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2 Gujarat NRE group’s Operations HARD COKING COAL (NSW, AUSTRALIA) RESERVES 125 MT RESOURCES 651 MT METALLURGICAL COKE 1.434 MTPA Gujarat NRE Coking Coal Limited (ASX: GNM) NRE NO. 1 – 314 million tonnes NRE Wongawilli – 337 million tonnes STEEL UNIT TMT BARS : 0.311 MTPA BHACHAU (Kandla) 0.504 MTPA KHAMBALIA (Jamnagar) 0.358 MTPA Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants Khambhalia* 15 MW Bhachau* 15 MW Dharwad* 30 MW Total 60 MW Wind Power 87.5 MW In Australia In India Coal Washeries Khambalia 0.75 MTPA Bhachau 0.75 MTPA Dharwad 0.90 MTPA * Under implementation DHARWAD (Hubli) 0.572 MTPA

3 Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd - A SNAPSHOT  Largest independent producer of Metallurgical Coke in India  Profit earning and dividend paying with strong financials and credit rating  Present Met Coke capacity of over 1.43 MT, being increased to 4 MT by 2015  Strong focus on the Environment with ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:1999 certification  Rated one of the top 10 company by 10-years profit performance issued by Business Today on India’s Most Valuable Companies (Nov 2009 edition) 3

4 GUJARAT NRE COKING COAL LTD - OVERVIEW  ASX listed hard coking coal producer  100% owner of two underground mines in NSW, Australia » NRE No. 1 & NRE Wongawilli  JORC reserves of 125 Mt and resources of over 650 Mt  The majority of unwashed coal is sold under contract to the Company’s major shareholder (Gujarat NRE Coke) at market price on arms length term  Targeting to increase coal production to >5 Mtpa by 2016 Wollongong Kiama Port Kembla Port Kembla coal loader 18 Mtpa Sutton Forest proposal Berrima Dendrobium W. Tahmoor Appin Westcliff Northcliff Southern Coalfield NRE No. 1 NRE WONGAWILLI BHP Illawarra Coal Peabody Metropolitan Xstrata Tahmoor

5 NRE No.1 Colliery  Brownfield mine development strategically located in Southern Coalfields of NSW NRE No. 1 Colliery coal products known for high quality  Extensive coal leases (64 sq km) include three coal seams Bulli Balgownie Wongawilli  In FY 2012, NRE No. 1 Colliery operations focused on the installation and commissioning of longwall equipment surface upgrades NRE No. 1 Colliery longwall commenced production in April 2012  Targeting 3 Mtpa by 2016 2016+ Development Current Longwall Operations 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 + FYE March 31

6  Brownfield mine development strategically located in Southern Coalfields of NSW  Extensive coal leases (141 sq km) targeting Wongawilli seam  Acquired in December 2007 and commenced longwall operations in 2009  Initiated new access driveage in support of new longwall panels to the west and south  By maximizing operational and production capability of the longwall equipment, targeting 2 Mtpa by 2016 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017+ FYE March 31 Current Longwall Operations 2016+ Development NRE Wongawilli Colliery

7 To establish a productive mine To create a management system to support the business needs Comply with legislation by establishing standards, consultation arrangements and embedding effective safety systems Improve workplace behaviors, safety and welfare Build a workplace safety culture Pass workplace safety ownership back to the workforce. Gujarat NRE’s Safety Objectives

8  World class efficiency & productivity can not be reached without a world class safety record  Need to create a culture where People are convinced that accidents are preventable  Where they feel empowered to challenge a situation that they feel unsafe  Where they take active responsibility for their safety and safety of others

9  Proper Housekeeping is a basic & an important requirement of safety  Indiscipline and haphazard housekeeping may at times turn fatal  All tools, equipments should be kept in their proper place which need to be properly marked for easy access – put right thing in right place  Proper signage for easy identification and location  Cleanliness & personal hygiene is a must  Employees need to be sensitized, trained and encouraged to follow proper housekeeping norms

10 What we Practice in our Mines Maintain an effective occupational health & safety management system Ensure that hazards are identified, managed and controlled through the adoption of risk management approach Provide appropriately maintained training and personal protective equipment to ensure that they can operated safely at all times Rehabilitation Policy – Ensure that proper treatment is offered and the Return-to-Work norms are adhered to for smooth rehabilitation

11 What we Practice in our Mines Investigate all injuries & incidents to prevent recurrence, establish measureable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement in safety and health performance Comply with all relevant legislations, codes of practice, Australian standards Developed SHECQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Community & Quality) Management System in line with recognised management system standards:  Consultation and Communication process involving workgroup representatives, endorsed by workforce and included involvement of a company director at meetings.

