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3 3 Sr. No DETAILS Page No 01 SECTION - A 02 -03 02 SECTION - B 04-06 03 SECTION - C 07-09 04 SECTION - D 10-11 05 SECTION - E 12-13 06 SECTION - F 14-15 07 SECTION - G 16 08 ANNEXURE TO IDP 17 09 ANNEXURE SECTION –C-(IV)-(2) 18 INDEX

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5 5 1S TATE /UTMaharashtra 2ITI(Name/ Address)INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, RAJAPUR At-Hardi Post-- Tal-Rajapur District - Ratnagiri 3Name of Principal:Shri- B.V.Phadtare. Contact details- Phone:02353-222541 Fax: Email:E-Mail : 4Industry Partner (Name/ Address)M/s. Ispat Industries Limited Geetapuram Dolvi Taluka –Pen, Dist- Raigad Pin Code No. 402107 Details of Nodal officer (Name/Address) Mrs. Uma Narendra M/s. Ispat Industries Limited Geetapuram Dolvi Taluka –Pen, Dist- Raigad Pin Code No. 402107 Designation in parent org.:Vice President (HR & Training) Contact details- Phone:02143-277501-515 Mobile-9819390693 Fax:02143-277533,277542 SECTION-A: INFORMATION ABOUT IMC OF ITI

6 6 5IMC Chairman (Name/ Address) Shri. Pradeep Gopalrao Pande CASABLANCA Sector11,CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai-400614 Designation in parent org.: President – Human Resources Contact details- Phone: 022 - 27582876 Fax:022 - 27562280 Email:Pradeep_pande @ 6Affiliation of Industry Partner FICCI 7Details of Contact Person of above Industry body at: Local level State level National level Shri. S.S. Khopkar,Dy.Manager (HRD) M/S Ispat Industries Limited Geetapuram Dolvi Taluka – Pen, District- Raigad Pin Code No. 402107 Mr. Manoj Sharma,V.P. Ispat Industries Ltd., Kalmeshwar, Dist- Nagpur Mr. Anil Sharma, Director Corp.Affairs. 312/317, 3 rd Floor, Hotel Ashoka, Chanekyapura, New Delhi -21 8Details of Bank Account of IMC Society- Account No: Bank & Branch:

7 7 Composition of Institute Management Committee (IMC) Sr. No Name of member Additional information about the member 1 Chairman of the IMC Shri. Pradeep Pande President–Human Resources Ispat Industries Limited, C.B.D.Belapur, Navi Mumbai 2 Secretary of the IMC (Principal of ITI) Shri-B.V. Phadtare. Principal, Industrial Training Institute Rajapur Members nominated by Ind.Partner 3 Member 1 Shri Gadre D.P. Prop. Gadre Marine Exports, Ratnagiri 4 Member 2 Shri Sawant R.P. Prop.GaneshMetal Industries, Ratnagiri 5 Member 3 Shri Mulye S.S. DGM, Finolex industries Ltd,Ratnagiri

8 8 6 Member 4 Shri. Pednekar S. P. Prop. Pednekar Industries, Ratnagiri. Members nominated by State Govt. 7 Member 1 Dr.Shri.R.R. Asawa Joint Director, Vocational Education & Training, R.O. Bandra (E)Mumbai-51 Mob.9422163700, Ph.No.0222640216 8 Member 2 Shri. V.S. Malkar Assitt.Director of District Employment & Self Employment Gaidence Centre, Ratnagiri 9 Member 3 Shri-B.V. Phadtare. I/c.Head Master Govt.Tech.High School, Rajapur 10 Member 4 Shri. S.Y. Kadri Craft Instructor,(Diesel Mech.) I.T.I. Rajapur 11 Member 5 Smt. P.M.Sane, Craft Instructor (Electronics Mech.) I.T.I. Rajapur

