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ZhejiangTechonology Institute of Economy Unit 9 Auto Service Manual Ⅰ.

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1 ZhejiangTechonology Institute of Economy Unit 9 Auto Service Manual Ⅰ

2 2 New Words Section III Comprehensive Task Section II Grammar Section I Reading Unit 9 Auto Service Manual

3 3 Section II Reading Reading A Reading B Section II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

4 4 Reading A Benz Text Task 1 Reading A Overview of Buttons and Switches Important words

5 5 Task 1: Look at the picture and read the following information quickly and answer the questions. 6 Overview of Buttons and Switches This overview of buttons, switches and displays is intended to familiarize you with your vehicle's operating environment. The section will also assist you in becoming acquainted with the control concepts and options available for operating the various systems.

6 6 Around the steering wheel: controls and displays

7 7 1 Safety switch for electric rear windows 2 Opening and closing windows 3 Adjusting exterior mirrors, automatic curb monitor 4 Parking lamps Low beams Automatic headlamp control 5 Fog lamps

8 8 6 Turn signals High beams, headlamp flasher Roadside parking lamps Computer Settings and information about the vehicle Instrument lighting 7 7Instrument cluster 8 Windshield wipers Rain sensor

9 9 9 Switching the ignition on/off and starting/stopping the engine 10 Ignition lock 11 Buttons on the steering wheel Telephone   Press briefly: receiving and ending a call, starting dialing for a selected number   Press longer: redialing Volume Activating/deactivating voice command system

10 10 Switching radio stations Selecting music tracks Scrolling through phone book Individually programmable 12 Horn: the entire surface 13 Steering wheel adjustment 14 Cruise control Active cruise control 15 Releasing the hood 16 Opening the luggage compartment lid

11 11 Choose the best answer for each question. 1. How many symbols are there at NO. 4? A. three B. four C. five D. six 2. What’s this symbol means? A. It means low beams. B. It means Automatic headlamp control. C. It means turn on the light when there is fog. D. It means turn on the light when it rains.

12 12 3. Which button we can press if it rains heavily and we cannot see clearly? A. B. C. D. 4. what’s the function of these two symbols ? A. Switching radio stations B. Selecting music tracks C. Scrolling through phone book D. All of the above.

13 13 5. If we have a lot of luggage to carry, how can we open the luggage compartment? A. Let a strong man to open it. B. Use the key of the car. C. Press button No. 16. D. Sorry, I don’t know.

14 14 Reading A Overview of buttons and switches Important words familiarize vt. 熟悉 familiarize sb/oneself with sth 使某人(自己)熟悉某事物 familiarizing oneself with a foreign language 熟悉一门外语 familiarization n.

15 15 exterior adj. [usu attrib 通常作定语 ] 外部的;外面的;外表的 paint the exterior walls of a house 给房子的外墙刷油漆 n. 1. 外貌,外表 The exterior of the building is very unattractive. 这建筑物的外观很不起眼。 2. 外景

16 16 Reading B Task 2 B Task 1 A

17 17 Read the following passage from a BMW service manual and finish the exercise. Passage A: Owner's Manual for Vehicle Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW. Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you with enhanced control and security when you drive it. We therefore have this request: Please take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarize yourself with the information that we have compiled for you before starting off in your new vehicle. It contains important data and instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum use and satisfaction from your BMW's unique range of technical features. The manual also contains information on maintenance designed to enhance operating safety and contribute to maintaining the value of your BMW throughout an extended service life.

18 18 This manual is supplemented by a Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or a Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. BMW AG

19 19 Task 1:Read the passage and judge the statement is true(T) or false(F). ( ) 1.From this short passage we can know how to operate a BMW vehicle. ( ) 2. It is not necessary to read this Owner’s Manual if you are familiar yourself with the information. ( ) 3. You can find important data and instructions to assist you in gaining maximum use and satisfaction from your BMW’s unique range of technical features. ( ) 4. You should buy a Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models or a Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models. ( ) 5. This part may appears at the very beginning of the service manual. F F T T F

20 20 Passage B: Using this Owner's Manual We have tried to make all the information in this Owner's Manual easy to find. The fastest way to find specific topics is to the detailed index at the back of the manual. If you wish to gain an initial overview of your vehicle, you will find this in the first chapter. Should you sell your BMW some day, please remember to the Owner's Manual as well; it is an important component of your vehicle. Additional sources of information should you have any other questions, your BMW center will be glad to advise you at any time. refer to hand over

