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Man’s best friend (Sorry Fido) “Prometheus Fountain” Rockefeller Center, NYC.

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2 Man’s best friend (Sorry Fido) “Prometheus Fountain” Rockefeller Center, NYC

3 = Clymene

4 Who Deucalion’s mother is indefinite, although sources seem to agree she was an Oceanid. Here are a few possibilities: -Clymene (Prometheus’s mom) -Hesione -Pronoia (her name also means forethought)

5 Name means foresight or forethought Civilization Sculpting humans out of clay Giving fire to humans Human arts Symbols: Clay Fennel bulb Ring inset with a rock from Mount Caucasus

6 Prometheus knew the Olympians were going to win the war against the titans so he convinced his brother, Epimetheus, that they both should defect to Olympians side As a reward Zeus let the two assign skills to the creatures on Earth Epimetheus, whose names means hindsight or afterthought, was rash so he used up all the best features (wings, fur, fins, gills) before man had even been created. Prometheus did the best he could with what was left to make a creature that could survive He molded out of clay a creature that stood upright, had thumbs, and the ability to think. This creature was man.

7 When the humans sacrificed to the gods, Prometheus divided the cow into two piles He offered Zeus to choose the god’s portion, leaving the rest to the mortals. He took the best meat and hid it under bones, skin, and gristle in one pile. In the other pile he covered up some bones and gristle with the desirable fat. Thus tricking Zeus into choosing the lesser offering. That portion was the sacrificed part to the gods from then on.

8 Zeus was cross about the sacrifice scandal and denied humans fire. Prometheus took an ember from Mt. Olympus and put it in a hollowed out fennel stalk. He brought this stalk to humans. “And what a perilous journey it was! The rebel Prometheus, who had taken such a personal risk for Man, now was faced with getting the fire back down to earth. The winds howled as he strode down the mountain, threatening to blow out the coal, or huff it out of his hand. With each step he took, the Titan fully expected to be seen by Zeus and to be struck dead with one of his killer thunderbolts.” With this gift of fire mortals were able to become sophisticated and civilized. Of course Zeus had a hissy fit.

9 Zeus commissioned Hephaestus to create a woman. This woman was named Pandora, some stories say she was the first woman. Hermes delivered her to Epimetheus. He disregarded Prometheus’s advice not to accept gifts from Zeus. Epimetheus married Pandora who came with a pithos (or jar) which they were told not to open. Pandora opened the jar and horrible things flew out including but not limited to death mortality, hunger, sickness, wickedness, and despair, old age. This was man’s punishment, the last thing that fluttered out was the only good thing in the pithos, hope.

10 Punishing man was not enough, Zeus wanted to punish Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to Mount Caucasus. Each day his liver was ripped out and devoured by an eagle. Br-Q Br-Q

11 That is until… Prometheus was immortal so he couldn't die and his liver would grow back each day. It was a tortuous eternal cycle. Shortly after he was chained he was briefly visited by Io Other than Io the eagle was the only one Prometheus had to keep company.

12 Prometheus being the god of foresight, hung in there knowing he would be freed by a hero. This hero was a descendant of Io; His name was Heracles. During one of Heracles tasks he came across Prometheus and freed him. Prometheus helped Heracles on his quest by telling him how to outwit Atlas. Zeus allowed Prometheus to return to Mount Olympus, and gave him a ring inset with a rock from Mount Caucasus as to not forget the punishment for his disobedience. This was the first ring. Humans started to wear rings to honor Prometheus and his sacrifice.


14 Prometheus was chained to Mt. Caucasus for 10 or 13 generations Knowing the marrying age of girls back then was 14, and assuming they had kids a year after marriage, would add up to 150 or 195 years. Back then a year was about 354 days Which means Prometheus would’ve had his liver ripped out over 53,000 or 69,000 times. But by today’s standards Prometheus would have been chained for about 250 or 325 years. And he would have his liver ripped out over 91,000 or 119,000 times. OUCH!

15 When: Saturday, October 4, 8am-4pm (Its always falls on the first Saturday in October) Where: At the DNR building next to the Sidney Lanier Bridge Who: Available to all the public Price: Everything's free except for the food and t-shirts. What: Learn about Georgia’s coast and participate in fun activities Like: A BUTTERFLY TENT!!! How Many: 8,000 people attended last year This Year’s Logo: A pelican done by Glynn Academy’s Mackenzie Solomon

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