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2 VISION Training & Development Division will be a center of excellence in training services and to build competencies that achieve business goals.

3 TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT DIVISION Mr. Muhammad Gulistan Malik STAFF COLLEGE DEPARTMENT Mr. Muhammad Rizwanullah TRAINING & Development Department Mr. Nazir Ahmad Tabassum Administration & Course Coordination Unit Library Hardware & Maintenance Unit Training ADMN. & Coordination Unit Skill Training Unit ERP Implementation Unit Skill Development Unit

4 MISSION To provide a learning environment and tools to help our employees to reach their full potential.

5 CORE VALUES Open and free exchange of information at all levels. Continuous learning. Search for innovative development solutions.

6 FUNCTIONS Identify, develop and impart best possible training & development innovative solutions. Ensure that the Bank possess trainers who are adequately trained to design, deliver in accordance with the training & development programs. Overall responsibility of implementation of HR policies and programs in areas of training, development and career planning. Nominations of In-house/ Inland Trainings. Approval for holding Workshops/ Seminars. Approval for specialized internship Program. Evaluate nominations for overseas training programs. To approve Training Plan for the year.

7 TRAINING & Development Department Mr. Nazir Ahmed Tabassum Skill Development Unit TRAINING ADMN. & COORDINATION UNIT Skill Training Unit TRAINING & Development Department ERP Implementation Unit

8 VISION To impart and Upgrade knowledge, professional competency and develop positive mental attitude among all employees of the Bank.

9 MISSION Achieve and comply with the business plan and strategies of the Bank through manpower Training & Development.

10 OBJECTIVES To provide quality training in liaise with corporate goals. To unleash the hidden potential of the employees. To identify and build right set of competencies in employees to optimize their performance. To acquaint equal learning and development opportunities to employees across the bank. To provide conducive environment for the visiting trainees/groups, so that they could gain the desired knowledge.

11 FUNCTIONS Identify, develop and impart best possible training & development innovative solutions. Assess training & development needs of all employees in the Organization. Ensure that the Bank possess trainers who are adequately trained to design, deliver in accordance with the training & development programs. Liaise with all major training agencies and trainers to the Bank’s advantage. Overall responsibility of implementation of HR policies and programs in areas of training, development and career planning.

12 Obtain feed back on various HR policies, procedures and programs to recommend improvements. Evaluate, propose nominations for overseas training programs. Arrange internships for students of HEC recognized Universities, in the field and at Head Office. Process and finalize Employees Education requests to encourage the Employee’s to improve their academic / professional qualification not only for their career growth but also to prepare the Human Resource of the bank to meet the future challenges on self sustainable basis. FUNCTIONS

13 UNIT’S FUNCTIONS Training Admn.& Coord. Unit To perform all inter and Intra Coordination for the Department. Ensure effective administration in organizing training and development programs. Nominate different categories of employees for various courses to be conducted at Staff College. Arrange Workshops at Zonal offices to increase the productivity of the Employees. Evaluate, propose nominations for Overseas training programs.

14 Continue Nominate employees for various courses, workshops/seminars conducted by other institutions within Pakistan. Process Annual Membership / Contribution for Inland Foreign Institutes and Membership fee Of ICAP etc for the Bank Executives. Process cases for overseas training. Process all bills. Hotel Enlistments, Rates Revision etc and Resource Person fee modification and file approvals will be process to keep up the market rates. Process and maintain the Leaves, approval of tour programs, Appraisals etc.

15 Initiate Training Needs Assessment (TNA) process in the Bank. Review TNA for its appropriateness. Develop annual T&DD budget on the basis of Internship and Employees Education plan/calendar and monitor expenditures against budget. Monitor expenditure against budget. The consolidated training budget would be forwarded by the skill training unit. Prepare, maintain and update syllabi of various courses on regular basis. Arrange internships for students of HEC recognized Universities, in the field and at Head Office. Internships for Law Graduates. ACCA Specialized training program. Preparations of Question Papers, results, Evaluation etc & update the contents of the courses of the courses. Skills Training Unit

16 Prepare in coordination with performance Management Department, Carrier Planning & Road-map vis-à-vis TNA, future requirements of contemporary banking. Present annual T&D plan for approval. Decide the best suited development solution to close the competency gap, thus prepare annual T&D plan/ calendar and its periodical review. Process and finalize Employees Education requests to encourage the Employee’s to improve their academic / professional qualification not only for their career growth but also to prepare the Human Resource of the bank to meet the future challenges on self sustainable basis. Formulate annual development budget on the basis of development plan/ calendar. SKILL DEVELOPMENT UNIT

