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Creating a Basic PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Amos Olagunju.

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1 Creating a Basic PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Amos Olagunju

2 Objectives of the course To teach the fundamentals of PowerPoint To acquaint students with the proper procedures to create quality presentations suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use To expose students to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool

3 What is PowerPoint PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools all designed to be easy to use and learn. It is also called slide show.

4 Starting PowerPoint Two ways 1. Double click on the PowerPoint icon on the desktop 2. Click on Start -> Programs -> Microsoft PowerPoint

5 Creating & Opening a Presentation After you open up Microsoft PowerPoint, a screen pops up asking if you would like to create a New Presentation or Open An Existing Presentation.

6 Creating a new presentation using AutoContent wizard - Creates a new presentation by prompting you for information about content, purpose, style, handouts, and output. The new presentation contains sample text that you can replace with your own information. Design template – To create a new presentation based on one of the PowerPoint design templates supplied by Microsoft. Blank Presentation – To create a new, blank presentation using default settings for text and colors

7 Creating a Blank Presentation After you select Blank Presentation a window pops up asking you to select the layout of the first slide.

8 Pre-Designed Slide Layout Title Slide Bulleted List Two Column Text Table Text & Chart Chart & Text Organizational Chart Chart Text & Clip Art Clip Art & Text Title Only Blank Slide

9 Project – Effective Study Skills Use PowerPoint to create a presentation for this project with the following requirements  Slide 1 should contain the title and subtitle  Use the title “Effective Study Skills”  Use the subtitle “Strategies for College Success presented by St Cloud State University”

10 Project cont.  Slide 2 should contain the following title and bulleted lists  Use “Attending Class” as the title  Include the following bulleted lists  Sit in the front of the room  Ask questions at appropriate times  Take notes  Rephrase ideas in your own words  Review immediately after class

11 Choosing a Design Template Click the common tasks menu button on the formatting toolbar and then point to apply design template Click Apply design template Click the down scroll arrow to scroll down the list of design templates until Straight Edge appears. Click Straight Edge. Point to the Apply button. Click the Apply button

12 Saving the Presentation on a Floppy Disk Insert a formatted floppy disk in drive A and then click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Type Studying in File name box. Click the save in box arrow. Point to 3 1/2 Floppy (A:) in the Save In list Click Floppy (A:) and then point to the Save button. Click the save button

13 Viewing the Slide Show You can view your slide show by any of the following ways: 1. Click Slide Show at the lower left of the PowerPoint window 2. On the Slide Show menu, click View Show 3. On the View menu, click Slide Show 4. Press F5 on the keyboard

14 Effective Study Skills Strategies for College Success Presented by St Cloud State University

15 Attending Class Sit in the front of the room Ask questions at appropriate times Take notes Rephrase ideas in your own words Review immediately after class

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