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Making Europe happen since 1998 Summer University.

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1 Making Europe happen since 1998 Summer University

2 What is Summer University Summer University is usually a two-week event organised by an AEGEE local where between 20 and 50 students come together from all over Europe. Summer Universities are organised by students for students. The Summer University Project aims at opening a new perspective to the participants over the multicultural dimension of the European continent. It also promotes understanding among European students, removing national borders and creating a European feeling.

3 In NUMBERS AEGEE´s biggest and oldest project Established in 1988 Around 90 Events every year Ca. 160 AEGEE locals involved Around 5000 applicants yearly About 2500 places offered Events from Helsinki to Malta, from Sevilla to Moskva

4 Language Course It lasts 2 weeks and gives the participants the chance to learn a language during at least 16 hours of tuition. Language Course + During its duration of 2-4 week, participants receive at least 20 hours of tuition by professional teachers. Summer Course It's a course about one specific topic, which is not learning a language. Participants receive at least 10 hours tuition, often dealing with practice. Summer Course + Intensive course about specific topics of general European interest. During the time of 2-4 weeks and supported by the university, participants receive at least 20 hours tuition by professional lecturers. Traveling Summer Universities During the 2-4 weeks of cultural trips through Europe, the group stays in at least 4 different places. There is no course provided, the aim of this event is just to enjoy the different life style and culture of a place. Different Types

5 SU Nowadays The Summer University Project was born in 1988 with the intention to promote the European Integration. 1988, July and August: 10 language courses with 320 places are organised. Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Heidelberg, Kiel, Milano, Amsterdam, Orléans, Paris and Toulouse: the story of success begins.... This project is the main tool developed by AEGEE to attain this difficult but fascinating target. Since that time, it has been continuing every year with the participation of more than 90 antennae. It reflects AEGEE’s traditional formula: Acquaint Europeans with Europe. Nowadays: We celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the SU Project! Involving each year 2/3 of the local branches, it became the biggest project within AEGEE. Every summer, about 100 SUs in more than 20 European countries are organised, with an average of over 5000 people applying for the courses. This is not only the oldest but also the biggest and the most successful project in AEGEE

6 What is the SUCT The project is centrally coordinated by the Summer University Co- ordination Team, shortly SUCT: a team of five members located all over Europe, responsible for the good functioning of the project. The current team, elected at the Fall Agora in Napoli in 2006, consists of: Project Manager, Kamala Schuetze (AEGEE-Termoli) Public relations, Virág Szabó (AEGEE-Szeged) Publications, Leon Bakraceski (AEGEE-Skopje) IT Responsible, Fabrizio Fantini (AEGEE-Termoli) And the appointed CD Member: Anna Gabriel (AEGEE-Europe)

7 How can you get involved? For more information, visit our website: Or subscribe to the general SU mailinglist: For asking questions, you can directly approach the SUCT at: And next time, be active in the SU project either on local level or by joining the SUCT after the Fall Agora 2007.


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