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Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! We appreciate your interest in volunteering! Each Student, Each Teacher Stampeding Towards Success!

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1 Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! We appreciate your interest in volunteering! Each Student, Each Teacher Stampeding Towards Success!

2 Erpenbeck Mission The mission statement of Erpenbeck Elementary is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards, while promoting positive growth in the social/emotional behaviors and attitudes. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome

3 Goals Primary Goal The primary goal of the Erpenbeck Elementary Volunteer Program will be: To provide individual or small group assistance, under the direction and supervision of certified staff, for students who need an additional “helping hand” with learning basic skills.

4 Secondary Goal Secondary goals of the program will be: To help children develop a more positive attitude toward themselves, their school work, and their classmates. To help teachers be more efficient by freeing them from clerical work, non- confidential record keeping, and other routine tasks, so they will have more time to instruct students. To provide enrichment experiences for children through community resources volunteers. To acquaint the community with the school program in order that parents and other citizens may become a part of the school community and thus be more involved in the education of its children. To enhance community-school relations by creating better understanding of schools among citizens, and therefore stimulating widespread support for public education.

5 We want you! We need you! We welcome you! Program Review Curriculum provides opportunities for students to actively use knowledge as it is being learned through applying the skills of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity to content knowledge and collaborating and communicating locally and/or globally. Students communicate with various audiences in different forms and for different purposes both locally and globally. Students take part in sustained engagement and collaboration with teachers, peers, and outside experts to design literacy projects, ask questions and refine literacy products. Teachers collaborate with the community, business and postsecondary partners through advisory committees and community groups.

6 4 C’s Communication Collaboration Critical Thinking Creativity Extra-Curricular Activities/Committees Lego League Odyssey of the Mind School Committee work such as Curriculum, Health and Nutrition, Safety, Program Review, Writing, Career Studies Energy Team Outdoor Classroom Science Club Basketball and Cheerleading

7 Mustang Pride BE RESPECTFUL We Want You… To always feel welcome To share ideas and get involved To continue to volunteer throughout the year To get others involved in volunteering To help us provide the best education possible for every student Respect the confidentiality of students, parents, teachers, etc. Be positive with everyone Talk positively about your school in and out of the building BE RESPONSIBLE Please Help Us by… Following school rules and policies Dressing appropriately Signing in and out, leave your license, and log your hours Displaying ethical behavior at all times Using appropriate language BE SAFE Please… Always think whether what you are doing is safe for everyone Use adult restrooms only

8 Volunteer Requirements 1.Complete a Youth Leader Request Form (Criminal background check) and turn into the office. The state of Kentucky charges $10 to process the request. Erpenbeck requires this to be updated every other year for the safety of your children. 2.Attend volunteer training. You only need to attend volunteer training for the duration of time your children are at Erpenbeck UNLESS components of the volunteer training are changed. If this occurs, you will be required to attend an updated training. 3.Contact April Boswell, Office Staff, or your child’s teacher for any questions.

9 Volunteer Guidelines The ultimate objective of the Volunteer program is to bring more adults into the schools to participate in the everyday educational experiences of students. Effective and responsible people are essential to the success of this program. Ultimate decision s regarding volunteers rests with the principal, the instructional leader of the school. Volunteers: Understand that the principal is responsible for the safety and well-being of students and that participation of volunteers in the school program is under her supervision and approval. Must have a criminal background check on file based on EES policy. Must receive training and/or review training materials to participate in the volunteer program. Respect the school policies and abide by established procedures and guidelines. Always work under the direction of a teacher or other members of the school staff. Assist the teacher in the classroom; a volunteer should not be the sole supervisory person in the classroom. Understand that discipline is the teacher’s responsibility, maintain order when assisting children, but refer disciplinary problems to the teacher Follow education’s Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Policy by understanding that discussion of confidential matters and criticism of professional staff, pupils, and/or programs is inappropriate Be dependable and punctual. Teachers and students count on their volunteers being on time and ready to go! Every volunteer, parent, patron, classroom guest or speaker must sign in and out, leave their driver’s license in the office, and be issued a volunteer/visitor pass from the the school office. At no time may a teacher leave a volunteer alone with a student or group of students out of the immediate sight of a school staff member, unless having completed the District Volunteer Background Check and be given prior permission by the school’s principal. Find ways to establish a high quality rapport with students by:  Being warm, friendly, and courteous at al times  Maintaining a sense of humor  Staying calm in emergencies  Displaying a positive attitude  Keeping their commitment to the program

10 Confidentiality/Ethics Appendix A: Professional code of ethics for Kentucky school certified personnel Appendix B: Confidentiality/Ethics Appendix C: Confidentiality Acrostic Appendix D: When Talking Isn’t Gossiping Appendix E: Quiz

11 PTA Information Erpenbeck PTA is committed to Erpenbeck and it’s students. The PTA Board President----Staci Leiker Vice President----Michelle Smith VP-Ways and Means----Kara Curry VP-Volunteers----Crystal Sexton VP-Membership----Cheryl Ashcraft VP Programs----Amy Hoffman VP-Business Memberships----Karen Fletcher Treasurer----Heather Petrie Recording Secretary----Debra Eckler Corresponding Secretary----Michelle Technow

12 What Will I Do? You name it! Copy papers Laminate Shelve books Stuff folders Help students with reading or math Guest speakers Help the PTA with: KY Kids Day Reflections Fall Carnival Hospitality (Staff Appreciation) Mustang Men (our new Dad group!) Book Fair Help with school events Ticket taking at Intramural Basketball And so much more… All volunteers must be trained on the copier and laminator before using. Our parent volunteer coordinator Ms.Crystel Sexton or an office staff member would be happy to do this for you.

13 What’s the procedure for volunteering? 1.Check in at the front desk. Give the front desk your driver’s license. Sign in on the Volunteer Computer for your badge. 2.Report to the area you plan to volunteer in. 3.Return to the front desk to check out. Sign out on the Volunteer Computer. Add any additional at home hours on the volunteer sheet. Be sure to leave with your license!

14 Visit and register on Erpenbeck Elementary website at PTA’s website at to find all of the current information about the PTA as well as as an online sign-up tool. Crystal Sexton is the PTA Volunteer Coordinator, you can call/text her at 859-466-8838. The PTA will have additional volunteer trainings to learn how to use the copiers and laminating machines. PTA Volunteer Contact

15 Everyday Everyone Succeeds! By working together, we have the opportunity to provide Erpenbeck students with more opportunities to become positive, successful and productive citizens. By working together, we have more opportunities to meet individual needs. By working together, we show the students that we are a team focused on providing them the best education possible.

16 Any questions? Is there anything else you would like to know about volunteering at Erpenbeck?

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