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National Decision Making Model Scenario Inspector Christian Ellis.

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1 National Decision Making Model Scenario Inspector Christian Ellis


3 VIAPOAR Values Information Assesment Powers and policy Options Action Review

4 Senario One Unaccompanied Bag Patrol officer’s has made contact with you because whilst in a busy shopping centre they have come across a suspicous bag that appears to be abandoned.

5 Information A member of public tells the officers that there’s a bag in a alley next to a shop that appears not to belong to anyone. The officers can tell its a normal rucksack,old and a bit worn There’s somethig sticking out of it but its is impossible to tell what it is from a distance.

6 What would you want to know? Take 5 minutes to discuss and report back.

7 Assessment Is it just lost property or could it be a bomb? The officers report that it is an alley with high walls between two shops, no windows and no immediate target near by. However it is know that there is a goverment building nearby. The alleyway is not busy any if a IED only people in the alleyway or entrance would be hurt.


9 Further Information The officers report that the person who reported the bag did not see anyone leave the bag or anyone in its vicinity. They did not see anyone just the bag and thought it was a strange location for it to be left.

10 Further Assesment Do you know enough about the bag to make a decision as to whether it is likely to be harmless or dangerous? Do I need the officers to take action immediately?

11 Statement of Misson & Values This is a very uncertian situation. What do you need to consider to make your decision? Take 5 minutes to discuss? Must protect the public from harm Mustn’t put officers at unnecessary risk Must use sound judgement and common sense Must be willing to make a decision

12 Powers & Policy At this stage of the dynamic situation the organisational policy allows the officers at the scene and you to use your proffessional judgement.

13 Options What are they? What is a proportionate response at this stage? Take 5 minutes to discuss Stop anyone entering the the alleyway? Contact experts for intitial advice? Carefully approach the bag to take a closer look? Open the bag? Remove items from the bag?

14 Options You decide that at the moment: Seal the alleyway Ask for two more officers to attend It would be unwise to just open the bag It would be sensible to try and get more information about the bag. (CCTV ect..)

15 Action What would you do now? Notify control room? Put other emergency services on standby? Dispatch a supervisor to the scene? Cordon the area?

16 Information The officer is tasked to go within a metre of te bag and reports: The bag has more than jusy clothes in There’s something lumpy.(trainers) There’s nothing to suggest it is a bomb

17 Assessment It is still unclear what the bag contains so the possibilty of it being dangerous still remains. What do you know? Discuss The item appears harmless The location, no apparent target or passing victims

18 Power & Policy You and the officers’s at the scene can make a professional judgement to make a decision.

19 Statement of Mission & Values How do you make sure that what you do is consistent with the mission and values of policing?

20 Options What are your options now? Open the bag? Esculate up the command structure? On balance it is felt the bag is more likely to be harmless than dangerous.

21 Additional Information Before you make your final decision: The officers at the sene are approached by two youths who say the bag belongs to them. Assesment: What wou you do? Felt they are telling the truth

22 Action & Review The officers recieve permission from the youths to open the bag. They open bag and its harmless Would you record the decision making in this instance and if so how?

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