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Sound Waves aren’t just “Good Vibrations” Dangerous Decibels.

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1 Sound Waves aren’t just “Good Vibrations” Dangerous Decibels

2 Unit Summary Students will learn about waves during this unit by exploratory labs. After learning the basic elements of waves, including the transference of energy (through all states of matter), the different types of waves, and tools for the measurement of waves, students will be focused on sound waves. Students will discover that common sounds can have damaging effects on their hearing (including The problem facing students for this unit project is creating a PSA (glog poster format) that will educate their peers about the dangers of listening to music (specifically MP3 players with earbuds) above a certain decibel.

3 Essential Question: What does it take the change the world?

4 DANGEROUS DECIBELS Unit Question: When are waves “good” vibrations? Content Questions: What is matter? How are waves created? How do waves travel? (Describe differences) How do sound waves compare to other types of waves? How is sound measured? What are decibels?

5 Learning Targets 6.2P.1 Describe and compare types and properties of waves and explain how they interact with matter. 6.4D.1 Define a problem that addresses a need and identify science principles that may be related to possible solutions. 6.LA.3 [Develop an interpretation of grade level literary text.] Infer the main idea when it is not explicitly stated and provide support with evidence from the text. 6.L.2 [Acquire, assess, and communicate information using effective research processes.] Use a variety of resource materials to gather information for research topics. Quote or paraphrase ideas from resource materials, citing them appropriately.

6 Key Vocabulary  Matter (solid, liquid, gas)  Wave  Frequency  Period  Amplitude  Longitudinal/Transverse  Wavelength  Decibel

7 Real World Connections Noise bombards us in the 21 st century. This unit gives students information on what noises around them are harmful. Over half my students own or use MP3 players on a regular basis. Questions posed while answering the unit question will have students examining whether their usage of these devices is safe or not. Students will then use the data they have gathered to persuade other middle schoolers to take precautions when listening to music or other loud noises.

8 Student Sample:

9 Key Activities of the Unit  Brainstorm/Journaling: “What are waves?”  Review of matter, states of matter  Lab experiences to investigate the behavior of waves  Frequency, period, amplitude  Types of waves  Measuring decibels using Vernier Probes  Collecting data on MP3 usage and decibel level  Research on hearing, hearing loss, prevention (Guest speaker from OHSU)  PSA to educate others on the dangers of decibels

10 VERNIER PROBES MicrophoneDecibel Reader

11 Facilitation Material Students will be given this newsletter at the beginning of the project to acquaint them with the components of the project.

12 Student Management

13 Glog Accounts for students Google Doc forms Rubrics/Checklists Weebly website Unfinished Business

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