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1 Pierre Bourassa Manager NSERC Québec Regional Office (514) 496-4746

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1 1 Pierre Bourassa Manager NSERC Québec Regional Office (514) 496-4746

2 2 National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) We support Post-secondary discovery and innovation 11,000 university & college professors’ research 12,000 science and engineering students

3 3 Our Vision to be a better discoverers and innovators country to the benefit of all Canadians

4 4 Maximize the Value of Public Investments in University Research Support creation and transfer of knowledge Ensure people are trained to create and use that knowledge Stimulate public-private R&D partnerships NSERC – Vision and Mission

5 5 NSERC Budget 2011-12 5 $300 M university-industry research partnerships Total: $1.08 Billion

6 6 Scientific Know-How Innovative R&D Decision maker R&D Tax Credits Without you, there is no deal Professors NSERC Programs Innovative Entreprise NSERC as part of the R&D puzzle solving Universities And Colleges Students

7 7

8 8 People Programs for Industry Attract & retain new highly trained talent & Access to university resources Industrial R&D Fellowship PhDs join a business as employees Accelerates business R&D Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Develop talent and acquaint students with business needs Industrial Undergrad Student Awards Business can test drive future employees

9 9 Industrial Research Chair  Prestigious appointment of a distinguished researcher  Capacity building for the university in area of interest to industry  Five-year term, renewable depending on level  Company contribute 50% of cost in cash

10 10 ChairholderAeronautical Chair TitleFunding Over 5 years Dr. Alain Berry/ Dr. Stéphane Moreau/ Dr. Noureddine Atalla Sherbrooke NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Aviation Acoustics $2,502,000 Dr. Yusef Altintas/ Dr. Hsi-Yung Feng UBC NSERC/ Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. Industrial Research Chair in Virtual High Performance Machining $1,100,000 Dr. Wagdi Habashi Mc Gill NSERC-J. Armand Bombardier Industrial Research Chair of Multidisciplinary CFD, with the participation of Bell Helicopter Textron and CAE Inc $1,400,000 Dr. Jean-Yves Trépanier Polytechnique NSERC-J.-A.-Bombadier-Pratt & Whitney Canada Industrial Research Chair in Integrated Design toward Efficient Aircraft (IDEA) $2,500,000 Dr. Hany Moustapha ÉTS NSERC-P&WC Industrial Research Chair on Propulsion System Integration and Optimization $727,200 Dr. Sam Sampath U of T NSERC/P&WC Industrial Research Chair in Aviation Gas Turbine Combustion/Emissions Research and Design System Optimization $800,000

11 11 Collaborative R&D Grants  Project duration: 1 to 5 years (most are 2-3 years)  Grant can be up to $1M  Company contributes cash  at least half of request from NSERC (~25% of total)  Company in-kind can be leveraged to a maximum of 2:1  Apply any time

12 12 CRIAQ - a unique model for collaborative, industry led research, involving Industry, universities and research centres © 2010 CRIAQ

13 13 Membres | Industries (46) Membres | Universités et Centres de recherche (19)

14 14 Universités hors-Québec (11) Partenaires (4) Membres associés (10)

15 15 Students and Highly Qualified Personel in CRIAQ Projects Close to 400 students

16 16 Collaborative R&D Partnership with CRIAQ 42 projects funded since 2004 NSERC funding of $14.0M More projects coming in… Acoustics DPHM Composites Avionics Manufacturing Environment Lean MDO Interior

17 17 Example - CRD Christian Mascle École polytechnique De Montréal + 11 co-applicants from 4 institutions Process for Advanced Management & Technologies of Aircraft End of Life Bombardier Aerospace Bell Helicopter Textron Groupe Sotrem-Maltech Aluminerie Alouette BFI, Usine de triage Lachine NSERC, CRIAQ, NanoQuébec, MITACS

18 18 Approval Success rate 80-90%

19 19 Engage Grants …foster the development of new research partnerships between academic researchers and companies. Grants support short-term R&D projects that address a company-specific problem.  Six-month projects  Max. of $25,000 from NSERC  No company cash required (in-kind expected)  Company owns the IP IDEAL for SMEs The power of leverage

20 20 Example - Engage René Landry ÉTS Marinvent Corporation St-Bruno, QC Wireless autonomous aerodynamic performance monitor (APM) sensing device $25,000

21 21 Approval Success rate 80-90%

22 22 Interaction Grant Objective: –Allow academic researchers to meet with potential industrial partners to discuss and identify a challenge specific to the company, that could be addressed by a subsequent R&D partnership Deliverables: –Up to $5,000 to cover for travel, accommodation and venue, for the applicant, UILO and/or company staff if justified Timeline: maximum 3 months

23 23 Finding Canadian Expertise... NSERC Awards Search Engine: contains the results of NSERC competitions and information on its funding since 1991. This allows foreign researchers to identify Canadian researchers that received NSERC funds in specific fields of research ( ). NSERC Chairholder Database: is designed to connect you with some of Canada’s leading scientists and engineers. Each profile includes a summary of the Chairholders’ activities, relevant key words, partnering organizations and contact information ( ) Canada Research Chairs: this database contains short profiles of each of the Canada Research Chairs to date (access the researchers profiles with drop- down menus; ( )

24 24 11,500 researchers / 55,000 students in 72 Canadian universities Over 1,400 companies participated since 1983 annual increase of 100 – over 230 in last 9 months Financial risk reduction Various programs: up to 2:1 cash leverage - In-kind recognized SR & ED Substantial impact on cost reduction Partnerships - advantages

25 25 Contacts Denis Godin, Ph.D. Deputy Director (613) 943-2168 NSERC Research Partnerships Program: (613) 995-1111 NSERC Regional Offices: (877)-767-1767 Pacific (Vancouver) Prairies (Winnipeg) Ontario (Mississauga) Quebec (Montreal) Atlantic (Moncton)

26 26 Thank you!

27 27 NSERC Intellectual Property Policy All research agreements must follow NSERC IP policy Mandatory Elements: Benefit to Canada and timely use of research results Protect IP assets of all partners and prevent unauthorized disclosure: Background IP Review of Publications Maximum publication delay of 6 months No delay of student thesis defense Institution retains the right to use results for non-commercial purposes

28 28 Industrial Research Chairs NSERC Industrial Research Chair Holders in Space Research ChairholderTitleUniversityIndustrial PartnersFunding Over 5 years Dr. René DoyonNSERC Industrial Research Chair in Experimental Astrophysics Département de physique Université de Montréal COM DEV International Ltd. Institut national d’optique Agence spatiale canadienne Institut Herzberg d’astrophysique du CNRC $1,000,000 Dr. Andrew YauNSERC/Com Dev/CSA/Magellan Bristol Industrial Research Chair in Experimental Space Science Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Calgary COM DEV International Ltd. Canadian Space Agency/Agence spatiale canadienne Magellan Bristol $1,840,000 Dr. Gordon Osinski, NSERC/MDA/CSA Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Western Ontario MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Canadian Space Agency $1,000,000

29 29 Example – Industrial Research Chair Aerospace Dr. Wagdi Habashi McGill University NSERC/Bombardier Aerospace/Bell Helicopter/CAE Industrial Research Chair for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design of Aerospace Systems Bombardier Aerospace Bell Helicopter Textron CAE

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