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1 LOGO Unit Five Unit Five Natural Scenery

2 Contents Teaching Approaches Teaching Focus Time Allocations Teaching Difficulties Teaching Methods Contents Teaching Objectives Teaching Procedures

3 Teaching Objectives Students Understand what and how to introduce natural scenic spots Find ways to improve your writing skills about a welcome speech Master the basic words and expressions about natural scenic spots introduction Students Be familiar with some natural scenic spots

4 Teaching Approaches Homework Introduce background information: Tourist Attractions Listening practice: 2 dialogues Speaking practice: 2 dialogues Some words and expressions about natural scenic spots introduction Passage: Gulangyu Island Approaches Learn writing skills on how to write a welcome speech

5 Focus on Gulangyu Island Natural Scenery Writing: A Welcome Speech Focus on

6 Time Allocations Framework Conceptual A Gulangyu Island 2 periods Natural Scenery 2 periods Writing a welcome speech 2 periods Natural Scenery

7 Teaching Difficulties Usages Difficulties The New Words Some Useful Expressions

8 Teaching Methods Methods Teacher’s Explanations Discussing Exercises Questions

9 Teaching procedures Gulangyu Island

10 Step 3 Read the Passage and Discuss What is Gulangyu Island renowned for? What are the factors that contribute to the atmosphere of a fairyland on Gulangyu Island? It is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architecture and enjoys a laudatory tile “Garden on the Sea”. The residents live in a relaxing, healthy and placid lifestyle; overlapping peaks foil the blue water, white clouds, green trees and bright flowers; the air is refreshing; free from noise and pollution, it is particularly quiet. All these render an atmosphere of a fairyland.

11 Step 2 Learn New Words and Expressions accomplished adj. 有造诣的;精 湛的 afar adv. 从远处;在远处;遥远地 alley n. 小巷 altitude n. 高度 architecture n. 建筑,建筑学 ascend v. 攀登,上升 Atmosphere n. 大气,空气,气氛 attraction n. 吸引,吸引力,有吸 引力的事物 baroque n. 巴洛克式 adj. 巴洛克 式的 boast n. 自夸,值得夸耀的事物 v. 自夸,以有 …… 而自豪 breeze n. 微风 v. 吹微风 cathedral n. 大教堂 colonist n. 殖民地居民,殖民者 concession n. 让步 consulate n. 领事,领事馆 contemplation n. 注视,沉思 cradle n. 摇篮,发源地 revenue n. 收益,收入 sewage n. 污水

12 Step 3 Read the Passage and Discuss What is the aim of the World Tourism Organization? Why is international tourism regarded as the world’s largest export earner? How does tourism benefit the living conditions of local residents as well? WTO’s aim is to stimulate economic growth and job creation, provide incentive for protecting the environment and heritage of destinations, and promote peace and understanding among all the nations of the world. It is because foreign currency receipts from international tourism reached $476 billion in 2000. outstripping exports of petroleum products, motor vehicles, telecommunications equipment, textiles or any other product or service. Travel and tourism stimulates enormous investments in new infrastructure which often includes airports, roads, marinas, sewage systems, water treatment plans, restoration of cultural monuments, museums and nature interpretation centers. These projects are closely concerned with the living conditions of local residents.

13 Step 4 Exercises CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING Mark the following statements with “T” for true and “F” for false. 1. ( ) WTO’s membership is purely on the government level. 2. ( ) More than three sectors of companies are mentioned in the passage. 3. ( )WTO is also entrusted to regulate the global tourist enterprises and the international tourist market. 4. ( )It is believed that the government plays an important role in tourism. 5. ( )The receipt from international tourism has reached US$476 billion for the past 16 years. 6. ( )The World Tourism Organization predicts the international arrivals will amount to more than one billion by 2010. 7. ( )Tax revenues from tourism industry include accommodation and restaurant taxes, park entrance fees, tourist bus rents, airport users’ fees, and employee income tax. 8. ( )It is said that with the development of tourism more and more rural residents will move to big cities for employment. T T T T F F F F

14 Passage 2 Global Code of Ethnic for Tourism Step 1 Leading in What is the foundation of tourism? What do you think the host communities and local professional must do? The foundation of tourism is to understand and promote the ethical values common to humanity, with an attitude of tolerance and respect for the diversity of religious, Philosophical and moral beliefs. They must acquaint themselves with and respect the tourists who visit them and find out about their lifestyles, tastes and expectations. They should be educated and trained.

