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Retailer FAQ Info.

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1 Retailer FAQ Info





























30 1. Can a new retailer build a new web site or add Lip Ink® Products to their web site and sell them any place on the Internet? No, however Lip Ink retailers do have the option of requesting approval for the Lip Ink affiliate program by contacting the Lip Ink Corporate office located at: Lip Ink International 105 El Segundo Ave El Segundo, CA 90245 310/414-9246 M-F 8am - 5pm PST 2. Are Lip-Ink® products safe? Yes, all Lip Ink products have been approved by the CTFA the Cosmetics, Toiletries, Fragrance Association. All pigments have been FDA approved and all other ingredients meet all the VOC emissions guidelines, made from natural, organic renewable source ingredients, completely free of parabens, glycols, wax and petroleum products. They are vegan/kosher, earth friendly and we recycle whenever possible. 3. What are my purchasing requirements for my initial purchase and purchases thereafter to stay active as a Lip Ink® retailer and receive retailer discounts on retailer purchases of product? All new Lip Ink retailers are required to make an initial purchase of $1,500 on product in their opening order, upon signing their retailer agreement once they have read the policies and procedures and agree to the terms. Once approved, Lip Ink Intl. issues a retailer number. Each following year a $1,500 accumulation of payments for Lip Ink products will be required on or before the close of each new calendar year. Your first year is prorated to the year-end. Adjusting your first renewal purchase of the next year. 4. Who pays shipping fees? Each retailer pays for his or her own shipping. Products are sent by Fed Ex only unless the retailer arranges for a pick up with shipper. There is no discounting or free shipping to retailers. 5. What are the discounts for purchasing Lip Ink® products for resale? In your initial sign up package you will find a P-1 sell sheet providing all discounting relevant to retailers for their bulk purchasing. 6. If I sell outside of California, do I need a resale number to avoid sales tax? No, only if you live in California or products are shipped to California. 7. Can I set up and work trade shows and do I need a retail location to be listed on the Lip Ink® corporate website? The answer is yes to both questions. You will be required to complete a form in your retailer sign up package to be approved showing you have a retail location. Once approved you will be added to the corporate store locator. We encourage all retailers to work Trade shows, it not only is the best way for demonstrating our product line, and it also helps you grow your customer base in the most efficient method. Our customer care department at our corporate offices can walk you through the procedures of setting up and working your first trade show. 8. How do I take care of customer returns? Review the procedures of returns in your retailer sign up package then if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the customer care department during our posted business hours. Retailers must follow the returns guidelines located in your retailer policy and procedures manual in order to send back customer returns and damaged products. No other returns will be approved. No returns will be accepted without a RMA 9. How do I get the training I need on the Lip Ink® product line? A training DVD is provided in your initial retailer sign up package along with other material that will acquaint you with the Lip Ink Product line. There are further videos that can be viewed on the corporate site along with expanded information for you to review. We encourage you to call the customer care department during our posted business hours so that we may assist you in answering any further questions. 10. I want to make sure I am aligned behind the mission, vision and philosophy of Lip Ink®, where can I find out this information? Our mission, vision and philosophy are our daily mantras by which we run the company. They are located on the corporate web site and in your Retailer packet. We encourage you to read them and join us in our quest. 11. How can I reactivate if I do not purchase the minimums but I am ready now? In order to start once again, you will need to start from the beginning. You must start with purchasing the registration kit. 12. Is the registration fee refundable? No, once you purchase the registration kit it is not refundable. The cost covers administrative fees and materials costs. 13. Can I get exclusivity in my area? No, as of yet we do not offer any exclusivity unless we have a written agreement with you. 14. Do you offer net terms pay? Payments are cash and carry on credit card, secured business check or in cash. Lip Ink International does not have terms available for net pay. Click the space bar to view all Questions and Answers

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