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Lophophorate Phyla Shelby Schmeltzle.

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1 Lophophorate Phyla Shelby Schmeltzle

2 Phylum Names and Examples of Animals
Lophophorate Phyla= Brachiopoda, Phoronida, and Bryozoa Phylum Brachiopoda- lampshells are solitary marine animals that inhabit cold water. Northern lamp shells (Terebrauline septentrioalis) Phylum Phoronida- Horseshoe worms Phylum Bryozoa- “moss animals”, Crawling yellymossanimal; Cristatella Mucedo

3 Crawling Yellymossanimal
Northern Lamp Shells Horseshoe Worms Crawling Yellymossanimal

4 Characteristics Marine animals adapted for life on the ocean floor
Lophophore- a ciliated ring of tentacles that surround the mouth and is specialized for capturing suspended particles in the water. Often asexual reproduction U shaped gut

5 Body forms Brachiopods
Resemble clams and other bivalve mollusks because the body is enclosed between two shells Differ because shells are dorsal and ventral instead of lateral. Attach to substrate by a long stalk Lophophore

6 Brachiopoda Phoronida

7 Body forms cont. Phoronids and Bryozoa
A “crown” of tentacles-lophophore build upright tubes of chitin to support and protect their soft bodies.

8 Feeding Cilia on the lophophore beat, this brings water laden with food into the mouth or opening. This allows them to filter the food they need out of the water.

9 Secretion and Gas Exchange
Phoronids secrete tubes of sediment and live in them, extending their lophophores from their tubes for feeding Nearly all secrete outer casings (shells, tubes, exoskeletons) Bryozoa: gasses are exchanged through body surface, especially the tentacles

10 Reproduction Bryozoa form sessile colonies by asexual budding or by statoblast production. Statoblast- small seedlike structure Reproduction in all lyphophorate phyla is often asexual reproduction.

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