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Unit 6 As His Name Is, So Is He!. A and B are students who study in different classes. They are talking about the ratio of male and female students in.

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1 Unit 6 As His Name Is, So Is He!

2 A and B are students who study in different classes. They are talking about the ratio of male and female students in their classes.

3 A is an English teacher while B is the department leader. They are talking about the result of an important exam, the average score, the number of A students and so on.

4 A and B are engineers working on a building project. They are discussing the progress of the project, the budget and the employment of workers. Be sure to use words and expressions related to “approximation”

5 A is a passenger who has just lost his/her suitcase. B is a clerk in the lost-property claim office. Ask question and give answer concerning the size, contents and shape of the suitcase.

6 A and B are members of the same family. A wants to buy a washing machine small enough to put in the bathroom and B prefers one big enough for the laundry of the whole family.

7 A is a customer and B is a shop assistant. A comes to the shop to buy a suit of clothes for a friend and asks B for advice with regard to other customers in the shop

8 What can we do if our parents have given us a name that does not promise a bright future?

9 Work in pairs, and make up a long conversation about names and effects.

10 Words and Phrases 被称为 填写 中名 用 A 替换 B 认真地对待 be known as fill out middle name substitute A for B take sth/sb seriously

11 不管是好是歹 曾一度 即使如此 促进结交新友 for better or worse for a time even so encourage new acquaintances

12 最新调查表明 拒绝 ( 未曾见过面的男 女的 ) 初次会见 迫切要求 互送秋波 a recent survey shows that turn down blind date press for exchange glances

13 不自在 偏见看法 没有 … 的 给 … 打分 坚持做 ( 某事 ) ill at ease prejudiced notion (be) free from give grades on stick with sth

14 Sentences 当然,作为初学者,我还不是一个好驾驶员。 Naturally, as a beginner I'm not a very good driver yet. 这种诚实是他的典型作风。 Such honesty is characteristic of him.

15 木已成舟,好也罢,坏也罢,我们现在已 无法改变了。 It's been done, and for better or worse, we can't change it now. 几杯酒下肚他就打开了话匣子。 A few drinks broke through his reserve.

16 他略懂一些日语。 He has some little acquaintance with the Japanese language. 你的儿子令所有的老师感到头痛。 Your son is the despair of all his teachers.

17 请向你母亲转达我的良好祝愿。 Please convey my good wishes to your mother. 你认为他说的话重要吗? Do you attach any importance to what he said? 主席一再要求改善工作条件。 The chairman is pressing for improved working conditions.

18 英美人常见姓名含义 Alan Charles David Edward John 英俊的人 普通一员 被爱的人 财富的守卫者 上帝的礼物

19 Michael Richard Robert Stephen William Victor 上帝的使者 勇敢的人 名声赫赫的人 王冠 强大的捍卫者 胜利者

20 Alice Angela Anna Catherine Diana Elizabeth 真理 天使 优雅、仁慈 纯洁、真诚 月亮女神 献身上帝的人

21 Helen Lily Mary Ruth Sarah Susanna 光芒 百合花 海上明星 美丽 公主 纯白、可爱

22 title His nature or manner are similar to what he is called, his name As…so 有其师,必有其徒。 As is the teacher, so is the pupil. 随着时间的推移,他们的希望变得越来越 小了。 As time went on, so their hope began to decrease.

23 沙漠似海,骆驼似舟。 As the desert is like a sea, so is the _______ like a ship. camel

24 How can you divide the whole passage and the main idea of each part?

25 Example of Debbie Names have not merely identified people but also describe them Two examples We are not free from notions of name prejudice examples Conclusion

26 substitute (L5) n.[+for] a person or thing acting or used in place of another 代理人;代用品;代替 物 There is no substitute for our parents. A substitute taught us at school today. 没有什么能够代替锻炼和食物。 There is no substitute for good food and exercise.

27 substitute v. 1) [+ A for B/+ B by A/+ B with A (A 为替代 物, B 为被替代物 )] to put (something or someone) in place of another 代替 We substituted red balls for blue, to see if the baby would notice. 我们不能以水代油。 We can not substitute oil by/with water.

