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Welcome to Federation Training Student Induction 2015.

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1 Welcome to Federation Training Student Induction 2015

2 Student Induction All students undertaking on-campus study at Federation Training must be inducted according to the Institute’s Policy and Procedure. How? Student Orientation Student WHS Induction Teachers and Trainers This Presentation

3 Student Induction This induction will acquaint you with some of the broader Institute polices, amenities, and student support services available.

4 Policies The policies covered in this induction include: Use and Provision of ICT Services and Facilities Managing Inappropriate Behaviour Deferral / Withdrawal / Refund Smoking, and Illegal & Addictive Substances Access and Equity Cheating and Plagiarism Privacy

5 Federation Training Campuses Federation Training has campuses at the following locations: Bairnsdale Chadstone Lakes Entrance Leongatha Morwell Sale Traralgon Warragul Yallourn

6 Reception and Student Advice Our Customer Service and Support Officers have a wealth of information to help you. If you are not sure of something or have a question, they can help point you in the right direction. You will find a Customer Service and Support Officer at any of our campus reception points.

7 Fees, Withdrawals and Refunds Our friendly Customer Service and Support Officers will be able to answer any questions you have regarding fees, refunds, withdrawals and deferrals. Application for refund of fees will be processed in line with Institute Policy.

8 Student Payment Plans Minimum deposit 10% of calculated total. Payment options either via Direct Debit or Centrepay*, fortnightly or monthly (minimum loan repayment amount of $50), for a maximum 6 month term. *Centrepay is only applicable to Centrelink allowance recipients. A Customer Service and Support Officer can assist you with further information about Student Payment Plans.

9 VET FEE-HELP Federation Training is an approved provider of the Australian Government loan scheme VET FEE-HELP. VET FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan to cover the cost of tuition fees for eligible students studying in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. It is available to students undertaking a Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification.

10 VET FEE-HELP Also for a trial period up to 31 December 2016, VET- FEE-HELP will be available for some subsidised Certificate IV courses in the areas of: Agriculture Building and Construction Disability Training and Assessment

11 VET FEE-HELP For more detailed information on VET FEE-HELP assistance call 1300 020 108 or visit Information booklets and forms are available from Reception at each Campus.

12 Department Material Fees Your Course department will have provided this information to you, but if you have enquiries please speak with your teachers. These fees are based on the materials you will require during your course.

13 Literacy and Numeracy It is a Government requirement that the Institute conducts a Pre-Training Review for all prospective students prior to enrolment. This will help ensure that the course or qualification into which you enrol is right for you. Federation Training will facilitate the Pre-Training Review for all new students at no cost. Should you require further assistance, you will be referred to our Language, Literacy and Numeracy Specialist.

14 Access and Equity Federation Training adheres to the principles of Access and Equity and recognises the Institute’s responsibilities under State and Federal Legislation. Everyone has a right to equal treatment and opportunities so that they may exercise the fundamental freedom to realise their own potential.

15 Harassment, Bullying and Misconduct Federation Training will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind. The Institute has a Managing Inappropriate Behaviour Policy for dealing with issues of misconduct, inappropriate or disruptive student behaviour. This Policy applies to all students who undertake training with the Institute. Federation Training will take action to discipline a student as per the Managing Inappropriate Behaviour Policy.

16 Network Access Guidelines Network access is provided to each student for the sole and exclusive use of that student, for the duration of their annual enrolment period. You will have received important information regarding your login details and usage when receiving your student ID card on enrolment. There is an email account attached to your login - please check this regularly for special offers, activities, etc. The guidelines are outlined in the Federation Training Use and Provision of ICT Services & Facilities Policy.

17 Information Technology ‘Can I use the computer network at any Federation Training Campus?’ Yes ‘Can I share my login and password with someone else?’ No ‘Is the network monitored?’ Yes

18 Smoking, Alcohol, Illegal Substances and Litter Federation Training is a Smoke Free Zone. No smoking is permitted on any Federation Training grounds (including car parks). Federation Training enforces Policy regarding the use of alcohol and illegal substances. Federation Training is committed to sustainable practices and requests that all students use recycling and garbage bins.

