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Plants Unit Chapter 3.

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1 Plants Unit Chapter 3

2 Flower Parts Petals Stamen Pistil
Often the most colorful part of the flower. Stamen Thin stalk with a knoblike structure at the end. Produces the pollen Pistil The part of the flower that receives the pollen.

3 Parts of the Flower Petals Pistil Stamen Worktext p. 45

4 Function pistil fruit stamen cotyledon Receives pollen =
Contains seeds = Has pollen = Contains stored food = pistil fruit stamen cotyledon Worktext p. 45

5 Parts of the Flower

6 Pollination The transfer of pollen from the stamen to the top of pistil 4 types Insect Animal Self Wind

7 Pollination

8 Pollination

9 Pollination

10 God’s Plantlife


12 Seeds

13 Three Parts

14 Seed Travel (dispersion)
Four main ways seeds are dispersed. By animals By humans By water By wind

15 Reproduction Without Seeds
Runners Bulbs Tubers Cutting

16 Classifying Plants The Botanist Classifying Studies plants
Grouping plants with similar characteristics

17 Tubes vs. No Tubes

18 Seeds or Spores

19 Flowers vs. Cones

20 Plant’s Life Cycle A seed germinates A seedling grows
Flowers grow and the plants mature An insect pollinates the plant The plant produces fruit The seeds disperse

21 A Plant’s Life Cycle

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