28 2) [I(+ for)] to act as a substitute; be used instead 替代 ; 取代 He substituted for the worker who was ill. Honey can substitute for sugar in this recipe.

29 associate etc. (L9) associate n a person connected with another, esp. in work; partner 同事;伙伴 He's not a friend; he's a business associate.

30 companion esp. lit a person who goes somewhere with or spends time with another, either because of friendship or by chance 伴侣;同伴 a close companion a travelling companion My fellow prisoners made/were good companions

31 partner n either of two people sharing an activity, such as dancing together or playing together against two others in certain games 伙伴;合作者 dancing / business/ card partner

32 acquaintance n [C] a person whom one knows, esp. through work or business, but who is not a close friend 相识的人,熟人 a speaking / nodding acquaintance

33 characteristic (L16) adj [+of] typical; representing a person‘s or thing’s usual character 表示特性的;典 型的;特有的 With characteristic generosity, he offered to buy tickets for all of us. the characteristic taste of Italian wine

34 It's characteristic of her that she never complained. n [+of] a special and easily recognized quality of someone or something 特色;特性 Good planning is one of the characteristics of a successful business.

35 For better or worse(L20) you are not sure what the consequences will be, but they will have to be accepted because the action has been taken 在婚礼上,他们俩表示要苦乐与共,永矢无渝。 At their wedding, they promised to live together for better or worse. Then for better or worse they fall in love. 他们相爱了,全然不顾今后会如何。

36 reserved (L21) adj. 1) (typical of people) who do not like to talk about themselves or to show their feelings; shy 矜持的;话不多的 Bob is very reserved - you never know what he's thinking. 2) kept for the future or special use 预定 的;预约的 reserved seats/tables

37 in reserve 储存,留以备用 Our country has kept a lot of grain in reserve. 我们国家粮食储存充裕。 without reserve 无保留地,百分之百地 我毫无保留地将一切都告诉了她。 I told her all about it without reserve.

38 ( L21 ) qualities such as friendliness or reserve, plainness or charm

39 阴晴 黑白 你我 迟早 三三两两 rain or shine black and white you and I sooner or later twos and threes

40 夫妻 心灵 国内外 前后 husband and wife heart and soul home and abroad back and forth

41 陆海 南北 进出 远近 母子 land and sea north and south in and out far and near mother and child

42 真假 钢铁 新旧 开关 皮包骨 true or false iron and steel old and new off and on skin and bone

43 (L26) more qualified to be a baseball player than, say, an art critic say: (AmE) when you give sth as an example Is it possible to book the ferry, say, on Saturday and get there on Sunday? when you give an approximate amount or time Come for dinner at, say, eight o’clock.

44 prominent (L29) adj. 1) sticking or stretching out beyond a surface 突起的;突出的 She has prominent teeth. a prominent nose 2) noticeable; easily seen 显著的 Our house is in a prominent position.

45 3) of great importance, fame, etc. 杰出 的;重要的;著名的 a prominent musician/citizen/critic of the government

46 (L31) Of course, names with a positive sense can work for you, Of course, names that suggest good qualities to people can help you to your advantage in some way. Work in your favor (ant.) (help you in some way) Work against you (it causes problems for you in some way)

47 The restraining influence seemed to be working on both sides.

48 L32 acquaintance make sb.’s acquaintance/make the acquaintance of sb. 结识某人,与某人相见 我是在一个聚会上认识他地。 I made his acquaintance/made acquaintance of him at a party.

49 have a nodding acquaintance with sb./sth. 与某人有点头之交, 对某事略知 一二 我对他写地小说不甚了解。 I only have a nodding acquaintance with his novels.

50 on (further) acquaintance 认识了(较 长)一段时间 他地举止起初让人很不愉快,但是经过进 一步接触他改了许多。 His manner seemed ________ at first, but he improved on further acquaintance. unpleasant

51 acquaint sb./oneself with sth. 使某人 熟悉 那位律师了解了委托人生意上地详情。 The lawyer acquainted himself with the details of his _________’s business affairs. client

52 (L34) a blind date The arrangement to meet made between a woman and man that have never met before. ( 男好女之间的)初次见面

53 press (sb) for sth (L35) vt. to demand urgently (from) 迫切要求 I don't know whether to accept this new job, and the firm is pressing (me) for a decision.

