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Create a Table.

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1 Create a Table

2 ChemCatalyst In 1889 a Russian chemistry teacher created an organized table of the elements. At the time only 63 different elements were known. Below is a reproduction of that table. What do you think the numbers represent? (cont.)


4 The Big Question How did Mendeleyev organize the elements?

5 You will be able to: Explain how the periodic table of elements is organized.

6 Notes Dimitri Mendeleyev is credited with organizing the elements into the first periodic table. The main properties that Mendeleyev used to sort the elements were reactivity with one another and a number describing the atomic weight of each element.

7 Activity Purpose: The goal of this lesson is to acquaint you with Mendeleyev’s organization of the elements by allowing you to create your own table from the patterns you see in the elements.

8 Making Sense Below are five possible cards for the element germanium. Where does germanium belong in the table? Which card seems most accurate to you? What is your reasoning? (cont.)

9 C A B (cont.) D E Ge 62.7 Ge 62.7 Ge 66.0 Ge 72.6 Ge 72.6 Germanium

10 (cont.) What would you add to the three empty corners to complete the card? Germanium Ge (cont.)

11 (cont.) Completed Table

12 Check-In Which of the following elements would you find in the same group on the periodic table? Explain your thinking. Cadmium Cd Moderately soft, silvery solid, metal React very slowly with water Found in CdCl2 (s) Zinc Zn Moderately hard, silvery solid, metal Reacts very slowly with water Found in ZnCl2 (s) Iodine I Purple solid, nonmetal Reacts slowly with metals Found in ICl (s) Mercury Hg Silvery liquid, metal Does not react with water Found in HgCl2 (s)

13 Wrap-Up Mendeleyev organized the periodic table based on the properties of the elements. Mendeleyev’s arrangement of the elements helped to predict the existence of undiscovered elements.

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