21 21 Information on BMW, e.g. on technical aspects, can also be found on the Internet at Symbols used precautions that must be followed precisely in order to the possibility of personal injury and serious damage to the vehicle. Indicates information that will assist you in gaining the benefit from your vehicle and enable you to care more effectively for your vehicle. Indicates avoid optimum

22 22 Refers to measures that can be taken to help protect the environment. < Marks the end of a specific item of information. * Indicates special equipment, country-specific equipment and optional extras, as well as equipment and functions not yet available at the time of printing. Symbols on vehicle components Indicates that you should consult the section of this Owner's Manual for information on a particular part or assembly. relevant

23 23 Task2 : Answer the following questions according to the passage. 1. What can you do if you want to gain an initial overview of your vehicle? _______________________________________________________ 2. What should you do if you have any questions about BMW? _______________________________________________________ 3. What’s this symbol mean? __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ____________________ 4. What’s the purpose of reading the passage? __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ We can read the first chapter in a manual. We can go to the BMW center or go on the Internet at This symbol Indicates precautions that must be followed precisely in order to avoid the possibility of personal injury and serious damage to the vehicle. The purpose of this passage is to know how to use the manual faster and clearer. Answer the following questions according to the passage.

24 24 Important Words & Phrases indicate v. 1. 指示,标示 With a nod of his head he indicated to me where I should sit. 他点头示意我应坐的地方。 2. 象征(某事物);表明或暗示 … 的可能性 A red sky at night indicates fine weather the following day. indication n. indicative adj.

25 25 Important Words & Phrases avoid v. 1. 避开,躲避(某人,某事物) I think he’s avoiding me. 我觉得他躲着我。 2. 防止发生(某事),预防 Try to avoid accidents. 尽量防止发生事故。 avoidable adj.

26 26 Important Words & Phrases optimum adj. 最佳的,最适宜的,最有利的 the optimum temperature for the growth of plants 植物生长的最佳温度 enjoy optimum economic conditions 处于最佳经济状况

27 27 Important Words & Phrases relevant adj. 有关的,切题的 relevant to sth./sb. Color and sex are hardly relevant when appointing somebody to a job. 肤色和性别对于任命某人担任某职务来说是没有什么关系的。 relevance n. have some relevance to the matter in hand 与要做的事情有一些关系

28 28 Important Words & Phrases refer to 1. 提到、说到或涉及到某人 / 某事物 When I said some people are stupid, I wasn’t referring to you. 我说有些人很愚蠢,并不是指你。 2. 向某人 / 某事物查询信息等 I referred to my watch for the exact time. 我看了一下手表好知道准确的时间。

29 29 Important Words & Phrases hand over 1. 把(权位或权力)移交给某人 I am resigning as chairman and handing over to my deputy. 我现在辞去主席职位,交由我的副手接替。 2. 把某人 / 某事物交出(尤指交给当局 ) They handed him/their weapons over to the police. 他们把他 / 武器交给了警方。

30 30 Grammar Verb Tenses (1) -- the Simple Present Tense and the Simple Past Tense Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Section Ⅱ Grammar

31 31 Grammar Verb Tenses (1) -- the Simple Present Tense Task one: Choose the best answer for each question. 1. He served in the army for only _______ before he was sent back. A. one and a half year B. one year and a half C. a year and a half D. a year and half 2. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter _______ after drinking. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive 3. Because of my poor English I"m afraid I can"t make myself ______. A. understand B. to understand C. understanding D. understood

32 32 Grammar Verb Tenses (1) -- the Simple Past Tense 4. It"s really kind _______. A. of you to say so B. for you to say so C. of you saying so D. for you saying so 5. She could only see the _______ of the trees. A. outline B. general C. edge D. outlook 6. There are _______ benefits in the new system. A. concise B. precise C. real D. metal 7. I can"t tell the _______ difference between the twin sisters. A. slight B. simple C. slender D. single

33 33 Task 1: Put the verbs in brackets into their proper tenses. 8. He soon _______ his fortune. A. confused B. cost C. paid D. consumed 9. I felt soon _______ by your dirty words. A. concealed B. preserved C. discouraged D. reflected 10. She decided not to ______ her husband’s name when she got married. A.adjust B. adopt C. address D. admit 11. ____, we decided to leave at once, as we didn"t want to risk missing the bus. A. As it being pretty late B. It being pretty late C. It was being pretty late D. Being pretty late 12. ____ was once regarded as impossible has now become a reality. A. What B. That C. Which D. As

