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The Globally Competent Campus Faculty Senate Presentation February 10, 2005 Nancy L. Zimpher President.

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1 The Globally Competent Campus Faculty Senate Presentation February 10, 2005 Nancy L. Zimpher President

2 NASULGC Task Force on International Education Issued in October 2004

3 Failing report card at U.S. universities  Only 3 percent of U.S. students in four-year programs participate in education abroad each year  At UC: it’s a little over 2 percent – 750 students  Growth of international enrollment slowing  At UC: 2157, this year; down from 2202 last year.  1 in 10 American students studies a foreign language

4 Defining our terms Internationalization: The process of integrating international and multicultural perspectives and experiences into the learning, discovery and engagement mission of higher education (Knight, 1994). Globalization: The integration of countries and people as the result of economic, technological and knowledge advances. International Education: The full spectrum of educational programs and practices that facilitate internationalized learning. This includes curriculum, education abroad, international research and scholarship, university engagement, and the involvement of international students and scholars on U.S. campuses. Global Competence: The ability of faculty, staff and students not only to contribute to knowledge, but also to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate its meaning in the context of an increasingly globalized world.

5 Four good reasons to internationalize  For our students  For our communities  For our nation  For our institutions

6 US Competition in the Creative Age: A Nation at Risk?

7 Richard Florida  Hirst Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University  HBR (Oct 2004) “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis”  The Rise of the Creative Class (Basic Books, 2002)  The Flight of the Creative Class (Harper Business, 2005)

8 Percentage of Workers in the “Creative Class”

9 What we need is… “the equivalent of a GI Bill for creativity. The nation must spend radically more on research and development and on higher education, opening up universities… to more Americans and to more of the world’s best and brightest… The United States has to build the creative infrastructure for the future.” -- R. Florida, 2004, p. 8

10 A call for the “coalition of the converted”  Bring together faculty, students, administration, community leaders and members of the boards of trustees  Provide a clear vision of internationalization  Foster communication among constituencies  Encourage faculty development  Build capacity


12  Place students at the center  Grow our research excellence  Achieve academic excellence  Forge key partnerships  Create a sense of place  Create opportunity UC|21 strategic goals

13 Key players  Institute for Global Studies & Affairs Education Abroad Education Abroad International Collaborations and Exchanges International Collaborations and Exchanges  International Co-Op Program  Academic, Creative & Research Community International Students Services Office International Students Services Office International faculty, scholars, researchers, artists International faculty, scholars, researchers, artists  International Community Agencies

14 Institute for Global Studies & Affairs

15 IGSA mission  Provide innovative and high-quality programs  Build faculty capacity  Educate students to think and act internationally

16 What IGSA does…  Education Abroad  Grants and Support  Training and Outreach  Faculty Development  Leadership for Curricular Change  International Exchange and Visitors  International Linkages Crete, 2001

17 Why education abroad?  Broaden your horizons: Put classroom learning into perspective  Learn about yourself  Acquaint yourself with another culture and way of life  Serve as an ambassador of the U.S. and of the host country  Develop your leadership skills  Advance your career  Learn a language

18 Students abroad on academic programs

19 Sample of faculty-led programs… RWC RWC: Harlaxton, England Clermont Clermont : Latin American Culture in Chile DAAP DAAP : Fashion & Industrial Design in Belgium & France Nursing Nursing : Rotation in Honduras CAS CAS : Construction Science in Spain

20 CoB CoB: Service learning in Belize

21 Planning Planning: Sustainable Development in Crete and Santorini

22 A&S: A&S: Language & Culture in Querétaro

23 Medicine: Medicine: Shoulder to Shoulder in Honduras

24 CCM: CCM: Opera Theater in Lucca

25 International collaborations  33 active official linkages with international institutions in 21 countries  Student and faculty exchange; degree completions  For example  Korea (Nursing)  Chile (CoB)  Vietnam (CAS)  New Zealand (Law)

26 New initiatives  Degree completion programs (Chile, China)  Distance Learning (Canada, Finland, Egypt)  Sustainable Development (City of Curitiba, Brazil )

27 International Co-op Program

28 International Co-op  Destinations in Germany, Japan, Latin America  Work during your final two co- op quarters with a company overseas  Receive specialized language/culture courses in German, Japanese or Spanish  Acquire cross-cultural communication skills and experience that will enhance employability

29 International co-op by language

30 International co-op by college

31 Academic, Creative & Research Community

32 International students  Provide intellectual excellence  Contribute to the research effort  Enhance the internationalization of the community  Enrich the experience of all UC students  Add diversity to the Institution and State  Contribute to economic well-being of Cincinnati and Ohio

33 International student enrollment trends

34 International student field of study

35 International student region of origin

36 International Faculty

37 International faculty Provide diversity Contribute to research and artistic excellence Mentor graduate students Serve as role models

38 International Faculty in Every College Artists, Composers, Performers Teachers Researchers Physicians

39 Also, growing our research excellence… International Post docs International Research Associates International Fulbright Scholars International Visiting Faculty International Visiting Artists

40 Building Our Community Connections

41 Collaboration with… World Affairs Council International Visitors Council New IGSA/ISSO co-location and collaboration We’re collaborating with

42 Next steps Searching for a Chief International Officer Implementing ‘global’ UC|21 Funding our priorities Setting measurable goals Making a difference for our university, community and world

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