19 Cheating and Plagiarism Plagiarism is a form of cheating. It is taking and using someone else’s thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them as your own. If you are suspected of cheating, or plagiarising work, penalties WILL apply in accordance with Institute policy. If you have any questions about how to avoid plagiarism, please seek advice from your Teacher or Library staff.

20 Customer Feedback Federation Training welcomes your feedback in order to recognise best practice and to promote continuous improvement of our services. The Comments, Complaints and Compliments form for feedback can be accessed via our website, or collected at any campus reception. The process is highly confidential and adheres to the principles of Access and Equity.

21 Privacy Federation Training is committed to complying with State and National Privacy Legislation by ensuring the privacy of your personal information. Federation Training collects personal information as a result of your enrolment for maintaining student records, for the provision of support services, and to fulfil our obligation to provide statistical and other information to Government agencies.

22 Student Support Services and Facilities Federation Training supports students by providing access to: Library, Disability Support, and Koorie Support Canteens at Yallourn, Bairnsdale and Chadstone Student amenities and outside areas Hair and beauty services at Yallourn and Bairnsdale (Limited services by appointment only) Dine at the Oaktree Restaurant (Bairnsdale Campus), Waratah Restaurant (Morwell Campus) or Wildflower Café (Leongatha Campus).

23 Library Library resources are available to all Federation Training students on and off site. Enquire at your campus for Library hours. You may borrow several items at a time (this may be books, DVDs, etc). Your student I.D. card is used for borrowing items or for accessing on-line books and resources 24/7. Visit your Library for computer access, student resources and help with Wi-Fi access and day loan of equipment including laptops (through your Teacher).

24 Library Contact Information Leongatha, Morwell, Traralgon, Warragul and Yallourn Campuses Phone: (03) 5127 0207 Email: Bairnsdale, Sale (including Fulham) and Lakes Entrance Campuses Phone: (03) 5152 0734 Email: Please note: 24/7 access is available to the Bairnsdale Campus Library.

25 Printing and Photocopying Printing and photocopying services are available at all campuses. Fees may apply.

26 Disability Support Services available to students who have a disability, which may be physical, learning, hearing, visual, or a chronic medical condition, may include: Pre-enrolment assistance and liaison with relevant teaching staff. Information on car parking and assistive equipment/aids. General information and strategies to help you. Phone: 1300 133 717 Email:

27 Koorie Support The aim of Federation Training Koorie support is to introduce and encourage Koorie students to training opportunities offered within a supportive environment. The Koorie Liaison Officer is available to: Provide assistance and support and tutorial assistance. Provide access to courses and on-going support within Federation Training programs. Advocate on behalf of learners. Provide assistance regarding ABSTUDY and other relevant Centrelink allowances. Contact the Koorie Liaison Officer Phone: 1300 133 171

28 Accidents, First Aid and Ambulance All accidents must be reported to a Designated First Aid Officer (DFO) or your teaching staff. There are Designated First Aid Officers (DFOs) at each campus. Evening students should report any accident to their teacher. Federation Training does not cover the cost of an Ambulance if used to transport students in case of an emergency, or any related medical treatment. It is strongly recommended that all students obtain their own Ambulance cover.

29 Safety Evacuation Procedures All Federation Training premises comply with relevant and current WH&S Legislation. All students will be provided with detailed information regarding evacuation procedures during their course induction.

30 Parking and Speed Limits Parking areas are clearly marked. Vehicles parking in areas designated for Disability parking must have a relevant permit displayed. Speed limits within Institute grounds must be adhered to - failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Road laws apply and are enforceable even within campus grounds, car parks and thoroughfares.

31 Completion of your Studies When you have successfully completed your course, you are eligible to receive your Certificate of Completion, your Qualification! If you have partially completed your course, you will still receive a Statement of Attainment listing the Units you have completed.

32 Good luck! We wish you every success in your studies with Federation Training in 2015. Any questions?... Please just ask. We are here to help.

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