34 34 1.How well China and Japan communicate and cooperate _________ __ ( 极大地影响 ) regional stability and world peace. (effect) Task 2: Complete the following the sentences with the words given according to the Chinese meaning. 2. To his great relief the engine ______________( 启动 ) again all of a sudden. (life) 3. The citizens expect some new plans ( 提出 ) by the local authorities to solve the increasing traffic problems. (put) has a great effect on/upon came to life to be put forward 4. My colleagues think that they know a lot about me but I ________________ ( 实际上是 ) a little different from what they thought. (turn) turn out to be

35 35 Task 2: Complete the following the sentences with the words given according to the Chinese meaning. 5. Penny tended to work through her lunch hour _________________( 力 图 ) finish her work on time. (effort ) in an effort to / making an effort to 6. If the bus ___________________( 没有抛锚 ) halfway, we could have caught the plane to New York. (break) hadn't broken down 7. This is due to the fact that certain bacteria work to break down fiber and, in the process, __________________( 放出气体 ). (give) give out/off gas(es) 8. An estuary is a places where a river meets the ocean, and where there are ____________________( 各种 ) life forms. (variety) a variety of /varieties of

36 36 Task 2: Complete the following the sentences with the words given according to the Chinese meaning. 9. As far as I was concerned, I took my punishment fair and just and I didn't need him telling me how to ______________________________( 给孩子们做出 表率 ). ( example ) set an example to the kids/children 10. The company promised to employ them ____________________________________( 不管他们做过些什么 ). (regardless) regardless of what they had (ever) done

37 37 Task three: Translate the Chinese sentences into English. 1. 约翰连上大学的费用都无力支付,更不要说出国了。 2. 喝咖啡的时候请您小心别弄脏新地毯。 3. 如果你不想去游泳,那不妨待在家里。 John cannot afford to go to the university, not to speak of/not to mention/let alone going abroad. Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you stain the new carpet. If you don't like to swim, you may just as well stay at home.

38 38 4. 在中国,爷爷奶奶和其他很多亲戚在养育孩子时起着不可或缺的作用。 5. 马克每次违反交通规则后都试图逃避罚款。 In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play indispensable roles in raising children. Mark often attempts to escape being fined whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

39 39 Section IV Comprehensive Task (II) Presentation (I) Applied Writing Section IV Comprehensive Practice

40 40 (I) Applied Writing How to Write a Contract No matter what business you are in, how old you are, how long you have been doing business or who you are doing it with, a very important part of doing business is a contract. This is really the only thing that is there to make sure your partners do what they say they will do. It is also the only line of defense you have if you don't see eye to eye with your partner, which usually happens in business. A contract is especially important as many issues will come up down the line, such as: (I) Applied Writing

41 41 1. How much Money is invested by Both Partners 2. How much of the Company each Partner Owns. 3. When and How is the monetary investment paid back to each partner. 4. Who controls and oversees the day to day operations of a company and who has the final say in this matter. Here are some tips when you write a contract:  Title it "Contract." If you intend the document to be a legally binding contract, use the word "Contract" in the title.  Write in short sentences. Short sentences are easier to understand than long ones.

42 42  Write in active tense, rather than passive. Active tense sentences are shorter and use words more efficiently, and their meaning is more apparent.  Write numbers as both words and numerals: ten (10). This will reduce the chance for errors.  Be consistent in using words. Don't worry about putting the reader to sleep; worry about the opposing lawyer a year from now hunting for ambiguities to get your contract into court. Sample 1

43 43 (I)Applied Writing sample 1 Contract No. __________ _ Date : __________ _ Signed at : _______ ____ The Buyer: ________________________ Address: _________________________ Tel:___ ________ Fax: __________ E-mail: __________________ The Seller: _________________________ Address: ________________________ _ _ Tel:_ ________ Fax: ___________ E-mail: ______________________ Purchase Contract

44 44 The Seller and the Buyer agree to conclude this Contract subje ct to the terms and conditions stated below: 1. Name, Specifications and Quality of Commodity : 2. Quantity : ___ % more or less allowed 3. Unit Price : 4. Total Amount : 5. Terms of Delivery FOB/CFR/CIF _______ 6. Country of Origin and Manufacturers: 7. Packing :

