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Carl Perkins Team Leader Meeting September 22, 2014.

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1 Carl Perkins Team Leader Meeting September 22, 2014

2 Today’s Agenda A Quick Glance - What is Continuing? What is New? Changes for 2014-15 PD opportunities for this year Work time – Perkins Plan & Budget Presenter: 11:15 Pat Trowbridge – New Work- Based Learning website Lunch: 11:30 Pass-Around: Roster of District Personnel Handouts: Federal Core Indicators/State Indicators Perkins Planning Allocation Chart Upload: Excel File Web: PowerPoint Presentation Email to you: Excel file for plan/budget

3 Introductions Name District Primary Position New CTE Colleagues in District? Pass Around Chart Name a fun thing that you did this summer.

4 CESA CTE Support Team Judy Doro and her husband have a beautiful son - Connor! Dan Taft is still fishing for the “big one”!

5 Oh……….. P. S. and Candy Lund is back.

6 Questions may be asked anytime!

7 What is Continuing? End-of-Year POS Report: 100% were submitted!! “Field trips to (technical college) – UW Campus” “Purchased MOU certification exams” “Update CNC controller & software” “Purchased ProStart curriculum” “Career Day expenses “ “Greater emphasis provided with new technology & teaching methods” “Updated Welding Safety with state-of-the-art Automatic Diming Helmets” “Designed & constructed a hydroponic system that can be converted into an aquaponic”

8 What is Continuing? “Updated curriculum and began alignment with standards” “Purchased resources (tools) for the students to create projects in woodworking and metal working side of manufacturing” “Funded teacher to take summer class (expenses) related to new course development” “Did research project with local business to test Omega 3 on chickens” “Update curriculum to maintain transcripted credit with (technical college).” “Purchased tools for student us when disassembling and reassembling small engines.”

9 What is Continuing? Articulation Agreements with the Technical Colleges This includes both CTE and General Education Courses

10 What is Continuing? Available Resources: Cheese Vat GPS Units Staff Assistance Dan Taft, CESA 10

11 Professional Development Offerings October 7 – WAAE/Ag Educators at CESA 10 November 4 – FCE/HO at CESA 10 Pending: BIT & Tech Ed sessions Writing of SLOs March & April Sessions planned To stay in the loop of current educational practices, I consider PD mandatory for CTE teachers!

12 Professional Development Offerings What else do you believe you and your district colleagues need? ?

13 Wisconsin Career Pathways Web Site Project How many POSs has your district entered on this system?

14 What is New with Perkins Funding? Federal Guidelines & DPI Interpretations No funding is allowed to support students in their student CTE organizations or other competitive events Capital items are required to be purchased by the fiscal agent (CESA 10) and remain in their inventory Decision by District Superintendents: No Capital Items will be purchased with Perkins Local allocation formula has changed to provide district equity

15 Allocation Formula Change State Allocation based on state formula Planning amounts are known now Final amount – December? Previous CESA 10 Method Districts received 90% of State Allocation Districts also paid a Service Contract Flat Fee New Method – Effective 2014-15 Districts receive 55% of allocation No service fee is paid by district No district will receive less funding for this year

16 Allocation Formula Change Why the change? Inequitable to small districts – paying a higher share Perkins guidelines have changed

17 “What about OUR programs? We are receiving less Perkins!” Districts now have ‘freed up’ local funds that could/should be available to your programs Districts could/should use local funding to support student organizations Districts could/should use local funding to support purchase of capital items

18 Allocation Formula Change District State Planning Allocation for 2014-15 Prior: 90% Prior: Service Contract Fee Prior: District Net Funding NEW: 55% Allocation* Abbotsford7,6156,8543,0763,778˄ $4,188 Bruce6,4975,8473,0762,924˄ $3,573 Colby12,68411,4163,0768,340$8,340 Lake Holcombe 3,6513,2863,076210˄ $2,008 Thorp10,0459,0413,0765,965$5,965 NOTE: For this year, no district will receive less than previous formula. 14 districts are receiving more; 12 districts will receive the same

19 Perkins Plan & Budget Process a new process this year! A plan with defined goals is required. An integrated Excel spreadsheet will be used.

