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Monday February 3rd Bellringer

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1 Monday February 3rd Bellringer
Meiosis is different than Mitosis because: Mitosis is the division of body cells (somatic cells) while Meiosis is the division of sex cells (gametes). The result of Mitosis is four genetically different gametes while the result of Meiosis and 2 genetically identical daughter somatic cells. The end result of Meiosis is cells that are haploid (1n) while the end result of Mitosis is cells that are diploid (2n) Both A and C are correct

2 Tuesday February 4th Bellringer
If I told you that an person’s liver cells were 2n, what would that mean? Are gametes (egg cells and sperm cells) 2n or 1n? Why is it necessary for body cells and gametes to have different amounts of chromosomes? 2n means that the person’s liver cells have 2(23) chromosomes, or 46 chromosomes. Liver cells are body cells (or somatic cells) and therefore have a complete set of chromosomes. And a complete set for a human is 46. Gametes like egg and sperm are 1n. This means they have half of the genetic material of the person they came from. It is important for gametes to have half of the genetic material that somatic cells of because when they combine with another gamete to make a new organism you need to have the right amount of chromosomes and not too many.

3 Wednesday 5, 2014 Bellrigner EOCT Practice Question:
Which type of cells are not formed during Meiosis? Sperm cells Germ cells Gametes Somatic cells

4 Thursday 06, 2014 Bellringer EOCT Practice Question:
What is the purpose of Mitosis in our bodies? What is the purpose of Meiosis in our bodies? In our bodies, Mitosis is the process through which body cells divide to cause us to grow, heal wounds, and replace cells that are lost to continuous friction. In our bodies, Meiosis is the process that produces gametes that allows us to reproduce and have children. It also a source of genetic variation (crossing over).

5 Friday February 07 Bellringer
EOCT Practice Question: Of the following, which is a source of genetic variation in Meiosis? Crossing Over Homologous Chromosomes Adaptation Synapsis

6 February 24 EOCT Question of the Day: Ecology
Which of these human activities is a serious threat to marine ecosystems? Fishing in estuaries. B) Dumping wastes in landfills. C) Sinking chemical wastes in the ocean. D) Burning wastes rather than dumping them in landfills. B) Dumping chemical wastes in the ocean is a serious threat to marine ecosystems. Fish and other marine organisms are very sensitive to chemicals. Also, these chemicals remain in the bodies of the marine organisms and are transferred to human beings when they eat sea food.

7 Tuesday February 25 EOCT Question of the Day
1)Around 350 BC the famous philosopher Aristotle claimed that all living things should be classified into two categories: "Blood" or "No Blood." As time passed, the science of taxonomy became much more exact. Which of these did NOT play a major role in advancing taxonomy? the discovery of gravity the development of the microscope the increase in speed of computers the creation of advanced techniques to analyze DNA Discovery of Gravity All of these have advanced the science taxonomy except the discovery of gravity. Classification of living things has advanced directly with the development and creation of new and better technology. As the technology increases, so does our ability to collect specific data specific to the organisms and their relationships to others.

8 Thursday February 27 EOCT Question of the Day
In 1850 there was a large snowshoe rabbit population in Manitoba, Canada. Over the years, the winter coloration (the color of the rabbit's fur) of the surviving rabbit population changed. The graph shows the change in winter coloration of rabbits between 1850 to Based on the data, we could hypothesize that A) the winters are longer in length. B) the snowshoe rabbit has migrated to another area. C) the amount of snow covered varied over the years. D) more snowshoe rabbit predators have moved into Manitoba. C) Based on the data, we could hypothesize that the amount of snow cover varied over the years. Winter white coloration is an adaptation for survival in snowy areas. If more gray rabbits are surviving, then there must be less snow.

9 Friday February 28 Bellringer
How can wheat grown today produce more bread and cereal than strains of wheat grown in the past? Imagine you have a short, thin stalk of wheat and a tall, full stalk. From which would you take the seeds and plant a new crop? Would you expect the entire crop grown from your preferred stalk to show the characteristics of the parent crop? Explain your answer.

10 Monday March 3 Bellringer
For each Genotype, indicate whether it is homozygous or heterozygous: AA Bb cc Dd For each of the genotypes below, determine the phenotype. Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers PP ___________________________ Pp ___________________________ pp ___________________________ b. Brown eyes are dominant to blue eyes BB ___________________________ Bb ___________________________ bb ___________________________

11 Tuesday March 4 EOCT Question of the Day
The graph to the right was made by a South American biologist in the country of Brazil, after a long study on parrots. About 200 years ago, 90% of Brazil was covered in mature, deep forest. Today, well over half of this forest has been cut to make way for farms. What conclusion could you draw about the parrots in the graph? A) Red parrots have become less common in the last 200 years. B) There are probably less green parrots today than there once were. C) Blue parrots probably are the best adapted species to live on farms. D) The blue parrot population has likely increased in the last 200 years. B) There are probably less green parrots today than there once were. With a change in environmental conditions, the parrot populations change.

12 Wednesday 3/5 EOCT Question of the Day
All of these wastes would be renewable AND recyclable, with the exception of: A)junk mail. B) a rubber tire. C) an aluminum soda can. D) a cardboard pizza box. C) An aluminum soda can. There is a limited amount of metal ores in the earth's crust. Even though the can is recyclable, metals are NOT renewable resources. A banana peel is renewable (it can be replaced by natural process at a comparable rate) and recyclable (it can by recycled into useful material by composting).

13 Thursday March 06 Bellringer
What can you predict about how tall this couple’s child will be as an adult? What can you tell about how much this child will weigh as an adult? How can you tell If this couple’s child is likely to get good grades in school? If you knew that both parents were college graduates, would that change your answer? Height is passed through genes and cannot be predicted by simply observing the parents Concerning weight, both genetics and environmental factors play a role in obesity 3. While genes may play some role in determining intelligence, which might lead to good grades, environment and parental encouragement also play a strong role in educational achievement.

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