45 45 The packing of the goods shall be preventive from dampness, rust, moistur e, erosion and shock, and shall be suitable for ocean transportation/ multiple transportation. The Seller shall be liable for any damage and loss of the goo ds attributable to the inadequate or improper packing. The measurement, gr oss weight, net weight and the cautions such as "Do not stack up side down ", "Keep away from moisture", "Handle with care" shall be stenciled on the s urface of each package with fadeless pigment. 8. Shipping Marks : 9. Time of Shipment : 10. Port of Loading : 11. Port of Destination :

46 46 12. Insurance : Insurance shall be covered by the ________ for 110% of the invoice value against _______ Risks and __________ Additional Risks. 13. Terms of Payment : Letter of Credit: The Buyer shall, ______ days prior to the time of shipment /aft er this Contract comes into effect, open an irrevocable Letter of Credit in favor of the Seller. The Letter of Credit shall expire ____ days after the completion o f loading of the shipment as stipulated. Documents against payment: After shipment, the Seller shall draw a sight bill of exchange on the Buyer and deliver the documents through Sellers bank an d ______ Bank to the Buyer against payment, i.e D/P. The Buyer shall effect th e payment immediately upon the first presentation of the bill(s) of exchange.

47 47 Documents against Acceptance: After shipment, the Seller shall draw a si ght bill of exchange, payable_____ days after the Buyers delivers the docu ment through Seller’s bank and _________Bank to the Buyer against acce ptance (D/A ___ days). The Buyer shall make the payment on date of the bi ll of exchange. Cash on delivery (COD): The Buyer shall pay to the Seller total amount wit hin ______ days after the receipt of the goods (This clause is not applied t o the Terms of FOB, CFR, CIF). 14. Documents Required : The Seller shall present the following documents required to the bank for negotiation/collection:

48 48 Full set of clean on board Ocean/Combined Transportation/Land Bills of La ding and blank endorsed marked freight prepaid/ to collect; Signed commercial invoice in ______copies indicating Contract No., L/C N o. (Terms of L/C) and shipping marks; Packing list/weight memo in ______ copies issued by __; Certificate of Quality in _______ copies issued by ____; Certificate of Quantity in ___ copies issued by ____; Insurance policy/certificate in ___ copies (Terms of CIF) ; Certificate of Origin in ___ copies issued by ____; The Seller shall, within ____ hours after shipment effected, send by courier each copy of the above-mentioned documents No. __.

49 49 15. Terms of Shipment (1) The Seller shall, 30 days before the shipment date specified in the Contr act, advise the Buyer by _______ of the Contract No., commodity, quantity, amount, packages, gross weight, measurement, and the date of shipment in order that the Buyer can charter a vessel/book shipping space. In the event of the Seller's failure to effect loading when the vessel arrives duly at the loading port, all expenses including dead freight and/or demurrage charges thus incurred shall be for the Seller's account. (2)The Seller shall ship the goods duly within the shipping duration from the port of loading to the port of destination. Under CFR terms, the Seller shall advise the Buyer by _________ of the Contract No., commodity, invoice value and the date of dispatch two days before the shipment for the Buyer to arrange insurance in time.

50 50 16. Shipping Advice : The Seller shall, immediately upon the completion of the loading of the goods, advise the Buyer of the Contract No., names of commodity, loading quantity, invoice values, gross weight, name of vessel and shipment date by _________ within ________hours. 17. Quality Guarantee : The Seller shall guarantee that the commodity must be in conformity with the quantity, specifications and quantity specified in this Contract and Letter of Quality Guarantee. The guarantee period shall be ______ months after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, and during the period the Seller shall be responsible for the damage due to the defects in designing and manufacturing of the manufacturer.

51 51 18. Inspection(Choose one of the following) : ( 1 ) The Seller shall have the goods inspected by ______ days before the shipment and have the Inspection Certificate issued by____. The Buyer may have the goods reinspected by ________ after the goods arrival at the destination. (2) The manufacturers shall, before delivery, make a precise and comprehensive inspection of the goods with regard to its quality, specifications, performance and quantity/weight, and issue inspection certificates certifying the technical data and conclusion of the inspection. After arrival of the goods at the port of destination, the Buyer shall apply to China Commodity Inspection Bureau (hereinafter referred to as CCIB) for a further inspection as to the specifications and quantity/weight of the goods.