17 Prepare and maintain to keep current approved development curricula. Ensure that employees attend the development courses as per approved development plan. Validate development programs. Tailor and launches courses focusing on managerial soft skills development. To provide facilities to students of Iqra Academy for Holy Quran. Grant permission for higher studies and appearing in examination. SKILL DEVELOPMENT UNIT

18 Prepare and maintain Budget of the Department on ERP System Prepare & Maintain the training Calendar for the year. Launches the training courses on ERP to create a common platform for all Employees. Update the trainings of all Employees in both Inland and Staff College courses. To provide facilities to trainees to self Enroll for all the courses.. Provide E-Lectures on already given trainings and E- Brochures to help Learning and revising the Course Material. ERP Implementation UNIT

19 MAJOR TRAINING AREAS (i) CORE COMPETENCIES  Branch Banking Operations.  SBP Regulations.  Credit Policies.  Recovery Procedures.  Field Operations  Resource Mobilization  Agriculture Technology Techniques & Methods.  Audit Techniques And Compliance  Risk Management.  Information Technology *  Disaster Risk & Business Continuity Management  Revenue Record Matters.

20 (ii) GENERAL COMPETENCIES  Management & Strategy Programs  Leadership Development Program  Effective Branch Management  Performance Management  Conflict Management  Stress Management  Effective Communication Skills  Writing Skills  Presentation Skills.  Customer Relationship Management  Time Management

21 *(iii) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  Enterprise Recourse Planning(ERP)  Centralized Deposit Management System (CDMS)  Online Performance Appraisal Management System (OPAM)  Dynamic Integrated Management Information System (DIMIS)  Introduction to Windows/ Operating Systems  Microsoft Office - MS Word, Adv Excel, Power Point Presentations  Internet/Electronic mail, Internet Security.

22 STAFF COLLEGE DEPARTMENT STAFF COLLEGE Library Hardware & Maintenance Unit Administration & Course Coordination Unit

23 VISION Develop core and general competencies at different tiers of management, improve the training infra-structure and develop the Staff College as Model Banking Training Institute.

24 MISSION To train and develop a sound Human Resource base for improving professional skills and abilities of employees in the work place through different Training and Development programs.

25 OBJECTIVES To provide quality training in line with corporate goals. To improve the competencies of the participants by focusing on job knowledge, systems and procedures. To continually improve the knowledge level, responsiveness and communication skills of the employees. Motivate Bank employees for developing and promoting the culture of team work to make the Bank vibrant, financially viable and sustainable organization. To maintain safe, clean and healthy environment in the college.

26 FUNCTIONS Execute and administers different courses according to syllabi/training need strategy. To assisst in designing of course syllabi for different courses to be launched at Staff College. Ensure that the Bank possess trainers who are adequately trained to design, deliver in accordance with the training & development programs. Establish an environment for trainees conducive to learning. Liaise with all major training organizations and trainers. Implementation of HR policies and programs in areas of training, development and career planning. Arrange and conduct field visits as a part of training package in different courses.

27 FUNCTIONS Develop a feedback system for evaluating course contents and the trainers, from the trainees with a view to improve the training programs and methodology. Arrange field visit and workshops at Zonal Offices for enhancing professional capabilities of the Bank Field officers and to give exposure to the progressive farmers of the areas.. To focus on achieving optimal level of capacity building to meet out the new challenges of banking sector. Arrange briefing to the visiting delegates from different institutions, ministries and countries etc. visiting Staff College/ZTBL Farm.

28 UNIT’S FUNCTIONS Administration & Course Coordination Unit To carry out the conduct of training and development activities as per training plan. To design the schedule according to syllabi, arrangements of guest speakers to ensure satisfactory course delivery. Administrative and trouble free boarding / lodging arrangements for the participants in the designate hotels. To create the classroom climate that is conducive to participant learning and academic integrity. Arranging of handouts on the subjects and to keep them up to date for distribution among the participants of different courses. To process all the files / bills for payments...

29 UNIT’S FUNCTIONS Administration & Course Coordination Unit Conducting the examinations. Conducting and organizing field visits / Training workshops. Allocation of various topics to the trainees for presentations. Timely payment of honorarium of Internal / External Speakers and Hotel Bills. To verify the Hotel Bills of various courses and process the same for payment. To prepare Budget estimates of the Staff College & compliance thereon. Compliance of audit reports. To maintain proper record of training material.