20 Perkins Plan & Budget Process a new process this year! Planning Step 1 Confirming Step 2 Submitting Step 3

21 Step 1 - Planning Team Meeting Update staff with Perkins changes Review POS published list Provide due dates to your colleagues, if you choose Brainstorm Plan & Budget What are the ultimate goals of the CTE departments and career counseling? Have staff members decided on their SLO? How will the goals be achieved with the allocation? Develop budget. Write SMART goals Goals need to be identified and written for the Perkins Plan TIP: Tie these goals to the educator’s SLO.

22 Funding linked to Programs of Study & Career Development Required: Perkins Funding linked to POS Implementation Stage Refinement Stage Any changes in teacher assignment/curriculum offerings must be modified on posted POSs Required: Posted to Required:All expenditures coded in Accounting Not Allowed:Development Stage – Cannot use Perkins to fund

23 Certified Work-Based Learning Programs Employability Skills Certificate Program – DPI to register Certified Coop Programs – DPI to register Youth Apprenticeship Programs – Chippewa Valley YA Consortium Registrations & Education/Training Agreements due on/before October 31, 2014 Forms on CESA website Services/Instructional Services/ Career & Technical Education/Certified WBL programs Email to Judy Doro Funding for each registered YA will be determined by total number of students enrolled. Business / Industry Sponsored Programs

24 Work-Based Learning Programs New State Funding!! Maximum of $1,000/student who earned a WBL Certificate Could be less based on number of qualified students 2014 Graduates Application due October 31 st to DPI Qualifying list of certifications on DPI CTE home page Develop system now for 2015 Graduates Maintain file of Certificates as they are earned

25 Step 2 - Confirming Meet with Principal & Bookkeeper Review the Team Plan and proposed budget Clarify accounting codes Enter Plan & Budget into Excel file

26 Step 3 - Submitting Save File: DistrictName FY15 Perkins Budget Abbotsford FY15 Perkins Budget OwenWithee FY15 Perkins Budget CTE Summary Page Page printed Page signed by Perkins Designee AND HS Principal/Admin Original page sent to Judy (van service or snail mail) File emailed to Judy

27 Plan Approval Process File received by Judy Application reviewed by Candy Approved as submitted Clarification requested Clarified application approved Approval given to Judy Original CTE Summary Page remains at CESA for audit Approval will be scanned and emailed to Designee and District Bookkeeper

28 Plan/Budget Modifications Request emailed to Candy District provides: Description of requested change Explanation of what will NOT happen with adjustment Reviewed by Candy Clarification requested, if applicable Approval emailed to Designee and District Bookkeeper Deadline for modifications – May 30, 2015 ?? QUESTIONS??

29 Excel File – Let’s Take A Look Tabs Instructions Review the Notes/Hints Suggested Allowable Funding Definitions Fed & WI Indicators – Big Focus for this Year POS Abbreviations CPA Summary Page Career Counseling Detail POS 1 Detail > POS 5 Detail Demonstration of locked and linked cells.

30 Templated & Protected Excel File Let’s Take A Closer Look & Get Started! Save file on your computer Open the file “Save As” DistrictName FY 15 Perkins Budget – Final file “Save As” Sample Perkins Budget – Use as “play around” file Click on each TAB to acquaint yourself with content WORK TIME Go to CPA Summary Page Enter data into cells as we go along Federal Indicators & State Measures Compliance Report

31 Resources: On the CESA 10 Website PowerPoint for reference Calendar of Due Dates Report forms Links to the DPI pages Coming to you via email Perkins Plan/Budget Excel File You got it today – this can be a back-up if you need.

32 Work-Based Learning Resource Presenting Skills Gap Study Report – 2013 Resulting Recommendation / Action Taken Pat Trowbridge Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp.

33 Other Items? Questions?

34 Contacts Program Support/Questions Candy Lund 715-720-2037 Dan Taft Submitting Plans/Budgets/Reports/Claims Judy Doro 715-720-2038

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