9 9 ( Details SECTION-B: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE DETAILS OF THE EXISTING ITI: 1.Year of Establishment:AUGUST,1996 2.Affiliation Number given by DGE&T Tradewise Details Sr.No. Name of Trade & No.Of UnitStarting YearAffiliation Number & w.e.f. 1.Electrician -01Aug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C.(PT) w.e.f.Aug.1996 2.Mech.Refrigeration & Air Coditioner Aug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C. w.e.f.Aug.1996 3.Electronic MechanicAug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C.(PT) w.e.f.Aug.1996 4.Diesel Mechanic - 01Aug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C.(PT) w.e.f.Aug.1996 5.Sheet Metal Worker-01Aug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C.(PT) w.e.f.Aug.1996 6.Dress MakingAug.1996DGET-/12.02.97 T.C.(PT) w.e.f.Aug.1996

10 10 3.Building/ Premises : (Owned/ Rented) At present The Institute is established in the building constructed for GTHS Rajapur. 4. Total land Area (in Sq. m) 0.82 Hectors 5. Total Constructed area: (in sq.mts) Office : 30.00 sqm Workshop : 1186 sqm Hostel : 0.0 sqm Types of industries available in the region : F ISHRISE INDUSTRY, F ABRICATION,C EMENT,S HIP B UILDING Whether Placement cell available in ITI : YES Percentage of passed out trainees employed/self employed during last two years – 80 % Trades having high employment potential in the region : Welder, Fitter, Mech.Diesel, Electrician, Mech.Motor Vehicle,RAC, Marine fitter, Cutting & Tailoring,Sheet Metal Worker Trades having low employment potential in the region : Plumber, Carpenter, Dress Making Total yearly fees collected from trainees (average of last two years) ---- Rs---7000/-

11 11 ) Revenue generated during last two years through other sources/ activities (Pl specify)-----Rs.12500/- (Year_2006-07) Rs.10500/-. (Year_2007-08) Trainees Details (Trainees as on date ) Total Number MalesFemales Scheduled CasteScheduled TribeOBC MalesFemalesMalesFemalesMalesFemales 1051010406-- 2502

12 12 ( ( Trade details: Trades available in ITIs No. of traineesInstructors AvailabilityTraining (out of filled posts) No.of Units 1st year2n d yearSanctione d FilledvacantTotalTraineduntrained NCVT 1234567891011 1Mech. Diesel 0121--1601--01 -- 2Sheet Metal Worker 0121--1601--01 -- 3Dress Making 0100--1601--01 -- 4 Mech. Ref. & Air Cond. 01 21-- 01--01--01 5Electricia n 0121151601--01--01 6Electronic s Mechanics 0121121601--01--01 Others Maths. Drg. Instruct or -- 01--01--01 SCVT 1. 2.

13 13 3. Others Total06105--96 07--070304 15. 15. Expenditure details: (Rs in Lakh) Expenditure of last two years Exp for the Year 2006-07Exp for the Year 2007-08 RecurringNon recurringRecurringNon recurring 19.560.1025.580.15

14 14 SECTION C: SUMMARY OF THE FUTURE PLAN FOR UPGRADATIUON OF ITI: (I) Skill requirements of the region How the skill needs of the region has been determined Though study/surve : Yes Data collected from - : DIC, Industrial Association, Various Industries Skill requirement For the region For outside the region which can be met by the ITI Short term Mechanical,Electrical, Civil, Garments 150 Nos. each Sector Mechanical,Electrical,Civil, Garments 50 Nos. each Sector Medium term Mechanical,Electrical, I.T.Electronics, 200 Nos. each Sector Mechanical,Electrical, I.T.Electronics, 100 Nos. each Sector Long term Mechanical,Electrical, Telecommunication,I.T. 300 Nos. each Sector Mechanical,Electrical, Telecommunication,I.T.150 Nos. each Sector

15 15 II) Proposed changes in training programmes: Upgrade the ITI into a Centre of Excellence in …Nil …. trade sector. Upgrade the ITI into a Centre of Excellence in …Nil …. trade sector. Upgrade the following existing trades. List of existing Trades No. of units Mech. Refrigeration & Air Cond. 01 Electrician 01 Mech. Diesel 01 Electronic Mech. 01 Sheet Metal Worker 01

