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1242.2219 Information System Economics Prof. Phillip Ein-Dor room 328 phone: 6406343 class hours: Thursday 14:15-15:30 office hours:

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1 Information System Economics Prof. Phillip Ein-Dor room 328 phone: class hours: Thursday 14:15-15:30 office hours: Thursday !7:00-18:00 Faculty of Management

2 Course Objectives The objectives of this course are to acquaint students with the issues involved in information system management and to prepare them to manage such systems in the future. This will be accomplished by examining the many aspects of information system management.Thus, we will attempt to answer the questions what, why, and how. SYLLABUS

3 Requirements for Course Completion In order to satisfy the requirements for course completion students will be required to prepare a number of exercises and/or case studies, to complete and report on a group project, and to pass a final examination. Grades will be weighted as follows: Exercises and case studies50% Group project and report 50% Total 100% SYLLABUS (cont’d)

4 Readings The text for this course is: McNurlin, Barbara C. and Ralph H. Sprague, Jr. Information Systems Management in Practice, 4 th ed. Prentice-Hall, Some additional readings are: Borovits, I and P. Ein-Dor. "Cost/Utilization: A Measure of System Performance." Communications of the ACM 20, 3 (March 1977): P. Ein-Dor and E. Segev. "A Classification of Information Systems: Analysis and Interpretation." Information Systems Research. 4, 2 (June 1993): SYLLABUS (cont’d)

5 Topics The topics to be covered and the order of presentation are as below. Unless otherwise specifies, readings refer to the course text. #Topic Text/Reading 1Introductionchapter 1 2Technology Managementchapters 6, 11, 12 3Maintaining balanceBorovits and Ein-Dor, Acquisition Management 5Strategy and planningchapters 3-4 6Information Managementchapter 7 7Portfolio Managementchapters Ein-Dor and Segev, 1993 SYLLABUS (cont’d)

6 More Topics #Topic Text/Reading 8People Managementchapter 17 9Project Managementchapters Maintenancechapter 10, pp Operations Managementchapter 8 SYLLABUS (cont’d)

7 INTRODUCTION Why is IS management a problem? Cycle inconsistencies – internal, external Evaluation problems Multiple elements of IS management Pace of technological change Dependence on others (vendors,managers,users) Maintaining balance

8 INTRODUCTION What are the solutions? Evaluation Environmental scanning Planning Cooptation

9 TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Hardware Software Communications Networks Relativity of infrastructure

10 MAINTAINING BALANCE Why is balance important? Levels and aspects of balance Hardware system Software Communications Personnel System Dependence on measurement

11 ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT Insourcing vs. outsourcing Development Operations Personnel Evaluating bids – problem of multiple dimensions Beauty contest/price bid

12 STRATEGY AND PLANNING What is the role of IS in the organization? Operations Support Strategic advantage

13 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Data Information Knowledge Intelligence ?

14 PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT What kinds of systems? 1-20 Systems at what stage?

15 PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Not only in narrow sense: IS personnel Users Managers

16 PROJECT MANAGEMENT The problem – high failure rate Budget Schedule Performance Success/failure of project vs. system

17 MAINTENANCE The importance of maintenance Keeping systems alive Adapting systems Replacing systems The high cost of maintenance The high cost of insufficient maintenance

18 OPERATIONS Prioritizing Efficiency vs. effectiveness

19 Summary Technology management System balance Acquisition Strategy and planning Portfolio management Personnel management Project management Maintenance Operations

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