12 Hazard Management SAM = Stop Act Manage What is the purpose of a SAM? A Personal hazard identification tool, it prompts you to - Stop, assess the job for hazards - Act, control the hazards - Manage, you have to manage your work area and complete the task safely

13 What we Do Introduced: Triple AAA – Attitude Awareness Accountability JSEA’s – Job Safety Environmental Analysis (workplace job safety analysis and risk assessment) SAM – STOP ACT MANAGE (Workplace Hazard Identification Tool) Safety Meter – a performance measurement tool designed to reinforce positive behaviour while raising awareness on workplace safety and procedural compliance (connecting safety management systems and coal face actual).

14 Employees & Stakeholders are expected to Come to work in a fit & healthy state Not commence task if it appears unsafe to do so Follow all safety rules, procedures and directions by mining officials & staff Look out for, assist and reward fellow team members at all times Wear all PPE as prescribed and report all accidents & incidents at once

15 Employee Safety has been our Watchword Organise regular safety drills and workshops Specialized Focus on Safety – Instituted an innovative Quarterly Chairman Safety Awards for all employees



18 Details of Reportable & Non – Reportable Injuries

19 Loss Time injury, Medical Treated Injury and First Aid treated Injury at NRE Wongawilli colliery

20 Technology  Both the mines are old mines which ones the world’s mining giants thought worked out and not viable  We have used latest mining technology in developing the mines and are continuously engaged in mine development  One of our mines is just below the Sydney Catchment Area which is the prime source of water for the city of Sydney

21 Both the mines are under longwall mining

22 It is only technology that can make things happen And PRESERVE the ENVIRONMENT

23 Latest Mine Machinery on Display

24 Skilled manpower is required to operate with latest technology

25 ICEM MAY FOCUS ON  Mining Technology & Automation  Mine Safety  Research & Higher Education

26  Collision Avoidance - Arising out of increasing complexity and size of the equipments to achieve productivity demands  Personnel Tracking - Advance system is available in surfaced operation, but the challenge is in underground mining. Personnel location in emergency situations, will allow better safety management and improved situation recovery by emergency services M INING T ECHNOLOGY & S AFETY - S UGGESTED F OCUS A REAS

27  Diesel Particulate Reduction - Diesel particulate matter is a Type 1 carcinogen. Challenge is in maintaining Tier 4/Euro V standards of engine package and redesigning the exhaust and other engineering controls around high temperature surfaces  Longwall Face Automation - Reduce the risks (of gas, dust, strata failure, and high pressure hydraulics) associated with personnel being on the face whilst cutting  Predictive Mining Effects Evaluation Tools - Use of laser topographic imaging systems augmented by geotechnical models for laying out mine plans to maximise resource. Site subsidence data also forms an integral part of predictive model M INING T ECHNOLOGY & S AFETY - S UGGESTED F OCUS A REAS

28 E THICS & M INING  Mining can not be sustained if not carried out ethically  It is important that as a premier centre of excellence on mining, due importance is given in sensitizing the stakeholders in mining on the importance of ethics:  Ethical in dealing with the environment & the ecosystem  Ethical in relation to stakeholders  Ethical in Business

29 P OLICY R ESEARCH & A DVOCACY  Policy Advocacy may be a differentiating factor compared to other mining institutes & centers of excellence in the country  Policy advocacy group may comprehensively look at all the mining laws & policies in the country and elsewhere to act as a think tank for suggesting better mining laws & creating an enabling environment for sustainable mining in the country  Policy Advocacy group need to sensitize the policy makers to create rules & regulations which would enable the industry to transact ethically – Ethics is a two way traffic built on trust & transparency

30 The Indian Industry today needs… More transparency & lesser touch points with government agencies Simplification and digitalization More of e-governance, online filling of forms, applications & returns Less of multiple-level interfaces and TRUST



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