30 Library, Hardware & Maintenance Unit To provide logistic facilities i.e. Furniture & fixture, Telephones, photocopiers Audio-Visual devices, Multi media, LCD and Stationery etc. To maintain personal Files of Employees. To look-after the Security arrangements. To coordinate with the Departments in the Training & Development Division as well as other Departments of Head Office / Farm Manager for personal / administrative matters. To maintain the files on Policies & Procedures on Training.

31 Library, Hardware & Maintenance Unit To modernize the training infrastructure. To prepare and up-date catalogue of Library Books. To maintain and up-date the Library Receipt & Issues Register. To identify the latest books on the relevant subjects and arrange the purchase as and when required. To arrange collection of Government Publications like Budget, Finance Bills, Economic Survey, Gazette Notification etc...

32 Year 2013 Training Achievements

33 COURSE-WISE SUMMARY w.e.f 01/01/2013 - 31/12/2013 Sr. No.COURSE TITLE NO. OF COURSES NO. OF PARTICIPANT ATNA BASED TRAININGS MCO's, Managers TNA Based Trainings20423 BIT/ERP-TRAININGS 1.HO Officers/ Executives15310 2. ERP for Managers/ Dy. Managers/ Asstt. Mgrs, ZO/ BO Officers 33711 C AUDIT COURSES6130 D MCO' COURSES7154 ECAD TRAININGS127 FTRAINING OF NEWLY PROMOTED OFFICERS 245 GTELLERS TRAININGS 13289 HCLERICAL STAFF TRAININGS 6129 IMISC TRAININGS/WORKSHOPS4111 Sub Total of Staff College:-1072329 JWORKSHOPS IN THE ZONES 9398 SUB TOTAL:-1162688 HInland Trainings at Other Institutes 275 GRAND TOTAL:-1163002

34 ERP-EBS SUMMARY YEAR‘ 2013 Sr. No.COURSE TITLE NO. OF COURSES NO. OF PARTICIPANT AIT/ERP-TRAININGS B IT/ERP Trainings (HO Officers) 1. ERP Training Courses/Sessions for HO Officers/Staff9187 2. ERP Trainings (Field Officers) C ERP-EBS, cLDMS/cDMS and E-Mail Applications for Managers 9194 D ERP-EBS, cLDMS/cDMS and E-Mail Applications for Dy. Managers/Asstt. Managers (Operations) 12256 E ERP-HRMS, cLDMS/cDMS and E-Mail Applications for Zonal Office/Branch Offices 13261 F AUDIT COURSES G ERP Course for Audit Officers6130 H CAD Trainings127 I ERP for Newly Promoted Officers245 TOTAL521100

35 Internship Program Achievements 2013 Sr. No. Internship Program AchievementsAchievement 31-12-2013 1. Internship (without Stipend) for Students of various Universities/Institutions recognized by HEC. 255 2. Internship Program for Law Graduates6 3. Internship for ACCA affiliates28 4. Employees Education Program8 5. Specialized Internship program35 6 Student learning the Holy Quran at Iqra Academy55

36 Training Plan Year 2014

37 SR.N O.Course TitleCategory of Officials Staff College, Islamabad No. of CoursesDurationTrainees ERP-EBS AT STAFF COLLEGE, ISLAMABAD 1ERP-EBS Training Courses for ManagersManagers (VP & AVP)83-Days192 2ERP-EBS Courses for Dy. Managers/AM(Ops)AVP to OG-III203-days480 3ERP for Audit & Compliance Audit/ Compliance 52-Days120 4ERP Course for Tellers/ Assistants/ StaffClerical Staff51-2 Days120 5ERP Trainings for HO OfficersExecutives/ Officers HO82-Days192 TNA Courses AT STAFF COLLEGE, ISLAMABAD 6TNA Based Training Courses for ManagersManagers (VP & AVP)33 days72 7TNA Courses for HO OfficersExecutive/officer41-2 Days96 8TNA Courses for Zonal Officers Executives/ Officers43-Days72 9ZTBL Banking Operations for newly Recruited OG-III Officers OG-III82 Week192 10Training Courses for MCO's OG-III - AVP83-Days192 11 BTC for newly promoted Officers OG-III22 Week48 12Credit AdministrationCAD Personnel83-days192 13Audit & Compliance Audit/ Compliance Personnel 53-Days120 14Training Courses for Tellers/Clerical StaffOfficers/ Clerical Staff54-Days120 15Multifarious Workshops for HO Executives/OfficersExecutives/ Officers HO41-Day120 16Misc Courses (LLU/I&C) 33-Days72 Sub-Total:- 93 2400 Workshops in the Field Workshops in Zones on Revenue Records at various Zones in the field Officers of respective Zone 161-Day560 Total: 109 1568 Inland Trainings at IBP, BDI, SBP, PIM etc 1-2 Days300 Training of Board Members/Foreign Trainings 7 Total:307 Grand Total:3296