16 16 ( Add the following new trades. List of Trades No. of units Marine Fitter 01 Welder (Gas & Elect.). 01 Motor Mech. 01 IT & Esm 01 Cutting & Tailering 01  Delete the following existing trades List of Trade No. of units Dress Making 01 (III) Details of the additional resources required and the total loan amount sought by the IMC society under this scheme: (III) Details of the additional resources required: ItemFor CoEFor upgradationFor New tradesTotal Civil works-- 2525.00 Equipment furniture learning material etc. -- --- 151167318 Recurring expenditure ---167.668.10235.70 Total--318.6285.10578.7 1.Manner in which above amount is proposed to be used: (Rs in lakhs)(for five years)

17 17 S NoTradeInstructorsOther staff 1 Marine Fitter01Group Instructor-01 Maths.Drg.Instructor 01 COMPUTER PROGRAMMER - 01 SENIOR CLERK - 01 JUNIOR CLERK - 01 CLASS IV - 02 2 Welder (Gas & Elect.)01 3 Motor Mech.01 4 IT & Esm 01 5 Cutting & Tailoring 01 6 Electrician01 7 Mech.Diesel01 8 Electronices Mech.01 9 Sheet Metal Worker01 10 Mech.Ref.& Air Condi.01 IV) Details of any revenue generating facilities proposed to be set up in the ITI: (1). Whether any Business Plan to generate revenue has been prepared?------- YES (2). If yes, please give the details interalia indicating the year when the facilities for the same is envisaged to be developed, funds requirement & how the expenditure is likely to be met, etc. in a separate Annexure. (V) Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) The details to the Key Performance Indicators set as targets under this scheme during next five years are as follows:

18 18 Sl. No.Key Performance Indicators Base line in the year of release of loan Target for the year next to loan release year for 2 nd year for 3 rd year for 4 th year for 5 th year 2008-20092009-102010-112011-122012-132013-14 1.% of applications as compared to no. of seats 200%300%350%400%450%500% 2.% of enrolments as compared to no. of seats 98%100% 3.% of dropout as compared to no. of enrolments 02%00% 4.% of students passed out compared to enroll students 65%75%80%85%95%100% 5.% of passed out students employed/ self employed within one year of pass out 60%70%75%80%90%100% 6.Average monthly income of the employed/self employed students. Rs.1500/-Rs.2000/-Rs.2500/-Rs.4000/Rs.4500/-Rs.5000/

19 19 SECTION D: DESCRIPTION OF THE MEASURES FOR IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF THE INSTITUTE (a)What changes would you like to introduce for better management of theITI? Management Information System (MIS) and Quality Management System will be implemented more effectively and efficientlly. Co-ordinating with Industries for sharing of technology and resources. Computerisation of office system and networking. Designing a good record keeping system of students & staff continuously updating. Establishment of web-based training and placement cell with electronic linkage with other training and placement cells. Providing internet to students & staff. Principal will undergo at least one training every year in Human Resource Management, Management of Training, Financial Training or infrastructure Management will be trained in accordance with the advanced communication skill, personality development and knowledge of computer technology.

20 20 ( b) What sort of training do teaching and non-teaching staff of the ITI require?  Teaching use of computer/LCD projector for modern teaching  Improving communication skill.  The office staff will be given full-fledged advance training of using and operating modern computerized systems  The instructors should be given advanced training for the modern machinery being procured. Such training must be given at manufacturers’ site and should be given online job training  Compulsory training in use of computer/internet & improving Pedagogical techniques to teachers. ( c) What improvements in teaching and learning resources does the ITI require?  Upgradation of Present Library facilities in the Institute.  To gear up the interaction with industries to enhance the knowledge of the advanced and sophisticated technology to existing staff which can be disseminated to trainees.  Good environment in class room with comfortable furniture.  Improving the skill teaching Staff by deputing to reputed industries, R&D organisations, DGE&T field Institutes etc.  Renovation of workshop & replacement of outdated machinery. ( d)Can you improve the number of female students in ITI courses? How would this be done?  By providing Free education to girls.  Setting up a separate hostel building for girls  Introduction of female oriented courses like Fashion Technology etc.  Awareness campaign will be arranged especially for girls in Highschools with the help of Staff. ( (e) Can you improve the number of students from disadvantaged background in the ITI courses? How would this be done? Can be improved by keeping a fixed quota of seats for such students A separate unit/trade may be introduced for such students. wide publicity of available trades may be given in areas where from such students are located.Awareness campaign will be arranged through the help of local bodies Awarding stipend to all such students. ( f) How can you improve your linkages with the local labour market? Do you need to improve your linkages with labour markets outside your locality and if yes, how could you go about it?  The system of seeking regular feedback from the employer in connection with the performance of the trainees.  Improving employabilities of the passed outs by introducing job oriented courses, communication skill training etc.  Launching institute’s own website giving transferent information and ready access.  Inviting employers for campus interview.

