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Civilian Personnel Management “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

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1 Civilian Personnel Management “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
and Administration of US Citizen Employees Presented by: 435 MSS/DPCR-T Ramstein Air Base, Germany “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

2 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Course Administration: Class hours / Breaks Handouts / Course Critiques Subsistence Rest rooms Smoking Certificates “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

3 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Introductions: Please interview your assigned partner and introduce him/her to the class. Find out and share the following info: Name, Job Title and Work Center/Job Professional Background (length of service, previous jobs, how long in current position, how many US currently under supervision) Personal Info as desired, i.e. marital status,children, hobbies Specific items they want to hear about in this course “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

4 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
SOURCES OF AUTHORITY “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

5 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Purpose: To acquaint supervisors with the hierarchy of laws, regulations and instructions that govern the DoD Personnel Management System any Air Force specifics. “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

6 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Law passed by Congress for the top level of authority to perform personnel functions. Listed below are some of the better known applicable laws: Civil Service Reform Act Veterans’ Preference Act Spouse Preference Act Equal Employment Opportunity Act Civil Rights Act Rehabilitation Act Age Discrimination in Employment Act Equal Pay Act “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

7 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Executive Orders are issued by the President: EO Drug Free Federal Workplace EO Employment Opportunities for Military Spouses at NAF Activities Court Decisions result from legal action taken against the government by employees and are also binding and applicable in conducting day-to-day government business. Current limitations on temporary appointments were resulting from a court decision. “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

8 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
OPM Policies and Procedures: Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (Title 5 Administrative Personnel Parts ) Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) (Title 5 Parts ) Equal Opportunity Commission (Title 29 Labor Parts ) “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

9 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Department of Defense Instructions Air Force Supplementation: of DoD Instructions of OPM regulations AF supplements AF regulations AF Policy Directives AF Instructions AF Pamphlets Memorandums and Letters “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

10 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
MAJCOM Guidance Unit Manpower Document (UMD) Base Regulations Operating Instructions Status of Forces Agreements Union Contracts “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

11 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Appointing Authority Within the Air Force the authority to appoint, promote, reassign, discipline, demote, detail, compensate and separate employees rests with the Secretary of the Air Force and is delegated to the Installation Commander (APPOINTING AUTHORITY) The CPO administers the use of the appointing authority “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

“Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

13 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Purpose To acquaint supervisors with: Supervisory Responsibilities Organization of the Human Resources Office “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

14 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Supervisory Responsibilities: Select Employees Assign Duties Conduct and Performance Training Resolve Complaints/Maintain Discipline Observe Merit System/Avoid Discrimination Affirmative Action “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

15 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

16 Electronic Management Tools “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Purpose To familiarize supervisors with Data Systems and electronic tools available to assist them in executing their personnel management responsibilities. DCPDS is actually composed of several separate systems, applications, and tools that are not in an “integrated” software package as they were in the Functional Process Improvements (FPI’s). At the core of DCPDS is Oracle HR. Oracle HR is the application where users create, coordinate and submit requests for personnel action (RPA’s). It is where person and position data are maintained. Another component of DCPDS is the Customer Service Unit (CSU) Application, a data reporting tool. Attached to the CSU database is a meta data layer, a predefined set of views of the database specifically designed for fast ad hoc data queries. There are also a number of other related systems and “add-ons” that are part of DCPDS, e.g. Coredoc, Resumix, Oracle Training Administrator (OTA). “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

17 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) – alias ORACLE, Modern System, 11i and others Civilian Support Unit (CSU) “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

18 Defense Civilian Personnel Data System DCPDS)
(The central DoD Personnel System houses all personnel data for all DoD employees and is located at AFPC in San Antonio) A useful and necessary tool for every supervisor which allows the following: Initiate personnel actions and track their status View information about subordinate employees Create, modify, and update position management data Retrieve information and print reports Access MYBIZ and MYWORKPLACE to create, modify, review and coordinate employee Objectives “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

19 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Civilian Support Unit (CSU) (A subset of data from DCPDS refreshed daily and stored locally) The CSU provides a readily available method to view and retrieve employee, position and payroll data e.g. Basic Employee Information Resource Data (cost center, PEC, salary payments) Training History Awards as well as a number of canned reports on your entire workforce, such as birthday listings, personnel/position listings, etc… The Civilian Servicing Unit (CSU) Application provides civilian personnel data to supervisors and managers at their desktop workstations, without having to call the civilian personnel office. • The data comes from the main civilian personnel DCPDS database and is not more than one day old. • Additional data (payroll and leave) comes from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payroll system and is updated each pay period (every two weeks). • CSU Application users are given access to records of the employees in their organization only. “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

20 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
CSU Displays The “Displays” menu consists of buttons that lead to screens of data, grouped into three major categories : · Human resource management · Civilian career brief/Demo project · Personnel processing These major categories are further divided into sub-categories such as benefits, education, training, suspense, etc. You can click on any of the display screen buttons if you know which screen you want to view. “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

21 Basic Employee Information “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
CSU Displays Basic Employee Information Each data screen has the same header information at the top (employee name, SSAN, position title, etc.) Blue fields indicate that there is a pop- up window associated with that field-- either a translation of the code value contained in the field, or a listing of the values applicable to that field, or a window of other data fields associated with that data field. Click on the blue field to display the pop-up window. For instance, on the Basic Data screen, clicking on the blue field labeled “Pay Data” displays a window of pay-related data (basic pay, locality pay, etc.). “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

22 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
CSU Reports Menu The <Reports> button in CSU Application allows you to generate a variety of “canned” reports about your workforce, such as an alpha roster, awards report, or a suspense action report. “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

23 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
How to get access to DCPDS and CSU Call the Data Systems Section (435 MSS/DPCD) or write an . DSN: /2138 435 POC for User ID’s: Ms. Marion Poth POC for program installation or problem solutions: Mr. Fritz Schwarz, DSN: or Hans Rumpf, DSN: “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

24 “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”
Training for DCPDS One-on-one or group training for DCPDS can be scheduled through the following individuals: POC for US: Ms. Dawn Rysavy, DSN: POC for NON-US: Ms. Elke Klink, DSN: “Ensuring Freedom’s Future”

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