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I Pre-reading Qs II Text Analysis III After reading IV Exercises

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1 I Pre-reading Qs II Text Analysis III After reading IV Exercises
The Chaser I Pre-reading Qs II Text Analysis III After reading IV Exercises 中国地质大学长城学院

2 Biographical Sketch of John Collier Pre-reading questions
Debate Biographical Sketch of John Collier Pre-reading questions Structure analysis of the Text Questions for comprehension Language points Exercises Writing Practice Passage Dictation 中国地质大学长城学院

3 Debate on the following situation
A young couple were very much in love and wanted to get married. However, they were from two warring cultures and their families would not allow it. If they married, they would have to leave their homes and families, and perhaps even their country. Position A: They should get married anyway. Position B: They shouldn’t get married. 中国地质大学长城学院

4 Biographical Sketch of John Collier
a writer of various genres, born in London in 1901 and died of a stroke in California in 1980. obtained a private education, and began writing poetry at the age of nineteen and concentrated on writing novels and short stories during the early 1930s. best known as a writer of fantasy, and though largely unpopular in his native country, holds wide appeal among readers of fantasy. His Monkey Wife, first published in 1930. 中国地质大学长城学院

5 Works of John Collier His Monkey Wife (first published in 1930)
Tom's A-Cold (novel, 1933) Defy the Foul Friend (novel, 1934) Presenting Moonshine (short story collection, 1941) Fancies and Goodnights (short story collection, 1951) Pictures in the Fire (short story collection, 1958) 中国地质大学长城学院

6 中国地质大学长城学院

7 Screenplays of John Collier
Elephant Boy (1937) I Am a Camera (1955) The War Lord (1965). 中国地质大学长城学院

8 中国地质大学长城学院

9 中国地质大学长城学院

10 Siren(塞壬) Siren, in Greek mythology, one of the three sea nymphs(女神), usually represented with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. Daughters of Phoreus of Achelous(河神), the Sirens inhabited an island surrounded by dangerous rocks. They sang so enchantingly(夺人心魂的) that all who heard were drawn near and shipwrecked. Jason and the Argonauts were saved from them by the music of Orhenus, whose songs were lovelier. Odysseus escaped them by having himself tied securely to a mast and by stopping the ears of his men. Figuratively, siren refers to a woman regarded as seductively (诱惑的)beautiful. 中国地质大学长城学院

11 Siren 中国地质大学长城学院

12 中国地质大学长城学院

13 Pre-reading questions
1. Do you believe love can be fostered? How can you lure one into love with you? 2. What is likely to happen when a couple no longer love each other? 中国地质大学长城学院

14 Tips How to Attract Someone to Love You
Actually, you can't make someone love you because truth to tell, people can't help whom they love. However, you can attract someone enough to get them interested and then maybe, just maybe, if everything falls into place, fall in love with you. 中国地质大学长城学院

15 Again, there is nothing you can do to make someone love you but there are ways you can use to let them see what a wonderful person you are. It‘s always a shot but it might not always get you what you want. But if you’re the stubborn kind and want to give fate a nudge(轻推,注意), here are some tips you can use. Remember, though: you have been warned. 中国地质大学长城学院

16 Begin as friends. This is usually where good things begin and being friends with someone you love isn't so bad. It's not as good as being in love with each other, but it can be a start. Right now, the person you love probably sees you in a one-dimensional light. There is a chance that they'll learn to like you once they get to know you. 中国地质大学长城学院

17 Make a list. Find out what your beloved likes and dislikes and make a list of every useful thing there is to know about them. Check every trait or quality that you have or use a rating system (1 being totally not you and 10 being you're proof such a characteristic exists in a living person). Be honest. You can't pretend forever, you know. 中国地质大学长城学院

18 Get yourself in the line of sight
Get yourself in the line of sight. You can‘t hope to attract someone enough to make them love you if they can’t see you. Increase your visibility by a notch(刻痕,记号), maybe two, hell - three. Four or five will be pushing it. You want to be visible, not annoying like an ever-present fly or wallpaper. 中国地质大学长城学院

19 If the object of your desires goes to a certain gym, you might want to join the same outfit and get the same schedule. Or if your future partner plays tennis, learn to swing the racquet(球拍) yourself. It won't be easy, but then again, loving and being loved is never easy so be prepared for possibilities. 中国地质大学长城学院

