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The Stranger. Vocabulary Terror Parlor Fascinated Draft Timid Etched Frost.

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1 The Stranger

2 Vocabulary Terror Parlor Fascinated Draft Timid Etched Frost

3 Terror Fear

4 Parlor Sitting Room

5 Fascinated Amazed

6 Draft – current of air

7 Timid Fearful; shy

8 Etched Carved; engraved in something

9 Frost Frozen moisture

10 What does mercury in a thermometer usually do? Rise Change Color

11 How was the stranger different from other people? He did not like hot soup. Rabbits came up to him and were not afraid of him.

12 Why did the author tell us that the stranger never tired? To show how special the stranger is To show how well trained the stranger was

13 What was the first clue that the weather might have been changing? The trees stayed green. A flock of geese flew south.

14 Which showed that the stranger was harmless? He seemed to have lost his memory. He watched the sun set with Katy.

15 What would the stranger have done if he really were a hermit? He would have asked the Bailey’s for help. He would have been uncomfortable around the Baileys.

16 Why did the pumpkins on the Bailey farm grow so big? The weather was warmer than usual. There was more rainfall than usual.

17 What was different about the trees around the Bailey farm? They had all lost their leaves. They had red and orange leaves.

18 Which happened first? The stranger realized that something was wrong. The stranger became a member of the Bailey family.

19 Which could not really happen in real life? Mr. Bailey hit the stranger with a truck. The leaves on the trees changed color in one day.

20 What do you think would have happened if the stranger had stayed on the Bailey farm? The weather would not have changed. It would have stayed warm.

21 Things to Remember……. The most important effect the stranger’s visit had on the Bailey farm was that summer would not change to fall.

22 Things to Remember…… We know that the stranger continued to care about the Bailey family after he left their farm because he visits the Baileys every fall and makes the trees stay green and extra week and leaves them a message on the farmhouse window.

23 Other Books by Chris Van Allsburg

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