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NPSS Membership Actions 2010 and 2011 Vernon G. Price NPSS Communications Committee 19 October 2011.

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1 NPSS Membership Actions 2010 and 2011 Vernon G. Price NPSS Communications Committee 19 October 2011

2 NPSS Organizes many Symposia and Conferences International Conference on Plasma Science -- ICOPS Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference -- NSREC Particle Accelerator Conference -- PAC Pulsed Power Conference -- PPC Nuclear Science Symposium -- NSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering -- SOFE Medical Imaging Conference -- MIC Real Time Conference -- RT International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems -- ICALEPCS International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators & Apps- SCINT Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurements, Methods and Applications -- ANIMMA Beams

3 Annual and Biennial Conferences Eleven of the listed conferences (and, in addition, the Beijing Seminar) were held during 2010 and 2011 (BEAMS was not held) Some conferences (ICOPS, NSREC, NSS and MIC have been long-running annual NPSS- sponsored conferences. Others are biennial and some are co- sponsored. Some are held in the summer. Others in the fall. The following slide shows the conferences held and the recruiting results:

4 NPSS Conferences 2010-2011 Conference2010 Venue Result2011 Venue Result PAC New York 10 RealTime Portugal 11 PPC Chicago 0* ICOPS Norfolk 89 Chicago 13 SOFE Chicago 8 NSREC Denver 43 Las Vegas 23 ANIMMA Ghent 5 SCINT Giessen 1 RADECS Längenfeld 17 Seville pending ICALEPCS Grenoble pending Beijing Sem Beijing 33 NSS-MIC Knoxville 90 Valencia pending Recruited  261 Tentative  93

5 Recruitment Misunderstanding The recruitment results for PPC in the previous slide shows zero recruits because a membership desk was not set up. The conference brochure for PPC, a ‘summer’ conference, offered pre-paid introductory IEEE/NPSS memberships to non-member attendees. Several PPC attendees wanted to join and complained later to IEEE when they found it was not offered at the conference. The Chair, mistakenly, thought that the cost of the recruitments was paid by PPC and was not in his budget. Had a desk been set up, the dues would have been paid for by NPSS/IEEE, not by PPC. An IEEE representative at the Sections Congress told me that she could help but by that time in September, it was already into the full membership dues period, so it was too late. We need to acquaint future chairs of the membership recruiting schemes that we are using to avoid such misunderstandings.

6 NPSS Opportunity in Beijing Dr. Zhen-An Liu of the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing planned a “Topical Seminar on Particle Physics: Detectors and Electronics”. He desired a forum at that seminar for enlisting attendees to join IEEE and NPSS. He succeeded in inviting 33 high quality people to join our societies. Our Transnational Committee should take note of these new opportunities in China.

7 IEEE’s “Hockey Stick” Plot IEEE uses a membership system in which the ‘year’ begins 15 August and ends the following August. Membership dues are paid during the fall quarter of the calendar year. A member is in pre-arrears if dues are not paid by 31 December. If still not paid by end of February the person is dropped from the active rolls and loses benefits. He or she is then in ‘arrears’. The following plot shows the NPSS experience for the years 2010 and 2011:


9 Conference Recruiting Effects In the previous slide, one can see the bump in the 2010 data where the results of the summer conferences appear. And, at the end of the 2010 curve, one sees the NSS-MIC recruiting effort. This does not appear in the 2011 data. Of course, the information is not in yet from the late fall conferences.

10 NPSS Membership Analysis Year begin (23 Aug 2010) members…. 3102 Year growth in members both recruited and those who were recovered…………………… 555 Total 3657 Loss due to NPSS who renewed IEEE but did not renew NPSS membership……… 201 Loss due to resignations from IEEE…… 14 Loss due to February NPSS drop-outs.. 431 Year end (16 August 2011) members… 3011 Active Aug 2011 vs 2010 = -3%

11 New and Re-instated Members In the 2010-2011 membership year, 555 NPSS members joined or re-joined our society. Who are these members? 149 of these are arrears people who renewed their membership after the February drop-off of 580 members. This reduced the net drop-off loss to 431. Thus, 406 people are new recruits. 150 of these are conference recruits. (NSS-MIC 2010 and the summer conferences in 2011. 256 People randomly joined IEEE/NPSS Less than 1/3 of the join/re-joiners are conference related

12 IEEE Campaign Codes Campaign codes are numbers used at IEEE Headquarters to account for payments made by them to pay the cost for a regular member IEEE applicant to join an IEEE society at an approved IEEE conference. Codes for NPSS membership payments were requested and approved for most of the 2011 conferences.

13 NPSS Membership 2011 Summary The per cent of 2010 Base NPSS membership who renewed for 2011 to date is……….. 79%. This is closely consistent with that for other societies. Conference recruiting provides an important but still just a small portion of the yearly set of new members to NPSS. Recruiting this year resulted in a much smaller set of new members than is usual. A set of guidelines for conference recruiting is needed.

14 Thank you for your attention! Any Questions? Contact Vernon G. Price

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