52 52 If damages of the goods are found, or the specifications and/or quantity are not in conformity with the stipulations in this Contract, except when the responsibilities lies with Insurance Company or Shipping Company, the Buyer shall, within _____ days after arrival of the goods at the port of destination, claim against the Seller, or reject the goods according to the Inspection certificate issued by CCIB. In case of damage of the goods incurred due to the design or manufacture defects and/or in case the qual ity and performance are not in conformity with the Contract, the Buyer sh all, during the guarantee period, request CCIB to make a survey. 19. Claim The buyer shall make a claim against the Seller (including replacement of the goods) by the further inspection certificate.

53 53 (I)Applied Writing Task Suppose you are a manager of an auto company. Now you are going to sell 10,000 cars to a foreign company. Please sign a contract with your business partner. Read the contract above and try to fill in the blanks with proper words.

54 54 (II) Presentation Task1: Search the library or the internet for more detailed information about auto manual and give a presentation about the usage of the manual. Task 2: Do you have any suggestion after reading so many auto manual? For example, can you make the manual easier to understand or shorter? Students can choose one of the two tasks, work in groups, and prepare for an in-class presentation (II) Presentation

55 55 Vocabulary manual ['mænjuəl] n. 手册, 指南 switch [swit ʃ ] n. 开关 vt. & vi. 转变, 改变 familiarize [fə'miljəraiz] vt. 使熟悉 acquaint [ə'kweint] vt. 使熟悉, 使了解 available[ə'veiləbl] adj. 可用的 option [' ɔ p ʃ ən] n. 选择 ; 选择权 adjust [ə‘d ʒʌ st] vt. & vi. ( 改变 … 以 ) 适应 ; 调整 ; 校正 New Words exterior [eks'tiəriə] n. 外面, 外貌, adj. 外部的, 外面的 instrument ['instrumənt] n. 器具, 仪器, 工具, 手段, 仪表 scroll [skrəul] vt. 题记, 铭刻, 使成卷形, 循环移动 cruise [kru:z] vi. 乘船巡游 n. 巡逻, 巡航 enhance [in‘h ɑ :ns] vt. 提高, 增加

56 56 Vocabulary New Words security [si'kjuəriti] n. 安全 ; 确信 ; 安心 ; 保护, 防御 compile [kəm'pail] vt. 收集 ; 编辑, 编制 maximum ['mæksiməm] adj. 最大值的, 最大量的 unique [ju: 'ni:k] adj. 独一无二的, 仅有的, 惟一的,异常的 supplement [‘s ʌ pliment] vt. 增补,补充 n. 补遗, 补编,附录, 增刊 warranty [‘w ɔ rənti] n. 保证书, 保单, 根据, 理由 index [‘indeks] n. 索引,标志, 象征 ; vt. 给 … 编索引, 指示出 component [kəm‘pəunənt] n. 成分, 组成 部分, 部件, 元件 indicate [‘indikeit] vt. 标示, 指示, 指出 象征 precaution[pri‘k ɔ : ʃ ən] n. 预防措施, 警惕 谨慎 avoid[ə'v ɔ id] vt. 避开, 避免, 预防 optimum[' ɔ ptiməm] adj. 最适宜的 ; 最有利的 relevant['reləvənt] adj. 有关的, 切题的

57 57 contract [kən'trækt] vt. & vi. 缩小 ; 紧缩 n. 契约, 合同 apparent [ə'pærənt] adj. 显然的, 明白的, 清晰 可见的 insurance [in' ʃ uərəns] n. 保险, 保险业 stipulate ['stipjuleit] vt. ( 尤指在协议或建议中 ) 规定, 约定, 讲明 ( 条件等 ) invoice ['inv ɔ is]n. 发票 vt. 开 … 的发票 inspection [in'spek ʃ ən] n. 检查, 视察 Useful expressions be intended to 用来 refer to 提及,暗指,有关, 针 对 hand over 交出 ; 交付 ; 交给, 移交 come up 发生 ; 上来 ; 走近 ; 提及 hunt for 猎取 ; 寻找某人〔某物〕 due to 由于

58 58 Proper Names automatic curb monitor 路缘自动检测装置 parking lamp 停车灯 low beam ( 车头的 ) 短焦距光 Headlamp 前照灯,大灯 Windshield Wiper 雨刷,风挡刮水器 Rain Sensor 雨量传感器 ignition [i ɡ 'ni ʃ ən] n. ( 汽油引擎的 ) 发火装 置 FOB Free on Board 船上交 货价格, 离岸价格 CFR Cost and Freight 成 本加运费 CIF Cost , Insurance and Freight 到岸价格,成 本、运费加保险价

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