20 Show your good side. Especially your best angle and we don‘t mean just your profile. If your beloved likes someone who can cook, casually mention you make a mean lasagna(千层饼) or better yet, make the best lasagna you can and give it away to your friends, which of course, includes your special someone. Just make sure it's really good. 中国地质大学长城学院

21 You can have the love you need, want and deserve.
You will learn to love yourself and others will be drawn to you because of it. 中国地质大学长城学院

22 Are you loved? I know it may be an odd question, but it‘s a question you really do need to ask yourself. Do you feel loved? Do you have someone special to share your life with, or do you feel lost and alone in the abyss(深渊) of people surrounding you? Are you waiting for the perfect soul mate? Are you looking for the right person to love you and make you feel complete? You can attract the love you long for. It's just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it. 中国地质大学长城学院

23 If you really, truly want to attract love, there is one question that you first need to ask. Do you love yourself? Do you really truly love the person you are? If you don't love yourself, it will be hard for others to love you. Once you love yourself, it will be easier to attract the love of others. 中国地质大学长城学院

24 So how do you learn to love yourself and how do you go about attracting the love of others? You need to awaken your love from within. Like a delicate flower waiting to bloom, your love is sealed up tight within a bud. With the right ingredients that bud will bloom into a beautiful and magnificent creation. 中国地质大学长城学院

25 Where do you buy the ingredients for love
Where do you buy the ingredients for love? You cannot buy them in a store. The key ingredients for loving yourself and attracting the love of others actually lie within you. The trick is in knowing how to use them. That's where self hypnosis comes in. 中国地质大学长城学院

26 Millions of people have been helped by the powerful benefits of self hypnosis(催眠状态). The 'attract love' self hypnosis session takes the power of hypnotism and uses it to teach you how to love yourself and how to attract the love of others. 中国地质大学长城学院

27 Imagine what it would be like if:
Every morning you woke up with a smile because you knew that you were truly loved? You had someone you loved, and who loved you back, to share your days and nights with? You had someone to turn to every time you needed support or encouragement? You never felt empty, alone or abandoned again. 中国地质大学长城学院

28 Attract love into your life!
The 'attract love' self hypnosis session can turn your dreams into reality. You will learn to love yourself and others will be drawn to you because of it. Through the power of self hypnosis, you will be able to attract the love you have so desperately wanted. Let the 'attract love' self hypnosis CD/MP3 hypnosis download change the way you feel about yourself and the way you attract others. Attract love into your life! 中国地质大学长城学院

29 Love potion爱的魔药 中国地质大学长城学院

30 中国地质大学长城学院

31 6 lemon leaves 3 cups pure spring water Sugar、Honey
a recipe for: LOVE POTION TEA 1 pinch(撮) of rosemary (迷迭香) 2 teaspoons of black tea 3 pinches thyme(麝香草) 3 pinches nutmeg(肉豆蔻) 3 fresh mint(薄荷) leaves 6 fresh rose petals花瓣) 6 lemon leaves 3 cups pure spring water Sugar、Honey 中国地质大学长城学院

32 To make another person fall in love with you, brew(酝酿) this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon (盈月moving from empty to full). Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle. Sweeten with sugar and honey, if desired. 中国地质大学长城学院

33 Before drinking, recite this rhyme: BY LIGHT OF MOON WAXING I BREW THIS TEA TO MAKE [lover's name] DESIRE ME. 中国地质大学长城学院

34 Drink some of the tea and say: GODDESS OF LOVE HEAR NOW MY PLEA LET [lover's name] DESIRE ME! SO MOTE IT BE SO MOTE IT BE 中国地质大学长城学院

35 All in fun - but good luck!!!
On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you. All in fun - but good luck!!! 中国地质大学长城学院

36 中国地质大学长城学院

37 中国地质大学长城学院

38 Structure analysis of the Text
This short story, which combines elements of horror and love, is built almost entirely through dialogue between a young man, Alan Austen, who is deeply in love and wants to possess his lover entirely, and an unnamed old man who believes in a life free of romantic involvement. As the dialogue develops, Austen’s attitude towards the potion changes from skeptical and hesitant to excited and overwhelmed. 中国地质大学长城学院

39 Questions for comprehension
1.  What is the implied meaning of the old man’s remark. ‘Young people who need a love potion very seldom have five thousand dollars. Otherwise they would not need a love potion”? (para. 13) What the old man means is that the young men who fall in love one-sidedly are seldom rich enough to win a young girls heart. If they are rich, it will be easier for them to gain girls’ hearts, and they don’t need to buy love potions. The old man suggests that money is an important factor for love. 中国地质大学长城学院

