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世纪商务英语 商务函电 齐齐哈尔职业学院外语系.

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1 世纪商务英语 商务函电 齐齐哈尔职业学院外语系

2 Unit 1 Establishing Business Relations
Lesson 1 Importer’s Self-introduction Lesson 2 Exporter’s Self-introduction Lesson 3 Inquiring about Foreign Trade Policy and Supply

3 Introduction When new firms or old ones want to start or enlarge business, they may want to establish business relations with prospective dealers.

4 Main Points of Establishing Business Relations
Closing: expectation of cooperation or an early reply

5 Main points of replies 1. Agree to establish business relations:
Opening: a. thanks for the incoming letter; b. Willingness to establish business relatios; Body: c. reply to the requirements in the incoming letter; and / or Closing: e. hope for doing business.

6 Main points of replies 2. Disagree to establish business relations for some reasons Opening: a. thanks for the incoming letter; Body: b. Regret for the inability to establish business relations; c. Stating the reasons; Closing: d. expectation of future cooperation.

7 Lesson one Importer’s Self-introdution

8 Specimen 1 Importer’s self-introduction Macdonald ﹠ Evans Co., Ltd.
58 Lawton Street, new York, USA August 20, 2006 Fujian Shoes Import ﹠ Export Corporation 45 Baoding Street, Fuzhou, Fujian, China Attention: Mr. Wugang, Sales Department Dear Sirs, We have obtained your name and address from Fort ﹠ Co., Ltd., and we are writing in the hope that you would be willing to establish business relations with us. We have been leading importers of casual shoes for many years. At present, we are interested in extending our range and appreciate your catalogues and quotations. If your prices are competitive, we would like to place a trial order with you. We look forward to your early reply. Yours faithfully, Michael Evans Manager

9 Reply to the above Specimen 2 Fujian Shoes Import ﹠ Export Corporation
45 Baoding Street, Fuzhou, Fujian, China August 31, 2006 Macdonald ﹠ Evans Co., Ltd. 58 Lawton Street, New York, U.S.A Dear Sirs, Thank you for your leeter of the 20th August. We are desirous to enter into business relations with your company. Our shoe industry concentrates on designing and producing various traditional and vogue men’s and women’shoes. We have developed and marketed a series of products, such as slippers of EVA, indoor slippers, cotton slippers, embroidered slippers of new style, Children’s shoes and cotton shoes. We can satisfy different market needs both at home and abroad. In compliance with your request, we are sending you, under separate cover, our latest catalogue and price list covering our export range available at present.

10 Should you be interested in any items, please let us know.
We are looking forward to your specific enquiries. Yours sincerely, Fujian Shoes Import ﹠ Export Corporation Wugang Manager

11 Tag latest catalogue 最新目录 export range 出口产品范围 item 商品
specific enquiries 具体询盘 quotation 报价 order 订单,订购的货物

12 in the hope of sth./doing sth.
build up/ set up/ enter into business relations with sb. We shall appreciate it if… It is appreciated if (that)… We shall appreciate you doing… We shall appreciate sth. Quality of your goods can compete with that of other products; competitive price

13 Exercises Choose the best answer.
1) We would very much if you send us a few sample books. a. appreciated b. appreciate if c. appreciate you d. appreciate 2) We send a copy of our export list the main items available at present. a. covered b. covering c.cover d. are covered 3) We should like to receive your enquiries ______ our hardware. a. about b. to c. for d. into 4) We wish to establish direct business relations _____ you. a. with b. for c. from d. to 5. We are _____ your detailed requirements. a. forwarding b. looking to c. looking foreard d. looking forward to

14 Translate the following sentences into English.
1) 我们想介绍一下我们的业务范围. 2) 我们从史密斯先生处得知你方的名称与地址,他与我们做了很多年的生意. 3) 尽早告知你方感兴趣的商品为盼. 4) 我们己收到从国外寄来的很多询价单. 5) 他们以前从英国进口机器, 现在想同我们建立业务关系. 6) 我公司是拉各斯市最大的电器用品进品商, 主要经营电器用品进口业务. 7) 如果你方价格有竞争力, 我们相信我们之间能达成大量的交易. 8) 如蒙你方能将此信转交给此事负责人,我们将不胜感激. 9) 我方在12月1日的信中通知你方, 我们愿与你方订购500辆飞鸽牌自行车.

