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Teaching Grammar Antar Abdellah.

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1 Teaching Grammar Antar Abdellah

2 Objectives of grammar instruction
Familiarize Ss with grammar teaching techniques Using different patterns of drills Acquaint Ss with techniques for teaching structures Using visual aids in teaching grammar

3 Procedures in teaching grammar
Review names of functions; auxiliary, modals, subject, object..etc Using various techniques Use the structure in short simple sentences Repeat structure several times Give additional examples to highlight the use of the structure Ss make sentences using the new structure

4 Techniques in teaching grammar
1- Dialogues 2- Text 3- Rules 4- Drawings 5- Pictures 6- realia 7- diagrams 8- mime 9- grids and tables

5 Dailogue Short dialog Natural language used by native speakers
Words are known except for the new structure Dialogue easy to memorize Topic relevant to Ss’ needs Example; p. 148

6 Text Rules: In the context of a short story. Deductive Inductive
Write the rule *********** write examples Explain it ********** practice the structure Give examples **** Ss get the general pattern Ss give Examples ******* Ss give examples

7 Drawings Large, illustrative, of interest to the Ss, focusing on the element of grammar Examples; pp

8 pictures Illustrative pictures, self-explanatory Like ads, animals

9 Objects and realia Using real objects to indicate size (bigger than, smaller than, same as…), prepositions (above, under, on, next to…), or distance (this, that).

10 Diagrams Used to show relations and complex structures Ex. P


12 Demonstrations Miming Grids and tables
I am sitting between Ali and Mohammad Miming I am eating Grids and tables P. 158, 159, 160

13 Grammar drills Mechanical drill Meaningful drill Communicative drill

14 Contraction /abbreviation drills
Mechanical drill Repetition drills Completion drill Substitution drills Transformation drill Contraction /abbreviation drills

15 Meaningful drills Rejoinder / reply Restatement

16 Communicative drills Question and answer Rejoinder / reply

17 Comparison between types of drills
Examples for drills, p

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