which could result in damage to property, injury or death. Students participating in such travel are required to read the "Notice to Students: Release, Hold harmless and Informed Consent Provisions for Student Travel " and to sign a "Release, Hold-Harmless and Informed Consent" statement. Read it here: Executive Order 1041 Student Travel

13 Executive Order 1041 Student Travel- Forms All travel forms can be found on the OSLCC website under club resources; ASI Business services webpage or the University Risk Management webpage

14 The unlawful possession, use, production, distribution, or sale of illicit drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, tobacco or alcohol, and the misuse of legal pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol by any faculty, staff, student, or visitor is strictly prohibited in the workplace, on University premises, at University activities, or on University business, on campus or off. Any faculty member, staff member, student or student organization, visitor or visiting organization who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action. Alcohol Abuse Referrals: Counseling and Psychological Services, Building 66, Room 116 (Bookstore Building) (909)869-3220 Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy

15 Hazing: any behavior or activity that causes physical harm, personal degradation, or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm. Consent of a victim of hazing is not a defense. Being a bystander of hazing is a violation of this code. All officers, members, advisors, and alumnae can be affected by allegations of hazing. Standards for Student Conduct Hazing According to the Student Code of Conduct

16 Posting and Chalking Policy Chalking Policy Chalking is permitted only in the University Park grounds. Chalking must be at least 20 feet away from the entrances to the Bronco Student Center and Building 66 (Bookstore). Chalking on the stairs outside the Bronco Bookstore is permitted only on the top portion of the steps. Posting Policy All printed advertisements, announcements and signs must be identified with the name of the person or organization responsible in order for the material to be stamped by the OSLCC. Also, OSLCC must have the name, telephone and email of the contact person responsible for posted material by any group/individual. Off- campus individuals or groups may not publicize on campus with the exception of non-profit organizations as stated above and employers with approval. Off- campus employers must first receive approval from the Career Center and then be approved by OSLCC with the posting stamp. Approval stamps: Come to OSLCC & Bring ONLY 2 copies!

17 Time Limits All posters, flyers, banners and signs must be stamped at OSLCC, indicating that they have met the above criteria. For special dated events, an expiration date of 48 hours following the event will be noted on the poster/flyer/banner. For general information (club meetings, department announcements, etc.) an expiration date of one month from the time of stamping will be noted on the poster/flyer/banner. The stamp does not regulate the content of the flier nor the actions and opinions of the entity seeking approval and does NOT necessarily reflect those of the students, faculty or administration of Cal Poly Pomona. University Village: Go to Foundation Housing Service, 3400 Poly Vista Building 300 to have your posting approved. Housing has their own posting policy. – Facilities may take down expired posters but you are encouraged to Your club and organization is responsible for knowing the posting and chalking policies Teach your new officers and members Posting & Chalking Policy

18 Scheduling Events All clubs/organizations must designate 1 person to be the Scheduler. The Scheduler will correspond with OSLCC and other Facilities to reserve space Schedulers MUST attend a scheduling workshop Currently outdoor requests, and indoor (classroom) requests are handled by different systems, make sure you submit to the right one. Indoor requests will require an advisor signature after the room is assigned, outdoor requests will NOT. We require 10 business days to process both indoor & outdoor requests.

19 Special Events The FACILITIES COORDINATOR, in collaboration with the Department of PUBLIC SAFETY and the sponsoring organization will determine which of the following policies apply: 1. Attendees to a dance, party or other similar special event must show a college I.D. or proof of age of 18 years or older. 2. Advisor attendance is required if PUBLIC SAFETY staffing is necessary. The advisor must be in attendance throughout the event and the event is subject to closure if the advisor is absent. 3. If an attendee leaves the event, for which an admission is charged, she/he must pay to return and will be subject to any search which is being conducted on attendees. 4. If an event is held in the Union, the sponsoring organization is required to employ the services of a University Union employee to check I.D.'s. 5. All Special Events are subject to the Guidelines on Police Coverage for Special Events. These guidelines are available through the FACILITIES COORDINATOR.

20 Food at Events Environmental Health & Safety approval is required for all food on campus, unless it is handled by an on-campus caterer. Procedures for Food Events Form: Certified Food Handler must be present if food is being served at official student organization events. – Exceptions: Being catered OR Pre-packaged food. EH&S will recognize a Food Handlers License from : – Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino County; Also online at: – Certified food handler must be present. Use gloves and hairnets when serving. Make sure to post your approved Food Event form at the event site. The office is located in the CLA, (98) Room B1-102. You may contact EH&S at (909) 869-4697 if you need assistance or have questions.

21 I&IT and Media Distribution If you are a listed club in the OSL Clubs and Organizations Guide you are eligible to rent equipment through Media Distribution. On and off campus use of equipment is subject to a charge for Clubs and Organizations. To request equipment, please follow these steps: Obtain your Scheduled Event Form from Britt Sumida, Office of Student Life, Bldg. 26, Room 121 telephone 869-3640. Have your Scheduled Event Form signed by your club president and advisor.Scheduled Event Form Find out what type of equipment you will need and the cost by calling (909) 979-6332. Write down what you need and the cost on the Scheduled Event Form. Please do not forget to add set up fees or technician time if needed. Go to the Bronco Student Center ASI Business Office and fill out a Purchase Order Request Form for the total cost of the equipment you wish to rent. It will take 24 hours before your Purchase Order will be ready. Pick-up your Purchase Order and bring it to I&IT Media Distribution, Bldg. 5, Room 211 along with your Scheduled Event Form. Media Distribution requires 24 hours notice. If you are paying by cash or check, no Purchase Order is needed. PLEASE TRY TO SCHEDULE A COUPLE OF WEEKS IN ADVANCE INCASE ADDITIONAL NEEDS OR MODIFICATIONS ARE NECESSARY.

22 Injury or Incident Policy If a student or club member is injured on campus and requires emergency medical treatment call 9-1-1 from a campus phone or (909) 869-3070 from your cell phone. This will put you in contact with the campus police dispatcher. A police officer will be sent to the location to assess the situation. Medic One is located on campus and if needed can be dispatched to respond. After handling the emergency notify Risk Management by calling (909)869-4846. If an incident occurs on campus and there is property damage notify Campus Police by calling 9-1-1 from a campus phone or (909)869-3070 from your cell phone so that a Police Report can be taken. Also notify Risk Management by calling (909)869-4846.

23 Campus Blood Drives When planning a Blood Drive on Campus, please go through the Wellness Center Debbie Jackley ( Do not use Life Stream.

24 Club/Organization Mailboxes Assign someone to check your club/organization’s mailbox regularly We will clean out the mailboxes at the end of each quarter

25 When you receive a donation (cash or in-kind) contact Carol Lee in the VP for Student Affairs Office (98T-6-19) if you want your donor to receive an official acknowledgment letter from the campus. Call: (909) 869-2922 or – You will need to provide your ASI account number and club name – Checks should be written out to the club. – VPSA will process the Acceptance of Gift form and submit the check with the form to Gift Processing. – Gift Processing then generates a tax receipt and deposits the check into the student club’s ASI account. Donations

26 Questions? La’Keisha Beard Senior Coordinator, Student Life (909) 869-5007 Oronne Nwaneri Coordinator of Leadership and Student Involvement 909-869-4568 Building 26-124 (OSLCC Main Office) GO BRONCOS!

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