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1 Department of Correctional Services FIVE-YEAR REVIEW (2004-2009) Considerations for Parliament 10 June 2009.

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1 1 Department of Correctional Services FIVE-YEAR REVIEW (2004-2009) Considerations for Parliament 10 June 2009

2 2 Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services Five year review (2004-2009) Considerations for Parliament By Mpho Mathabathe

3 3 Introduction This is a Five-year review of the Dept of Correctional Services Aims to acquaint Members with key issues in the DCS over the past five-years including challenges and successes Presentation will focus on Key issues for consideration by Parliament which will assist in developing the programme for the Committee going forward Presentation will put focus on 8 areas which are: Policy, legislation, Oversight, SONA, Budget, Annual Report, Auditor- General, and Judicial Inspectorate.

4 4 Key policy initiatives White Paper on Corrections Scrutinize efforts by DCS in Implementing White Paper on Corrections Monitor extent of implementation viz humane detention, rehabilitation and safety and security Monitor extent in which policies and procedures are aligned with relevant legislations Serious need for regular report back on progress and challenges in implementing white paper As a matter of courtesy request all new policies to be brought to the attention of relevant Committees

5 5 White Paper (Cont…) Key policy initiatives which requires focused attention include: Management and Detention of Awaiting Trial Detainees (MATD) Progress with new vetting unit HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in prison

6 6 Legislations Assess ability of DCS to meet its obligations regarding Correctional Services Act Be informed about challenges and progress in implementing this legislation Follow up on the development of Incarceration framework

7 7 Oversight meetings Overcrowding Be informed about challenges of overcrowding and measures in place to alleviate those challenges During oversight visit, enquire about offenders who are unable to pay low amounts of bail Request a presentation on the draft Prison Monitoring Tool and assess value of the tool in addressing needs of Members during oversight visits Public Private Partnership prison Follow up on recommendation into converting two PPP prisons into dedicated juvenile facilities Follow up on progress in building remaining Five PPP prisons and projected cost escalation

8 8 Oversight Activities (Cont..) Corruption request an update on the suspension of officials continue to inquire about vetting of officials and clear time frames as to when this will be finalized Children in prison Be informed about progress made in removing children from prison to secure care facilities run by DSD Continue to monitor implementation of Section 28 of the Constitution and Section 19 of CSA with regard to children in prison

9 9 State of the Nation Address Monitor initiatives to address repeat offending, including extent of the problem, system to monitor, manage and track the issue of recidivism and implementation of targeted programmes to reduce possibility of re-offence

10 10 Budget Continue to monitor budget allocation of development programme Monitor budget allocation of DCS which should be in line with priorities of Government and that of the White Paper Monitor expenditure of PPP prisons.

11 11 Annual Report Measures introduced to address overcrowding should be monitored Attention should be given to improvement of alternatives to incarceration such as correctional supervision. The quality and status of correctional supervision should continuously be monitored by parliament

12 12 Auditor General Parliament should monitor DCS’ progress in addressing some of the shortcomings leading to qualified opinions Parliament should also monitor implementation of recommendation made by SCOPA and Auditor-General

13 13 Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons Follow up on the extent to which recommendations made by the JIOP are implemented by DCS Request progress report on implementation of Jali Commission’s recommendations Monitor the extent in which JIOP utilizes its powers to conduct its own investigation and to institute a Commission of Inquiry if required.

14 14 Conclusion In conclusion, the issue of repeat offenders is a serious concern for the Government as has been highlighted in numerous State of the Nation Addresses including the 2009 State of the Nation Address. The Committee should seriously monitor the Department’s progress in addressing this issues as it also lead to overcrowding and the cycle of crime and violence in our society is ever increasing.

15 15 Thank You

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