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Bacteria, Virus, Protist & Fungi

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1 Bacteria, Virus, Protist & Fungi

2 What is another word for moneran?
Virus Protist Bacteria Fungi 0 of 29

3 Which of these diseases is NOT caused by a virus?
Mumps Chicken pox Aids Strep throat 0 of 29

4 Which of the following is NOT true about viruses?
They have a commensalistic symbiotic relationship. They do not contain living cells. They cannot be cured with antibiotics. They need a host to survive and reproduce. 0 of 29

5 Which is not a type of protist?
Animal like Bacteria like Plant like Fungus like 29

6 Bacteria are . . . Prokaryotes and unicellular
Prokaryotes and multicellular Eukaryotes and unicellular Eukaryotes and multicellular of 29

7 An amoeba is a type of . . . Plantlike fungus Animallike fungus
Ciliate Animallike protist of 29

8 Most protists live . . . In the ground In the air In freshwater
29 In the ground In the air In freshwater In underground moist caves

9 Which are used in toothpastes and car polishing liquids?
Dinoflagellates Paramecium Euglenas Diatoms 0 of 29

10 Dinoflagellates cause
Malaria Red tide Corn to turn into spores Serious disease in humans 0 of 29

11 Which is NOT true about Algae and Fungi?
They have a parasitic relationship with each other. They make up lichens. They secrete acids which break down rock. Together they are a type of fungi. of 29

12 What are vaccines made of?
Dead or weakened fungi Dead or weakened protists Dead or weakened bacteria Dead or weakened viruses of 29

13 Which of the following are NOT all parts of a mushroom?
Cap, stalk, gills, spores Stalk, hyphae, chloroplasts, spores Mycelium, cap, gills, stalk Hyphae, mycelium, spores, cap 0 of 29

14 Fungi can get food by all of the following EXCEPT . . .
Decomposing plants Digesting the food and then absorbing it. Invading an insect with its hyphae Taking in nutrients from the air and soil during photosynthesis Capturing small animals 0 of 29

15 Flagellates move by . . . Whip like tail Small hairs Fake foot
29 Whip like tail Small hairs Fake foot Using their contractile vacuole to push out water.

16 Yeast reproduces by Spores Seeds Hyphae Budding of 29

17 Which of the following is not a type of fungi?
Mushrooms Slime molds Yeasts Lichen 0 of 29

18 Some bacteria, like algae, and some plantlike protists are . . .
Autotrophs Disease causing Heterotrophs Prokaryotes 29

19 Which of the following is not an animallike protist?
29 Dinoflagellates Zooflagellates Sarcodine Sporophytes

20 Some bacteria live in groups called
Colonies Packs Unions Mycellium of 29

21 Which is NOT true about fermentation?
It turns grain or grapes into alcohol. It produces oxygen Yeast digests the flour and sugar. It makes bread rise. of 29

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