21 21 If Yes: Which trade sector do you prefer? ------ Why did you choose this sector? ------ SECTION E: ACTION PLAN FOR UPGRADATION (a) Do you intend to establish a Centre of Excellence? … No o Mech. Refrigeration & Air Cond. o Electrician o Mech. Diesel o Electronic Mech. o Sheet Metal Worker Why did you choose these trades? At present these trades are running in this ITI & there is good response for admission. If these Trades are upgraded, better training will be imparted to the student. (i) Civil works – describe and justify any civil works you want to undertake. Not Applicable (ii)Equipment, Tools & other items– describe and justify all goods you want to procure. (a)Equipment 1) All current running trades are planned for the upgradations. There is about 20% deficiency in Machinery & Tools asper the std.norms, in the existing trades. These deficiencies will be covered up by purchasing the same. 2) For additional Units Planned to start in the programme additional tool kits are required for the trainees. Same will be purchased. 3) A new units of Motor Mech., I.T.& Esm will be introduced. Hence all required equipments & tools as per standard list will be purchased. (b) Furniture Most of the existing furniture is old & replaceable. Hence new duel desks, table & chairs, additional cupboards, racks are proposed to be purchased. Some additional fabricator structures as well as falls sealing are proposed for renewation of existing rooms. (a)Books, Learning Resources and Software Glass Boards for class rooms, additional computers, L.C.D. Projector, and various softwares related to trades are proposed to be purchased.

22 22 (i)Training of Teaching Staff  Teaching Staff will be well equipped by providing adequate advance Training facilities and Staff will acquaint with High Tech.Modern Machinery within the limited span.  Adequate arrangements to invite the guest lecturers in consistant with latest KnowHow will be made at the Institutional level.  Periodical departmental training Programmes may be arranged for all categories of staff.  Aforesaid training is much required as instructors are trained on old machinery and equipment and though they are trying to acquire higher skills, it is necessary to impart advance full-fledged training before the start teaching the same to students. (i)Training of Non-Teaching Staff  The training to office staff is essential as the medium of sending and receiving information is changing. This is the era of governance. The staff is though aware of this and using their available knowledge to the be st,it is required to train them scientifically.  As the new Trades are introduced, The Qualified Faculties as per norms are required and for smooth implementation of the Scheme the Administrative Staff is much needed. (e)  As the new Trades are introduced, The consumables and Training Materials as per DGET Syllabus norms are required.

23 23 Year 1Year 2Ye ar 3 Year 4Year 5Total Non-recurring costs 1Civil Works-- 2Equipment-- 3Furniture-- 4Books, Learning Resources and Software etc -- 5Sub Total(1+2+3+4)-- Recurring Costs 6Additional manpower-- 7Consumables, Maintenance and Training Materials -- 8Misc Exp.(Pl specify)-- 9Sub Total (6+7+8)-- TOTAL(5+9)-- ) SECTION F: YEARWISE BREAKUP OF RESOURCES REQUIRED (I) What finances do you need to procure the resources you described in the previous section? for CoE (a)(figures in lakh of Rupees)

24 24 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total Non-recurring costs 1Civil Works --- 2Equipment 30 24 20128 3Furniture 4442216 4Books, Learning Resources and Software etc 21.5 117 5Sub Total(1+2+3+4) 3635.529.52723151 Recurring Costs 6Additional manpower 2426293236147 7Consumables, Maintenance and Training Materials 3.12 15.6 8Misc Exp. (Pl specify) 111115 9Sub Total (6+7+8) 28.1230.1233.1236.1240.12167.6 TOTAL(5+9) 64.1265.6262.6263.12 318.6 ( b) for Upgradation of trades:

