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Welcome to Government ! Mrs. Thompson. General Information Mrs. Thompson Room A168 Planning – Second Period: 9:35 – 11:04 am School Phone: 410-641-2171.

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1 Welcome to Government ! Mrs. Thompson

2 General Information Mrs. Thompson Room A168 Planning – Second Period: 9:35 – 11:04 am School Phone: 410-641-2171 Email:

3 Description – The primary goal of the government course is to give students the basic information they need in order to function as a citizen on the local, state, national, and international level. The course will acquaint students with the duties, responsibilities and structure of government and politics in the United States. – The course will focus on the relationship between US history, politics, government, and world history. Through the use of various activities students will learn about issues and problems previously on a local level and how they relate to a global perspective. The major emphasis of the course evolves around student based activities, direct involvement through community based volunteerism, and indirect involvement through social and political activities. This course provides the means to meet the service learning requirement necessary for high school graduation. – Worcester County Public Schools Course Description Catalog 2005- 2006

4 Text and Course Materials – United States Government: Democracy in Action – Richard Remy (2006) Lost or damaged textbooks will cost students $65.00 to replace. Textbook website: http://gov.glencoe.com – We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution – Center for Civic Education (1995) – Financial Fitness for Life – National Council on Economic Education (2010)

5 Grading Policy – Your grade will be determined by the total number of points earned over two consecutive terms. These points will be earned through class work, homework, quizzes and tests. – A significant portion of your grade is based on your service learning projects. Failure to complete ALL service learning requirements will result in the failure of this course. – There will be tests or quizzes given on a regular basis that reflect the content and objectives covered. A benchmark exam will be given at the midterm and end of course to track student progress. – Progress reports will be issued at the request of the student and/or parent. Parents may also obtain a PowerSchool login form the school to keep track of their student’s grades online.

6 Government HSA It’s back! May 23 rd, 2013 Selected Response questions. All students enrolled in Government are required to take the HSA.

7 Service Learning Requirements Each student is required to complete two 10 hour service learning projects outside of school at pre- approved non-profit organizations. Students will present their projects to the rest of the class at designated times. Along with these projects, students will complete three newspaper article searches related to the following current issues: the elderly, crime and crime prevention, education, the disabled, and poverty.

8 Supplies – Students are expected to come to class prepared EACH DAY. – Each student will be required to keep a notebook for this course. This notebook should include: – One three-ring binder (1 inch or larger) – Dividers – one for each section: Warm Ups, Class Work, Homework, Service Learning – Notebook paper – Students will also need: An agenda Pens, Pencils, Highlighters TEXTBOOK EVERYDAY

9 Extra Credit! Please bring in the following items for extra credit: – Bags of individually wrapped candy – Tissues (Kleenex, Puffs, etc) – Hand Sanitizer – Pencils/Cap Erasers – Markers/Colored Pencils – Notebook Paper


11 Class Procedures Come to class prepared, get ready to work. Begin warm up. Raise hands to participate; earn tickets. Make up all missed work when absent. Bring your agenda to class each day. Wait for the signal to end class.

12 Class Outline First 45 days: – Structure and Functions of Government – Powers of the Legislative and Executive Branch – Elections and the Political Process – Service Learning Project One Second 45 days: – Judicial Branch, the Law, and You – Landmark Supreme Court Cases – National Defense and Foreign Policy – Economics – Geography – Personal Finance – Service Learning Project Two

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