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Sasikumar Punnekkat Professor IDEAS Innovation and Design for Euro-Asian Scholars.

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1 Sasikumar Punnekkat Professor IDEAS Innovation and Design for Euro-Asian Scholars

2 Erasmus Mundus - objectives ●Enhance the quality of European HE through international co-operation ●Improve the development of human resources ●Promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures ●Promote Europe as a centre of excellence in learning around the world

3 Erasmus Mundus - what does it offer? ●Top-quality masters and doctoral courses in a broad variety of disciplines ●A mobility scheme open to students throughout the world ●Scholarships for excellent students, researchers and staff ●Programme started in 2004; now in second phase (2009-2013).

4 Erasmus Mundus – Action 1 ●Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses ●Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates ●Since 2004, over 180 Masters and over 20 Doctorates selected ●A wide range of disciplines, including Agriculture and food science, energy and environmental sciences, engineering, mathematics & ITC, natural sciences, social sciences

5 Erasmus Mundus – Action 2 ●Large partnerships between universities from the EU and universities from a specific region ●Scholarships of varying length (1 month to 3 years) ●Bachelor, master, doctorate, post-doctorate students + HE staff (training, teaching, research activities, HE management) ●Mobility not linked to specific programmes (all programmes on offer in partner HEIs can be followed)

6 Erasmus Mundus – Action 3 ●Promotion of European HE ●Promotion projects and “clustering” activities ●Information grants for Erasmus Mundus National Structures ●“Study in Europe” campaign ●Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) ●Studies

7 IDEAS is an Action 2 project Mission ●to create a partnership in research and education that will strengthen the ties between Europe and Asia, with a special focus on innovation and product realization in a global context. Thematic fields ●Innovation and products realizations ●Computer science ●Financial Engineering ●Environmental science

8 Consortium ●Mälardalen UniversitySweden ●Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven ●University of Abertay, Dundee, United Kingdom ●University of Tartu, Estonia ●Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain ●Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain ●Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany ●Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India ●Lahore University of Management, Pakistan ●Technological University of Malaysia, Malaysia ●Royal Institute of Bhutan, Bhutan ●Tribhuvan University, Nepal ● ●Countries targetedLot 12 ●Project duration (months)48

9 IDEAS activities Main activities ●Focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in cooperation with Asian universities for facilitating easier and better technology transfer as well as structures for creation of start-up companies. ●Exchange and dissemination of the experiences and good practices for curriculum development, teaching methods, international relations and university management ●Improve the transparency and recognition of studies and qualifications between Asia and Europe ●Enable parts of the Bachelor, Master and PhD study programs in thematic study areas at partner universities, through the exchange of academic staff and students.

10 IDEAS activities Main activities ●Enhance and implement quality assurance of the new study programs at partner universities ●Update of local curricula and exchanging of teaching modules. ●Joint development of curriculum and delivery of a few joint courses in pilot projects. ●Initiate joint research activities in the chosen thematic areas ● Organize annual consortium meetings at partner universities, with the special emphasis on how to find structures to prevent brain drain.

11 IDEAS activities Main activities ●Share good practices between project members concerning development of partnerships with the wider community and surrounding society, including sponsorship and fundraising. ●Provide equal opportunities for all students, with respect to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and disabilities. ●Provide possibility for students to acquaint themselves with the language of the host country. ●Disseminate the findings and successes of this partnership within the European and the Asian universities and among other partner networks

12 Action 2 – good project management Memorandum of understanding ●Set clear and comprehensive rules within the partnership ●Endorsed at the highest level of the partner Universities ●Covering all aspects of the projects (academic, administrative and financial ●Defining the roles and responsibilities of each partner

13 Action 2 – good project management Visibility and communication strategy ● Create a specific website ● Partners must raise awareness in their respective regions ● Involve EU Delegations, EU embassies, local government and national offices / government agencies ● Use the local and EM Student and Alumni associations

14 Action 2 – good project management Objective and transparent selection arrangements based on qualities and merits of applicant ● Define clear student selection and enrolment procedures ● Set common admission and selection criteria for all candidates ● Identify /activate key actors in the EU and the partner countries for student identification / enrolment / preparation ● Develop ad hoc tools for submission and database ● Bear in mind: Gender balance and disadvantaged groups

15 Action 2 – good project management Ensure academic recognition ●Academic recognition given by the home university for the study period spent in the host university (including examinations or their assessments) ●Agree on system for grading and marks before the implementation of the mobility ●Provide for transcripts and credit transfer (ECTS) or other compatible system ●Agree on Diplomas and degree recognition / Provide Diploma Supplement

16 Action 2 – good project management Services and facilities ●Ensure assistance for obtaining visa ●Welcoming and hosting students and scholars ●Ensure housing facilities, coaching and counselling and social integration ●Provide language courses ●Monitor / Mark individual academic progress

17 Action 2 – good project management Sustainability strategy ●Analyse the impact of the partnership and its activities on target groups ●Seek multiplier effects and capitalisation of project results and dissemination activities ●Create impact on the institutional governance ●Develop the potential of the partnership to continue after the EU funding

18 Action 2 - a good project: the cycle 1. Planning and Organisation Institutional Commitment / Memorandum of Understanding Sharing tasks and responsibilities Efficient communication mechanisms 2. Visibility and preparatory activities Working with local partners / authorities Tools and procedures for scholarship application and selection Agreement on recognition mechanisms 3. Implementation of individual mobility Student Agreements Services and facilities for students (incl assistance for visas) Implementation of recognition mechanisms Administrative and financial management of scholarships 4. Monitoring Reports Quality Assurance Evaluation questionnaires Balance of flows Regular monitoring and follow-up visits Sustainability strategy

19 EU actors involved Policy Programme implementation Programme definition Priorities Committees Impact analysis Turning policy into action Management of project life cycle with partnership Info & dissemination Results & feedback Definition of country priorities Programme promotion Involvement in selection of projects Support in implementation (visibilty and visa) 19 European Commission EuropeAid, Relex, EAC Policy and implementation EU Delegations Executive Agency Unit P4-Erasmus Mundus and external cooperation Partnership EMA National EM Structures

20 Benefits for the universities ●Establish lasting links between institutions ●Improve quality of teaching and students ●Put in place mechanisms to facilitate mobility and degree recognition ●Increase university visibility, attractiveness worldwide ●Enhance reputation through involvement in excellence programmes

21 Benefits for students/academics ●Participate in high-level academic mobility ●Receive recognition of study and research/teching assignments ●Acquire in-depth knowledge of Europe + European HE ●Improve linguistic skills, intercultural experience ●Improve employability of students ●Benefit from academic exchange of knowledge, ideas, contacts

22 Planned Mobility Flows

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