15 Step 2 Learn New Words and Expressions abstain v. 禁止 ethical a. 伦理的,道德的 illicit a. 违法的,不正当 indigenous a. 土著的 inherent a. 固有的,必然存在的 stakeholder n. 从业人员 trafficking n. 非法交易 vulnerability n. 不便,因难 in harmony with 和谐的 natural heritage 自然遗产

16 Step 2 Learn New Words and Expressions Architecture Museum 万国建筑博览 Bathing Beach 天然海滨浴场 Garden on the Sea 海上花园 Gulangu Island 鼓浪屿 Hen Hill 鸡母山 Hoisting Flag Hill 升旗山 Hulishan Battery 湖里山炮台 Island of Pianos 钢琴岛 Island Ring Road 环岛路 Lin Erjia 林尔嘉 Lin Qiaozhi 林巧稚 Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong 郑成功纪念馆 Nanputuo Temple 南普陀 Old Summer Cave 古避暑洞 Shuzhuang Garden 菽庄花园 Sunlight Rock 日光岩 the Bright Moon Garden 皓月园 the Cradle of Musicians 音乐家的摇篮 the Dragon Head Hill 龙头山 the Garden of Hiding the Sea 藏海园 the Garden of Making-up Hill 补山 the Ming Dynasty 明朝 the Opium War 鸦片战争 the Tower of Tide-viewing 听涛轩 Underwater World Oceanarium 海底世界 Yu Park 毓园 Yuanshazhou Island 圆沙洲

17 Step 3 Read the passage and discuss Why is Gulangyu Island attractive for architecture students?. Give a brief introduction to Shuzhuang Garden. Give a brief introduction to Sunlight Rock. Gulangyu Island is filled with different architectural styles, making it a veritable “Architecture Museum”, which is attractive for architecture students.

18 Listening and Speaking natural attractions (自然景点) cultural attractions (文化景点) festival and events (节 日和活动) economic attractions (经济景点) Such institutions as Disneyland. Retail operations dealing in gifts, handcrafted goods, art, and souvenirs that attract tourist. The places in the country, either of architectural interest or associated with a particular person, family, or period. Mega-events such as the Olympics, world Cup, and World Fairs or market, parade, celebration, anniversary, charitable endeavor, etc. The natural beauty, recreation, such as landscape, seascape, parks, mountains, flora, coasts, islands, and so on. Opportunities for the travelers to visit city facilities, but rarely attract foreign visitors. man-made attractions (人造景点) commercial attractions (商业景点) Step 1 Leading in

19 Listening Practice G: Ok, here we are in Hangzhou. There is an old saying in China which goes “Up above there is paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”. This show the beauty of the two cities. The beauty of Hangzhou is associated with West Lake. T1. I hear West Lake offers 10 scenic spots. Are we going to see all of them today, Mr. Wang? G: No, not all of them. But we will see most of them. T2: Here’s the lake! G: The lake has a water surface of 5.6 square kilometers. T1: No wonder it looks so huge. G: We are now walking on what is in fact an island. Here we have one of the 10 scenic spots of West Lake; Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake. T2: Why is it called “Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake”? G: It’s so named because in the pavilion over there the great poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty took a rest after drinking a little too much, and watched the moon over the lake. T2: Very romantic. G: Now let’s board the boat and have a tour on the lake. T2: Sure. (They get on the boat) T3: Mr. Wang, what’s that building over there? It looks like a huge pavilion. G: You are right. That’s the Heart of Lake Pavilion, situated on an islet. It was built in 1552 and is the largest pavilion on West Lake, oh, here we are at the little Yingzhou Island. Let’s get off the boat. Please watch you step. T3: Oh, another world unveils itself to us. T4: This is a paradise on earth. (After some time) G: Let’s get moving. We have to see one more place before heading back to the hotel. Dialogue 1 Conducting a Sightseeing Tour in Hangzhou (Wang Gang, a tour guide, is conducting a sightseeing tour in Hangzhou.) (T---Tourist; G---Guide)

20 Listening Practice C: It’s such an exciting place. I’ve never seen water so clear and blue. A: You’re right. President Clinton was deeply impressed by the beautiful views here. B: The combinations of hills and waters are really fascinating. A: Please come over here and take a look. The sun gives a lustrous coating to both the nearby and distant peaks and to the clouds floating high and low. What a view of hills upon hills the sunshine has revealed. C: Great. Look, the sunshine has dyed the river. It looks like a green satin belt winding amidst the green hills. B: I can see through the river. I can see the bottom, the pebbles, fish, and weeds. C: It’s like seeing the aquarium through crystal clear glasses. A: You know, we see the hills more clearly in their reflection on the water than the hills on the riverbank. As the water flows, the hills seem to move as well. The landscape in Guilin is characterized by its “green hills, clear waters, pretty rocks, and grotesque caves”. Each hill in Guilin has caves. These exquisite scenes and objects are a feast for the eyes. B: I’ve heard another scenic spot “Yangshuo”. Is it worth seeing? A: Yes. If you miss it, you will feel sorry. As the saying goes, “The landscape in Guilin is the best in China, and the landscape in Yangshuo is the best in Guilin.” Compared with those in Guilin, the hills in Yangshuo are closer to each other, and are more peaceful and secluded. C: You have given us such a good guide that we’d like to fly there soon. Dialogue 2 (The Jordans board a two-deck pleasure boat for a spectacular five-hour cruise along the winding Li River in Guilin. The guide, Miss Mo, of the boat conducts the tour.) (A: Miss Mo B: Mr. Jordan C: Mrs. Jordan)