40 2. What are the effects of the love potion? Describe them in detail .
The love potion has a powerful, everlasting effect. It will make a gay girl care nothing but her lover. She will feel jealous of him when her lover is with other girls. She will want to be everything to him. She will be only interested in her lover and take every concern of his. Even if he slips a little, she will forgive him in the end. In a word, she will love him deeply if she drinks the love potion. 中国地质大学长城学院

41 3.Why is the love potion priced so low while the glove-cleaner so high?
In this story, the author seems to stress the great gap between the price of the love potion and the glove-cleaner. The reasons maybe is that it is easy for people to fall in love, but it is hard to keep it. So, when he wants to get out of it, he has to pay a lot of money to buy the glove-cleaner. Because of the lower price of the love potion, the old man can allure the customers to buy his other goods, including the glove-cleaner. 中国地质大学长城学院

42 4. What moral lessons can be drawn from the story?
One of the moral lessons we can draw from the story is that love is precious. It is easy for one to fall in love. But it is hard for him to keep it fresh. So we must be wise and cherish love. 中国地质大学长城学院

43 5. How do the speeches of the young man and the old man differ
5. How do the speeches of the young man and the old man differ? How does that help to build up the theme? The young man’s speech is short and changing. At first, he speaks in short sentences with hesitation, but later on his speech changes into a succession of cries with excitement. The old man’s speech is long, logical, persuasive and stable. This sharp contrast can make the theme of the story of the story clearer. 中国地质大学长城学院

44 Summary of the essay Alan Austen goes to an old man to buy some love potion to win a girl’s heart. At the very beginning, he is very nervous and hesitant. When he asks the old man whether he has a certain mixture that has extraordinary effects., the old man tells him that everything he sells is extraordinary. He then reaches for a bottle from the shelf and shows Alan one liquid which is colorless, tasteless, and imperceptible. It is called a life-cleaner. 中国地质大学长城学院

45 However, it is very expensive. For he can not afford it
However, it is very expensive. For he can not afford it. Then the old man reassures him that a love potion is not as expensive as that. He goes to tell Alan the powerful effect of the medicine; if the girl drinks one tiny measure of it, she will be changed altogether. She will want to do everything for Alan. She will be totally devoted to him, taking good care of him, worrying about him if he is late, and forgiving him when he slips. Convinced by the old man’s words, Alan cries with great joy. That is what he wants. For this miraculous medicine, the old man only charges one dollar. Finally, Alan thanks the old man and leaves him with the love potion. 中国地质大学长城学院

46 Language points peer vi.(at, into): look carefully
peer at the traffic lights peer into the distance She peered at the tag to read the price. The sun was peering through the clouds. 太阳从云中隐约出现。 peep (in into out at): to look at something quickly and secretly, especially through a hole or other small openings 中国地质大学长城学院

47 Language points Oblige vt.(1)do something a favor; to fulfill the wishes of (2) to make it necessary for somebody to do sth. Circumstances oblige me to do that. I am sorry I cannot oblige you. Please oblige me with your presence. Will any gentleman oblige the lady? 中国地质大学长城学院

48 We are much obliged to you for your help.
Could you oblige me with ten yuan? Much obliged! [口]谢谢! be obliged to sb. be obliged to do sth. oblige (sb.) with 给... 中国地质大学长城学院

49 She asked him to lend his car, and he willingly obliged her.
I should/would be obliged if you could speak louder. The heavy snow obliged me to abandon the car and continued on foot. Eric felt obliged to resign after such an unpleasant quarrel with the vice president. 中国地质大学长城学院

50 apprehensive adj. apprehensive for sb.‘s safety 近义词:afraid agitated(焦虑的,激动不安的) anxious concerned fearful troubled uneasy worried 中国地质大学长城学院

51 acquaintance n. a speaking acquaintance
I have no acquaintance with this book. I have some acquaintance with English, but I do not know it well. He has a large circle of acquaintances. a passing acquaintance with 中国地质大学长城学院

52 drop [cut] sb.'s acquaintance (=cut an acquaintance with sb.)
have a nodding acquaintance with sb. have a bowing acquaintance with sb. have no acquaintance with make the acquaintance of sb. make sb.'s acquaintance pick acquaintance with 中国地质大学长城学院

53 be directly acquainted with Let me acquaint you with the facts.
acquaint vt. (with) be directly acquainted with Let me acquaint you with the facts. My mother acquainted her with my intention. I am already acquainted with him. You must acquaint yourself with your new duties. 中国地质大学长城学院

