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Lady Anne - Character and Motivation Richard III Act 1 scene 2.

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2 Lady Anne - Character and Motivation Richard III Act 1 scene 2

3 Lady Anne - who is she? Daughter of Warwick A powerful noble who changed sides during the Wars of the Roses Widow of the Prince of Wales Killed in battle by Richard What is she doing in this scene? Mourning the death of her father-in-law, Henry Vl. She is with the open coffin Also killed by Richard

4 So she doesn’t like Richard? Correct! How does she show this in the scene? She uses direct language, linked to evil the devil. thou dreadful minister of hell Foul devil thy hell She refers to the crimes Richard has committed thy heinous deeds thy butcheries Thy is repeated for emphasis in the speech “thy” and “ thou”, the 2nd person singular, used here by Lady Anne to show contempt for Richard

5 Anne is not afraid of Richard She accuses him of making Henry’s corpse bleed ’tis thy presence that exhales this blood She makes quick-witted responses to Richard, involving word-play Fairer than tongue can name thee Fouler than heart can think thee R= A= She refuses to give way to him

6 She directly accuses Richard of killing her husband and King Henry Queen Margaret saw Thy murderous falchion smoking in his blood – Didst thou not kill this King? She is angry when Richard is sarcastic to her Dost grant me, hedgehog? And thou unfit for any place but hell ! So Anne is holding out against Richard

7 So how does Richard win her over? 1. Introduces sexual element - lie with 2. He says her beauty was to blame But she is still not won over. 2. Spits at him Your bed-chamber. Your beauty that did haunt me in my sleep 1. argues back If I thought that, I tell thee, homicide, These nails should rend that beauty from my cheeks. Highly unusual act for an aristocratic lady She is in a state of grief where she does unthinkable things

8 Richard tries different lines of argument with Anne 1. He says he has suffered She is scornful 2. He brings in the sexual element again Those eyes of thine from mine have drawn salt tears, Teach not thy lip such scorn – for it was made For kissing, lady, This seems to wear Lady Anne down Perhaps at this point she feels attracted towards him, despite herself.

9 Richard takes a calculated step She has the opportunity to stab him She takes his sword in her hands I lay it naked to the deadly stroke, And humbly beg the death upon my knee. But she doesn’t kill him even though he encourages her She says Arise, dissembler. Get up hypocrite- she’s not fooled A milder insult than the ones she used earlier It shows he’s winning her over This is the turning point and later in the scene she accepts his ring

10 Why does Anne allow herself to be persuaded by Richard? She’s in a state of grief and is not in control of her emotions Which do you think are the most important? Richard's powers of persuasion- he doesn’t give up. Richard is attractive e.g. to other characters in the play Hastings, Buckingham, Clarence Fear : if you’re Richard’s friend you’re safe! Anne feels guilty - maybe it was her beauty that made Richard kill her husband The play takes place in a bloody and violent setting. Brother kills brother. People are executed for minor reasons. Henry Vl’s corpse starts to bleed. In this setting a woman agreeing to marry her husband’s killer is yet another shocking event. Anne is sexually attracted to Richard

11 Richard lll SATs 2008 Character in section 2 A4s4 lines 199-342

12 Two characters in this section The audience wants to know who will win Richard Queen Elizabeth What does Richard want?What Queen Elizabeth does want? To marry Queen Elizabeth's daughter also called -Elizabeth To stop Richard marrying her daughter.

13 In some ways this is similar to section 1 In section 1 Richard was trying to get Lady Anne to marry him, after murdering her husband In section 2 Richard is asking Queen Elizabeth if he can marry her daughter, Elizabeth after he has murdered her sons Will he be successful this time? Why marry Elizabeth? Because Richmond wants to marry her - it will strengthen his claim to the throne His wife Anne is dead

14 Richard tries to take command of the situation Stay, madam. I must talk a word with you. But Elizabeth knows what he is after I have no more sons…for thee to slaughter! praying nuns, not weeping queens – She says her daughters will be… She warns Richard to keep away level not to hit their lives. Don’t aim

15 How does Richard try and win her over? With compliments about her daughter Virtuous and fair, royal and gracious. Elizabeth threatens to say that her daughter is illegitimate Slander myself as false to Edward’s bed, Why might this stop Richard wanting to marry her? Her life is safest only in her birth. He argues back Elizabeth points out that birth didn’t save her sons

16 Richard protests his innocence You speak as if that I had slain my cousins. Elizabeth responds angrily Cousins, indeed! And by their uncle cozened – Of comfort, kingdom, kindred, freedom, life! She picks up on cousins cheated Plays on the word The alliteration builds up the rhythm To the powerful conclusion to the line It shows that Elizabeth will stand up to Richard She’s angry at her loss and protective of her daughter

17 Elisabeth accuses Richard: he is responsible for the death of her sons He may not have held the knife that.. lanced their tender hearts, But he gave the order Her grief is so wild that she wishes my nails were anchored in thine eyes Elizabeth has been provoked and is now on the attack I intend more good to you or yours Than ever you or yours by me were harmed! Richard lies to cover up He’s just had the princes murdered What tone of voice would the actors use to say these lines?

18 Richard is trying to win Elizabeth over by making promises for her children dignity and height of fortune, advancement But Elizabeth rebuffs him Richard is devious - he hasn’t yet mentioned marriage or her daughter endow a child of thine He keeps it vague he continues to declare his innocence Up to some scaffold, there to lose their heads? She’s sarcastic Which thou supposest I have done to thee.

19 Richard now becomes more direct from my soul I love thy daughter. Elizabeth plays on words in her reply That thou dost love my daughter ‘from’ thy soul. So from thy soul’s love didst thou love her brothers, Elizabeth uses ‘from’ in the sense of “far away” When Richard suggests he will make her daughter his Queen, Elizabeth is contemptuous What, thou? Familiar, dismissive

20 Richard suggests Elizabeth can teach him how to woo her daughter Elizabeth’s response is ironic Send to her, by the man that slew her brothers, A pair of bleeding hearts. Thereon engrave ‘Edward’ and ‘York’. Then haply will she weep. Richard Richard knows he’s being mocked Say that I did all this for love of her. When he tried this line earlier with Lady Anne it worked But not this time Why hasn’t it worked this time?

21 Richard tries to convince Queen Elizabeth that he should marry her daughter If I did take the kingdom from your sons, To make amends I’ll give it to your daughter. Almost admits he killed the princes This is unlikely to convince Elizabeth An unsophisticated argument Richard sees things in terms of the throne Richard never refers to her by name He also says a grandmother is similar to a mother They are as children but one step below, Another unconvincing argument All this does is emphasise that Richard has killed her sons

22 Up until now Richard has been antagonistic to the Queen’s family He promises to call the Queen's son Dorset, “brother ” and give him high promotions and great dignity. Richard becomes lyrical The liquid drops of tears that you have shed Shall come again, transformed to orient pearl, He wants Elizabeth to woo her daughter for him Acquaint the Princess With the sweet silent hours of marriage joys. Ironic when we consider what has happened to his wife Anne

23 Richard’s speech builds up to a climax He boasts that he will beat the rebel Buckingham He sees himself as the conquering hero Bound with triumphant garlands will I come, And lead thy daughter to a conqueror’s bed – Links victory in battle to victory in love But the Queen is unconvinced he that slew her brothers and her uncles? Richmond marries her at the end of the play. At the end of this section Richard has not persuaded the Queen. He does not marry her daughter Elizabeth.

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