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Encounter team Training We say “Yes Lord!”. Instructions for attendees: Have pen and notepad handy for questions and comments. I have a lot of material.

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1 Encounter team Training We say “Yes Lord!”

2 Instructions for attendees: Have pen and notepad handy for questions and comments. I have a lot of material to cover and I want to be a good steward of your time, so we will hold all questions to the end, and I believe that most if not all will be covered during the presentation.

3 GOAL  The goal of this meeting is to bring order to the encounter weekend.

4 The training will be divided into 4 parts 1)Basic Order 2)Requirements 3)Duties 4)Ministry

5 BASIC ORDER  Handout of the basic order  Structure and terminology

6 God Jesus Holy Spirit

7 God Jesus Holy Spirit

8 God Jesus Holy Spirit

9 God Jesus Holy Spirit

10 God Jesus Holy Spirit


12 order structure  Enables everyone to quickly receive, instructions, changes, or correction with minimal distraction.  Provides less opportunities for offenses. If someone is offended we will immediately use the model Jesus gave us in Matthew 18:15-17.

13  Encounter Leader  Facilitator Leader  Worship Leader  Intercessor Leader  Section Leader:

14  The individuals on this chart will change with each encounter, so you will be given a new one for each encounter at you training session.  We are attempting to name the teams 2 weeks prior to encounter.  You will also be paired with your co-facilitator and be given your participants names as they are available at that time.

15  Because of the inability to know the exact number of participants at the next encounter, we are going to establish the number of teams based on our past participation. We will also be asking some teams to act as alternates, in case the numbers change.  If you agree to be an alternate and are not needed, you will be asked first for the next encounter. This is especially important for outside events because of work restrictions.  Sign-up sheet for availability—inside and outside encounters


17 Encounter Team Requirements  Handout  The following items are required for participation as a facilitator

18 requirements 1) Attend the training meeting prior to encounter. - Attend the wrap-up meeting after encounter. 2) Bring leader notebook to all encounter-related activities.

19 3)Arrive at encounter at least 1 hour early, EACH DAY. 4)Dress nicely. NO JEANS OR T- SHIRTS.

20 5)No cell phones on. Use limited to breaks. 6)Enlist someone to pray and intercede for you and your family.

21 7)You are placing yourself on the front line. THIS IS WARFARE. Attacks are not uncommon. 8) Check yourself for any area that needs cleansing, healing or repentance.

22 9)DO NOT TRY TO MINISTER UNTIL YOU ARE CLEAN. 10)Seek help from leadership for deliverance if needed.

23 11) We will set aside time after each facilitator training session for ministry 12) PRAY AND FAST FOR 3 DAYS PRIOR TO ENCOUNTER. 13) Required weekly follow-up with participants for 4 weeks

24 Encounter Team Duties  Duties: “any action required by one’s position”

25 duties 1)Pray, fast and intercede for participants.

26 2)Serve your participants. BodySoulSpirit

27 SPIRITUALLY- YOU SERVE THEM  Serve them through prayer  Before Encounter  Through Encounter Sessions  Throughout follow-up period  Serve them as Shepherd  Practical care  They are chosen by God for you  Holy Spirit assigns for His purposes  Your life experience  Your spiritual gifts  Your personal style  Not responsible for results, (good or bad) just to make sure they have every opportunity to receive

28 IN THE SOUL REALM-YOU SERVE THEM  The soul  Mind  Will  Emotions  Serve by:  Identifying and Eliminating Distractions and Hindrances  Setting and Protecting Atmosphere  (calm and in control)  Establish and Guard Spiritual Authority  Encouraging them to remain connected  Activating their Will  engaging prayer if there is resistance

29 BODY-YOU SERVE THEM 1) Greet them as they come to your row.  Introduce them to the co-facilitator and the other members of the row. 2) Acquaint them with the facility, restrooms, water cooler, where lunch is served, etc. 3) Explain expectations of the row: when visiting is allowed, when interaction is acceptable, stay connected during sessions

30 4) Guide discussion in small groups. Encourage Openness and Participation Engage everyone in conversation Maintain order and balance in discussion.

31 5) Observe participation and the working of God, in each session and in between sessions. Keep your physical and spiritual EYES OPEN.

32 6) Protect them from outside influences. WATCH OVER THEM. WATCH OVER THEM.

33 7) Don’t preach. Answer questions and direct them back to hearing from Jesus. THE ENCOUNTER IS WITH GOD, NOT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE.

34 8) PLACE YOUR GIFTS ON HOLD. We are not asking you to not listen to the Holy Spirit… If the Spirit gives you insight about a participant, your obligation is to intercede.

35 9) Train your co-facilitator. By the middle of the Expanding Kingdom session they should be able to take the participant thru themselves. They should be fully able to facilitate at the next encounter.

36 Everyone on the basic order chart is training someone to take their place. Everyone on the basic order chart is training someone to take their place.

37 ministry 1)As you interact with participants during encounter they will begin to trust you more and more. 2)By Saturday afternoon and evening many of the walls they have used to protect themselves are being brought down. As a result they are very vulnerable. By showing you their sheet they are putting their trust in you.

38 3)If the Holy Spirit shows you something about anyone other than the people in row it is for you to intercede. IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO GO TO THEM. 4)Stay with your row. MINISTRY NEVER STOPS.

39 5) No ministry to other rows or workers. This is a change. Section leader may ask for your assistance if necessary. 6)Protect from distractions and help them to stay engaged in the ministry taking place

40 6) Have it arranged ahead of time with your co-facilitator as to which one of you will lead for lunch, small groups etc. 7) One of you should be in the session until your entire row is finished. 8) The other should be leaving as the first participant leaves the room.

41 9) You will be given a complete list of participants’ names, addresses and phone numbers. Do not look at this during sessions or when it could be distracting. This list is for your follow-up after the weekend.

42 MINISTRY ROLE PLAYING Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”


44 1)No joking around. VERY SERIOUS. 2)Look into eyes. Matthew 6:22 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, you whole body will be full of darkness.”

45 3)Touch them on their body. 4)Do not argue with or negotiate with spirits. Women may want to explain or converse. NO CONVERSATION, NO EXPLANATIONS---BE FIRM. YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY

46 5)If they will not activate their will… 6)Don’t preach or teach. Deal with the spirits.


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