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Unit 7 Food Service and Etiquette Terms Mrs. Judy Honey Arkadelphia High.

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1 Unit 7 Food Service and Etiquette Terms Mrs. Judy Honey Arkadelphia High


3 What is the word? #1

4 What are the plates, cups, saucers, and bowls called in table service? #2

5 What are all these glasses of many shapes and sizes called? They can be used for a variety of purposes. #3

6 #4 These items are used to serve food and liquids. Examples are bowls, tureens and pitchers. What term applies?

7 Look at these glasses. What term would apply to them? #5

8 #6

9 What do you call the tablecloths, placemats, and napkins used at the meal? #7

10 # 8

11 #9 Manners sometimes change from era to era, but making others feel comfortable and valued never goes out of style! #9


13 Can you spot some no-no’s!!!??? Good manners are established by a civil society. #9

14 Now, let’s go out to eat!

15 You want to make an arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table for you, so you make a ? #10


17 You decide to order something to stimulate your appetite to begin your dining experience. #11 These can also be served in your home, especially at a dinner party.

18 This couple is asking for separate checks. #12

19 When friends go out together on a regular basis, each often agrees to pay his own way. #12

20 A customary tip is 15—20%.

21 Money left as a tip for service is Called ? #13

22 When ordering food with a separate price for each item on the menu, you are ordering ? An example would be ordering prime Rib for $22.95; potatoes au gratin for $4.95, and steamed asparagus for $3.55. #14


24 You order baked chicken as the main course of your meal. This is called the ? #15

25 Sometimes the main course will be presented with a lovely garnish to add interest.

26 #16 Just looking at this picture, identify the word.

27 This delicious way of using our bread comes from Europe. #16

28 #17—When eating out, you may chose to order your pie served this way as your dessert. You may serve this at home, also.

29 Whoa!!! Look at this bargain price.

30 Let’s go back home and eat now!

31 #18—This is the way some families prefer to eat together…all food is placed on table and passed around. The food should be passed to the right.

32 #19—A great way to accommodate a larger crowd or crowded dining quarters is to serve ?

33 #20—This is a quick way to serve, especially if you have an extra helper, not eating. Fill the plates here! Serve the filled plates here.

34 #21—Being served with fine china or porcelain is called ?

35 #22—The host and hostess work together to fill each plate of each guest. The plates are passed around the table until all guests have been served. Then the host takes a bite as a signal to begin.

36 #23 The main dish is served at the table by the host or hostess. The remainder of the meal is served from the kitchen in individual portions.

37 Conclusion This concludes the terms. Use the word wall to continue to acquaint yourself with these. Tomorrow, you will have sentences to fill-in to review.

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