39 Internship Program Achievements 2014 Sr. No. Internship Program AchievementsAchievement 26-11-2014 1. Internship (without Stipend) for Students of various Universities/Institutions recognized by HEC. 215 2. Internship for ACCA affiliates28 3. Employees Education Program04 4. Specialized Internship program21 5. Student learning the Holy Quran at Iqra Academy52

40 Strategic Plan 2015 & Current Emerging Issues

41  Trainers on specialized banking and IT subjects will be produced.  Basic Training Course for officers (OG-III) to be appointed in 2014/15 will be arranged in 2 phases.  Dummy Branch will be opened to help new appointees to learn basic operations of the Bank.  Formation of Help desk at ZTBL, Staff College. Islamabad. Strategic Plan 2015

42  Establishment of hostel at ZTBL Staff College, Islamabad.  Posting of at least four faculty members of diverse disciplines at ZTBL, Staff College Islamabad to further strengthen the training operations.  Replacement of Coaster  Replacement of Computers at ZTBL, Staff College Strategic Plan 2015

43 Course Modules

44 Managers 1General Banking Operations 2 Branch Operations Management SBP, Prudential Regulations Branch Banking Operations/Agri Finance Know your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML)/CFT, Latest Guidelines of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Branch Internal Control & Compliance Branch Audit and compliance Customer Services and setting customer services standards. How to avoid common discrepancies in Branch banking operations SBP penalties & How to avoid penalties Detection & Prevention of Frauds and forgeries/E-frauds & Cyber crime. How to initiate disciplinary proceedings and conduct of inquiries/Report writing 3Risk Management: Operations Risk Management- Concept, measurement & Techniques. Credit Risk Management- Concept, measurement & Techniques 4Credit ZTBL Credit Policy -latest up dates

45 Managers 5Recovery Handling of SAM Loans. Courts cases, legal requirements/formalities. Effects of Non Performing portfolio on Bank’s profitability- issues and remedies. Disposal of properties acquired through action in Satisfaction of Bank’s Claims in Agri loans 6Management Development Skills Enhancing leadership Skills Effective Communication Skills Developing Managerial Competencies Customer relationship Management (CRM) 7IT Applications Ms Office/Internet/ e-mail ORACLE-ERP-EBS system of ZTBL. Monitoring of Books of Accounts through DIMIS.

46 1Credit ZTBL Credit Policy-Latest updates. Crop Loan Insurance Scheme of ZTBL, Payment of Insurance Premium. 2General Banking Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/CFT SBP Inspection reports & Penalties thereon. SBP Penalties & how to avoid penalties. How to Avoid common discrepancies in Branch banking Operations Clearing-Collection through NIFT Inter- Branch reconciliation and settlement of suspense /sundry accounts under PR-03. Statement of affairs/ General Ledger and its importance Preparation of profit &loss Accounts Balance Sheet. Detection & Prevention of fraud & forgeries in Branch Banking Operations/e-Frauds/Cyber Crimes Utilities services, procedure of collections bills/Hajj applications. Maintenance of books off accounts & Reconciliation. Documentations required for initiating court cases, legal requirements /formulates Tax calculation and deduction of with holding tax on profit/Services. Internal Control & Compliance. Deputy Manager/ Assistant Managers(Operations)

47 3Recovery Courts cases, legal requirements/formalities & Documentations Recovery of ZTBL dues Under Recovery Ordinance 2001/Handling of SAM Recovery. 4Soft Skills Effective Communication Skills Handling difficult People Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 5IT Applications Ms Office-Complete Package Internet/ e-mail ORACLE, ERP-EBS system of ZTBL. Deputy Manager/ Assistant Managers(Operations)

48 Course Contents for CAD 1. Credit Administration: Concept, Evolution & Objectives (Two Sessions) 2. Credit Policy: Loaning Schemes, Acceptable Securities & Prescribed Documentation.( Two Sessions) 3. Credit Administration : Job Responsibilities /Descriptions 4. ERP:EBS 5. SBP: Compliance & Prudential Regulations. 6. Basic Banking Laws, Jurisprudence & Documentation. 7. Credit Administration : MIS/Document Scanning/ SDMS(Two Sessions) 8. Credit Administration & Recovery Follow up Support for reduction of NPL. 9. Credit Administration vs. Credit Risk. 10. QA Session, Review & Course Evaluation.