25 25 Year 1Year 2Year 3 Year 4 Year 5Total Non-recurring costs 1Civil Works10 5-- 25.00 2Equipment50 20 160.00 3Furniture1.20 0.6------3.00 4Books, Learning Resources and Software etc 111115 5Sub Total(1+2+3+4)62.2 25.621 192 Recurring Costs 6Additional manpower8910111250 7Consumables, Maintenance and Training Materials 3.12 15.60 8Misc Exp. (Pl specify)0.5 2.50 9Sub Total (6+7+8)11.6212.6213.6214.6215.6268.1 TOTAL(5+9)73.8274.8239.2235.6236.62260 (c) for new trades : © for new trades

26 26 Year 1Year 2Year 3Yea r 4 Year 5Total Non-recurring costs 1Civil Works10 05-- 25 2Equipment80 44 40288 3Furniture5.2 4.62219 4Books, Learning Resources and Software etc 32.5 2212 5Sub Total(1+2+3+4)98.297.755.14844343 Recurring Costs 6Additional manpower3235394348 197 7Consumables, Maintenance and Training Materials 6.24 31.2 8Misc Exp. (Pl specify)1.5 7.5 9Sub Total (6+7+8)39.7442.7446.7450.7455.74235.7 TOTAL(5+9)137.94140.44101.8498.7499.74578.7 TOTAL requirement of funds (a)+ (b)+(c)

27 27 a)How do you see the future of the Institute and what action would you suggest for achieving its growth and sustainability. a.Release of multi-skilled workforce of world class standard suitable for the competetive world Labour Market. b.Quality infrastructure with quality training in real theme of COE. c.Modernised Laboratories with linkage to the industries in the manufactuting and service sector. SECTION 6 : MISCLLANEOUS b) Any outstanding achievements/ success stories of the Institute? Nil Besides the information asked for in this proforma, if any other relevant information is to be submitted, it may be enclosed) Chairman ITI Principal(Secretary of IMC) Institute Management Committee (B.V.PHADTARE) Principal (Pradeep Pande) Industrial Training Institute President- Human Resources Rajapur – 415702 Ispat Industries Limited Belapur, Navi Mumbai- 400614

28 28 Sl.No. Name of the Instructional Staff Educational/Technical Qualification Email ID Mobile No./Phone No. Instructor in which Area and how long Is the Instructor Trained in Principles of Teaching-POT (Yes/No) Is the Instructor Trained in Trade area(s) (Yes/No) abcdefgh 1Shri.S.Y.KADRIS.S.C.Pass, I.T.I.Pass (Mech. Diesel C.T.I. Pass, ----- 9423876889 Craft Instructo r Yes 2,, M.L. TambeS.S.C.Pass, I.T.I.Pass (Mech.R.A.C. Pass) NCTVT, ----- 9422433714--,,--No 3,, B.P. NaruteS.S.C.Pass, I.T.I.Pass (Sheet Metal Worker C.T.I. Pass, ----- 9922828679--,,--NoYes 4Smt. P.M. SaneDiploma in Electronics & Telecommunication ----- 9423292299--,,--No 5Smt. S.D. DhandarS.S.C.Pass, I.T.I.Pass (Dress Making Pass, ------ 9423303178--,,--NoYes 6Shri. R.A. JoshiDiploma in Mechanical ----- 9423877900 Maths.dr g. instr. No Annexure to IDP Details of the Instructional Staff in the Institute

29 29 Annexure Section – C –(iv)-(2) After implementation of Up gradation of ITI through Public Private Partnership, the infrastructure of the institute and quality of training will be better, Hence the following additional schemes can be implemented in order to generate additional revenue, in the second year i.e.2009-10 Production Oriented Training Scheme – Various Job orders for production of small parts & articles etc: repairs & maintenance work will be obtained from local small scale Industries. Domestic repairs work like electrical fitting, wiring,Plumbing work & repairs order etc. will be accepted. The revenue generated from this will be contributed to IMC funds. Short Term Courses - Various short term courses related to the trades in the ITI will be formed according to local needs. These courses will be offered to local unskilled and non technical candidates, in order to develop their technical skill, which can be helpful to the for the self employment. The expenditure required in running this scheme will be met from the fees collected from the candidates. The profit amount will be contributed to IMC funds.

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