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Best Wish For You 万用卡 Unit 5 The power of words The power of words People who are good at words will have power or influence.

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2 Best Wish For You 万用卡 Unit 5 The power of words

3 The power of words People who are good at words will have power or influence.

4 The Power of a Note BeforeBefore reading Global reading Global Detailed reading Detailed After reading After

5 Before reading  The art of communication.  Words are essential to you.  The sentences that affected you.  Compliments and praise.

6 The art of communication  The most important aspect of the art of communication is to know your audiences and to choose the most appropriate words to achieve the desired impact.

7 Words are essential to you

8 The sentences that affected you  The sentence that moved you the most.  The sentence that encouraged you the most.  The sentence that hurt you the most.

9 The sentences that affected you the most

10 Compliments and Praise 返回

11 Part Division  Don Wolf’s uplifting notes made the author confident and many others feel good. Part 1 Para. 1-4

12 Part Division  We all need encouragement and upbeat notes can meet our needs. Part 2 Para. 5-7

13 Part Division  Some very busy people write notes and benefit from his practice. Part 3 Para. 8-10

14 Part Division  How to write notes that lift spirits and warm hearts Part 4 Para. 11-18

15 Part Division An uplifting note make both the receiver and the sender feel good. Part 5 Para.

16 True or false  The author thinks that writing notes is not fruitful if people don’t respond. KEY: F The author was well received by the readers at the very beginning of his job. Very few people write upbeat notes because they are too self-conscious. KEY: T KEY: F

17 True or false KEY: T KEY: F The author prefers note=writing to phone calls. Don’t exaggerate your praise because it makes your note insincere.

18 III. Apply the rules Directions: write an appropriate note in light of the four rules in the text. Situation 1: One of your classmates failed a mathematics mid-term examination. It’s not the end of the world. I’m sure you will get good results in the final. I once failed two courses.

19 Situation12: One of your friends is grieving the death of his\her grandmother.  I’m sorry to hear the sad news. I’m sure she is a wonderful person.

20 Situation 3: It’s your roommate’s birthday. Happy birthday. You are the sweetest person in the world. I miss your company.

21 Situation 4: Your friend’s boyfriend\girlfriend break with her \him. You are always the best in my eyes. Time can cure everything. Be brave.

22 Situation 5: Your friend got a very satisfactory new job. Congratulations. What a good beginning. I wish you success. 返回

23 Detailed reading  I. Difficult sentences could + negative word + 比较节 e.g. I couldn’t have enjoy myself more-it’s perfect. He could hardly have felt more ashamed of himself. 1 、 L5-Because I was teenager (being paid the grand total of 15 cents a column inch), his words couldn’t have been more inspiring.

24 2 、 L7-Whenever I had the right stuff to be a writer, I would reread don’s note and feel confident again. doubt I doubt whether he will attend the meeting. We have no doubt that you will succeed. suspect I suspect him of the murderer. I suspect him to be the murderer.

25 3 、 12-Not surprising, he had a body of friends as nearby lake Erie. A body of = a group of

26 4 、 L18-and a few lines of praise have been known to turn around a day, even a life. turn around 1 )转身 2 )使向好的方向发展 Collaboration: turn against turn away turn down turn in turn into 英语中有些动词 ( 如 assume, believe, claim, consider, discover, estimate, find, Know, prove, report, require, think, understand) 常用于被动态 + 动词不定式结构中, 意为人们相信, 认为, 发现, 或据相信, 认为, 发现。 e.g. the house was believed to be haunted. turn off turn on turn out turn over turn to turn up 对 … 采取敌对态度 走开 关小, 拒绝 拐入, 上缴 进入, 使成为 关掉 打开 生产, 结果是 运转, 翻转, 移交 变成, 求助于 出现,发生

27 5 、 L23-it’s far easier to pick up the phone. 程度副词(如 much, far, a lot, a good deal, slightly ) + 比较节,以加强或减弱比较。 e.g. He is a much better dentist than you. It would be a good deal easier if you came to my place.

28 6 、 L25-It is a matter of record, and our words can be read more than once, savored and treasured. a matter of record: a thing established as a fact by being recorded

29 7 、 L29-Throughout his career he has followed up virtually every contact with a cordial response—a compliment, a line of praise or a nod of thanks. Virtually: nearly, almost

30 8 、 L33-Even top corporate managers, who have mostly affected styles of leadership that can be characterized only as tough, cold, aloof, have begun to learn the lesson, and earn the benefits, of writing notes that lift people up. “of writing notes that lift people up”modifies both “the lesson’ and “the benefits”.

31 9 、 L35-Former Ford chairman Donald Peterson, who is largely credit for turning the company around in 1980s, made it a practice to write positive messages to associates every day. credit someone with/for doing something: believe someone has (a quality) or is responsible for (an action)

32 10 、 L44-What does it take to write letters that lift spirits and warm hearts? formal subject: it real subject: to write letters that lift spirits and warm hearts

33 Words and phrases Intrigue Vt. I was intrigued by his request. Fairy-tales intrigue most children. vi. They are intriguing against the government.