49 Course Contents for Compliance Management Objective of the bank regulations. SBP Regulatory framework. Compliance: Principles, Role and Essential Elements. Implementation of Compliance. Regulatory Responsibilities of Compliance. Governance Prudential Regulations. AML Laws and Regulations: Monitoring the business activities and reporting suspicious transactions of management/relevant agencies. Other relevant Laws & regulations. Submission of returns/data to regulator and other agencies and liaison with the regulator. Consequences of Regulatory Non-compliance Enforcement actions under Banking Law Enforcement action under AML Law. Guidelines to avoid penalties. Oracle ERP-EBS-Hands on training Employees Profile Management. Employee’s self–service HR (leave management). HR Budget Management System

50 Mobile Credit Officer 1 Role of MCO, their duties & Responsibilities 2 Credit ZTBL, Credit Policy-latest updates Principles of sound loaning & selection of viable borrowers Different loaning schemes of ZTBL-latest updates. Crop loan insurance scheme of ZTBL, payment of insurance premium. SBP, Prudential Regulations Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/CFT. How to avoid common discrepancies/irregularities with special reference to SBP inspections reports related to Credit Sanctioning Powers. 3 Revenue Record/Types of Securities Structure & duties of field functionaries of revenue Department. Calculation of PIUs. & sale mutation value. How to calculate MCL on the basis of PIU and average sale mutation values. Types of Securities, documentation to be obtained, steps & precautions to be taken for verification of title and possession of applicant etc. LAP act 1973 Land revenue Act 1961. Detection & prevention of Fraud & Forgeries.

51 Mobile Credit OfficerCredit 4 Recovery Recovery of Loans mechanism of ZTBL. Journey of Loans through various stages and its conversion to SAM Handling of loan portfolio. Policy guidelines of settlement of SAM loans. Handling of Non-Performing loans Legal aspects of recovery of bank loans. 5 Soft Skills Handling of difficult People. Negotiation Skills. Customer Relationship Management 6 Information Technology Oracle ERP-EBS( Loan Appraisal System) Employees self–service HR (leave management). Electronic Mail.

52 ZM Credit Administration/ OICA Credit Administration: Concept, Evolution & Objectives. Credit Policy : Loaning schemes, Acceptable Securities & Prescribed documentation. Credit Administration: Job Responsibilities/ Descriptions. SBP: Compliance & Prudential Regulations. Basic Banking Laws, Jurisprudence & Documentation. Credit administration: MIS/Document Scanning/SDMS. Credit Administration & Recovery follow up support for reduction of NPL. Credit Administration vs Credit Risk. Banking fraud-prevention and detection Enterprise Resource Planning E-Business Suite

53 TELLERS 1 Duties and Responsibilities of Teller 2 Dealing with Customers 3 Efficient Handling of Cash 4 SBP Penalties How to avoid Penalties 5 Detection of Counterfeit Currency Notes 6 Detection and Prevention of Fraud & Forgery Maintenance of register/holding Keys Pertaining to Cash safe security document files etc. Prepare documents base statement on quarterly /half yearly and annual basis by recording all the cheques vouchers and security documents. Received cheques for clearing through NIFT. 7 Know Your Customer (KYC)/CDD & Anti-Money Laundering Latest Guidelines of SBP 8 SBP, Prudential Regulations 9 Soft Skills Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Handling difficult Peoples 10 IT Applications Ms Office-Complete Package Oracle-ERP-EBS System of ZTBL Introduction to cLDMS/cDMSDIMIS

54 Course Contents for Audit 1. Internal Audit Overview 2. Type of Audit. 3. Charter of Board Audit Committee. 4. stage of the internal audit process/audit cycle: 5. Audit Program/Schedule. Planning and preparation. Performing Audit. Presenting Audit findings. Follow-up activities. 6. Internal control systems and validation by internal auditors, the SBP perspective. 7. Risk Management, Credit Risk Management & Internal Audit. 8. Banking fraud, financial crimes – prevention and detection. 9. Corporate Governance and Code of best practices in audit. 10. Benefits of effective internal audit program. 11. Quality assurance of internal audit and code of ethics of internal auditors.

55 Course Contents for Audit 12. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 13. Audit report writing skills–awareness about risk/exposure understanding. 14. Performance Management Audit. 15. Effective Communications Skills. 16. Detection and prevention of fraud & Forgeries. 17. Audit check list, procedures for settlement of audit para’s. 18. Approach & methodology of the audits. 19. Formats of special audit reports. 20. Discussion on the special audit reports. 21. Submission of the special audit reports to management & controlling office. 22. Follow-up & monitoring. 23. Periodical reporting of audit progress.


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