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ASVAB – Career exploration program or stealth military recruiting tool?

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1 ASVAB – Career exploration program or stealth military recruiting tool?

2 The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a 3 ½ hour standardized test that has been given to public high school students since 1968. The ASVAB is: a joint program between the nation's schools and the military. the official entry test used by all services. the military’s #1 recruiting tool.

3 High school juniors and seniors across the country take the 3 ½ hour ASVAB because they’re told it will help them decide what to do when they grow up.

4 Bernard Winslow, a Junior at Greenwood High School in Millerstown, PA took the ASVAB at school on October 13, 1998.

5 Depending on how well Bernard performed in various subject areas, the military is able to match him with appropriate military occupational specialties (MOS’s)

6 The ASVAB can match high school students to various Military Operations Specialties, like these: Cannon Crew member Helicopter Repairer Cavalry Scout Firefighter Electric Bass Guitar Player Chaplain Assistant Artillery Mechanic Mortuary Affairs Specialist Parachute Rigger Radar Repairer Military Police Officer Food Service Technician

7 The ASVAB is also used to compute the all-important Armed Forces Qualifying Test Score, or AFQT. Minimum AFQT scores for enlistment:* Army31 Navy35 Air Force36 Marines32 Coast Guard40 * Recruits with scores of 21 have recently been allowed to enlist.

8 Based on his ASVAB scores, this young man was prequalified for dozens of military operation specialties. The Navy was happy to have him aboard.

9 The ASVAB is the U.S. military’s most valuable recruiting asset. The administration of the test provides extremely valuable leads for military recruiters.

10 The ASVAB provides a fast track to enlistment.

11 How do they do they do it? In 2006-07 this military exam was given to 621,000 students in high schools across the country.

12 The ASVAB’s purpose is to find recruits. School Recruiting Program Handbook USAREC Pamphlet 350-13 Chapter 6 - ASVAB 6-2. Purpose Within the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC), ASVAB is designed to: a. Provide the field recruiter with a source of leads of high school seniors and juniors qualified through the ASVAB for enlistment into the Active Army and Army Reserve.

13 School administrators often don’t see how the ASVAB is used by the military as a recruiting tool.

14 The military has embarked on a campaign to hide the true nature of the ASVAB test from the American public.

15 School counselors encourage students to take advantage of the “Career Exploration Program” without taking steps to protect students from the onslaught of calls from military recruiters who are furnished with the test results.

16 The United States Military Entrance Processing Command, (USMEPCOM) provides school officials with promotional materials that rarely explain what the acronym “ASVAB” stands for or reveals the test’s relationship to military recruiting.

17 Students are tested without parental consent High school students across the country routinely take the ASVAB test and their private information and test results are forwarded to military recruiting services without their parents' knowledge or consent.

18 School officials are violating federal laws and most state laws when they administer the ASVAB without taking steps to protect student privacy.

19 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law insures that parents control the release of information regarding their children.

20 Schools violate FERPA when they give the ASVAB without protecting student privacy.

21 The pentagon claims it administers the ASVAB, not the schools, so the test results and private student information are not subject to federal laws that protect student privacy.

22 However, school teachers and counseling staff perform the role of ASVAB test proctors; the test is done during instructional hours; and it is promoted by the school.

23 The military comes into our schools and tests our children for four hours. It collects social security numbers and sensitive demographic information, contrary to most state laws, and it uses the results for recruiting purposes without our consent.

24 The ASVAB is the military’s stealth recruiting tool, like the B-1 bomber, it operates under the (parental) radar screen.

25 It gets even worse.. Almost 10% of the 621,000 high school students who took the ASVAB last year were forced to take it, according to information released by the pentagon. With 11,900 high schools administering the test, that means about a thousand schools require all juniors to take the ASVAB. Whose schools are they?

26 In February of 2008, three high school students at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, NC were sent to an in-school suspension classroom after refusing to take the ASVAB. "I don't have a lot of patience with people who are refusing to take the assessment -- or refusing anything that their entire grade level is participating in," Principal Gary Thornburg said. – Raleigh News & Observer

27 Many governors have issued proclamations urging high school students to take the ASVAB. None mention the tie-in with recruiting. In 1995, Texas Governor George W. Bush proclaimed an official Texas ASVAB Day when all high school juniors were encouraged to take the military test.

28 The Great State of Idaho ARMED SERVICES VOCATIONAL APTITUDE BATTERY TESTING WEEK I urge all high schools in the State of Idaho to encourage students to utilize the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery testing and counseling materials that acquaint students with a variety of career opportunities and vocational/technical training programs. C.L. “BUTCH” OTTER GOVERNOR

29 School administrators are often unaware the military is required to offer a privacy option for schools administering the test. See Option 8 on the next slide…

30 USMEPCOM Regulation 601-4, November 13, 2006 Personnel Procurement Student Testing Program Table 3-1 Recruiter Release Options Option Instructions for providing access to student test information to recruiting services Provide student test information to recruiting services: 1 no sooner than 7 days after mailed to school 2 no sooner than 60 days after mailed to school 3 no sooner than 90 days after mailed to school 4 no sooner than 120 days after mailed to school 5 no sooner than the end of the SY for that specific school or 30 June 6 no sooner than 7 days after mailed to school with instruction that no telephone solicitation by recruiters will be conducted as a result of test information provided 7 Invalid test results. Student test information is not provided to recruiting services 8 Access to student test information is not provided to recruiting services

31 Under Option 8 access to student test information is not provided to recruiting services.

32 Of course… If a school fails to select an option for the release of test data, the military automatically selects Option 1 and the test results are forwarded to recruiters in 7 days.

33 The military is not telling high schools about Option 8.

34 That’s your job!

35 The military used a form in a Maryland jurisdiction that omitted Option 8. The form below only lists Options 1 through 6, all of which forward data to recruiters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

36 Of the 621,000 high school students who took the ASVAB in 2006-7, 92% had their test results sent to military recruiters.

37 Children who sit for the ASVAB are required to sign a "Privacy Statement" that implies permission is granted to the military to use private information.


39 Most states have laws that make it illegal to compel a minor to relinquish private information and social security numbers without parental consent.

40 A desire to adhere to Maryland laws have led school systems in that state to select Option 8 and require parental permission for students who take the ASVAB.

41 Whose schools are they?

42 The ASVAB helps turn kids..

43 …into soldiers

44 Investigative journalist Dan Hardy with the Philadelphia Inquirer received the data cited in this report from the Pentagon through a Freedom of Information Act Request. You can access the database at:

45 Want to stop it in your community? Contact NNOMY, The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

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