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Speaking on Special Occasions

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1 Speaking on Special Occasions
Chapter 19

2 Speeches of Introduction
Give audience sense of unique perspective of person being introduced Welcome & make audience familiar with an event

3 Goals of Introductory Speeches
Acquaint audience with person, event or both Establish credibility of person or event being introduced Generate enthusiasm for person, event or both

4 Guidelines for Speech of Introduction
Be brief Be accurate Be appropriate

5 Commemorative Speeches
Praise, honor, recognize, or pay tribute to person, event, idea or institution

6 Speech of Tribute Given to honor someone

7 Student Video Example Tara Flanagan; Tribute Speech (partial)
(1 min. 8 sec.) Click image to play video; “alt” & “enter” keys for full screen. Windows Media Player required (Preparation outline p. 418)

8 Speech of Award Present a specific award & describe why that person is receiving the award

9 Goals of Commemorative Speech
Help audience appreciate importance of person, event, idea or institution Illustrate person’s unique achievements or special impact of event, idea or institution

10 Guidelines for Commemorative Speech
Share what is unique & special Express sincere appreciation Tell the truth

11 Acceptance Speech Acknowledge gratitude, appreciation, & pleasure at receiving an honor or gift

12 Goals of Acceptance Speech
Thank audience & organization Show awareness of significance of award Acknowledge people who helped accomplish what honor is for

13 Guidelines for Acceptance Speech
Understand purpose of award Recognize others Respect time limitations

14 Speech to Entertain Lighthearted
Addresses issues or ideas in humorous way

15 Goals of Speech to Entertain
Entertain the audience Make the audience think Check Web Link 19.2: The Risky Business of Using Humor at the Invitation to Public Speaking website.

16 Guidelines for Speech to Entertain
Use humor carefully Speak about meaningful issues Pay careful attention to your delivery

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