34 Reassurance n. 劝慰, 宽慰 She won’t believe it in spite of all our reassurance. Self-conscious Self-sacrificeself-educated Self-controlself-made Self-confidenceself-important Words and phrases

35 v. 1) 以 … 为特征 a. Inner emptiness is characterizes some of the Hollywood pictures. b. Inner emptiness is characteristic of some of the Hollywood pictures. Remember: characterize = be characteristic of 是 … 的特点 character n. 性格,人物 a. He has a good character. b. Her character is good. I have known her for years. characteristic n. 特色 Qingdao has all the characteristics of a typical seaside resort. 青岛是一座具有典型海滨特色的城市。 characterize/ise Words and phrases

36 acquaintance 1) n. 1) 熟人,相识的人 a. He is no more than an acquaintance of me. b. We are only on nodding acquaintance. 我们不过是点头之交。 2) 认识,了解 a. He has some acquaintance with French. b. I have only a limited acquaintance with the matter. Words and phrases acquaint v. 1) be acquainted with sb./sth.: to know sb./sth. slightly a. She is acquainted with me. b. He is but slightly acquainted with classical music. 他对古典音乐只是略知一二。 2) acquaint sb. With (formal): tell, inform a. I’ll acquaint you with the fact.

37 affect v. 1) (广义)影响 a. The area is severely affected by the flood. b. The climate affected his health. 2) (狭义)(在感情方面)感动 a. Sad movies can so affect us that we can cry. b. I was deeply affected by his words. affected adj. 做作的 No one likes effected persons. Difference: affect (v.), effect (n.) Remember: affect= have an effect on Compare: a. Smoking affects your health. b. Smoking has an effect on your health. c. The effect will affect the performance of the device. 这一结果将影响该装置的性能。 Words and phrases

38 Follow up Words and phrases 在此之后干 … e.g. After Mary sent her application letter, she followed it up by going to talk with the personal manager.

39 Make a habit of Words and phrases e.g. She made a habit of going to the cinema every Thursday night. Collaboration: be in the habit of break away from a habit from habit get into the habit of

40 Make somebody’s day Words and phrases e.g. It made the old lady’s day when the children came to see her. Collaboration: day in and day out days marked with a white stone from this day onwards have one’s day the other day to a day without a day 日复一日 幸福的日子 从今日起 走红 不久前的某天 一天不差 无限期

41 Care to: 愿意 Words and phrases e.g. If you care to listen, I will tell it to you. CF: care for /about: 喜欢, 对 … 有兴趣 e.g. she didn’t care for him. 返回

42 IV. After reading: 球迷来信 fan letters I. useful expression 再接再厉 体育编辑 养成习惯 各行各业 keep up the good work sports editor make a habit of all walks of life

43 毫不奇怪 not surprisingly I. useful expression 仿效 打电报的缺点 归功于,归因为 特点是 copy the example of the drawback with phone calls own to be characterized as 振奋人心 放在手边 lift people up keep at hand

44 1. Some say he owes much of his success in politics to his ever-ready pen. 有人说, 他在政治上的成功很大程度上归功于他 那支随时准备写的笔。 2. Whenever I had the right stuff to be a writer, I would reread don’s note and feel confident again. 每当我认为我不是作家的料时,重温一下 唐的便条,我就会又树立起信心。

45 3. We all need boost from time to time. and a few lines of praise have been known to turn around a day, even a life. 我们时不时地需要鼓舞, 大家知道几行赞扬的话会 改变一个人的一天, 甚至一生。 4. Acknowledging some success or good fortune that has happened during the year seems particularly appropriate considering the spirit of the the Christmas season. 鉴于圣诞节的情况, 对一年所取得的成功 与得到的好运特意表示一下赞美和高兴似 乎是最恰到好处的。

46 V. Vocabulary & Structure 1 、 Mrs. Green has been living in town for only one year, yet she seems to be _________ with everyone who comes to the store. a. accepted b. Admitted c. admired d. acquainted key: d 2 、 According to the psychologist Freud, wisdom comes from the _______ of maturity. a. fulfillment b. achievement c. establishment d. accomplishment key: b

47 v. Vocabulary & Structure 3 、 _________, water will dissolve almost everything. a. To give enough time b. Being given time enough c. Given enough time d. Giving enough time key:c 24 、 I want ________ that you should be happy and contented. a. no more than b. anything more than c. nothing more than d. less than key: 5 、 This middle school is ________ to Nanjing University. a. belonging b. attached c. part d. compare key: b

48 v. Vocabulary & Structure 6 、 He will never _______ anything if he doesn’t work. a. achieve b. attain c. contribute d. reach key:b 7 、 My father likes playing golf; he’s really enthusiastic _______ it. a. by b. with c. about d. on key: c 8 、 The goose quill pen has a great _________ appeal in this century’s highly mechanized culture. a. fashion b. sentimental c. monetary d. historic key:

49 v. Vocabulary & Structure 9 、 A writer must not be too _________ to criticism. a. sensible b. sensitive c. sentimental d. senseless key: 10 、 Are you pleased with _______ I have said? a. that b. all that c. all what d. which key: b 11 、 Overwork may ________ the heart. a. have an effect b. influence c. harmful d. affect key: d

50 v. Vocabulary & Structure 12 、 At the moment we can do nothing ______ further instructions. a. except wait for b. except to wait for c. except waiting for d. besides to wait for key:c key: b 14 、 He wished his son to take his duties ___________. a. carefully b. formally c. serious d. seriously key: d 13 、 My brother is ________ to me by 10 years. That’s why I always care about him. a. older b. junior c. senior d. elder

51 v. Vocabulary & Structure 15 、 We just couldn’t make anything _______ his odd behavior at the party. a. of b. out c. up d. for key:a key: b 17 、 he more you practice, the ___________ you play. a. well b. more c. better d. more skillful key: c 16 、 If only I could _______ the impolite words! a. repeat b. unsay c. say d. undo end

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