15 Lesson Two Exporter’s self-intruduction

16 Exporter’s self-intruduction
Specimen 1 Exporter’s self-intruduction Dear Sir or Madam, Through the courtesy of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are given to understand that you are one of the leading importers of textile produvts in your country. As this item falls within the scope of your business activities, we are writing to you with a keen desire to enter into business connections with you. We specialize in the exportation of Chinese textile products, such as Textiles Knitwear of Ladies’, Men’s, Children’s and Youth fashion, Sportswear and Jeans. We can also design and produce equipment and machines for textile. Our products are excellent in quality and reasonable in price. To gice you a general idea of our business lines, we enclose a copy of your export list, showing the main items now in supply and we hope that you would contact us if any item is of interest to you. We look forward to receiving your early reply, and assure you that your requirements will have our best and prompt attention. Yours faithfully,

17 Specimen 2 Favorable Reply Dear Sir,
We acknowledge with thanks for the receipt of your letter of May 6, 2006, and take the pleasure of establishing business relations with your corporation. Your textile products are so attractive that we are confident of securing large orders for you. We shall be obliged if you could send us quotations and sample books. We look forward to your favorable reply. Yours faithfully,

18 Tag Chamber of Commerce and Industry scope of our business activities
business connections export list sample books favorable reply

19 business line be in line of be in line with be out of line with

20 Exercises Fill in the blanks with proper forms of the given words.
attract confident interest contact supply enclose 1). We are anxious to make business _____ with your corporation. 2). We _____ our Enquiry Note No. 367 and wish to receive your favorable reply. 3). We trust you will find our quotation _____. 4).One of our clients is _____ in Chinese Butterfly Brand sewing machines. 5). We can _____ you with all kinds of Men’s leather shoes. 6). Although the price we give you is slightly higher than the other suppliers, we have the _____ that the quality of our products is better.

21 Lesson Three Inquiring about Foreign Trade Policy and Supply

22 Stressing Forgeign Trade Policy
Specimen 1 Stressing Forgeign Trade Policy Dear Sirs, We are indebted for your address to the Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Algerian Embassy in Beijing. They informed us that you are in the market for various chemicals used in petrochemicals.It’s on this subject that we approach you today in the hope of establishing mutually beneficial trading relations. We are a state-operated corporation handling exclusively the export and import of chemicals. In order to acquaint you with our line, we enclose herewith a copy of our export list, showing the main items now suppliable. Should you need anything not mentioned on the list, we shall do everything necessary, upon receipt of your detailed requirements, to secure the said items for you.

23 In our trade with customers in the Asian-African countries,
we always adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. It is our hope, by joint efforts, to promote both business and friendship to our mutual advantage. We look forward to receving your enquiries soon. Yours faithfully, Encl, As stated

24 Specimen 2 Asking for Supply Dear Sirs,
We know you from the website, and are interested in your novel design. We sincerely hope we can have a chance to establish business relationship with each other. Our firm is Taiwan based, and we are mainly handling dressing including windows, furniture, bath, etc. we have good experience and stable customers. Products are mainly shipped to Eurpoe and Australia. Now in order to meet the requirement of a customer who is from France, we want to prepare some patterns of tieback and curtain clip. Attached please find the information. They are all hand-made with material wire, fabric and bead. They are used as tieback. Could you please check if they are suppliable by you? If yes, please get back to me soon. Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact us soon. Truly yours.

25 Tag tieback curtain clip Commercial Counselor’s Office
Algerian Embassy in Beijing the principle of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. tieback curtain clip

26 We will ship the goods upon receipt of the L/C.
We will inform you of the date of shipment. beneficial trading relations We acquaint ourselves with the import and export

27 Exercises Translate the following sentences into English.
我们公司有意要购买你们公司的棉布。 我们主要经营电器用品进口业务。 通过双方努力,我们终于使贸易与友谊进一步得以促进。 请与我们联系你方所需。 很高兴通知你方,我们可以供应你方所需。

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