54 过去分词acquainted已经失去动作意义, 相当于一个形容词。例如: “我是去年认识他的。”不能译作: I acquainted him last year. 或 I was acquainted with him last year. 第一句是语态错误, 第二句混淆了“状态”和“动作”, 只能译成: I got [became] acquainted with him last year. 或 I made his acquaintance last year. 中国地质大学长城学院

55 be [get] acquainted with
acquaint oneself with acquaint sb. With acquaint sb. Of be [get] acquainted with 中国地质大学长城学院

56 perceive perceive by the nose To perceive differences.
To understand; perceive. To perceive with the eye. To perceive incorrectly; misunderstand. The ability to feel or perceive. Having the ability to so perceive. Did you perceive anyone come in? Can't you perceive this obvious truth? To perceive in terms of past experiences. 中国地质大学长城学院

57 Overwhelm vt. be overwhelmed by grief
(1) to give somebody a particular feeling very strongly. His generosity overwhelmed us. The family of the victim was overwhelmed by/with grief. (2)  to make powerless by using force Government troops overwhelmed the rebels. The boat was overwhelmed by the waves. 中国地质大学长城学院

58 Adj. overwhelming: very large or very great
e.g. The policy was adopted by an overwhelming majority. amaze astonish astound bewilder conquer crush defeat dumbfound flabbergast(目瞪口呆) overcome startle surmount(超越挑战) surprise vanquish 中国地质大学长城学院

59 conceive prejudices抱偏见 conceive a child
Conceive vt. conceive a hatred 怀恨 conceive prejudices抱偏见 conceive a child Scientists first conceived the idea of atomic bomb in the 1930s. vi. (of)conceiver n. 中国地质大学长城学院

60 indulge oneself in eating and drinking 纵情于吃喝
indulge vt. indulge oneself in eating and drinking 纵情于吃喝 He indulges his children too much. vi. indulge in tobacco Will you indulge? [俚]喝一杯吧? indulge in 沉溺于; 纵情享受; 饱享 中国地质大学长城学院

61 Confidential adj. 机密的,易于信任他人的 confidential clerk confidential files
confidential information strictly confidential no longer confidential on confidential terms with sb. Don't become too confidential with strangers. 中国地质大学长城学院

62 greet sb. with raptures of delight 欣喜若狂地欢迎某人
rapture n. listen with rapture greet sb. with raptures of delight 欣喜若狂地欢迎某人 be in [go into] raptures over [about]对... 狂喜, 对... 欢天喜地 fall [go] into raptures over 中国地质大学长城学院

63 detachment: the state of not reacting in an emotional way, so that you can do your job properly or make the right decisions(超然,不偏不倚,公正) e.g. Doctors need to have some degree of emotional detachment. Verb.: detach e.g. She detached the baby’s hand from her dress. He detached his watch form the chain. 中国地质大学长城学院

64 e.g. He spoke in a detached way about the danger.
Adj. detached e.g. He spoke in a detached way about the danger. A detached house is one not joined to another one. A judge must be detached when weighing evidence. 中国地质大学长城学院

65 Translation exercises
1.To me, you are definitely more than an acquaintance. 2. Many artisans deal in a variety of handicrafts in the region. 3. They went into raptures over the unexpected success. 4. Much to my surprise, he analyzed with detachment the dangerous situation that threatened all of them. 中国地质大学长城学院

66 5.She peered at the stranger from behind the curtain.
6. During the holidays, he indulged in the luxury of a bath of sunshine on the beach. 7. When she learnt the news of his death, she was overwhelmed with grief. 8. I’m not in favor of buying a house on the installment plan; instead , I maintain that everyone of us should save up for a rainy day. 中国地质大学长城学院

67 The Importance of Keeping a Good Mood
Passage Dictation The Importance of Keeping a Good Mood It is necessary and important for people to keep a good mood in their daily life in this fast-paced modern society. First of all, today’s society is full of competition that develops very quickly. As a result, there is a lot of pressure on everyone. People usually feel stressed as they try hard to do their best in education, career or family situations. 中国地质大学长城学院

68 It is thus very important that they should keep a good mood.
A cheerful person is likely to be optimistic when he or she faces challenges and competitions and is likely to succeed. Even when he or she meets a difficult situation, if he or she keeps a good mood and is cool-headed, they can use their intelligence to solve the problem 中国地质大学长城学院

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