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Pointers for Reading Aloud

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1 Pointers for Reading Aloud
Capture your audience!

2 Why read aloud? Reading aloud makes literature communal.
Reading aloud brings life to a text. Reading aloud adds to comprehension.

3 How to read aloud effectively: MEANING
Mind the language Make the words sound as they mean. What are some different meanings that can be made of Ophelia’s words to her father, just by changing intonation and emphasis? “I shall obey, my lord” ( ).

4 Practice Meanings Say the word “wild” to mean: an amazing trapeze act
unruly children threatening weather untamed cats a bright color

5 More practice, meanings
Take the phrase, “What did you say?” Say it as if you were: curious disbelieving a parent responding to a child who has just talked back to you

6 How to read aloud effectively: VOLUME
Adjust volume of your voice to the room. Speak to the back wall of your space, not the front row.

7 How to read aloud effectively: PACE
Sloooow down. Practice: Take a cutting of text that is 150 words. Use one full minute to read the150 words aloud. This is the ideal speed for reading aloud. In general, speak slower than you think you should, when reading aloud. However, if the text calls for it, quicken your pace, and then relax it.

8 How to read aloud effectively: PITCH
Varying pitch expressively is called “intonation”. Practice: Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your nose. Hum from your highest to your lowest note. Be aware of the placement of sound, where it resonates in your body. Use ranges above and below your middle note, to give expression to your reading. Without a range in your voice (that is, speaking in a monotone) you will “drone” and your audience will lose interest.

9 How to read aloud effectively: NARRATION
Reading a story aloud should sound no different than the way you tell a friend about a special event in your day. Acquaint yourself with the text so that you can be connected and animated, not hesitant and halting.

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