54 (L36) ill at ease ill: adv. not easily; poorly, wrongly, or not well enough We could ill afford to lose that. ( 经不起 ) As partners, they are ill matched. ( 不相配 )

55 Don’t speak ill of the dead, Mary. ( 说坏话 ) 对某人有恶意

56 (L36) ill at ease Patrick fell ill at ease with his family, wondering whether or not to announce his news. ( 忐忑不安 ) ill-advised/ informed/ mannered/ tempered/ equipped/ treated

57 at ease: feeling relaxed Nurses should do all they can to make their patients feel at ease. Diana is completely at ease with young children. I wandered around rather ill at ease among people I didn’t know.

58 (L39) stereotype usu. derog (someone or something that represents) a fixed set of ideas about what a particular type of person or thing is like, which is (wrongly) believed to be true in all cases: She believes that she is not a good mother because she does not fit the stereotype of a woman who spends all her time with her children.

59 (L39) stereotype The characters in the film are just stereotypes, with no individuality. She gave the usual stereotyped answers to the questions of the newspaper reporters.

60 L46 conduct 用英语授课 主持会议 举止得体 为人明智 Conduct a class in English Conduct a meeting Conduct oneself well Conduct oneself wisely

61 award (L48) v [T (+to/+obj(i)+obj(d)] to give, esp. as the result of an official decision (尤指经 正式决定)授予,给予,裁决 The school awarded Merry a prize (for her good work). The referee awarded a free kick.

62 She's been awarded a scholarship to study at Oxford. The judges awarded the prize to her.

63 award n. [C] 1) something awarded 奖,奖金 His horse won the highest award. 他的马赢得最高奖。

64 2) sth. given as the result of such a decision (esp. a prize in a competition) 判决,裁定,裁定额 This is an award of $1,000,000 to those hurt in the explosion. 这是一笔裁定给在爆炸中受伤人员的一百 万美圆赔偿费。

65 reward vt. [+with/for] to make a gift to (someone who has done something good, helpful, etc.) 报偿,酬劳,奖励 Winners will be rewarded with a trip to England. 优胜者将获得去英国旅游的奖赏. He will sooner or later be rewarded for his wicked conduct. 他的恶行迟早会受到报应。

66 L53 peer (formal) a person’s equal in rank, class, merit, status or age 同等 ( 地位, 年龄等 ) 的人 He is more advanced than the rest of his peer group. The child was disliked by his peers.

67 peer He has been heavily influenced by peer pressure. 不容易找到与他匹敌的人。 It will not be easy to find his peers. 他们在同辈中是出类拔萃的受过大学 教育的知识分子。 They are university-educated intellectuals high in their peer group.

68 suit/match/ fit (L57) fit v. to be the right size or shape (for) 适 合, ( 使 ) 合身 The lid fits badly. This jacket fits like a glove. (=very well and closely) This dress doesn't fit me. Will your key fit the lock? Your theory fits all the facts.

69 be fit for: be right and suitable for a particular purpose, person, or situation 合适的, 恰当的 I don't think she's really fit for the job. a meal fit for a king (=a very good meal)

70 suit: to satisfy or please, be acceptable or convenient for; to match or look good on (someone) 满足, 取悦 ; 适合 Will it suit you if I come around at three? The arrangements suit them both . That colour doesn't suit her.

71 match: v. [I (+up);T] to be like or suitable for use with (another or each other), esp. in colour or pattern 相配, 相称 The curtains don't match the paint. The curtains and the paint don't quite match. a matching skirt and sweater

72 Exercise 1. If I were you, I would go and buy a nice shirt to ________ this expensive coat. 2. The dress _________ you very well. It looks as if it were specially made for you. 3. Do you think this color ___________ me? 4. Whoever _________ the position will be employed at once. 5. I don’t think this style __________ you. Why not change for a more popular one? match fits suits is fit for suits

73 IQ IQ 90-100 IQ 100-110 IQ 120 IQ 130 IQ 140 IQ 150 IQ 160 IQ 170 plus Below average Average A above average Very smart Super smart Genius Genius plus Super genius

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