21 Writing: A Welcome Speech 欢迎词 Step 1 Writing Skills “ 欢迎词 ” ,代表着一段旅行的开始,决定导游给游客 留下怎样的第一印象。一篇好的欢迎词能很快地拉近导 游和游客的距离,中外游客大都注重第一印象,因此致 好欢迎词非常重要。一篇好的欢迎词应具备五个要素: 表示欢迎,即代表接待社,组团社向客人表达欢迎之 意。 介绍人员,即介绍自己,介绍参加接待的领导,司机, 及所有人员。 预告节目,即介绍一下城市的概况和在当地将游览的 节目。 表示态度,即愿意为大家热情服务、努力工作,确保 大家满意。 预祝成功,即希望得到游客支持与合作,努力使游览 获得成功,祝大家愉快,健康。 以下是概括上面所提及的五个要素的典型表达法: Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to … ! May I introduce my Chinese colleagues to you? This is Mr. …. from (China International Travel Service). He will travel with you throughout the trip in china. This is Mr. …, our driver. His bus number is 235456. My name is Wangfeng. I am from … city.My job is to smooth your way, care for your welfare, try my best to answer your questions, and be your guide during your stay in …. If you have any special interest, please tell your tour leader and he will let us know. We’ll try our best to make your stay in … a pleasant one. We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 欢迎词切忌死板,切忌沉闷,如能风趣,自然,会缩短与游客的距 离,使大家成为朋友,很快熟悉起来。在以上五个基本要素的基础之上, 导游还应根据游览景点、城市的类型和特点以及游客的身份、职业、国籍 等情况有针对性地因地制宜地灵活展开自己的欢迎词。当然, 如在欢迎词 中加上一两句中国好客的谚语或格言,如 “ 有朋自远方来,不亦乐( Isn’t it delightful to meet friends from afar? Or We are so happy to have friends like you coming from afar. )、 “ 有缘千里来相会 ” ( No distance can prevent friends getting together. )等等,将会增色不少。

22 Step 2 Learning Useful Expressions Do you wish to put any changes into the itinerary? We will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning from the hotel lobby. It takes an hour to arrive at the Yuyuan Garden. You’ll have a good chance to feast your eyes on the lake.. May I have your attention to the mountains in the distance? What a view of grand scenery! 你们想对旅游线路作改动吗? 我们明早七点从酒店大堂出发。 到达豫园需一小时。 你们将有机会饱览湖上美景。 请大家注意远处的群山,一幅多么美丽的景象啊! 。

23 Step 2 Learn New Words and Expressions If you look in this direction, you can see the picture of a tiger on the cliff. The place is famous (noted / well-known) for its silk and pottery. This tower boasts the tallest building in Asia. Now we are at the center of the garden. Can any of you tell me the height of the pagoda? 你们从这个方向看,可以看到老虎在悬崖上。 此地以丝绸和瓷器闻名。 此塔以亚洲最高的建筑为豪。。 现在我们在花园中心。 谁能告诉我宝塔的高度是多少?

24 Step 3 Exercise Directions: Filling the following welcome speech by translating the Chinese in the brackets. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, (大家好): _______________( 欢迎你们到北京来 )_________________________ ________ (有朋自远方来不亦乐乎) ___________________________ (请允许我在这里做一下自我介绍) first. My name is Tom Li, from the Beijing International Travel Service. ___________ (我代表) our company and colleagues, _________________________________ ( 欢迎大家来我们地区旅游 ). In the days to follow, I’ll be accompanying you to tour the beautiful lakes and mountains in this region.____________ ________________ (竭诚使你们一路游览愉快) unique from that of your previous tour.______________________ (这位是我们的司机王师 傅). _______________ (我们的车号是) 34256. _____________ (大家记好了) so that you might not get on the wrong bus._________ ____________________________________________ (在旅途中大 家如果有什么要求及困难,尽可能提出来). ____________________ __________________________________ (我们将随时为大家服务). Welcome to Beijing! we’d like to extend a warm welcome to you all We’ll try our best to make your visit Please do remember This is Mr. wang, our driver Isn’t it delightful to meet friends from afar? Allow me to introduce myself On behalf of Our bus number is If you have any problems or trouble, please don’t hesitate to let us know We will try our best to help you and we’ll be at your service at any time

25 Homework for today Write a welcome speech according to the situation below. Add some more information if necessary. 假如你是一名英语导游,你要负责接待一个来自海外的旅游 团,他们将在你所在的城市游览观光。在从机场到宾馆的路 上你需给游客们致一个欢迎词,欢迎词的内容应包括欢迎词 的五个基本要素。 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Hangzhou! I’m Angela, the local guide of your tour in Hangzhou, and I’m from Hangzhou International Travel Service.This is Mr. Wang, our driver. He has 20 year driving experiences. Here we’d like to extend a warm welcome to you all. There is a famous Chinese saying, that is “”. From the saying we can imagine how beautiful and special Hangzhou is! In the following 2-day-tour, you are sure to have an exciting and unforgettable experience. Your included sightseeing tour features visits to Linyin Temple, Yue Temple and West Lake. You ‘ll be fascinated at the historical sites and natural scenes in the city. We hope you’ll enjoy your tour. We’ll be at your service at any time. We’ll do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant experience. If you have any problems or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. My phone number is--- and our bus number is---. Once again, wish you enjoy your stay in Hangzhou!


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