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SITECH Start-Up Training Program Presenters name.

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1 SITECH Start-Up Training Program Presenters name

2 Welcome  Introductions  What is our goal this week? –To acquaint and familiarize you with the following:  Doing business with Trimble  Trimble H&H organization overview  Trimble H&H product portfolio  Positioning and machine control definition

3 Welcome  What will we cover? –Communicating with Trimble  Support  Return process –Ordering on the Trimble Store –Import process recommendations –Site Positioning Basics –H & H products and their applications  Site Positioning Systems (SPS)  Machine Control Systems (GCS, CCS, PCS)  Software (field & office)  Connected Site Technologies

4 Agenda  Day 1 (Today – 4 hours) –Trimble Overview –Communicating with Trimble  Day 2(8 hours) –Positioning Applications –Site Positioning Systems & SCS900 Portfolio  Day 3(8 hours) –Machine Control Applications –GCS/AccuGrade Portfolio

5 Agenda  Day 4 (8 hours) –Software Solutions –Trimble Store Overview  Day 5(4+ hours) –Wrap up –Questions & Answers –Assessment

6 Housekeeping  Emergency Exit  Restrooms  Trash  Phones  Computers  Breaks

7 Trimble Overview

8  founded in 1978  headquartered in Sunnyvale, California  worldwide presence with more than 3,400 employees in over 18 countries  Listed at the NASDAQ (TRMB)  Track record of consistent financial performance  Revenue for fiscal 2010 was $1.3 billion, up 15% as compared to fiscal 2009  For more information visit Trimble’s Web site at

9 Overview of Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB)  Expanded technology range in 1999  Focus on commercial markets  Solutions for applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping  Value proposition – ROI through increased productivity  Technologies – positioning, wireless & software  Market leadership in core markets

10 Our Strategy is… – Labor and machine productivity – Rework – Process optimization – Quality – Input costs  built around the core concept of using technology to transform work process and significantly impact users’ economics and capabilities: CONNECTED SITE FOR CONSTRUCTION PRECISION AGRICULTURE MOBILE & FIELD WORKER ADVANCED DEVICES

11 Segments Engineering & Construction 61% of revenue Survey Construction Construction Services Field Solutions 16% of revenue Agriculture Mapping & GIS Mobile Solutions 13% of revenue Fleet Management Mobile Worker Productivity Advanced Devices 10% of revenue Embedded GPS Products Timing Applanix

12 Trimble’s Primary Competitive Differentiators Innovation Channels DomainExpertise SolutionsBreadth/Depth  R&D ~ 11% of revenues; over 700 patents  Technology integration is key  Broad in-house development capabilities  Go-to-market strategy tailored to segment  Requires concept selling capability  Most common channel is independent dealers  Insight to couple needs with technology  Search for vertical solutions  Commitment to the “whole product”  Significant software and hardware expertise  Configurability/localization to user specific needs

13 Trimble today:

14 Year Acquisition or Venture Objective 2000 Spectra PrecisionTechnology TDSTechnology 2001 LeveliteTechnology Grid DataDomain 2002 CTCT (jt venture) With Caterpillar Domain 2003 NT (jt venture) With Nikon Technology ApplanixTechnology MENSITechnology 2004 TracerNetTechnology GeoNavDomain 2005 Pacific CrestTechnology ApacheTechnology Connected Site - Acquisitions & Joint VenturesYear Acquisition or Venture Objective 2005 MobileTechTechnology APSDomain 2006 XYZs of GPSTechnology QuantmTechnology BitWyseDomain MeridianDomain XYZ SolutionsTechnology IntransixTechnology SpacientDomain Visual StatementTechnology Eleven TechnologiesTechnology

15 Year Acquisition or Venture Objective 2009 CallidusTechnology QuickPenDomain CASIC-IT (jt venture)Technology NTech IndustriesTechnology AccutestTechnology Farm WorksTechnology CREEC (jt venture)Domain 2010 PonderaTechnology LET SystemsTechnology Rusnavgeoset (jt venture)Domain eCognition Software – Earth SciencesTechnology AccubidTechnology Cengea SolutionsDomain Intelligent Construction Tools (jt venture) With Hilti TechnologyYear Acquisition or Venture Objective 2007 @RoadDomain INPHOTechnology BreiningDomain UtilityCenter AssetsDomain 2008 Crain EnterprisesDomain HHK DatentechnikDomain GEO-3DTechnology SECO ManufacturingDomain RolleiMetricTechnology TopoSysTechnology VirtualSite Solutions (jt venture) With Caterpillar Domain TruCountTechnology Rawson ControlsTechnology FastMap & GeoSiteTechnology Connected Site - Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

16 Trimble Heavy & Highway Division  Site Positioning –Receivers –Infrastructure –Controllers & Field Software  Machine Control & Guidance  Compaction Systems  Paving Systems  Office Software  Asset Management

17 Trimble Heavy & Highway


19  Let’s recap….  Over the next few days our objective is to familiarize you with: –The Trimble Business Areas –The Trimble Heavy & Highway Portfolio –Positioning techniques, applications, and definitions –Doing Business with Trimble

20 Questions?

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